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Dodge, Ram with Jupiter in Aries

When the Dodge Ram truck tailed me the other day, I had to accept that the symbolic energy matched the behavior. How could I expect a “dodge” “ram” to drive patiently on a 25-mph road two car lengths behind? Jupiter … Continue reading

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Mars in Aries Wants Sports

Often when the US federal government takes some important, strategic action like bombing or invading another country, the astrological alignments are so precise, I’m convinced there’s a “court astrologer” influencing and timing the actions. Then there are local governments and … Continue reading


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The “Flo” of Time

As the saying goes, history repeats itself. This is especially true in television. As time passes, I notice TV characters returning with ancient problems dressed in modern clothes. Take 2 Broke Girls. Are they not Laverne & Shirley without the … Continue reading

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Astrology Alert

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The National Bureau of Astrological Awareness has issued an “Aries Alert” due to the sun, Venus, Mars and Uranus all transiting this sign. During this period of pleasure-loving, impulsive and enlightening planetary energies in fiery Aries, residents … Continue reading

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Five fun things to do while Mars is in Aries

Mars, our warrior planet, entered friendly territory on March 13 after swimming in the murky waters of Pisces for a month. Mars rules Aries so traveling through the first and fiery sign of the zodiac is like a hot coal … Continue reading

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