J.D. Vance – What Did You Say to Your Mother?

Did I see among them, the intelligence and refinement: the true, honest, patriotic heart of America? Here and there, were drops of its blood and life, but they scarcely coloured the stream of desperate adventurers which sets that way for profit and pay. It is the game of these men, and of the profligate organs, to make the strife of politics so fierce and brutal, and so destructive of all self-respect in worthy men, that sensitive and delicate-minded persons shall be kept aloof, and they, and such as they, be left to battle out their selfish views, unchecked. And thus this lowest of all scrambling fights goes on, and they who in other countries would, from their intelligence and station, most aspire to make the laws, do here recoil the farthest from that degradation.

Charles Dickens

American Notes 1842

It’s very common in a brief human life to believe that things have changed drastically during one’s lifetime – and usually for the worse.  As I age and have this feeling often, I try to remember that it’s simply nostalgia talking, that third century Chinese intellectuals had the same feeling. And they didn’t have indoor plumbing let alone hand-held electronic devices.

But then again, maybe it’s true that some things have improved and some have declined, as our earth changes would suggest. It truly is getting worse, from the earth’s perspective if not from my own.

“Change is the only constant,” you hear. But you will also hear “the more things change the more they stay the same.”

What’s changing and what’s staying the same?

As an avid reader of history, I enjoy first-person narratives best for the very reason many don’t – it’s only one perspective. The history we learn in school is the established story which combines fact and myth. One person’s honest view is more real to me than the packaged and rationalized history we learn in textbooks.

From the mid 19th century travelogues of Charles Dickens and Frances Trollope, I’ve learned that American religion and politics have not changed much for 180 years. Or more precisely, the more that American politics changes, the more it stays the same.

But there are things that have changed since Dickens’ and Trollope’s travels to the United States – chewing tobacco is much less common; spitting is very rare; blood pudding is not generally served for any meal; and pigs do not run amok in the streets of Broadway, unless you use the term “pig” as an adjective to describe humans.

Things do always change.

The Storyteller

Speaking of politics staying the same after 180 years, J.D. Vance, author of The Hillbilly Elegy, is running for U.S. Senate from Ohio.

As it happens in the life of an astrologer or “new age” (old term already) practitioner, I coincidentally just read The Hillbilly Elegy having found it on the shelves of the the thrift store (two copies actually). Had I know that Vance would be running for public office, I wouldn’t have thrown it in the resale bag. The fraction of a dollar I probably earned from it could have inflated to . . .who knows what.

While The Hillbilly Elegy is viewed by some as social commentary, I found it a very enjoyable read by a good storyteller. And like good storytellers, certain facts seemed to be missing both to enhance the story and possibly to protect others’ privacy.

In one scene I recollect (but don’t have the book in hand to get the exact details) Vance was in a car with his mother and said something to her he “doesn’t remember” but it caused her to stop the car and yell (or beat?) him upon which he ran far away. It was a big event in his life.

And he doesn’t remember what he said to cause such a severe reaction?

That scene alone brought the astrologer out in me and I took a quick glance at his horoscope then. Oh, he’s a Leo. Good storyteller. So he leaves out a few details, don’t we all? I don’t mind when someone is telling a story. A story is a story.

But now that Vance wants to have a say in my life, I need to know: J.D. Vance – What did you say to your mother?

The Politician

To his credit, Vance does occasionally mention in his elegy that he could be difficult, as children from broken homes often are. As children are still developing, we give leeway and forgiveness for actions committed before maturity.

So why hold back?

As a natural storyteller, it’s easy to say that Vance is already a politician, doesn’t need to become one. Sun in Leo is often in leadership roles due to its confident nature, positive outlook and ability to bounce back from any situation as Vance describes in his autobiography. Add Uranus and Neptune in Sagittarius and we have inspiration and magnetism – charisma as it’s called – as part of his personality.

Vance’s moon and Pluto in Libra indicate an individual very concerned with relationship – always having one – and with Pluto nearby being in control of that relationship. This is another area in his autobiography where Vance treads lightly. In our younger years, love and romance are so important they often eclipse other concerns yet it’s almost completely absent from this book published when Vance was just 32.

In the fall as the election heats up, I suspect we’ll be hearing from some of Vance’s prior Pluto/moon relationships. Vance’s Saturn in Scorpio is square to the sun in Leo while Mars in Scorpio is square Venus in Leo indicating some intense relationships that went from very hot to very cold. No relationship is casual.

Pluto/moon aspects (generally the square but any other) are what I’ve always called the mark of a politician. It’s a need for control and with Vance the negative attention will hit him hard as Libra above all wants to be popular. While he’s buddied-up with the 45th president who likes all attention – good and bad – moon in Libra does not deal well with negative publicity.

Libra is very creative. So regardless of how his political life evolves, Libra will make some beauty out of it now or later. Part two of the elegy can be the Public Years. Libra also wants fairness so it’s possible that in subsequent years Vance will defend fairness or explain how unfairness was inflicted upon him.

Leo, Libra, Scorpio – in order these signs represent the fire, air and water elements. Vance also has two planets in earth – Mercury in Virgo and Jupiter in Capricorn. This is a nice balance for fire and air because it creates some grounding of the inspiration and creativity that comes from those two elements.

Having all four elements is a nice thing – balanced. The challenge of Vance’s horoscope – and we all have challenges – is the squares of Saturn/Sun and Mars/Venus. For those that are driven to succeed in some way, we usually find squares which are a tense energy of someone needling you or rubbing you the wrong way that makes you want to succeed in response.

Squares are different than oppositions of which Vance has none in his chart. Some astrologers might find the lack of oppositions a delight but it also means that you don’t have an open enemy in which you feel the polar opposite – I’m right and they are wrong.  

Oppositions are easier than squares in this way because you see the “enemy” on the other side of the street. With squares the “enemy” is near by and you sometimes like them a lot when they are not driving you mad. Squares are never resolved – the itch, the rub is always there irritating you like a recurring rash.

The political energy

Speaking of a rash that won’t go away, transiting Pluto is in the late degrees of Capricorn making a square aspect to Vance’s natal Pluto. That means the plutocracy that will be guiding and advising Vance will ask him to do some ugly in order to get the beauty – the end justifies the means.

What will he do?

For some he’s already tossed out ideals for political expediency by buddying up to a man he once referred to as an idiot. There’s a square for you. I now need this idiot.

