Dear Inez

Dear Inez,

You must have heard me talking to a friend about you last week. Today while looking for a file I happened upon your birth certificate. You must have known that as an astrologer I’d want to get to know you through the horoscope. It took me two years in your house before I grabbed for something on the shelf in the closet and discovered it.

The check you left appeared much earlier as we lifted the carpet to find near-perfect hardwood floors. I may have a necklace of yours as well but I can’t recall where I put it. Oh, and with the necklace in the small trinket box was your widower’s fishing license from the 1940s or 1950s. I misplaced that as well.

Speaking of your widower, I searched his name and learned he died not five months ago. Many have been passing during this unusual energy; in fact, a friend just passed away in February.

According to the obituary, your widower and you were married only two years before you left while transiting Uranus and Neptune were just about to cross your ascendant. Your first house was in another realm I see.

Did my sudden attraction to perfume result from your influence? I recall discussing you back when I found the check and necklace and somehow included in the conversation my new love of perfume when a friend proclaimed, “Well that Inez certainly had an influence.”

You probably would have liked those friends as you had Uranus and moon conjunct in Pisces in your horoscope. Were you religious and mystical? Imaginative you must have been with Jupiter, Neptune, sun and Mercury in Leo and Uranus and the moon in Pisces.

Did you delight others with storytelling? I bet you were a fine mimic of others’ behaviors. Acting and expressing the feelings of others would have been natural to you. Did you do any professional acting?

In the early part of the 20th century as you were growing up, spiritualism was quite rampant. Did that interest you? Did you take part in a séance? Or maybe that was scary and you stayed in the arena of more traditional religion.

Your widower had Neptune in Leo and Uranus in Pisces so activated your imagination, intuition and spirituality. Did the two of your feel a connection from the first time you met?

My grandmother was born about five months before you. She had a difficult early life as her mother passed away when she was just 18 months old. In those days when the mother died children were referred to as “half-orphan” and she and her brother were sent to an orphanage.

Natal Saturn opposes your Uranus/moon conjunction suggesting issues with the mother. Maybe she, like my grandmother’s mother, was not present during your early life? Or she was unreliable in some way? In those days, women often died in childbirth. Natal Pluto in Cancer in the 6th house adds to this by suggesting great transformation to the home life.

Your Leo sun suggests you were close to your father. Your birth certificate says he was a farm hand. Did you grow up on a farm? Did you like to garden?

Six of your planets were in the 7th house so you must have loved people. Did you host large events at your home?

Why in 1955 did you request a copy of the birth certificate that is now in my possession? Did you need it to get a passport? Did you need it for a religious ceremony?

Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto were all transiting Leo at that time and transiting Neptune was in your 9th house (in Libra). Maybe a partner took you on a trip abroad? If you did take a trip, I hope you had fun.

It’s getting late and I must say goodbye for now. I’m putting the birth certificate back where I keep it. I look forward to happening upon it again.

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Gemini Trump Loves the Media

If you tormented yourself, as I did, and watched all 80 minutes of last week’s press conference with President Trump, you may have caught him saying, “I love this.”

But I’m having a good time. Tomorrow, they will say, Donald Trump rants and raves at the press. I’m not ranting and raving. I’m telling you you’re dishonest people, but I’m not ranting and raving. I love this. I’m having a good time doing it, but tomorrow’s headlines are going to be Donald Trump, rants and rants. I’m not ranting. Go ahead —

Gemini sun Trump is ruled by the planet Mercury, which rules communication. On Mercury, Café Astrology writes:

Mercury not only rules communication, it represents coordination. Thought processes, ideas, and sensory information from both conscious and unconscious sources all need to be coordinated and understood. Mercury analyzes, sorts, groups, and makes sense of things. How do we handle nervous energy? How do we express and convey our thoughts? How do we approach others and information in order to learn and exchange ideas?

When we are “acting out” our Mercury, we are inquisitive, curious, communicative, and versatile. On the negative side, we can be high-strung or nervous, nit-picky, indecisive, and overly technical.

While Trump’s attack on the media is causing fear of despotic elimination of the press, both physical and astrological evidence suggest otherwise.

The media, like Trump, is ruled by Mercury. Trump is the media, Trump is one of them. This money-back guarantee astrological (and political) prediction is that the influence of the media will grow and Trump will have more press conferences than any other president. In fact, it was pointed out on Washington Week that Trump called on more news organizations (17) than past presidents.

