Born in the Air: The Progression of Aquarius

When I read that a child was born during a transatlantic flight at the end of January my first thought was: typical air sign. The end of January is the energy of Aquarius, the fixed air sign, the sign of ideal communities, technology, innovation, and sudden inspiration. It’s also quite eccentric and rebellious. Being born in the air would be unique and unusual, very Aquarius.

If I were writing a novel, I would have my character a pilot, drawn to the air and all of the futuristic politics that occur above the earth.  When we learn our pilot was born during a transatlantic flight back in those old-fashioned planes that took half a day to cross the water, we’d know it was his fate to be in the air . . .


When I was first studying astrology and tracking the signs of all those around me, for some reason I rarely encountered Aquarius. Possibly that is because I spent much time in corporate life where Aquarius might not like to dwell as following rules, doing what everyone else does and respecting authority because of title are not habits easily formed by this fixed sign.

Idealism is about how things “should” be, not how they are. Capricorn like Aquarius likes the word “should” but Capricorn uses it to follow the rules as in you “should” come to work on time. Aquarius uses should as an ideal – as in you “should” follow your own internal clock for optimal life experience. Why start work at 8 am everyday if your internal rhythms want you to start at noon?

Get it?

From 1995-2003, Uranus was in Aquarius, the sign it rules. Uranus is inspiration, enlightenment, clarity, invention, technology, and non-conformity. This transit brought technology that changed our lifestyles entirely. In just a few short years we became attached to our hand-held technology like a baby attached to a bottle. And humans rarely change habits — we only start new addictions. I suppose this is the interplay of technology and addiction.

From 1998-2012 Neptune was in Aquarius and for some time conjunct Aquarius. Neptune brings glamor and fame to all that it touches. Glamor and fame made thousands of girls scream in ecstasy while the Beatles were on Ed Sullivan in 1964. When the glamor and fame subside, you wonder what could have been so alluring about four average-looking guys playing repetitive, simple music. Neptune brings gods and gurus, some with Neptune purity, some with Neptune’s ability to delude.

After Uranus and Neptune left Aquarius, we not only had new technology, we had new gods and heroes, ones who sat in garages or in labs designing the technology that would change our lives! We were now in “the future,” the future of all those fantasy novels.  As the duty of all gods, the Tech Gods would save us from our earthly perils with technological solutions – No more wasted paper! No more wasted gas driving to an office!  We would be free and happy!

In 2020 Saturn the planet of contraction entered Aquarius. Now we could stay home and use our technology to reach others to reduce the spread of illness. No more sticky, icky human contact. Moving pictures, the provenance of Neptune, was how we would “connect.” The human, I’m convinced, is hard-wired to believe all that is visual. “Belief” is also in the realm of Neptune.

Who needs flesh-and-blood illness-spreading human contact?

Aquarius has spread itself through Uranus and new hand-held technologies, through Neptune with glamorization and worship of all technology and then through Saturn by forcing us to live primarily through technology.

What’s next?

Next is Pluto, the great destroyer and transformer which will enter Aquarius in 2023. The optimists are seeing a world where I think about dinner on a plate and there it is. The pessimists are seeing a world where I don’t have thoughts at all but am programmed to have dinner on a plate when my biometric indicators suggest dinner.

Which is it?

Born Free?

If I’ve calculated the time correctly for our child born in the air, he (I think it’s a he although gender identify is dissolving under the influence of Aquarius) is going to be a very private individual. He’s also what’s considered an “old soul” with most planets in the last quadrant of the zodiac – Capricorn through Pisces.

A rational and scientific nature is described here with some physical limitations relating to breathing, maybe because of the air birth. He’s also born during this Uranus in Taurus transit which affects the body. He may prefer physical activities such as sky diving where he can feel released from his physical body for a few minutes.

And what nationality is one when born in the air?

Saturn is conjunct Aquarius right now and five planets were in Capricorn so the father figure is strong in forming the identity and there is a bunch of “rule following” being recommended to a sign that likes to be unique and different. Possibly the striving for a clear nationality will be part of the identity. There also appears to be a family lineage or family business to attend to.

There are lots of “shoulds” in his life – both of the Capricorn rule-following and Aquarius rule-breaking kind. He may go back and forth between the need to support is family and community and need to break free as an individual. Sounds like something we are all facing now.

We are born into a time and carry that in our DNA, so to speak. The horoscope is that pattern of both personal (sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars) preferences, social environment (Jupiter and Saturn) and generational trends (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto).

Being born in the air fits right in with the times where all of our lives are digital and all of our data is in “the cloud.” So why not be born where the action is?

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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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