Transiting Neptune in Pisces squares Vance’s natal Neptune in Sagittarius. Another square! In this one, there is the tension of the fight for the mission versus hurting those that are in need. With Vance’s water element under stress from the natal horoscope, the question is how much he responds to his own feeling and the feelings of others in response to the hero quest of saving others and making a fairer world.

Transiting Saturn in Aquarius is opposite Leo, opposite Vance’s Venus. Now this is a group that is openly against Vance – they will feel he’s working for the self (Leo) and not the group (Aquarius). Are the hillbillies going to desert him?

Transiting Jupiter in Aries, which will flip back to Pisces just before the election, provides energy Leo (sun/Mercury) and Sagittarius (Uranus/Neptune). So while Jupiter is direct from now until July Vance will feel the wind at his back but come July he’ll be facing more of a headwind as Jupiter goes retrograde and then back into Pisces at the end of October.

October, in politics, is the month of “surprise.”

J.D. Vance – Washington Hillbilly

While Vance the storyteller proclaimed his love and connection to the “hillbilly” culture in which he was born, politics with the Pluto in Capricorn crowd is much more than jumping out of the hills of Kentucky. Plutocrats are not just individuals who have embraced Capricorn ideals of business and success, who’ve chosen a different line of work than the coalminers or steel workers, but a whole different culture that was always far removed and continues to grow more distant from the common culture of packed lunches, rush hour, balancing the checkbook and housework.

In old Europe there was the landlord in relation to the tenant, the lord and the serf. That the tenant relates to and votes for the landlord is still a great mystery to me and I’m just chalking it up to something in our DNA.

Vance’s image as just a hillbilly with some inner drive (squares) is a nice one in a world of politics that is increasingly for the super wealthy alone. In the fall we’ll have a chance to see what this hillbilly has inside. We may even learn what he said to his mother to make her so angry.

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Shrinking Silver

Cotton shrinks, I knew that. As I get older, I’ve come to learn that lots of other materials shrink too. For example, during the pandemic lockdown when my shoes lay dormant the lack of usage appears to have made them shrink — so few fit now.

While some of my shirts shrank a bit, the sleeves of many definitely did, maybe because they are hanging around not being stretched by my elbows.

And most surprising of all is that I never knew silver could shrink. Amazing, but that choker that sort of fit years ago now has shrunken to the point I can’t wear it.

My grandmother warned me when young that when we got older gravity would take over and that’s clearly happening to my body. It’s not much extra weight (honestly) so much as the shift of muscle and bone which are not contracting but expanding.

Saturn is contraction; Jupiter expansion.

Does “contraction” sound bad to you and “expansion” good?

If so, that might be a bias of culture. We all want our money and assets to expand, but how about our bodies? How about that body of water that is moving closer to the walls of the house?

Contraction of muscles allows us to move, even to jump in the air against the force of gravity. Contraction is necessary for expansion, like a spring wound up then released. Contraction and expansion are the yin and yang of the body.

And so it is in society as well.

What is the stock market besides the observing of contracting and expanding cycles?

My astrological advice to you – never reject an energy or it will lob itself at you like a spitball. Dig deep into your desires and you will find your areas of contraction and expansion.

What are the current cycles of contraction and expansion?

Saturn has been in Aquarius, the fixed air sign associated with friendship, group ideals, technology, innovation and rebellion since March 2020. This is a point-in-time that might feel familiar.

Social interaction was definitely contracted at that time and will continue through spring of 2023. As Saturn contracted physical social interaction, Jupiter in Capricorn (combined with Pluto in Capricorn) expanded government and authority reach over the globe. All governments did the same thing at the same time, an earth first. And if the government won’t let you work, then you must rely on it to survive.  This is Capricorn at its worst – fear and control.

In December 2020 Jupiter moved into Aquarius expanding social interaction and also the technology that supports non-physical interaction. Many workers in corporate environments need not return to the physical buildings. While this is seen as a godsend by many, it’s a good time to decide if this is how we want to live forever as Pluto will enter Aquarius in spring 2023 and we may not have a choice about how we want to interact physically as Pluto is the destroyer and transformer. We’re willingly but not consciously walking into a technology point of no return.

Jupiter is now in Pisces meeting up with Neptune in Pisces. As an astrologer friend says, you may not feel like you’re quite in your body right now. The combination of Neptune escape (often through drugs and alcohol), excessive media and reduction in physical interaction, it makes sense that we may start to feel disconnected both physically and spiritually.

Jupiter is moving into Aries – the first sign of the zodiac – in May. Aries is fire, aggressive, and competitive. Jupiter in this sign will light the fires of self assertion. Masses of humans being controlled (contracted) will have its resulting expansion of the need to assert which can include anger and warfare.

Neptune will enter Aries in a couple years and this Jupiter cycle is the harbinger of what is later to be glorified — those who assert and challenge in the forms of warriors, heroes, and champions. These last degrees of Neptune in Pisces will most likely produce some martyrs who will become posters and screen backgrounds on digital devices during Neptune in Aries.

How to avoid silver shrinkage

On the physical level, Saturn is contracting our nervous systems, breathing and circulation. Avoid “shrinkage” in these areas by physical and breathing exercises. Saturn rules bones, teeth, and knees. As with Saturn, these are the structures of the body also going through transformation. Staying home more may mean sitting more for some which affects the knees and the “standing up for oneself.”

In Pisces, Jupiter has been expanding our feet and water in the body. Ruling the kidneys, it’s important to hydrate with good, old-fashioned water. We have lots of liquid choices these days but many add to the problems of the body rather than reduce.

And if you find, like me, that your silver continues to shrink, you can engage in some disciplined Saturn activity to contract those parts of your body where the silver no longer fits.

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Pluto in Aquarius: You Do Need a Weatherman to Know Which Way the Wind Blows

Maggie comes fleet foot, face full of black soot

Talkin’ that the heat put plants in the bed, but

Phone’s tapped anyway

Maggie says the many say

They must bust in early May

Orders from the D.A

Look out kid, don’t matter what you did

Walk on your tip toes, don’t tie no bows

Better stay away from those that carry around a fire hose

Keep a clean nose, watch the plainclothes

You don’t need a weather man to know which way the wind blows

Verse 2 of Bob Dylan’s Subterranean Homesick Blues

In 1965 Pluto-in-Leo generation singer Bob Dylan released Subterranean Homesick Blues a paean to a generation of youth focused on Leo self-expression and rejecting the traditional and historical paths of rural and family life. The Pluto-in-Leo generation is better known to non-astrologers as the “Me Generation.”

