Antonis Samaras is Having Fun

Greece has a new prime minister – Antonis Samaras of the New Democracy Party. Truthfully, I was a little disappointed that the Syriza Party didn’t win (although they did come close) as their leader, Alexis Tsipras, would have been awful nice to look at for the next few years.

I suppose whether Greece stays in the European Union is a little more important than prime-ministerial handsomeness. Or maybe it’s not. The most popular blog on OHA is on the most beautiful sign of the zodiac.

Good Times

Samaras has natal sun conjunct Mars in Gemini. With Jupiter entering Gemini right now, Samaras is going to be having an old-fashioned good time. Gemini loves stimulation and Samaras will love going from here to there, talking to everyone, having a full schedule that allows for no free time (even to potty) and the over-stimulation of information and facts.

Samaras is going to love all the stimulation until the end of next year when he realizes, as Jupiter square his natal Saturn in Virgo, that facts are not simply conversation fodder – external forces will demand an accounting of the facts, a record, a plan.

Uranus transiting Aries conjunct Samaras’ Jupiter in Aries adds to the energy – Samaras is excited, enthusiastic, challenging, confrontational, headstrong and impulsive – squared.

It’s a good energy to start his prime minister-ship.

Pluto in Capricorn

Maybe I should re-name this blog the Pluto in Capricorn blog, because all roads seem to lead to Pluto in Capricorn these days.

While Samaras has sun and Mars in the fun-loving Gemini, his moon is in the hard-working, serious sign of Capricorn.

This is good for Samaras as without this grounding force, he would float away (Gemini) like a kite. The image I have is of a kite tied to the ground with a heavy rock.

Samaras’ feet are on the ground and his head in the sky which provides both practicality and innovation.

I’ve looked at a few Gemini sun / Capricorn moon – Capricorn sun / Gemini moon charts – Ohio’s Mike Dewine, Louisiana’s Bobby Jindal and Kentucky’s Rand Paul.

Neither Gemini nor Capricorn is associated with depth of feeling so let’s say this combination is executive in that it can make decisions without being influenced by emotion. Gemini changes constantly, but it’s not truly emotional.

Often the more feeling types in the world don’t like this combination. But if you need someone to take your cat to the vet to put it to sleep, these two signs can handle the task, especially Capricorn which is first in line to take on life’s difficult duties.

As you may know, Pluto is currently transiting Capricorn and will conjunct Samaras’ moon in the near future.

Pluto on moon is trouble with women. In politics, it might be seen as trouble with the populace.

I could image Samaras doing a good job, but in a vacuum of ideas (Gemini) and not really connecting the ideas and details to the average person. He can make a tough decision, but he can’t communicate it in a compassionate manner. Hopefully he will find someone who can.

It will take many years for Pluto to oppose Samaras’ Uranus/Venus conjunction in Cancer. Funny, opponent Alexis Tsipras has Venus/Saturn/Mercury in Cancer. Both men are going to experience transformations in home and family as Pluto moves through the later degrees of Cancer.

The image that comes to mind is of people having to leave their country and break up their families. I’m wondering if in a few years in the future, Greece will experience some sort of mass migration.

Saturn in Scorpio

Saturn is finishing its transit of Libra and will be entering Scorpio at the beginning of October. Saturn in Scorpio will oppose Samaras’ Mercury in Taurus.

There will be issues with communication regarding money. Taurus – Scorpio is the money axis. As Greece is on the fence about using the Euro, I’m guessing in early October something will be decided.

Although the news indicates that Samaras’ election means Greece will stay with the Euro, this aspect in Samaras’ chart suggests that continuing financial contraction will lead to difficult communications. He may also be hiding (Scorpio) money issues of his own.

It will be a couple years before Saturn is far enough in Scorpio to square Samaras’ Pluto in Leo. Then life will get more difficult for him. Jupiter will have left Gemini and leading won’t be as much fun as it is today. Samaras will have a year of party-like fun, and then be fully involved in back-stabbing politics.

Getting Along with Tsipras

How will Samaras and Tsipras get along? Both have a dreamer quality to the chart, Samaras with Mars and sun in Gemini, Tsipras with sun in Leo and moon / Neptune in Sagittarius.

Samaras, though, is practical. He wants to ground his ideas and make them functional. Tsipras’ Leo / Sagittarius dreams and leaves the details to others.

In Samaras’ year of fun, Tsipras might be a delightful ouzo drinking partner, but when Jupiter finishes its transit of Gemini, Samaras will no longer have time or energy to sit at the bar and dream about a perfect future. He will be busy fending off political predators and providing some type of auditing or documentation of his ideas.

He’ll be busy then, but not having much fun.


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