The Day After the End of the World – Reality Awaits

Sagittarius truly went out with a bang this year – not only did we have our usual pre-Christmas eating, drinking and shopping celebrations of abundance, we also made grand pronouncements about the world ending.

How does it feel the morning after?

Head hurt? Room spinning?

Wondering how you’re going to pay for that dress you bought impulsively yesterday with your new, super-duper-high interest rate credit card (who’d do that?)?

Welcome to Capricorn!

The sun entered Capricorn yesterday or today, depending on where you live.

Capricorn, like all earth signs, loosely represents a brick falling on your head – the reality check.

So the world didn’t end and you didn’t believe it anyway but today is a little, how shall we say it, anticlimactic?

After the world ends, what do you do? As you look around you see the dishes in the sink and remember that you have to do the same things you did yesterday.

That’s earth.


Capricorn is the cardinal earth sign, represented by a goat climbing rocky mountains to get to the top. Goats eat anything you know so don’t get in the way. Fear those who can digest anything!

Known for its ambition, Capricorn seeks success. Success doesn’t merely exist in those places known for success – businesses; it can exist anywhere. The top of the corporate ladder is just one place to view the world below. Human ventures have structure and therefore ladders. Top of the religious ladder, top of the gang ladder, top of the artistic world ladder – they are all ladders.

Respect is what Capricorn ultimately seeks. Serious is the path to respect.

In the world of structure, earth signs, including Capricorn, have the most drive to accomplish something within the structure. If they don’t, they feel inadequate. Removal from structure makes earth signs feel lost.

Others view work as something that funds the other portions of their lives. Not earth signs. These are the signs most spiritually hurt by unemployment because they have not simply lost their jobs, they have lost their identities. They have lost the reason to “be.”

Capricorn 2012-2013

Capricorn is going to be a little different this year. Not only is the sun in this worldly sign, it’s bringing a friend – Pluto. Pluto will be hanging out in Capricorn for quite a few years. Our serious Januarys will be increasingly serious.

The world hasn’t ended but Pluto in Capricorn may very well end a structure we find near and dear to our hearts – the economy.

During Sagittarius this year we worried about the world ending while the fiscal cliff (cliff and goats – I see a connection here) looms real.

Sagittarius energy isn’t completely gone – Venus entered Sagittarius December 17 where it stays until January 10, 2013 when it enters Capricorn. We’ll still have a little fun during Christmas and New Years.

On January 10, Mercury, Venus, sun and Pluto will all be in Capricorn. Expect major economic news at that time. Saturn continues its two-year transit of Scorpio, a sign that traditionally rules some areas of finance – those in which you have no control – shared money, taxes, insurance (I think) and inheritance.

Capricorn and Scorpio are serious bedfellows. You want to talk about the game last night and they want to talk about how you are going to pay the bills.

Mars will be in Aquarius by then indicating some unusual responses to economic changes. Aquarius is group expression, normally around an intellectual idea more than a practical reality. This transit is only a month long but in the future I’m expecting to see more Aquarian response to economic changes such as sharing in groups, group ownership and equal ownership and equal pay.

Don’t forget that Neptune in Pisces still puts a shellac glaze on the ceramic so make sure you touch, feel and smell your news to make sure it’s real. A picture is worth a thousand words but how many of those words reflect the reality as you experience it? Touch it to see if it feels like earth.

Start Your Own Worldly Venture

Oh, and if you’re thinking that end of the world prophecy shouldn’t be followed by end of the economy prophecy, remember that astrology and Mayan calendars are both about cycles – nothing “ends.”

Pluto is telling us that the current structure doesn’t work. As things collapse, remember all the things you didn’t like about it anyway. A break in structure and routine means you can take that leap into the worldly venture you’ve dreamed about for years.

The rules are changing and earth signs (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo) get confused when they don’t know the rules. The other elements (air, water and fire) deal with change more easily and can find those cracks in the structure that lead to new worlds.

This time of changing structure brings to mind an image of Tiwanaku in Bolivia. At the top of the world (altitude around 12,000 feet) a people built a big stone gate.

A gate from where to where?

Image from Wikipedia



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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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