The Me Generation did not want to be like their parents, to follow in their footsteps to farm, run the family business, or determine at a young age their entire futures. Newly developed radio and television were the forces that fed images of self-expression. Without these two devices, would this incredible change have occurred?

You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows evokes the sentiment of Leo, a fire sign. Fire is intuition and trust in the self. To know which way the wind blows, one must have a sense of self, a sense of place and a sense of direction. It’s also a rejection of authority and the belief that we need another to explain that which the body can sense on its own.

Pluto is now at the tail end of Capricorn and soon to move into Aquarius. In spring in 2023, about a year from now, it will make its first, but short, ingress into Aquarius, the sign opposite to Leo.

For the Pluto-in-Leo generation, a weatherman wasn’t needed to know which way the wind blows. Now as Pluto moves into opposite-sign Aquarius, we do need or at least want a weatherman to know which way the wind blows. In fact, we now have apps for that.

Leo-Aquarius Polarity

The six polarities of astrology (six times two equals the 12 signs) are of the same mode but compatible element. Leo is fixed fire and its opposite Aquarius is fixed air.

Leo is “me” and Aquarius is “we.” Fire believes in self. Air, in contrast, is looking outside of itself for completion. Mutable air Gemini is the first air sign represented by the twins. “We” for Gemini is the many aspects of its multifaceted self. How can one person, one job, one house, one  . . . anything satisfy a multifaceted self?

Libra is the cardinal air sign represented by the scales. Its primary goal in life is partnership in all domains from romance to business. It’s rare to find a loner Libra. While we all form identity through perception and reaction to others, for Libra this is a life theme.

Aquarius is the third of the air trine and fixed. It’s looking for community of shared ideals and is quite determine (aka stubborn) about it. The ideals can be religious but generally for Aquarius it’s an intellectual belief of how things “should” be in the perfect society or the perfect anything. Family isn’t a choice and is the domain of Cancer, not Aquarius. Aquarius is friendship, those you choose to be affiliated with.

Head in the clouds

In 1965 we didn’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows. Now, half a Pluto cycle later, we rely more and more on technology to tell us what our senses can also perceive.

The rise of technology occurred during Uranus (innovation) and Neptune (glamour) in Aquarius in the 1990s. It was fun! We met folks from across the globe! It was stimulating and mind-expanding – all Aquarius traits. It was pure Aquarius, unsoiled.

As Pluto moved into Capricorn in 2007-2008, technology was embraced by those that like to control the masses and now we are both forced into technology and increasingly dependent upon it. Even if you wanted to be a Luddite, it’s increasingly impossible.

Take GPS for example, an amazing aid to drivers, especially those like this writer who are “directionally-challenged.” That GPS is heavily relied on is no wonder; the shift that is concerning isn’t that GPS aids or that we use it more and more to navigate even close to home.

The subtle shift is not the dependence on GPS but the relinquishing of the desire to even know where one is, to even question the GPS programming. It’s fascinating that a nation that prides itself on freedom is so willing to hand over personal sovereignty to technology.

If I was a conspiracy theorist – and I swear I’m not – I’d also suggest that the GPS model is how all other technological behaviors are modeled. No need to look at our utility bills – just pay them. No need to know when your consumer products need maintenance or refills – we’ll tell you. No need to get up off the chair, just tell me what you need.

And should these behaviors negatively affect your body, simply run in place and wear a tracker that which instruct you on how long you need to run in place to maintain your ideal body weight.

All of our information in “the cloud” is really just another means of consolidating data, which is consolidation of power. There is no “cloud” just larger servers that are now targets for hackers.


Balance (which Libra represents) is the challenge of third dimensional reality. From Leo to Aquarius the Pluto transformation pendulum has swung between the extremes.

The self-expression that Pluto in Leo promoted has not been extinguished. Aquarian technology gave us all a platform (or two) for self-expression. The drug use of the 1960s is now institutionalized in pharmaceuticals. And the self-absorption that fire often expresses became a consumer culture with an amazing amount of waste and negligence of the environment.

Likewise we’ll see both positive and negative aspects of Aquarius. The negative is exhibited by the dereliction of sensation (earth) and intuition (fire) – knowing which way the wind blows – by allowing excessive air function to disassociate from experience. Feeling the wind and understanding the wind speed through an app are two entirely different experiences.

The positive side of course is the convenience technology offers and also the Aquarian ideal to form “a more perfect union” of like-minded individuals. Technology-in-service versus technology-in-takeover is very much an Aquarian struggle.

What is freedom? How do awareness and freedom interact? In this “open book test” lifestyle, do I ever need to hold anything in physical memory? Who will make sure the information is accurate? What if I can’t access it someday?

What happens if the electricity goes out?

Hopefully we’ll still know which way the wind blows.

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Identity, Addiction, and the Environment

The crackers from the “health food” aisle of the grocery store were a delight! Attractive, thick cardboard box, thick foil wrapper, a dozen or so crackers lined neatly in a plastic tray. The crackers long and with sesame seeds sticking (not falling off) were tasty.

The presentation of the few crackers was impressive, as it should be. These were in the health food aisle so they were different from the cheesy Cheez-Its and the corny Keeblers and  the run-of-the-mill Ritz. These were “healthy” crackers.

If I had bothered to compare ingredients, I’m sure my royally-adorned crackers would have been marginally “healthier” by having fewer saturated fats or salt or something worthy enough to earn the placement in the health food aisle.

Yet is any processed food really “healthy?”

The “health food” aisle and the extensive packaging of a dozen or so crackers are “branding.” The wasteful packaging is needed to emphasize an image, a belief or an identity to the buyer. To eliminate this waste would be to eliminate the brand and those images, beliefs and identities.

If those crackers and the cheaper, cheesier versions were put in bins (the 1980s version of a health food store) and we were to pick our crackers and put them in a bag we brought with us, how often would the higher-priced cracker win?

If brand is eliminated, the ability for one to identify with consumer products is greatly if not entirely reduced. Now those crackers may be healthier but do I have anything to prove it?

