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Focus on Friendship with Mars in Aquarius

Mars is spending a great deal of time in Aquarius this year – from mid-May until mid-November where it normally spends only a couple of months in a sign creating an approximately two-year cycle. Mars is spending so long in … Continue reading

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Venus Because

An astrologer friend of mine keeps talking about my Venus. Natal Venus, progressed Venus, transiting Venus. Venus, Venus, Venus. Oh my, is it okay to talk about a girl’s Venus? Are women truly from Venus and men from Mars? What … Continue reading

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February 9 Uniqueness

Let’s have a little Aquarian fun, boys and girls. At the Sunday dinner table this evening let’s tell mom and dad that we’ve figured out what we’d like to do in life – tell them you want to live a … Continue reading

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The “Flo” of Time

As the saying goes, history repeats itself. This is especially true in television. As time passes, I notice TV characters returning with ancient problems dressed in modern clothes. Take 2 Broke Girls. Are they not Laverne & Shirley without the … Continue reading

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