If Trump is here, Mercury is here.

Trump the Puer

During the press conference, Trump expressed the verbal agility of Mercury that allows it, if desired, to function as the trickster, or con artist. However, it’s not really the con artist that Trump is channeling. Another aspect of Mercury, one less discussed, is more prevalent in his performance – Mercury as puer aeternus, or eternal youth.

The definition from Wikipedia seems to describe the situation well:

In psychology, it is an older person whose emotional life has remained at an adolescent level. The puer typically leads a provisional life, due to the fear of being caught in a situation from which it might not be possible to escape. He covets independence and freedom, opposes boundaries and limits, and tends to find any restriction intolerable.

While researching Mercury as puer, I happened upon excerpts for a book that now in on my reading list entitled Perpetual Adolescence: Jungian Analyses of American Media, Literature, and Pop Culture. In this work, the puer is compared to the senex, or the old man (who may be wise but definitely of the established order). The senex for Trump is the establishment, including Hillary Clinton (where have I heard that name?) who is in political time ancient history but that he mentioned several times during the conference.

Trump as president is the puer in an impossible situation from which he can’t escape. The media is his escape and he will mostly likely turn to the media again and again. It’s his senex advisors, I suspect, who try to keep him far from both Twitter and Meet the Press.

Trump reminds me of a colleague’s daughter who once visited us in the office. Cute, charming and open, this elementary school girl spoke to many of us and inadvertently revealed that mommy had a vaginal infection and was going to find another job, among other things. Those are the two I remember most.

Trump’s senex overseers were probably cringing that he mentioned global nuclear war after being asked about a Russian spy ship off the US coast (hey, why isn’t the press covering this?) like a child revealing dinner-table conversation. Yes, Donnie, we know nuclear war would blow up the planet and there are arms are in the hands of those without nation-state stability and it’s very, very scary. Let’s not talk about it.

Frédéric Bourdin

The most representative individual of this Gemini/puer energy is Frédéric Bourdin who is portrayed in the move The Imposter.

Bourdin combined both Gemini sun ability to convince with words and Pisces moon (conjunct Jupiter) ability to imitate and tap into the emotional context of a situation. He’s truly amazing.

In his mid 20s, Bourdin, who is French, was able to imitate a teenager from another culture (American) convincing a European court, a family and the FBI of his identity. Most of Bourdin’s imitations at that time were as teenagers.

It’s clear the puer in Bourdin could not accept growing up. He simply wanted to remain a teenager and found a way to do it. Just act like a teenager – use all the words, actions and emotions of a teenager and the rest of the world buys in. In fact, the tagline for the movie is “There are two sides to every lie.”

President Trump also wants to remain a juvenile and has been aided in this by his wealthy upbringing and . . . the media. Every juvenile fart and burp must be covered because that is the media’s responsibility. They are stuck in a Mercury trap. It’s unfair to not report actual events but if the events are ridiculously unimportant or misleading, what do they do?

Not all Geminis are Trump

Astrology, like Mercury, categorizes and organizes. Because Trump is portraying Gemini traits doesn’t mean that all Geminis act like Trump. This flaw in astrological logic is one of the reasons astrology is dismissed in American life – American focus on individuality despises being categorized. Yet the core energy is the same although its manifestations are many.

Gemini can categorize all of the insects of the world or it can categorize all of the actions of your romantic relationship. The former brings knowledge to the world; the latter drives an emotional partner crazy. Gemini’s desire to compartmentalize life creates emotional distance with others.

As with Trump’s foe Hillary Clinton, close friends and companions portray a different individual than the one we see in the news. For Clinton they described her Pisces moon warmth. With Trump, they describe his Gemini sun and Cancer Venus charm.

Trump’s horoscope has more than Gemini sun. Uranus was also in Gemini when he was born adding impulsiveness to his Gemini nature. Adding energy to an already volatile combination is Sagittarius moon opposing sun/Uranus. This describes the lack of control we see with Trump.

If Trump had Uranus conjunct sun opposing moon in some other sign, say Taurus, the impulsive nature would still be there but focused differently. Taurus is earth and fixed so the energy would be focused on practical, physical matters with strong beliefs.

Yet, in his impossible situation which he can’t escape, no matter how many weekends he spends in Palm Beach nurturing his Venus in Cancer (water sign), Trump’s puer is begging for release.

Who is the senex in Trump’s world?