To truly cut back on the waste produced in the “developed” countries, we need to eliminate packaging which results in the destruction of brand identity. And when we do that, the true challenge is to sever the identity created with the purchase of those brands.

Can we give up our identities to preserve the environment?

Coke or Pepsi?

In all of the discussions of plastic and waste, one main culprit is always ignored – Coke. This Forbes article indicates that they are “the world’s most polluting brand in plastic waste.” Yet the efforts to reduce waste always seem to be some other target such as straws and plastic wrapping on vegetables.

Why do we avoid the biggest culprit of all?

Rather than focus on the waste created by Coke, we are waylaid into another of our world’s dualities of identity – do we prefer Coke or Pepsi?

In addition to establishing identity with the carbonated-beverage duality, these drinks contain two highly-addictive substances – caffeine and sugar.  Coke was brilliant in its original marketing by offering samples. These many years later so many other industries are following suit including the legal and illegal drug markets – try our addictive substance and we know you will return.

To get rid of all those plastic bottles, we need to get rid of addiction. If we do that, we can also preserve the water supplies of local communities which are pillaged for non-nutritious drinks.

Identity and Addiction

How does a human born with a personality eradicate identity and addiction in order to preserve the environment?

In astrology the sun is our conscious identity and the moon our unconscious reaction which doesn’t necessarily lead to addiction but encourages it.

Astrologer Steven Forrest does an excellent job in his books describing the highest manifestation of a sign and each sign’s “default” behavior. It’s the default behavior that the advertisers are seeking. And now that advertising is ubiquitous, we are encouraged constantly to move into our personalities’ default behaviors.

In a consumer culture, we are constantly prodded to manifest our personalities outside of ourselves through consumer goods rather than in relationships to each other through family and community.

We are meant, I believe, to experience life through the lens that our horoscope represents. We are meant to learn about the energy of our sun and moon as well as the entire horoscope through interactions with energy-generating beings (people, animals, plants, earth).

The encouragement of identity and addiction not only destroys the environment but also keeps us from developing our true selves. The focus of development becomes external rather than internal and our “default” selves. Preserving the environment is much more than recyclable packaging material, much of which doesn’t really get recycled but rather is another identity play to make us feel good about our waste.

Preserving the environment in an internal job, not an external one.

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The Tower – Fears Past, Present and Future

One of my Facebook friends noticed recently that events can model movies rather than the other way around which encouraged her to give those “conspiracy theorists” a second thought.

Adding to the “conspiracy awareness,” I mentioned 1974’s movie hit The Towering Inferno.  During that same era, airplane and other disaster movies were popular which then led to the spoofs such as Airplane!.

All life is a stage, said Shakespeare. Are we generating content for media or is media generating content for life?

Maybe it’s both rather than one or the other. But maybe like light and shadow they are part of the same whole. Our fears are projected out and then fed back to us in a vicious cycle of control.

We are not taught (as Native Americans were) that the earth is here to feed and protect us; instead it is a dog-eat-dog (or god-eat-god) world where we must struggle to survive. Today’s young adult literature is also filled with this type of imagery – they are being educated into this mindset.

The Tower Past

Happening upon tarot cards right before college, I brought them with me for fun and entertainment. It was only after experiencing the accuracy of the readings that I paused for many years a bit scared of them.

What I noticed immediately from the Rider Waite deck with its medieval images was that no matter how young we were in our first year of college, the fear of death was very close to the surface. While I expected college to be like the movie Animal House, much was my shock that actually it was a very conservative place with fear of death just under the surface and fear of being alone leading people to partner-up as soon as feasibly possible.

Animal House, then, wasn’t a script turned into reality. Too bad; it would have been more fun.

The scariest card for me was always The Tower with a lightening strike through the tower walls blowing the roof (as crown) off, casting man and women into the abyss – we don’t see in the card where they will land. The Tower for me represents when the rug is pulled out from under us. The man and woman are in free fall and the crown being dismantled from the top of the tower represent a loss of self, position and ego.

According to my Internet search, Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall comes from the 1611 King James Version of the Bible, Book of Proverbs, 16:18. This is the tower. We may lose objects of the physical world with the tower, but it’s the loss of pride that is most killing.

And there’s an even older image -The Tower of Babel. Once again Biblical; according to Wikipedia:

The Tower of Babel narrative in Genesis 11:1–9 is an origin myth meant to explain why the world’s peoples speak different languages.

According to the story, a united human race in the generations following the Great Flood, speaking a single language and migrating eastward, comes to the land of Shinar. There they agree to build a city and a tower tall enough to reach heaven. God, observing their city and tower, confounds their speech so that they can no longer understand each other, and scatters them around the world.

The Tower, then, not only dismantles our social structures and dislodges our egos, it also separates us.

The Tower Present: Pluto in Capricorn

Pluto in astrology pulls the rug from under us during its generational transit of about 20 years. Psychologically it represents the forced removal of those people, objects and habits we cling to – i.e., the tower tarot card. When the World Trade Center tower fell in 2001, Pluto was in the sign of Sagittarius which is known for zealous crusading.

While the physical tower fell in 2001, social structures remained intact. If anything, it generated a rise in nationalism in the United States which led to the invasion of other countries and a continuation of the two thousand year old struggle of religions originating in the Middle East. Nationalism’s shadow side is separation from others in the world.

When Pluto moved into Capricorn in late 2007, social structures began to collapse, the first being the housing market. Capricorn seeks social stability and success within the social order.

The social instability continued into politics and in 2020 with Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars in Capricorn (and Uranus now in Taurus which rules the body), social instability took a great leap and crossed into the dominion of the body and ability to earn one’s living without government interference. The governments of the world had a single response which exerted complete control over the individual by blocking the ability of many to survive without government assistance.

The Tower Future:  Shift to Fire and Air

Enjoy 2022 as the energies will begin shifting again in 2023. Outer planets that describe generational energies (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) shift slowly. They often move into a sign for a short while then return to the previous sign in what’s called retrograde (backwards movement from our vantage point far away).

In 2023 – 2025, Pluto will be shifting to fixed air Aquarius, Neptune into cardinal fire Aries and Uranus into mutable air Gemini. The first will be Pluto which in about a year will have a short stint in Aquarius.

After years of heavy Capricorn and earth energy, in many ways it will feel lighter, maybe even a Roaring 2020s.

If the fears of the Tower move into the air and fire elements, what will they look like?

