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Six Degrees of Astrological Separation

If we’re all six degrees separated from Kevin Bacon, people have been wondering, are we also six degrees separated from him astrologically? It’s a question trending on the Internet right now. People are up at night wondering. Really. Since there … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Chiron

Chiron, a planet/comet between Saturn and Uranus, is known in the astrological world as the “wounded healer.” It has a 50-year cycle. Earlier this month while sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Chiron and Neptune were all swimming in the Pisces ocean … Continue reading

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Angelina and Brad: Oppositions Attract

Opposites attract, it is said. In astrology, planets can be in opposition, 180 degrees apart. Oppositions are polarities – energies along a continuum. Oppositions, in life, present themselves as others who are in direct conflict – they say no, they … Continue reading

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