Republican Debate Prep Sheet – January 16 in South Carolina

What is there left for the Republican presidential candidates to talk about after so many debates?

Current Republican presidential candidate discussion revolves around how greedy businessmen fire lots of people and make bucket loads of money doing it. After discussing how mean and selfish it is to make lots of money while your co-religionist brothers are desperate for work, they can move on to the topic of how each of the men on the stage made their own millions.

Better to get the “greedy businessmen” conversation fleshed out before the final candidate debates with President Obama where support of corporate interests will need a hearty defense.

The January 16 Transits

Avid OHA readers already know that Mars is in Virgo and Saturn in Libra. The “enthusiasm deficit,” as it’s being called, is in full force. Mars will be in Virgo until July so bring some streamers to the debate, candidates, as you’ll have to whip up your own enthusiasm. Mars will not bring it.

The three fastest moving “planets” – moon, Mercury and Venus, are the focus of this debate sheet. The trans-earth planets are where they were in the last debate. The sun is still in serious, after-Christmas Capricorn.

Tomorrow’s moon during the debate will be in Scorpio, Mercury in Capricorn and Venus in Pisces. Scorpio and Pisces are water signs and Capricorn is an earth sign.

The mood is serious and intense right now. The only fire in the sky right now is Uranus in Aries. Fire comes rarely and unexpectedly right now, like lightening that knocks out the power supply.

It’s a good time to eat and drink, if that helps.

South Carolina Horoscope

South Carolina’s horoscope, based on its admittance to the Union, is a Gemini sun and Capricorn moon. Gemini and Capricorn in combination are a practical, facts-oriented entity with little empathy. Candidates must talk in facts and figures to this state but must also have some wit and flair.

Do not cry. Leave any and all pity in New Hampshire.

SC’s Mars in Leo opposite Pluto in Aquarius represents a proud state with a struggle between self and group assertion.

The horoscope of SC also has a cardinal T-square of moon (in Capricorn), Venus (in Cancer) and Neptune (in Libra). This is the very T-square being activated now by Pluto (in Capricorn), Saturn (in Libra) and Uranus (in Aries).

Uranus transiting Aries makes a grand cross out of this T-square. SC is struggling with the ole’ me-you-family-career axis.

SC is a proud and social penny pincher who loves family but sneaks out at night to go to a horse race.

Candidate Prep Sheet

Today’s order will be by performance in New Hampshire.

Mitt Romney – The Scorpio moon and Piscean Venus are good for you. Your serious and somber nature is in flow with the energies of the evening. Seriousness is good. But remember, SC’s sun is in Gemini so say something witty or clever too. In fact, say something different, just for fun.

Ron Paul – It must be frustrating to be a Leo sun right now when all the planets are in earth and water signs. You want everyone to go outside and have a bonfire and they want to sit in the bathtub. Transiting Venus is on your Saturn in Pisces. You’ll feel a connection, but don’t know how to express it. Act vulnerable for a minute – the crowd will like it.

Jon Huntsman – The news says there is an enthusiasm deficit in the race but the transiting planets keep throwing water and earth on any kindling that threatens to spark. Double Aries is fiery and aggressive but I don’t see that in your debates. Maybe your moon is really in Pisces? If so, soak in the Piscean “we are one” energy and throw it back at ‘em with an air of Aries pride.

Newt Gingrich – Whew! After Iowa and New Hampshire, you’re finally a little more in your element and not just from being a Southern boy. Your Gemini twist on words and ideas is enjoyed in this Gemini sun state. Your “pious baloney” accusations will receive raucous laughter. You can take being humiliated in public, unlike your proud fire- and sensitive water-sign contenders. Revel in retorting each and every deliciously vicious attack.

Rick Santorum – SC’s Mars (in Leo) is opposite your moon (in Aquarius). You might appear too uptight for these folks. They may be uptight too, with moon in Capricorn, but they don’t know it. Wear something light or silly to the debate to show them that while you are serious, you can laugh at yourself. Find a way to appear serious but fun. Be seriously fun.

Rick Perry – While the earth and water energy should make you feel comfortable in SC, I just don’t see how this energy ultimately helps or propels you forward. Do not confuse comfort for success. You’re like a fish removed from the ocean and thrown into the hotel swimming pool. You just know that you’re in your element and that’s all your care about. You swim soundly not knowing the pool is not the ocean and that the pool has a filtration system that may chop you into sushi. SC is not the ocean.


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