Much global war now occurs as cyber war where our technological dependence creates vulnerabilities. By putting everything in “the cloud” (aka air), now anyone and everyone has a chance at it. A major attack on the United States government systems was discovered in December 2020 but is hardly acknowledged as a major war.

Each day more and more frequencies are pushed through our airwaves penetrating not just our devices, but our bodies. Expect more awareness of what this is doing to our bodies and minds. Some waves like microwaves are used for attacks, even though most of us have them in our kitchens . . .

Air is also about communication and it’s evident to this astrologer that the new Tower of Babel isn’t different languages, but so much junk information that there is no common ground in which to communicate. We may fear we have no true source of what’s actually occurring “out there” as we live separately and through screens.

Fire is about self-expression and in Aries is about competition, self-assertion and self-dominion. Expect more glamorization of the warrior type. As Neptune leave Pisces, I’m expecting a few martyrs arising from the ashes of Pluto in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces.

And lastly, I’m definitely expecting aliens (from the sky, of course). In the regular media, aliens are coming to attack you. In the new age media, they are benevolent teachers. Like humans, aliens probably come in all forms but we are certainly educated to have fear around this. As writer Barbara Hand Clow says, if you see little green men on the news, you’ll know it’s staged. Just as you choose your friends, choose your aliens wisely.

While there are truly things to fear in this world, it’s amazing how mass fears can come and go so quickly. Nuclear war didn’t disappear but the great fear of it in the 1950s through the 1980s magically disappeared in the 1990s.

So while I have listed fears, there’s no need to fear them. The thought of aliens are not aliens.  But, then again, while you can’t see 5G waves coursing through your home, they are there. But these kinds of fears are real and solvable, if we wanted to solve them.

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Born in the Air: The Progression of Aquarius

When I read that a child was born during a transatlantic flight at the end of January my first thought was: typical air sign. The end of January is the energy of Aquarius, the fixed air sign, the sign of ideal communities, technology, innovation, and sudden inspiration. It’s also quite eccentric and rebellious. Being born in the air would be unique and unusual, very Aquarius.

If I were writing a novel, I would have my character a pilot, drawn to the air and all of the futuristic politics that occur above the earth.  When we learn our pilot was born during a transatlantic flight back in those old-fashioned planes that took half a day to cross the water, we’d know it was his fate to be in the air . . .


When I was first studying astrology and tracking the signs of all those around me, for some reason I rarely encountered Aquarius. Possibly that is because I spent much time in corporate life where Aquarius might not like to dwell as following rules, doing what everyone else does and respecting authority because of title are not habits easily formed by this fixed sign.

Idealism is about how things “should” be, not how they are. Capricorn like Aquarius likes the word “should” but Capricorn uses it to follow the rules as in you “should” come to work on time. Aquarius uses should as an ideal – as in you “should” follow your own internal clock for optimal life experience. Why start work at 8 am everyday if your internal rhythms want you to start at noon?

Get it?

From 1995-2003, Uranus was in Aquarius, the sign it rules. Uranus is inspiration, enlightenment, clarity, invention, technology, and non-conformity. This transit brought technology that changed our lifestyles entirely. In just a few short years we became attached to our hand-held technology like a baby attached to a bottle. And humans rarely change habits — we only start new addictions. I suppose this is the interplay of technology and addiction.

From 1998-2012 Neptune was in Aquarius and for some time conjunct Aquarius. Neptune brings glamor and fame to all that it touches. Glamor and fame made thousands of girls scream in ecstasy while the Beatles were on Ed Sullivan in 1964. When the glamor and fame subside, you wonder what could have been so alluring about four average-looking guys playing repetitive, simple music. Neptune brings gods and gurus, some with Neptune purity, some with Neptune’s ability to delude.

After Uranus and Neptune left Aquarius, we not only had new technology, we had new gods and heroes, ones who sat in garages or in labs designing the technology that would change our lives! We were now in “the future,” the future of all those fantasy novels.  As the duty of all gods, the Tech Gods would save us from our earthly perils with technological solutions – No more wasted paper! No more wasted gas driving to an office!  We would be free and happy!

In 2020 Saturn the planet of contraction entered Aquarius. Now we could stay home and use our technology to reach others to reduce the spread of illness. No more sticky, icky human contact. Moving pictures, the provenance of Neptune, was how we would “connect.” The human, I’m convinced, is hard-wired to believe all that is visual. “Belief” is also in the realm of Neptune.

Who needs flesh-and-blood illness-spreading human contact?

Aquarius has spread itself through Uranus and new hand-held technologies, through Neptune with glamorization and worship of all technology and then through Saturn by forcing us to live primarily through technology.

What’s next?

Next is Pluto, the great destroyer and transformer which will enter Aquarius in 2023. The optimists are seeing a world where I think about dinner on a plate and there it is. The pessimists are seeing a world where I don’t have thoughts at all but am programmed to have dinner on a plate when my biometric indicators suggest dinner.

Which is it?

Born Free?

If I’ve calculated the time correctly for our child born in the air, he (I think it’s a he although gender identify is dissolving under the influence of Aquarius) is going to be a very private individual. He’s also what’s considered an “old soul” with most planets in the last quadrant of the zodiac – Capricorn through Pisces.

A rational and scientific nature is described here with some physical limitations relating to breathing, maybe because of the air birth. He’s also born during this Uranus in Taurus transit which affects the body. He may prefer physical activities such as sky diving where he can feel released from his physical body for a few minutes.

And what nationality is one when born in the air?

Saturn is conjunct Aquarius right now and five planets were in Capricorn so the father figure is strong in forming the identity and there is a bunch of “rule following” being recommended to a sign that likes to be unique and different. Possibly the striving for a clear nationality will be part of the identity. There also appears to be a family lineage or family business to attend to.

There are lots of “shoulds” in his life – both of the Capricorn rule-following and Aquarius rule-breaking kind. He may go back and forth between the need to support is family and community and need to break free as an individual. Sounds like something we are all facing now.

We are born into a time and carry that in our DNA, so to speak. The horoscope is that pattern of both personal (sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars) preferences, social environment (Jupiter and Saturn) and generational trends (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto).

Being born in the air fits right in with the times where all of our lives are digital and all of our data is in “the cloud.” So why not be born where the action is?

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Is that Canada Knocking? The Rage Pandemic.

