Focus on Friendship with Mars in Aquarius

Mars is spending a great deal of time in Aquarius this year – from mid-May until mid-November where it normally spends only a couple of months in a sign creating an approximately two-year cycle. Mars is spending so long in Aquarius because it will go retrograde – apparent backward motion – and dip back into Capricorn.

Aquarius is the fixed air sign known for brotherhood, shared ideals, images of the perfect society and general genius based on thinking outside of the prescribed existent knowledge. On one side of the spectrum Aquarius is the absent-minded professor; on the other, the determined but unfocused rebel.

Aquarius is opposite fixed fire sign Leo; Aquarius is friendship while Leo is romantic love (which is why we need to move Valentine’s Day to August).

The next time Mars will be in Aquarius will be 2024 when Pluto has just entered that sign. By that time, our social structure may center more around Aquarius ideals (voluntary societies, shared ideals developed by the group, brotherhoods, yada yada) than Capricorn ideals (playing by the rules, structure, authority, government, yada yada).


It’s no wonder I’ve come across two news stories about friendship recently, both focusing on friendship in adulthood. Mars is spending extra time in Aquarius to make a point, I’m sure.

In the article, If you’re wondering why you’ve lost friends in adulthood, this is probably why, the lesson is that to make and keep friends as adults, we need to make the time. Our busy adult lives often preclude the time needed to nurture friendship.

The second story, Researchers Examine What Social Isolation Can Do To Men’s Health, was on NPR and describes social isolation and men’s health. A man interviewed in the story was honest enough to admit an embarrassing activity as a result of his social isolation:

I was in my apartment, and one of the fixtures in the apartment was a post that runs floor-to-ceiling and the banister runs out of that. And the post became my friend. I would hug the post. I would hug the post for all it was worth because I was getting some kind of feedback physically.

All I could wonder is why he didn’t get a pet instead.

British actor and Aquarius Simon Pegg has based many of his movie plots on friendship. Mums may die. Stepfathers always. Girlfriends come and go. Friends always survive.

Shared Ideals

Air signs in general (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) can move from topic to topic as they are generally curious and stimulated by the new and easily bored of the old.

Aquarius, however, is the fixed air sign so is very committed to its ideals. The fixed nature in any element can tend toward dogmatism as there is not only a belief in a concept, but a certain loyalty toward it. Loyalty and determination are what make fixed signs leaders in our world.

Mars in Aquarius then may create ideological differences that create tension. Aquarius isn’t naturally aggressive so the disputes don’t create war; they create voluntary separation. Aquarius isn’t snobbish in the Capricorn way; it’s separatist in that you simply don’t want to live without plumbing so you won’t really like it in my community so go away.

The United States has natal moon in Aquarius (using the 1776 chart) where separatists came to form a more perfect society (Puritanism has both an Aquarius and Virgo flavor). Sci-fi writer H. G. Wells also had moon in Aquarius and encouraged social rebellion. Aquarius Sir Thomas More was the first known user of the term “utopia.”

Science and Technology

As the sign of genius and unique thinking, Aquarius is interested in science and technology as these subjects generally push innovation.

Much of our current technology innovation was developed or released while Uranus and Neptune were in Aquarius (1996-2011). Our technology leader, Steve Jobs, had Mercury in Aquarius (as many Pisceans do).

There isn’t as much representation of Aquarius in the field of technology as I’d expect. Aquarius is interested in ideas more than money so possibly they remain in the thought sphere while those with more ambition focus on the “monetization” of ideas. Aries is found more in business because of its competitive nature.

Man’s Best Friend

If dogs are truly man’s best friend, we may see a rise in dog sales this second half of 2018. We won’t know until later. According to this market trends report by Pawsible Marketing:

The American Pet Products Association also indicates that millennials are now the primary pet owning demographic, at 35 percent of U.S. pet owners as compared to baby boomers’ 32 percent.

Are millennials lonely? Has the rise of social media created an opposite effect of social isolation? Or are we just interested in friends who are present and want to go for a walk?

Maybe when Pluto moves into Aquarius in 2023 millennials will have “upgraded” society to focus more on community and friendship.

Mars in Aquarius is just a sampling of what’s to come.


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