Death, Taxes and Facebook

Benjamin Franklin famously spoke that there were no certainties in life but death and taxes. Two hundred and fifteen years later there is one more certainty – your Facebook profile.

While talking to a friend about a recent fight I had with Facebook privacy settings, he told me of his brother who tried to remove his profile. Guess what folks, your profile isn’t removed it’s made dormant and re-ignited with a simple login.

Facebook is forever.

The interesting thing about the certainties that Franklin spoke of – death and taxes – is that in your horoscope those two seemingly unrelated items are ruled by one house – the 8th house.

The natural ruler of the 8th house – in other words, the sign that represents the playing ground of that area of the horoscope – is Scorpio. This house also rules sex.

What’s the commonality between death, taxes and sex . . . and Facebook?

The 8th house has always been confusing for me so I slept on it for several days and, of course, consulted my favorite astrologers.

My favorite astrologer, Liz Greene, writes of the 8th house in “Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil” that the 8th house is: “primarily a house of crisis and refers to those points in life where the emotional ties to others force a man to the realization of some vital area of his own feeling nature which must be recognized, examined and purified.”

Isabel Hickey in “Astrology: A Cosmic Science” writes it’s the house of “generation (sex), degeneration or regeneration.”

The Astrologers Handbook” decided to play it safe and confine the 8th house to “joint resources.” Wait, a paragraph later I read that the 8th house “deals with the dissolution of material structures back into energy.”

Oh my.

I used to think Pisces was the most misunderstood sign of the zodiac. Now I’m wondering if it’s Scorpio.

The 8th House

As is my blogging wont, I threw out the idea of Facebook as a compatriot to death and taxes then gave it some thought to see if it jelled. It jelled for me.

Reading about the 8th house I think this is what all these intense, disparate ideas are leading to – in the 8th house we give up a part of ourselves.

While the 7th house is partnership, it is Libra partnership, Libra being an air sign. When you get to the depth of your air signs you find ideas, not emotions.

Seventh house partnership brings us into the reflection of ourselves so that we can see ourselves. Romance is makes us feel good and brings out the best in our selves.

The 7th house is the kindergarten love who offers to sharpen your pencils. It is the friend you call to see a movie. It is the muse who inspires your poetry. It is the drinking buddy.

The 8th house is where “the other” penetrates you, enters both your body and energy. When people enter you, they sometimes leave with some of your energy and you feel different, sometimes good and sometimes bad and sometimes in between.

In sex, there is the penetrator and the penetrated, in many variations between male and female, the most organic that of male penetrating female.

Sex is way different than holding hands at the movies. Sex changes you.

Sex can produce a baby and if you are female, another life feeds on your life before entering the world. Women physically give up a part of themselves to produce a baby.

That is why rape is so destructive to the soul – someone has literally come inside and taken your energy, energy you haven’t willingly shared.

Prostitution, then, is selling your energy to many, which is highly destructive to your energetic being. It’s a sad state for a human to be reduced to selling his/her fundamental energy source.

Pluto rules Scorpio and when Pluto is involved in your interaction with others there is some sense of intrusion or violation. Pluto doesn’t knock first.

Sex is the most intense of this experience but don’t forget taxes.

Taxes are the part of your hard work you give away. Not too far in the distant past, most of us worked the land. Imaging cultivating the land, planting the seeds and reaping the harvest only to – give some of that away to a king, queen or governmental being in some distant place.

The 8th house also rules inheritance – this is when the money comes to you through someone’s loss of life.

In Hamlet we hear, “Neither a borrower nor a lender be; For loan oft loses both itself and friend; And borrowing dulls the edge of husbandry.

You lend, you lose something.


Is Facebook really so intense, you might now be asking?

Yes, I argue. I willingly entered my personal profile on Facebook and no longer “own” it. A part of my virtual being has been given away, just like energy given through sex.

Facebook also constantly and consistently changes my privacy settings so that others can intrude upon my virtual self. Facebook’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg, has Pluto, Saturn, moon and Mars in Scorpio.

Zuckerberg not only invades, he probably has been invaded. I’m guessing the man who changes the privacy rules for us has a fortress around his own personal and intellectual property. Those invaded learn to have better defenses.


Lastly, the 8th house rules “regeneration.” This is the other side of Scorpio, which is also represented by the Phoenix which rises from the ashes.

Life will feed on us (as we feed on it) so we do give away parts ourselves everyday. Regeneration is the reclamation of that energy.

In the Carlos Castaneda books, there is constant reference to a purported ancient Mesoamerican practice called a “recapitulation,” where one reviews one’s life in an energetic, not psychological way. In revisiting encounters with others, a sweeping breath is meant to both return energy we took from others and in turn take back lost energy.

It’s a reconciling of the energetic checkbook.

I’m still in awe of two year olds who are seen as “terrible” (as in “Terrible Twos”) because they are filled with energy, so much that they run in circles, dancing, laughing, shouting and spinning.

The twos aren’t terrible – they are a time when you enjoy your natural energetic state (hopefully) before you learn to share your toys and, ultimately, your energy with others.

Regeneration doesn’t make us two again, but it makes us more whole and hopefully more frugal not only with how we spend our energy (lender) but also how much we ask of others (borrow).

We could all be more energetically fit if we treated others’ energy as a precious resource not to be wasted.

As for Facebook, I have to accept that I’ve given a piece of myself to the cyber world and will continue to do so as I do with this blog (which feeds to Facebook).

As with sex, we must chose our virtual partners wisely.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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