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Dear Ohio Astrology

Dear Ohio Astrology, All our lives we’ve been told to plan for the future and play by the rules. And now the rules seemed to have changed! Plans are up in smoke, my country is going crazy and I don’t … Continue reading

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Uranus Body, Mind and Feeling

Wonderful description of simplicity: Making the journey through life with just a single suitcase.                                                                                 – Dell cryptogram August 2022 issue Decluttering has been a trend in American life for several years now. It’s difficult to determine exactly when this … Continue reading


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The Ghost of Margaret Sanger Visits Ohio Astrologer

Convinced for quite a while now that American dualistic politics is a malicious ploy by unknown players to divide a people in order to better control them, I’ve reduced my exposure to the manipulations. Yet the universe has other plans, … Continue reading

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Is that Canada Knocking? The Rage Pandemic.

In United States suburbia we have big houses and lots of space. While we might know our neighbors, wave when they pass and even hang out a bit in the summer, we often do not know them intimately. Many if … Continue reading

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Jupiter in Pisces: The Water at the End of the Tunnel

Looking out the window, my cat asked me if the light she saw in the distance was the proverbial “light at the end of the tunnel.” “What tunnel are you in?” I asked. “I don’t know,” she replied. “What’s a … Continue reading

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Uranus in Taurus: What do you really own?

As Uranus the enlightener travels through the fixed earth sign of Taurus, it’s a good time to examine what we truly “own.” Taurus is all things physical, including the earth and body. But how much of what we see as … Continue reading

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Pluto Authoritarianism – Pluto Union

For all of my life on earth there have been humans living in what my Western perspective would call authoritarian governments. Like all countries, mine has an educational system and propaganda of its own. And like each country, there is … Continue reading

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Uranus in Taurus: The Law of Hoarding

While at the big box store trying to buy a few bars of soap, my only option in the brand I wanted was a 12-pack. After a trip to a big box store, I always feel I need to update … Continue reading

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I ♥ Uranus

Traditional indications of deceased ancestors communicating to us in the living world include flickering lights, creaking floorboards, “pennies from heaven,” and movement of objects. But not all ancestors are traditional. It’s possible some use the more obvious method of T-shirt … Continue reading

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Shirley MacLaine’s Enlightening Life

In a bit of spiritual synchronicity, a few days ago I wondered what Shirley MacLaine was up to. Then, browsing through my antenna TV channels the next day, I stopped at the Dick Cavett Show and one of his guests … Continue reading

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