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Reese Witherspoon and Class

The United States is known for its lack of class system. It’s certainly debatable whether or not a class system truly exists, but if it does, it is more subtle than some that exist around the globe. In the Chapultepec … Continue reading

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Johnny Depp’s Horoscope

Johnny Depp may be back on the market, ladies (and gents). You and I both know we shouldn’t be happy when others break up. I feel for famous people – they probably get no sympathy. It’s a terrible time and … Continue reading

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Antonis Samaras is Having Fun

Greece has a new prime minister – Antonis Samaras of the New Democracy Party. Truthfully, I was a little disappointed that the Syriza Party didn’t win (although they did come close) as their leader, Alexis Tsipras, would have been awful … Continue reading

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Angelina and Brad: Oppositions Attract

Opposites attract, it is said. In astrology, planets can be in opposition, 180 degrees apart. Oppositions are polarities – energies along a continuum. Oppositions, in life, present themselves as others who are in direct conflict – they say no, they … Continue reading

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Author Sue Miller and the Sagittarian Quest for “Something Else”

Sue Miller’s protagonists in “While I was Gone” and “The Senator’s Wife” struggle with living life as it’s laid out in the societal template (marriage, children, family) and a craving for “something else.” You might say that in this 21st … Continue reading

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