More Fire in Venezuela

Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela and fire sign Leo, died last week after a struggle with cancer. Chavez’s Vice President, Nicolas Maduro, was sworn in Friday as the new president.

Maduro was born in the fire sign Sagittarius. In fact, he was born just as the sun entered this sign. The man could have been a Scorpio but decided to wait a few hours and experience life with a little more levity. Second that with a pleasure-loving Libra moon.

Sagittarius and Libra – what we have here are rose-colored glasses with a designer label although Sagittarius claims the glasses were hand-made by laborers in a third-world country and purchased at fair trade value.

While both signs have lofty ideals, the reality of those ideals isn’t easy to maintain. It takes the serious signs of the zodiac – earth Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, water Scorpio to actually give up chocolate for the entirety of Lent without sneaking a piece of birthday cake while no one is looking.

No matter, who says politicians have to practice what they preach? Politicians are motivational speakers who inspire us to sit calmly in our seats while our money is deducted from our pay to provide community services for the common good – roads, sewers and electrical lines. So what if they eat a little forbidden food during Lent?

Maduro does have a few planets in serious Scorpio – Neptune, Venus and Mercury. That’s passion! Square Mars in Leo makes it rather eager passion.

Actually Mercury in Scorpio and sun in Sagittarius is a fine combination for a strategic risk-taker. Maduro will probably be savvier than purely emotional Chavez in communicating with the rest of the world.

Sagittarius does in fact like the foreign world and seeks those experiences. While I read the US kicked out a couple Venezuelan diplomats, I bet we’ll see a day not long in the future when Maduro touches US soil. For fun, I’m going to guess May 2016 when Pluto conjuncts his part of fortune in Capricorn.

In 2016, Maduro may find himself a wealthy man, possibly through business ventures. Maybe he’ll have transitioned out of public office by then, or maybe not. What’s politics and what’s business?

Although he might not show it, Maduro is prone to anxiety and depression. He’s probably feeling a little unsettled right now as Neptune is transiting his natal Jupiter forming an opposition with natal Pluto/Uranus in Virgo and squaring transiting Jupiter in Gemini.

This anxiety may lead to memory problems. I’m also getting a sense of diabetes. Looking for astrological significators of diabetes in the horoscope, I found this post:

Maduro has a fixed T-square in his chart with Mars (in Leo), Saturn (in Aquarius) and Neptune/Venus (in Scorpio). Fixed signs make great leaders and inspire both intense love and hatred. The T-square might be a little intense for Libra moon but it’s nothing that charm can’t cover. It’s especially important to have charm when one has a Sagittarius temper tantrum that involves spitting on others.

Fighting rage and cooling charm.

Saturn in Aquarius indicates insecurity about fitting in with the group. Maduro is better one-on-one where intensity and charm can be applied like lipstick. Moving into a crowd creates anxiety because no one can see his shiny eyes from the far end of the public square.

Sagittarius Maduro’s weakness might involve trusting the wrong people. Idealists are not shallow but are unfortunately prone to judging books by covers because they want to believe in the cover.

While OHA always (but always) promotes positive gender relations, Maduro might want to be wary of captivating females who are manipulating him through his male-mind-parts. He also might think those that look neat and tidy are more trustworthy.

¡ Buena suerte!


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