Five fun things to do while Mars is in Aries

Mars, our warrior planet, entered friendly territory on March 13 after swimming in the murky waters of Pisces for a month. Mars rules Aries so traveling through the first and fiery sign of the zodiac is like a hot coal returning to the grill. It’s at home. It will be at home until April 16.

There are lots of stimulating activities in the neighborhood while Mars is in Aries. Fire is never dull.

Here are five fun activities to burn away the Aries fight or fight (or fight) energy:

Drive fast

Ohio is taking impulsive and speedy Mars-in-Aries to heart and raising the speed limit to 70 mph (112 km per hour). What a blessing to be sitting around the house thinking about all the stuff I have to do and suddenly learn that now I can get everywhere FASTER.

When Mars begins to square Pluto (in Capricorn) next week (around March 27), maybe the Ohio legislature can add a “get out of my way” amendment that fines cars driving in the left lane but not passing. Passing should be defined as passing “now,” not 15 minutes from now. Let’s finish this good Mars-in-Aries work and go all the way.

Stage dive and speak your mind

In Kansas City yesterday, Derron Black interrupted the Mayor Sly James’ speech by jumping on stage, grabbing the microphone and attempting to make a speech.

Mars is what motivates us to jump on stage and speak our mind. Mars and Aries have a continuum that moves from assertive to aggressive to attacking. Like all energies, there is a time and place for each.

In which portion of this spectrum does Black’s intrusion lie?

According to this Kansas City Star online article, Black later said “about the true reality of the condition of the people east of Troost or just throughout Kansas City in general, you would absolutely be frustrated just like I am [sic].”

Frustration often stems from a square in the horoscope. I couldn’t find a date of birth for Derron Black, who ran for Missouri House of Representatives in 2012. I did learn that Mayor James is a fire-sign Sagittarius with moon in Aries or Taurus. Had this incident occurred in a dark alley, Black might have learned more about Mars energy from Mayor James.

Keep your assault weapon

Next month’s US gun control legislation, it appears, won’t contain an assault weapons ban. Anyone wanting to pass this legislation should have done it while Mars and a bunch of other planets were in watery Pisces last month, a period when many people were simply trying to get out of bed and stand up straight.

Mars in Aries is the fighting spirit. It doesn’t simply fight for gun control; it is fighting to feel alive, much like the main character in Fight Club. Mars in Aries is like an infuser filling the air with adrenalin. Taking a gun (or anything) away now is like taking a bone from a hungry dog. But with Aries, the dog challenges you to take away the bone.

Next week the sun, Uranus and Mars will all be in Aries squaring Pluto in Capricorn in varying degrees. Mars and Uranus square Pluto is the wrong-wrong-wrong time to take away a weapon.

For those that want gun control, OHA recommends the following strategy. First warm up the audience by passing legislation this year to allow broadcasts of sports events on free TV (if there is still such a thing). Then wait until January 2015 when Mars and Neptune are conjunct in Pisces to pass legislation on a foggy night while a feeling of unity prevails and folks wonder if anything is ever a true defense.

Pick a fight

If you have an Aries in your life, you have fighting in your life. Remember, fire signs are stimulated by challenge so put a bunch of challenges in the living room for your fire signs or you become the object of the fight.

Remember, if you don’t fight “with” your fire sign, you will be fought “at.” Choose “with” and not “at” for a more pleasant planetary stay.

There are two famous Aries actors who have sections of their Wikipedia articles labeled “incidents” or “altercations” or “controversies:” Alec Baldwin and Russell Crowe.

Both Baldwin and Crowe are known for their tempers from throwing objects to calling their loved ones nasty names.

Although Aries can be as nasty as Capricorn at times, Aries doesn’t have the self-awareness to understand why others are angry. Sometimes we do damage by being deliberately malicious and sometimes we do damage because we are ignorant or unaware of how our actions affect others.

Aries has what I think of as a self-absorbed, childlike innocence. When a young child tells you your hair is ugly, it still can hurt, right?

Play sports

A strong Mars placement, such as Mars in a fire sign in the first house, can indicate athletic ability. Fire contains energy, courage and a desire to create positive action in the external world. Sports are a fine way for fire to manifest positively. In sports, fire creates energy and enthusiasm for the community whereas at home fire can cause the house to burn down.

Fire needs lots of room and a big coliseum is the perfect place to diffuse one’s competitive energy.

In the US, mid to late March is the college basketball sports competition known as “March Madness.” Sometimes it begins with sun in Pisces but normally ends with sun in Aries.

This year’s March Madness will end on April 8 with sun, Venus and Mars conjunct in Aries. Uranus will also be hanging about in Aries. For fans, this should be an exciting game full of upsets and unexpected turns. With Uranus in the picture, I’m guessing an unexpected team will rise to the top.

Astrology Revolution is the expert in sports astrology, although I don’t yet see an update for March Madness. Keep checking for updates.

How I spent my Mars-in-Aries

In an episode of “Two and a Half Men” titled “Does this smell funny to you?” Jake has to give a report to his class about how he spent his weekend. The report, as you would suspect, involves the shenanigans of the womanizing Uncle Charlie.

As we listen to Jake’s report, we learn that Uncle Charlie’s new flame is a married woman whose husband comes looking for Charlie. While Charlie’s antics provide entertainment, the added level of humor comes from the innocent Jake describing his weekend in the same manner he would describe doing chores. He’s just saying what happened, not reacting or commenting on it.

A weekend with Uncle Charlie is simply crazy.

Mars in Aries is a little bit like a weekend with Uncle Charlie.


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