In United States suburbia we have big houses and lots of space. While we might know our neighbors, wave when they pass and even hang out a bit in the summer, we often do not know them intimately. Many if not most within the neighborhood we might not know at all. And it’s even rarer in these times for neighbors to show up unannounced as they did decades ago and still do on television comedy shows.

Increased technology has led to increased social structure and increased social separation in community life. Even if you want to stop by a friend’s house unannounced, chances are they are busy with a structured activity. The last time I dropped by somewhere unannounced – wanting to say hello to an old neighbor when I happened to be in that neighborhood – the results were less than positive. I’m not sure what I interrupted but I wasn’t going to find out as I was led away from the house during the brief and awkward conversation.

So it should not be surprising that I heard the knocking next door but ignored it for a while

Was that really Canada making all that noise? They are usually so quiet.

I’m very used to the noisy neighbors in the south stopping by unannounced. In the cultures to the south, you might hear “my house is your house” in warm welcome. By reflection, this also means “your house is my house.” Boundaries are thin both physically and psychologically.

In contrast to the southern American cultures, the United Sates social philosopher Benjamin Franklin wrote that “guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days.”

See how culture is affects our lives?

So my northern neighbors are quiet. I know their name. I’ve even hung out with them a bit, even with the ones that speak French. But I don’t really know them very well.

Why are they making so much noise?

Oh, Canada

Using the Canadian national horoscope from AstrologyKing, Canada has sun and Uranus conjunct in the home-loving water sign of Cancer.  However, the moon is in the detached air sign Gemini (the twins) which explains the two languages of the nation and the general aloofness as neighbors.

This is similar to the United States with sun in Cancer and moon in air sign Aquarius. In both the United States and Canada, there’s a great deal of education and intellect (air), yet also a great deal of sensitive, reactive emotionalism (water). In the US it goes back and forth between intellect and emotionalism to the point we don’t know fact from opinion.

Is that the same in Canada?

Maybe I don’t hear my northern neighbor knocking because I think they are one of us.

Venus is also in Gemini in the Canadian chart while Mercury is in Leo. There’s both strong ability to communicate (Gemini) with a dramatic flair to the expression (Leo). Tall fish tales anyone?

Mars in Virgo brings perfectionism. Virgo like Gemini is ruled by Mercury so this increases the attention to detail, intellect and ability to communicate.

Ok, but why are they knocking?

Pluto beginning its transit of Capricorn in 2007-2008 that would have been a trigger point for Canada with Pluto opposite the Canadian Uranus/sun conjunction – that would have lasted a few years. The world weathered a financial crisis but Canada fared well during this time.

Justin Trudeau with sun in Capricorn opposite the Canadian Uranus/sun conjunction assumed his first office around that time in – get this – the Opposition Party. Oh, my, does Trudeau follow astrology? Trudeau, then, is the external force that pokes the comfort zones of his people. Cancer is about comfort so don’t move the security blanket or the secret food stash. And was your compliment that I look nice today a secret insult that I usually look ugly?

Neptune, the planet of glamorization, is in Aries in the Canadian horoscope indicating a love of competition, warfare, and argument. This is the Don Quixote placement and guess what – Neptune will be returning to Aries in a few years. Expect a national rise in military enlistment and military-like societies.

That means we’re going to hear more knocking against the wall.

But I think I found this issue of today, the reason for the recent revolt by truckers against vaccine mandates when crossing the borders – natal Pluto in Taurus.

Uranus, the planet of sudden inspiration, change, and enlightenment, is transiting Taurus as it has been since March 2019 (after testing the waters in spring of 2018). Uranus is shock treatment on whatever it touches and shocking Taurus creates a particular volatility.

In my early days of astrology, I learned Taurus was a very calm sign until reaching a point when it exploded like a volcano. We are seeing more volcano eruptions today both on the earth and with people under the influence of Taurus.

Pluto in this sign means the evolutionary lessons are about Taurus – money, property, and body. So clogging the supply chain is a very powerful means of control for this country. Most of the oil imported into the US comes from Canada. Our neighbors both to the north and south keep the US running, not our friends in the Middle East.

So it’s like the US has neighbors it barely acknowledges yet are also dependent upon, as though we shared a food storage unit or septic tank. Pluto is not just good leverage for bargaining but also a wake up call that involves a near-death experience.

We shouldn’t wait that long for our wake-up calls.

Yet playing with Pluto is like playing with nuclear energy and is dangerous for all involved. Back to my early days of astrology learning about Scorpio which is ruled by Pluto — Scorpio gone bad desires revenge to such an extent it may even destroy itself in the process.

So Uranus on Pluto is like a crack emerging in the nuclear power plant.

At the same time Pluto is being triggered, Canada is having a Jupiter return in the loving, gentle water sign Pisces. While much of the Canadian chart is bravado, there is a very soft side to this nation. While it may idealize a certain type of militarism, it’s gentle inside but hides it. Cancer, the sun sign of this nation, is known for crawling in its shell to avoid unpleasant emotional situations.

Hopefully the nation manages its Uranus-conjunct-Pluto transit to create more internal control and not destroy itself in the process of volcanic eruption, of rage.

Speaking of Rage

Speaking of rage, it doesn’t take a psychologist to predict that keeping people indoors for long lengths of time combined with a fear of death and excessive media and intoxicants can create a situation of release, of rage, against the system.

Rage “release” in the United States began years before the pandemic, in 2015 to be exact. “Why are people so angry?” was a common response to a political candidate’s rise amongst the masses. Angry people were then shut indoors a few years later with all kinds of media images from the merely popular violence of television to the deliberate manipulation of media by nefarious individuals and states.

Contagion is not merely for physical illness. We hear of psychological contagion in such terms as copycat killings, brainwashing, “divorce contagion” and folie de duex. But any emotion can be contagious – what are holidays if not emotional contagions? We love snow on Christmas then hate snow two weeks later.

The physical pandemic has led to an emotional pandemic which I’m predicting will be officially identified when transiting Saturn moves into Pisces in 2023.

Depression and anger are linked and Saturn in Pisces will be a more obvious form of depression. Pisces is about spiritual connection and Saturn is contraction so the loss of connection to others creates a type of existential depression.

After this Saturn-in-Pisces transit Pluto will begin moving into the sign of humanity Aquarius. So we have several years of sorting out social life on earth before we truly transform community.

