Hitchcock’s Blondes

If you are a fan of Alfred Hitchcock movies, you are aware that he preferred his leading ladies to be blonde.

At the beginning of the HBO movie The Girl which portrays the relationship between Hitchcock and leading-lady Tippi Hedren while filming The Birds and Marnie, this Hitchcock quote is shown:

Blondes make the best victims. They’re like virgin snow that shows up the bloody footprints.

While we know that Hitchcock liked his leading ladies and his victims to have white or yellow hair, was there any other connection between Hitchcock and his leading ladies?

You’ve probably been wondering about the astrology behind the blonde hair . . .

Alfred Hitchcock

Hitchcock was a royal Leo sun with Jupiter and moon conjunct in intense Scorpio. Scorpio moon is known for its emotions and passions. Leo is also passionate so there is not much self-control and an awful lot of fixed sign determination.

As the moon represents females, Jupiter on the moon does suggest some “good luck” with the women. Hitchcock did have good luck landing beautiful ladies, even if it took making movies to have that “good luck.” (Maybe Woody Allen has this same luck?)

In looking at famous directors, Scorpio energy stands out for its understanding of emotional undercurrents and ability to express those emotions in a distinct and powerful manner.

Leo and Scorpio energy combined are extremely forceful and the stuff of powerful leaders whether in a big pond, small pond or across the pond.

A less focused portion of Hitchcock’s horoscope is the placement of Mars in Libra. Mars is out outward directed energy. In Libra is considered in its detriment – a placement not comfortable for Mars. If Mars is directing outward, Libra splits it in half before it can hit its target. Mars is aggressive while Libra wants to maintain fairness. Aggression and fairness are not good bedfellows.

Mars is where Hitchcock and his leading ladies interact.

The Leading Ladies

Synastry is where you see how the planets of two individuals interact and how they influence each other. We’ll do some quick synastry of Hitchcock’s chart and the charts of his leading ladies.

These are five of Hitchcock’s leading ladies:

1. Tippi Hedren (The Birds, Marnie) – chart
2. Grace Kelly (Rear Window, Dial M for Murder, To Catch a Thief) – chart
3. Janet Leigh (Pyscho) – chart
4. Kim Novak (Vertigo) – chart
5. Eva Marie Saint (North by Northwest) – chart

Of the five, three (Hedren, Leigh, Novak) have moon in Libra which was opposite Hitchcock’s Mars in Libra.

Kelly has Mars in Scorpio which opposed Hitchcock’s moon.

Saint is the only one without this moon-Mars connection. Her moon is conjunct Hitchcock’s Venus. He may have been nicer to Saint than some of his other leading ladies.

What does this moon – Mars opposition mean?

Moon – Mars conjunction in synastry

Café Astrology has a nice write up on the moon-Mars conjunction synastry. In part:

When the Moon conjuncts Mars in synastry, there is a strong attraction that is both physical and emotional. We are combining yin and yang planets here, and these tend to generate much fascination and attraction. Over time, the Moon person might find the Mars person both insensitive to his or her needs and feelings, and overreactive to his or her needs and feelings! The Moon person might find that Mars comes on a little too strong when times call for more sensitivity or moderation. The relationship is sure to be an emotional one, with plenty of hurt feelings now and again, and joyful moments when the two come together again after an argument. The two people are very involved in each other’s lives, and have a hard time being objective. Decisions they make as a couple tend to be very subjective and personal. A lot of touchiness from both parties generally characterizes the partnership.

Libra is associated with beauty and pleasure and it’s no wonder these moon in Libra gals were beautiful not just to Hitchcock but to a wider audience. Libra appears to be bestowed beauty by the gods so that it has the weapon of charm. Beauty and charm, like generosity, are difficult to resist.

Libra is not, however, associated with strong drive to action although it is driven by strong drive for partnership and justice.

Hitchcock’s Mars created the demand that the Libra moons were trying to please. Libra is highly motivated in regard to the partner or love interest. Hitchcock was “the other” pressing buttons.

Hitchcock’s Mars triggered and instigated reaction in the Libra moons. If someone’s Mars is triggering your moon you might not always like the antagonism yet for a director that very push and reaction seems necessary.

In the HBO movie The Girl, the story suggests Hitchcock made more than one pass at Hedren. It’s no surprise that Hitchcock’s Mars conjunct Hedren’s moon, especially in Libra, would create attraction. If the Libra moons didn’t feel physical attraction to the bulky and forlorn looking Hitchcock, they might have at least been attracted to his position and power.

Attraction isn’t always physical.

While the leading ladies were both beautiful and blonde, it wasn’t necessarily the blonde that attracted but the Libra grace and charm.

Kelly, although blonde and beautiful, was different from the rest. Her Mars would have provoked Hitchcock’s moon. I’m guessing this actress turned the tables on Hitchcock and had him doing the reacting. With moon in Pisces, sun and Mars in Scorpio, Kelly was also emotionally perceptive in the extreme which can bring with it the ability to manipulate.

Saint is the the actress without the Mars/moon conjunction or opposition. Instead her Mars is on Hitchcock’s Venus meaning she might be the one who found him most attractive. Of all the actresses, she may have had the easiest time with her director and he may not have felt the need to provoke Saint the way he provoked some of his other leading ladies.

Alma Reville

What about Hitchcock’s wife – Alma Reville? What’s the astrology here?

The Girl and this Telegraph article portray Hitchcock and Reville extremely close both in domestic life and creative life.

I did a double take and double check when I saw that Reville was born one day after her husband. She was one day older.

This is like having the charts of twins – we definitely need time of birth to understand the differences. None of the planets, including moon, appear to have changed signs. Mercury, however, is perilously close to moving (retrograde) into Leo from Virgo.

Finding someone born on the exact same day as ourselves is finding someone with the same energy patterns but, possibly, directed in different areas. The same energy doesn’t mean the same result as motivation from the part of us not our personality may direct the energy differently along its continuum of expression.

Was Hitchcock’s obsession with his wife on par with his supposed obsession with his leading ladies?

This brings to mind two ideas: one, that positive aspects can be pleasant but ultimately not motivating and two, that opposites or opposing energy attracts.

Libra is about partnership and also about balance. The very sign suggests that we find in our attractions a balance to our own personality. If you are a balanced person, then, you might find balance “out there.” The more imbalanced one is, the more the balance comes from without and we find ourselves in bed with “an opposite.”

Possibly Reville represented what Hitchcock was and the leading ladies what he was not. Possibly by finding someone so much like himself to marry, a twin perhaps, Hitchcock was still driven by the need for balance in these charming, seductive Libra moons.

Hitchcock and Reville both appear to have had Scorpio moons – charismatic, elegant and also charming but with intensity and obsessive qualities that Libra lacks. Libra (in pure form) is lighter, more fun, not threatening to burn your house and slash your ties should you look at another person with lust.

As with each of us, Hitchcock’s leading ladies had charts full of planets and aspects. There are probably many reasons he was attracted to each woman beyond her blonde hair and apparent effortless charm.

On the other hand, watching this You Tube video of an old interview with Hitchcock, he mentions fear starts with one’s mother saying “Boo” to us when we are young. While I’m sure Hitchcock was in jest, claiming his mother did this to him when he was three months old, an age beyond recall.

Yet maybe this is the answer. Maybe mother said “Boo” and Hitchcock then decided to say “boo” back to a audience of females.

Was Hitchcock’s mother blonde?


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