Angelina and Brad: Oppositions Attract

Opposites attract, it is said. In astrology, planets can be in opposition, 180 degrees apart. Oppositions are polarities – energies along a continuum.

Oppositions, in life, present themselves as others who are in direct conflict – they say no, they make us follow unusual rules, they resist, they constrain. Now how often does that happen?

Opposition is bad, right?

I’ve always wondered in the Civil Rights Movement would have been so strong if George Wallace hadn’t tried openly to oppose African Americans attending the University of Alabama.

While the Jim Crow laws were bad and unfair, they were openly bad and unfair, a direct opposition.

Today there are no Jim Crow laws but has racism ended?

My opinion is that racism has not ended but that the direct opposition has been removed. Now it’s like an astrological square, a frustration that is there but not openly labeled. It’s a subterranean race war waged quietly behind closed doors and through clenched teeth and subtle less-than-friendly responses.

Which is worse?

The lesson of oppositions, to me, is that the energy is openly in direct conflict. You see it, taste it, smell it and can respond to it. There is value in your opponents fighting you openly as opposed to say, your opponent luring you into a room and infusing carbon monoxide.

Angelina and Brad

Angelina is a sun in Gemini and Brad is a sun in Sagittarius, opposite signs.

Gemini is the fact finder and Sagittarian is the meaning maker. Gemini is like the journalist and Sagittarius the philosopher.

Both like to talk and argue so arguments in the Jolie-Pitt household are most likely open arguments. At the table one of the kids might say, “I hate when people in purple coats eat green grapes.” Mom and dad will look at each other, smile and then ask, “Can you tell us why?”

Both are curious. They really want to discuss this. It would be fun to discuss this in fact.

No one loves a fun, frivolous argument like the Gemini-Sagittarius polarity.

Jolie has Mars/moon/Jupiter all conjunct in Aries. To call her feisty is a gross understatement. This is an A type extraordinaire who seems to be plugged into an electrical socket 24/7.

This is one who changes everything you do every time. When she enters a room, she may change it with her beautiful and powerfully famous presence. If she weren’t famous, she’d be changing all the rugs and pictures around.

Jolie lacks earth in the chart which explains why she probably travels the globe regularly and probably can’t sit down for a minute.

Now I know why she’s so skinny. Moon in Aries is vain (extraordinaire) so she thinks about eating, not eating and being skinny. But she truly is busy, like a bee, all the time.

Pitt’s Jupiter in Aries encourages this behavior. He openly endorses it.

Jolie’s sun in Gemini and moon in Aries are trine, a positive, flowing relationship.


If oppositions are open conflict that you can see, smell and deal with, squares are more like friction. Here’s where the Jolie-Pitt relationship may have less talk and more cold shoulder.

Pitt has a nice, friendly, talkative Sagittarius sun. Next door he has Mars/Mercury/Venus/moon in Capricorn. Capricorn is more selective in friendships.

There is a chance the moon is in Aquarius. Internet times of birth for Pitt have a morning time putting moon in Capricorn.

All that Capricorn, a sign of authority and structure, duty and responsibility, are in square to Jolie’s Aries energy.

This square causes control issues. Aries says, “I’m going to do what I want right now because I’m me” and Capricorn responds, “You shouldn’t because there is this law this standard and everyone will see you, which isn’t important deep down but affects your reputation.”

I believe Jolie’s dad, Jon Voigt, is a Capricorn.

Brad is by turns best friend, open and allowing, discussing everything, and at other times the parent, The Father, who puts some restraint on Jolie. He’s also probably harder to get to know than he appears.

I recollect an article quoting Pitt’s last wife Jennifer Aniston saying something about Pitt being cold. I can’t remember the quote but I recall thinking about the lack of feeling or coldness confirmed a Capricorn moon.

For Pitt this Sagittarius/Capricorn combination isn’t always easy to balance. He loves to be open (Sagittarian sun) but doesn’t really buy into all that you’re saying (Capricorn). Talking is fun, but don’t think that talking is agreement.

Capricorn is selective and worried about being respected and revered in the eyes of society and authority. Because of that, it becomes authoritarian itself.

Pitt also has Uranus/Pluto in Virgo trine the Capricorn energy. For a fire sign sun, he’s actually a practical, serious guy who is watching his investments.


Jolie’s Saturn in Cancer opposes Pitt’s Capricorn energy. Jolie’s Saturn suggests her greatest need (Saturn represents kind of a weak link in our personalities) is to feel a sense of belonging.

Opposed to Pitt’s Capricorn stellium means that Pitt represents to Jolie the way into a society, a group, a sense of belonging.

Pitt’s Saturn is in Aquarius suggesting that he doesn’t really like being in groups and finds it difficult to share the ideals of other people. From the news, I think Jolie is breaking through that Saturn taking Pitt across the world to understand others’ problems.

Opposites and Squares Attract

Astrologers watch famous relationships for the same reasons others do – that watching beautiful people is exciting – and more.

The famous provide data to test theories. What’s it like when a Gemini and Sagittarius get together? Do they travel the world? Spend all their money? Argue like cats and dogs?

Jolie and Pitt have recently engaged. From the transits, I’d guess it was Jolie’s impulsive idea. Uranus in transiting Mars which gives the aggressive and energetic Aries even more energy. It’s the Energizer Bunny with even more powerful batteries.

For Jolie, the engagement is pure, delightful self-assertion.

For Pitt, with Pluto transiting his planets in Capricorn, the engagement is more transformational. It changes his role in society. It’s a serious act of responsibility. It’s not impulsive, it’s life changing.

So when’s the wedding?


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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