Until that time, I recommend the politicians study astrology, which also may become more acknowledged during the Pluto-in-Aquarius transit. But if they are too proud to study astrology (or admit to using it already), the study of volcanos may suffice.

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All I Really Need to Know I Learned at the Metaphysical Bookstore in 1987

In ancient Chinese the distractions of the world are often described as “ten thousand things” and this was before hand-held technology sent us ten thousand images each day. The world distracting us from ourselves is the nature of “the world.” We should have listened five thousand years ago to our sages . . .

Possibly in response to the ten thousand things distracting us during our waking hours, we seek “the one” – the one love, the one cure, the one food, the one home, the one family, the one leader, the one savior, the one sound, the one color, the one pill, the one supplement, the one career – the “one.”

The one we seek is most likely the one inside, a great sacrilege to those that want us to focus into the world of ten thousand things and find a “thing” that will release us from the trials and tribulations of life on earth.

Speaking of ten thousand things, this morning on social media a friend posted about the “sudden” belief that we could develop super immunity. The word “sudden” struck me as I watch sudden changes of behavior amongst the masses and lately have wondered what I missed. Were we supposed to be eating avocadoes with mayonnaise and cayenne pepper to ward off illness? No one told me.

But “here we go again,” and again and again is my prevailing response. Another panacea, another “one,” that will save us from the inevitability of our own deaths. Death, that’s what this is really all about.

“Sudden” in astrology is Uranus which is transiting the earth sign Taurus and has put focus on body and earth. As pandemic reminds us of our own deaths, the response is to accumulate more earth stuff. As most humans leave the earth through illness or accident, mass illness brings latent fear into light.

All I Really Need to Know I Learned at the Metaphysical Bookstore in 1987

About ten years back while receiving some tips for relaxation, I realized I’d learned all these practices from a qigong instructor many years prior. I just needed to keep up the practice.

Since then, this realization has come back over and over that I learned all I needed to know back in 1987. Walking into a metaphysical bookstore in 1987 I heard ideas that would take me 30 years to understand and now I see were all I really needed to know. One of those ideas was that the mystery of life is within ourselves.

After 30 years, I see why there is resistance to this idea. We are all provided images of “the one” outside of us who will save us, help us, heal us, bring us gifts or be there when we die. When hearing that the “one” is inside of us, we take that external image which may be omnipotent or at least carry non-human qualities and react with, “That’s nuts.”

Yes, it is nuts. We are not gods or Santa Claus.

The mystery is in humanness, not supernatural entities.

The astrological horoscope in full represents the wholeness of our being. Each part of that wholeness is the map of exploration. The horoscope is like the DNA of one’s personality, the energies that exist for humans to manifest and the combination of those energies.

We all have the same horoscope – just with the energies aligned differently. The houses or parts of the sky and parts of our lives contain all of the 12 signs of the zodiac. We are one.

If we want to understand others, we need to understand the part of ourselves that manifests in the same way as what we are trying to understand.

The “ten thousand” marketers and politicians and distractors of the world are relentless in convincing us of differences and separations where none truly exist. Physically (earth) we all need food, water and shelter. Emotionally (water) we all need care and love. Intellectually (air) we all need stimulation and friendship. Spiritually (fire) we all need inspiration and excitement.

It’s no wonder that astrology is taught to be superstition. It’s a method for understanding self and others, not meant to create discord and separation.

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Virgo Habits, Pisces Practices

While talking to the cat the other day – yes, talking to the cat, but readers of this blog know that the cat has a lot to say, especially on astrology – I expressed delight in her new “habit” that involves greeting me for a petting at the top of the stairs.

As I said the word “habit,” a nun’s habit flashed through my mind. I wondered why a religious garment is called a “habit.”

Around the same time, I watched an interview of Thich Nhat Hanh, a Vietnamese monk who had just died and was memorialized in dozens of posts on my social media feed. How had he managed to make it through intense stress such as the Vietnam War? By focusing on his breathing, he answered, because it was his practice.

Habits and practices: what’s the difference?

Astrological Habits

In astrology, there are four elements and three modes making up the twelve signs. The earth signs – Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn – are those most concerned with earthly matters like paying the bills, showing up for work on time and planning one’s own funeral in advance. In between these activities there is focus and enjoyment on the “stuff” of life including home and property.

Taurus is the fixed earth sign – most habit forming of the three mostly in a desire for continuation of social norms and traditions. Taurus follows the established habits of others. Once a habit is formed it is forever regardless of the continually changing and evolving external world. Taurus is the mountain that does change, but slowly and through the external effects of wind and water. Or an earthquake — that can change Taurus.

Virgo is the mutable earth sign, the most flexible that earth can be. Virgo habit is very particular and peculiar as this thinking earth sign is often very nervous with constant ailments and allergies. Virgo habit is in relation to those very special needs. Your Virgo friends can be identified at the restaurant altering the entire menu to their specifications.

Capricorn is the cardinal earth sign, the most bossy and controlling of earth. Capricorn is the sign of achievement so it doesn’t follow rules, it makes them. Capricorn habit is an effort to mold and define the external environment. Habits can change, mostly in relation to its own needs rather than the needs of others.

The astrological “habits” of earth signs relate to the Western religious nature of “habit” as a clothing to identify one’s religious affiliation and to maintain humble and austere manner of presentation and living. Stones feature prominently in Western religion (Stone Tablets, the Black Stone) and reflect how habits should be unchanging and forever. Stones represent, but are not actually, permanence.

Habits are meant to be permanent.

Astrological Practices

Practice, in contrast, does not have the sense of permanence. Listening to Thich Nhat Hanh he described that breathing and staying calm is “his practice.” He went on to talk about a concept in Buddhism call “the beginner’s mind.”

“Practice” and “beginner’s mind” is opposite the concept of expertise. It’s not exactly a habit because it’s not permanent while habits prevail – and are often clung to – in times of change. A practice is not owned; a practice is not final; a practice is not a degree hung on a wall.

If a habit is like a mountain, a practice in the Thich Nhat sense is more like water – it moves and flows. When water encounters an obstacle it can take many paths – around, through, beneath.

In astrology the water signs are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.These signs are focused on emotional and spiritual connection to others. Because of this need for connection, they are focused on others and their behaviors trying to create a sense of home and belonging (Cancer), physical and intimate connection (Scorpio) or spiritual connection (Pisces).

