Bugs Bunny and Mick Jagger: Astrological Twins

This blog was going to be called “What sign of the zodiac is Bugs Bunny?” When I saw Bugs’ chart (using Wikipedia’s July 27, 1940 date), I realized it might be interesting to compare him to another famous showoff – Mick Jagger.

Lo and behold, Bugs and Jagger have the same sun (Leo) and moon (Taurus). Leo and Taurus are both fixed signs. Leo is exhibitionist and Taurus is loyal so this combination is loyal to its place in the center of the room as center of attention.

Bugs Bunny

In the episode “Long Haired Hare,” Bugs Bunny is trying to enjoy music at the top of his rabbit hole, first with banjo and then with harp. Bugs’ neighbor happens to be a practicing opera singer who is disturbed by the music and keeps breaking Bugs’ instruments.

Finally Bugs utters one of his most famous lines – “This means war.”

Let’s start with Bugs’ leaning against his hole playing a banjo. This is Taurus moon, relaxing and completely unaware of its surroundings – perfect peace.

Bugs’ banjo song is “There ain’t no place like a hole in the ground. . .” How Taurus can you get? Taurus is the first and fixed earth sign, loving earthly pleasures and material life like no other sign.

It takes a couple opera singer assaults before Bugs gets really angry.

Taurus is peaceful until you push it to the edge – then comes the famous Taurus temper.

In revenge, we find Bugs visiting the local opera house disguised as the famous conductor Leopold (even has the word Leo in it). When Bugs as Leopold enters the opera house, the audience utters his name – Leopold – in awed whispers. Leopold is someone, Leopold has arrived.

Bugs is now the Leo, the center of attention, the uber-famous conductor. Bugs is in control.

Bugs then takes the opera singer through extremely difficult vocal maneuvers, including making him hold a note for like three minutes while Bugs leaves his glove in mid-air to get some ear muffs.

Both Leo and Taurus are generally good natured. There’s simply one thing you don’t want to hurt with this combination – pride.

Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger is the ostentatious, hip-strutting lead singer of the Rolling Stones.

I don’t know if Leos were made to be lead singers or whether lead singers were created so Leos had something to do with their lives.

Imagine if Jagger hadn’t become the lead singer of one of the world’s most popular bands. What would he be doing?

Now imagine the 500 million Leos (estimated at 6 billion people divided by 12 signs of the zodiac) who are not heading up the Rolling Stones. Of those, approximately 42 million (6 billion divided by 12 signs) could have a Taurus moon.

Band mate Keith Richards, in his autobiography, described Jagger as “unbearable.”

Jagger has sun, Jupiter, Pluto and Mercury in Leo – that’s Leo to the fourth. More Leo, more “look at me.”

Jagger has both moon and Mars in Taurus.

Leo and Taurus – when it’s active, it’s active. When it’s lazy, it’s lazy. Hopefully your mood matches; but if not, doesn’t matter. Leo rules – today we’re lying on the couch all day.

There are a lot of fixed signs in Jagger’s chart so don’t try to change him. He does have some mutable – Uranus and Saturn in Gemini and Venus and Neptune in Virgo but it probably won’t override so much Leo and Taurus energy.

Venus in Virgo is the “love me perfect” placement. With Neptune attached, Jagger is very, very picky about his pleasures and beauty. He will ask you to move the vase because it’s ugly.

What lacks in Jagger’s chart are cardinal signs. Cardinal signs are the initiators. Jagger needs external motivation.

Jagger’s chart is essentially a combination of two squares – Leo to Taurus, Virgo to Gemini. The chart isn’t balanced and when a planet passes in transit – half of his life is affected.

The recent transit of Mars through Virgo created anxiety and criticism from and to his partner and friends.

Saturn will be transiting Scorpio in October and will form, for two years, a T-square to the Leo – Taurus squares. Partnership issues will be followed by sexual and money issues. Someone may be asking for her “half” of the assets.

Pluto transiting Capricorn creates a trine to the other two earth signs in Jagger’s chart – Virgo and Taurus. Jagger may be taking more financial and personal responsibility in his life.

Jupiter has just begun transiting Gemini and will conjunct Jagger’s Uranus and Saturn in the next year. Jagger will have fun the first half of this transit, meeting new people. The second half of the transit may reveal that the new friends aren’t really friends.

Bugs and Jagger

Normally while watching Bugs Bunny, we’re on his side. But to his cartoon colleagues, he may feel like the “Mick Jagger” in their lives. Maybe Jagger’s friends feel he’s the “Bugs Bunny” in their lives.

Bugs’ character Leopold is the quintessential Leo character. That Bugs uses it to torment his persecutor is hilarious, but if there’s a Leo in your life you’ll need to remember that “Leopold” has entered the room.


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