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Almost Taurus

How’s Aries treating you? Hopefully you get along with the first, cardinal fire sign that pretty much wants everything its own way and is ruling the skies right now (through sun, Venus, Mars and Uranus). Who doesn’t love that? Next … Continue reading

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Bugs Bunny and Mick Jagger: Astrological Twins

This blog was going to be called “What sign of the zodiac is Bugs Bunny?” When I saw Bugs’ chart (using Wikipedia’s July 27, 1940 date), I realized it might be interesting to compare him to another famous showoff – … Continue reading

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Five Career Options for Ron Paul

Dude, they booed you in South Carolina when you said you didn’t want the US to make war on the world and when you begged the people to protect civil liberties. Look around, you are in New Hampshire no more. … Continue reading

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