Is that Canada Knocking? The Rage Pandemic.

In United States suburbia we have big houses and lots of space. While we might know our neighbors, wave when they pass and even hang out a bit in the summer, we often do not know them intimately. Many if not most within the neighborhood we might not know at all. And it’s even rarer in these times for neighbors to show up unannounced as they did decades ago and still do on television comedy shows.

Increased technology has led to increased social structure and increased social separation in community life. Even if you want to stop by a friend’s house unannounced, chances are they are busy with a structured activity. The last time I dropped by somewhere unannounced – wanting to say hello to an old neighbor when I happened to be in that neighborhood – the results were less than positive. I’m not sure what I interrupted but I wasn’t going to find out as I was led away from the house during the brief and awkward conversation.

So it should not be surprising that I heard the knocking next door but ignored it for a while

Was that really Canada making all that noise? They are usually so quiet.

I’m very used to the noisy neighbors in the south stopping by unannounced. In the cultures to the south, you might hear “my house is your house” in warm welcome. By reflection, this also means “your house is my house.” Boundaries are thin both physically and psychologically.

In contrast to the southern American cultures, the United Sates social philosopher Benjamin Franklin wrote that “guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days.”

See how culture is affects our lives?

So my northern neighbors are quiet. I know their name. I’ve even hung out with them a bit, even with the ones that speak French. But I don’t really know them very well.

Why are they making so much noise?

Oh, Canada

Using the Canadian national horoscope from AstrologyKing, Canada has sun and Uranus conjunct in the home-loving water sign of Cancer.  However, the moon is in the detached air sign Gemini (the twins) which explains the two languages of the nation and the general aloofness as neighbors.

This is similar to the United States with sun in Cancer and moon in air sign Aquarius. In both the United States and Canada, there’s a great deal of education and intellect (air), yet also a great deal of sensitive, reactive emotionalism (water). In the US it goes back and forth between intellect and emotionalism to the point we don’t know fact from opinion.

Is that the same in Canada?

Maybe I don’t hear my northern neighbor knocking because I think they are one of us.

Venus is also in Gemini in the Canadian chart while Mercury is in Leo. There’s both strong ability to communicate (Gemini) with a dramatic flair to the expression (Leo). Tall fish tales anyone?

Mars in Virgo brings perfectionism. Virgo like Gemini is ruled by Mercury so this increases the attention to detail, intellect and ability to communicate.

Ok, but why are they knocking?

Pluto beginning its transit of Capricorn in 2007-2008 that would have been a trigger point for Canada with Pluto opposite the Canadian Uranus/sun conjunction – that would have lasted a few years. The world weathered a financial crisis but Canada fared well during this time.

Justin Trudeau with sun in Capricorn opposite the Canadian Uranus/sun conjunction assumed his first office around that time in – get this – the Opposition Party. Oh, my, does Trudeau follow astrology? Trudeau, then, is the external force that pokes the comfort zones of his people. Cancer is about comfort so don’t move the security blanket or the secret food stash. And was your compliment that I look nice today a secret insult that I usually look ugly?

Neptune, the planet of glamorization, is in Aries in the Canadian horoscope indicating a love of competition, warfare, and argument. This is the Don Quixote placement and guess what – Neptune will be returning to Aries in a few years. Expect a national rise in military enlistment and military-like societies.

That means we’re going to hear more knocking against the wall.

But I think I found this issue of today, the reason for the recent revolt by truckers against vaccine mandates when crossing the borders – natal Pluto in Taurus.

Uranus, the planet of sudden inspiration, change, and enlightenment, is transiting Taurus as it has been since March 2019 (after testing the waters in spring of 2018). Uranus is shock treatment on whatever it touches and shocking Taurus creates a particular volatility.

In my early days of astrology, I learned Taurus was a very calm sign until reaching a point when it exploded like a volcano. We are seeing more volcano eruptions today both on the earth and with people under the influence of Taurus.

Pluto in this sign means the evolutionary lessons are about Taurus – money, property, and body. So clogging the supply chain is a very powerful means of control for this country. Most of the oil imported into the US comes from Canada. Our neighbors both to the north and south keep the US running, not our friends in the Middle East.

So it’s like the US has neighbors it barely acknowledges yet are also dependent upon, as though we shared a food storage unit or septic tank. Pluto is not just good leverage for bargaining but also a wake up call that involves a near-death experience.

We shouldn’t wait that long for our wake-up calls.

Yet playing with Pluto is like playing with nuclear energy and is dangerous for all involved. Back to my early days of astrology learning about Scorpio which is ruled by Pluto — Scorpio gone bad desires revenge to such an extent it may even destroy itself in the process.

So Uranus on Pluto is like a crack emerging in the nuclear power plant.

At the same time Pluto is being triggered, Canada is having a Jupiter return in the loving, gentle water sign Pisces. While much of the Canadian chart is bravado, there is a very soft side to this nation. While it may idealize a certain type of militarism, it’s gentle inside but hides it. Cancer, the sun sign of this nation, is known for crawling in its shell to avoid unpleasant emotional situations.

Hopefully the nation manages its Uranus-conjunct-Pluto transit to create more internal control and not destroy itself in the process of volcanic eruption, of rage.

Speaking of Rage

Speaking of rage, it doesn’t take a psychologist to predict that keeping people indoors for long lengths of time combined with a fear of death and excessive media and intoxicants can create a situation of release, of rage, against the system.

Rage “release” in the United States began years before the pandemic, in 2015 to be exact. “Why are people so angry?” was a common response to a political candidate’s rise amongst the masses. Angry people were then shut indoors a few years later with all kinds of media images from the merely popular violence of television to the deliberate manipulation of media by nefarious individuals and states.

Contagion is not merely for physical illness. We hear of psychological contagion in such terms as copycat killings, brainwashing, “divorce contagion” and folie de duex. But any emotion can be contagious – what are holidays if not emotional contagions? We love snow on Christmas then hate snow two weeks later.

The physical pandemic has led to an emotional pandemic which I’m predicting will be officially identified when transiting Saturn moves into Pisces in 2023.

Depression and anger are linked and Saturn in Pisces will be a more obvious form of depression. Pisces is about spiritual connection and Saturn is contraction so the loss of connection to others creates a type of existential depression.

After this Saturn-in-Pisces transit Pluto will begin moving into the sign of humanity Aquarius. So we have several years of sorting out social life on earth before we truly transform community.

Until that time, I recommend the politicians study astrology, which also may become more acknowledged during the Pluto-in-Aquarius transit. But if they are too proud to study astrology (or admit to using it already), the study of volcanos may suffice.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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