Five Career Options for Ron Paul

Dude, they booed you in South Carolina when you said you didn’t want the US to make war on the world and when you begged the people to protect civil liberties. Look around, you are in New Hampshire no more.

It’s confusing to you, I know, that pride sometimes overrides logic. It’s important to remember that the US’s official birthday is July 4 – that makes the US a cardinal water sign. Water is emotional, not logical.

Cancer is the sign of mothering and family. I understand Rick Santorum when he speaks about family structure as the replacement to societal structures such as unemployment insurance, social security and Medicare. If we had strong family relationships where we brought our aging parents into our homes, we wouldn’t need nursing homes (like China and Mexico).

While this is true, our society was founded as a meritocracy for a reason – family life is not chosen and if you are unlucky enough to be born into a poor, slave, or outcast family, much of your fate would be hinged on this unfortunate and un-chosen fact.

Cancer, like family, is about “us” and not “them.” I saw a lot of negative Cancer energy at the last debate where “they” were criticized for not working hard, for being overpaid as janitors, etc. The people in the room clearly saw themselves as “us” and not “them.”

Remember too, that Cancer is the crab that hides in its shell. American military might is, in a way, a Cancer-like way of (over) protecting ourselves. Inside that military shell is a sensitive and shaking entity.

Five Career Options for Ron Paul

I think it’s going to be over soon for you, by the numbers this time and not by the media which ignores you anyway. It’s time to think about career options, since you are clearly not ready to retire.

  1. Lieutenant Commander of the Starship U.S.S Enterprise – Only a person with moon in Taurus (like you), Capricorn or Aquarius can take on the role of leadership through emotional control. If this emotional country doesn’t want your guidance, find a space mission that does.
  2. Astrologer – Believe it or not, astrologers are nerds, like you. They work in numbers and angles and must synthesize much data into a coherent whole. You would like this and it would help you understand why some people aren’t concerned about fake money, war on the world and the demise of all personal liberties.
  3. School Teacher – From your chart, I see you as simply wanting to share your knowledge. Do it where sharing knowledge is (or should be) the norm – school.
  4. Host of America’s Top Economist – We have TV shows for top singers and dancers, why not top economists? This will both teach and entertain Americans about the critical subject of economics.
  5. Banker – This might be the time to open your own, revolutionary, bank. Refuse to be part of the Federal Reserve, print your own currency and tell people that they must have a savings account to in order to be a customer at your bank.

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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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