Unlike earth objects, you never “own” emotions, although we try on this earth. Marriage, for example, is an earth concept but humans are constantly changing and evolving emotionally which creates untold havoc in the world. Marriage “habit” often fails but marriage “practice” where you emotionally change but stay committed to the marriage can succeed. Or maybe this marriage thing isn’t forever and we should come up with something else.

Cancer is the cardinal water sign and most likely to try to keep people together in family or other units, even when the emotional connection has been severed. Cancer “clings” to emotional experience and is the most tenacious of all the signs. Cancer is the sign opposite Capricorn.

Scorpio is the fixed water sign which can create obsession of emotion. Scorpio has difficulty letting go of any emotional occurrence. As the world is filled with emotional interactions, Scorpio can be kept emotionally busy if not carefully and often responds to situations of low emotional motivation with high emotional response. Scorpio is the sign opposite Taurus.

Pisces is the mutable water sign, the most adaptable sign of the zodiac as a mixture of mutable and water. Pisces is so adaptable, in fact, that is can lose the sense self. Religious and spiritual tradition often focuses on the loss of self. When the “self” is not present, who is doing the talking? Pisces is the sign opposite Virgo.

Virgo Habits, Pisces Practices

In the religious and spiritual senses of the words habit and practice, Virgo seems to rule habit and Pisces practice.

Habit is akin to ritual which is identifiable and structured and includes even fixed times of day for activities. Practice, in contrast, is always “beginning” never ending and never mastered. Practice is there when it’s needed.

In my own experience last spring while in a very busy road-side stop, I was suddenly able to center. I realized then why meditation is called “the practice.” It’s never completed. I was simply able to “practice” it in an environment where it’s more challenging to center. There are no degrees (yet!) in meditation because you are never done. You’re never an expert, just a good practitioner.

The Cat’s Habit

As for the cat, I definitely like her new habit. And habit it is. It took her many years to form it as she’s quite involved with so many other habits that forming a new one is rare. But it’s definitely enjoyable and I hope it’s permanent.

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Jupiter in Pisces: The Water at the End of the Tunnel

Looking out the window, my cat asked me if the light she saw in the distance was the proverbial “light at the end of the tunnel.”

“What tunnel are you in?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” she replied. “What’s a tunnel? You keep saying there’s light at the end of the tunnel.”

This is the problem with cats – literal mindedness. I had to explain how the tunnel was metaphorical and and represented our earth’s long journey through fear and that light represented awareness, yada yada yada. And, I went on, it’s fascinating how Pluto the destroyer and transformer transiting authoritarian Capricorn has levelled both physical and social structures. Capricorn wants nothing if not social order which creates great struggle between governments and masses of people. Oh, I added, and then Uranus moved into Taurus which is also earth like Capricorn and rules the physical world including the body and objects and has now made us aware of where all that stuff on the shelves comes from. And then there’s an illness – I never saw that coming – but affects the body and now we are all asked to inject a new technology into our bodies.

“It’s truly fascinating,” I said as I broke from my train of thought and saw the cat yawning.

I wasn’t offended. In 1986 I did the same and looked up from a 2 am plate of biscuits and gravy to see a friend giving me a hardy stare which said, “Shut up, you’re boring me.”

I learned way long ago that too much astrology is bad for relationships. But, as with most astrologers, I had to finish my thoughts.

“So,” I finished, “Jupiter is going to move back into sensitive, loving water-sign Pisces in a few days. So it’s water at the end of the tunnel, not light.”

Clear Water has no Fish

The water at the end of the tunnel is Jupiter the planet of expansion in Pisces, a loving, sensitive sign which is so sensitive to life on earth that it sometimes hides in one of three places: 1) under the bedsheets; 2) in fantasy provided either by mind or media; or 3) drugs, preferably of the watery kind (alcohol).

While looking for a Chinese idiom to reflect the constant changes of our times, I found a more appropriate, Jupiter-in-Pisces idiom:

Clear water has no fish

If the water were clear, we could spear our fish easily. So the “muddied waters” as we say in English is a way of both protecting and deceiving. We’ve lots of muddied waters these days.

Pisces is represented by two fish swimming in different directions – past and future. Pisces in the past has to be careful not to be stuck in the traumas from childhood or hide under the couch because of a bad breakup. Pisces in the future has to learn when and how to tell a good friend that they’ve had a dream where they’ve been in a car accident.

Clear Pisces looks like this:

  • Empathy
  • Non-judgment
  • Spiritual connectedness
  • Trust with self and others

Muddied Pisces looks like this:

  • Self-pity
  • Sacrifice/savior complex
  • Escape
  • Fantasy

Neptune rules Pisces and has been transiting its own sign since 2011. We’ve seen lots of the muddied Pisces during this time with increased use of legal and illegal drugs as well as excessive media and deliberate disinformation.  The proverbial “hall of mirrors” might be called “hall of Pisces.”

What’s more difficult to see and quantify is the individual experience of connectedness. The popularity of Mr. Rogers – sun/moon Pisces – during this time reflects some of our inner workings and the need for a male hero with gentle and loving qualities. Troubled times challenge us and we often learn what we truly value.

A year before the pandemic a colleague mentioned to me one of his favorite childhood books which I then read – Lois Lowry’s The Giver. That novel comes to mind often now as we try to create a more controlled society of digital-but-separate to keep us from illness today but from what tomorrow?

In The Giver, one boy is assigned his role in life (as all children are in this dystopian society) but one that’s very special and unique – he must carry the memories of society. The memories he carries are of emotion and uncontrolled life and experiences. That’s a lot for one person – and here is the Pisces sacrifice.

Pisces and its water-sign brethren of Cancer and Scorpio are our emotional antennas. As a person with a lot of water, I’ve always been confused (and sometimes amused) by those who believe everything others say. I’ve never understood it. The emotional undercurrent is the true energy and words may or may not reflect that. And we know that words can’t capture the essence of our most profound experiences.

“You had to be there,” is what we say. In other words, you had to experience it.

In spring of 2022 as Jupiter transits the final degrees of Pisces, it will conjoin Neptune for a brief time. Expect rain. Expect mud. Expect a Mardi Gras or carnival like you’ve never experienced.

As a spiritual teacher I have often says, act like a fish deep in water and avoid the turbulence of above.

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