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Act Like a Capricorn Day – December 21

According to the astrology books of my youth, Capricorn and the other earth signs (Taurus and Virgo) are less prone than other signs to believe in astrology. Earth signs, the books said, are practical and down-to-earth and must “see it … Continue reading

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Ohio Political Fight Club: Sharen Neuhardt

News from the Ohio primary polls in the state capital is more about a failed zoo levy than the exciting news that the 2014 Ohio Governor race is on! In case you missed the big Ohio news, Ed FitzGerald is … Continue reading

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The Day After the End of the World – Reality Awaits

Sagittarius truly went out with a bang this year – not only did we have our usual pre-Christmas eating, drinking and shopping celebrations of abundance, we also made grand pronouncements about the world ending. How does it feel the morning … Continue reading

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What is the most trustworthy sign of the zodiac?

While my tuxedo cat, Lacy, and I were looking through OHA search terms (or was it Astroknowlogy?), we noticed the question “Can you trust a Capricorn woman?” As a Capricorn woman, I’d say “yes,” but I thought it best to … Continue reading

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If Corporations Were People, What Sign Would They Be?

Mitt Romney, soon-to-be Republican Presidential nominee said last summer to a protestor at the Iowa State Fair that “Corporations are people, my friend.” In Columbus last weekend President Barack said, “Corporations aren’t people.” If corporations were people what sign would … Continue reading

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The Sign Most Likely to Hold a Grudge is . . .

First, what’s a grudge? Sometimes in your life you decide to disassociate from other people. You don’t want them in your life for one reason or another. That is not the “grudge” I’m referring to. Dictionary.com defines grudge as “a … Continue reading

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Michiko Kakutani – the Emily Dickinson of Criticism

Michiko Kakutani, famous New York Times book critic, is a feared authority on literature. Because of that power, some very famous authors have said some very nasty things about her. I haven’t seen any rebuttal. Kakutani’s sun is in Capricorn, … Continue reading

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Katie Couric

You have probably already guessed that I’m writing about Katie Couric because she’s  . . . yes, a Capricorn. And you are full aware that Pluto is transiting . . . Capricorn. And that the area of your chart ruled … Continue reading

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Nicolas Cage – Another Capricorn Loses It

If you are an astrologer or just read astrology blogs for fun, you are probably aware of Pluto’s transit through Capricorn. Transformation of the Capricorn area of your chart is in order and Capricorn suns will be hit at some … Continue reading

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Kate Middleton – Another Capricorn Transformation

As Pluto transits Capricorn, we will experience transformation in the Capricorn area of our charts. If our sun is in Capricorn, transformation to the basic conscious self will be occurring. Mel Gibson & Tiger Woods have started this transformation – … Continue reading

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