The senex in Trump’s world is definitely not the media. They are his friends and he loves them (he said so). Gemini rules friends and neighbors.

Senex is the entire government. Peter Pan Trump has dropped himself into a land that he thought was Neverland and where he would be the supreme ruler who everyone loved and admired. Even the average American could have told him the president doesn’t have as much power as it would seem. What is happening to Trump happens to every president, if you’ve been watching (and reading).

Trump has not grown up, even though Joe Biden asked him to; the senex in his new life that will force him to grow up has not yet emerged. Astrologically Saturn is the senex and transiting Saturn in Sagittarius has been conjunct his moon and opposing his sun, which demands the emotional restraint Trump hates.

Saturn is transiting Sagittarius for another year and will continue to request maturity from Sagittarius sun and moon persons. The impulsive Trump is facing his senex and his army of bureaucrats head on. The senex that matures Trump may emerge from one of the older, more seasoned areas of government, one of those dark places we don’t talk about at the dinner table.

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The Astrological Dissection of Scandal

During the writing of this blog, originally titled “Post-Scandal Era,” the BBC news site posted a story about French ex-president Nicolas Sarkozy standing trial for campaign finance fraud in 2012. You might have missed the story as its shelf-life was shorter than a Twitter post.

Scandal still exists, but is now a mild flame whereas in my youth it was still a raging forest fire.

In 1972, for example, there was a break-in at the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate complex in Virginia. The individuals involved in the break in were found to have ties to a campaign of dirty tricks supported by a slush fund created by the Committee to Re-Elect the President. President Richard Nixon allowed a cover-up of the situation which led to the imprisonment of many of his subordinates and his own resignation of the presidency.

Forty-three years later, it’s difficult to imagine what Nixon did raising an eyebrow today. Corporate and political interests are morphing into one large clan with the overall number of corporations decreasing but the sphere of multi-nationals increasing.

The US system of political lobbying is essentially institutionalized bribery. During elections, one or more candidates of both parties cry “corruption” but because the corruption does not enter daily lives for many, it is forgotten and ignored after the election. In other places on the globe, daily “lobbying” is a common occurrence.

Is political scandal fading into history? Are we still capable of the moral outrage that fuels the concept of scandal?

The Characteristics of Scandal

In reviewing what are perceived as scandals in a Google search, I discovered much considered scandalous resides in astrological one polarity – Taurus – Scorpio. The Taurus represents money, assets and self-worth. Scorpio in opposition represents money shared with others, inheritance, taxes and death.

Taurus is the physical, separate self. Scorpio is anywhere you merge your separate self with other selves from financial transactions to physical contact. That is why Scorpio rules sex and taxes. Scorpio also represents death as that is when physical body dissolves from the world and merges into the earth (Taurus) and universe.

Scandals tend to involve secret or illegal transfers of money, sex with those other than socially sanctioned (such as one’s spouse or a person of the opposite sex) and death.

There are a few other types of scandals out there such as athletic doping, which is in the realm of the body. Selling drugs is another area of scandal but that can be included under money.

The other areas of the horoscope may be involved in scandal in an ancillary fashion. A married individual having a fifth house romance may create scandal but the scandal is truly due to the Scorpio breach of trust by merging the body with another, rather than the romance itself.

Lying, a form of agile creative communication which may be associated with the third-ninth house polarity, is rarely scandalous in isolation. It’s only scandalous when involving sex and money. Possibly those are the main reasons we lie?

The first and sixth houses of self-other is one area that would seem to produce scandal. Being oneself and saying what one thinks uninhibited would seem to create scandal, but rarely does. I’m not sure if getting drunk at the office holiday party and dancing on the desks is considered a scandal (a personal one, of course); I imagine today it’s simply something to post to social media.

The Triggers of a Scandal

Browsing through some political scandals of the last 50 years, the triggers of the scandal appear unrelated to the scandal itself. The scandal is Taurus/Scorpio. The triggers can come from hurt loved ones (Venus or moon), accidental revelations (Uranus), political foes (Pluto and Mars) or the law (Saturn).

We’ll often see a transiting planet making an opposition during the time of scandal. The opposition is aptly named as it represents an opposing force to a natal energy. Oppositions drive us to reaction and action.

In analogy, it’s like your corporate job. Browsing the Internet instead of producing that report may not get you fired. But if someone wants to fire you, browsing the Internet may be one of the reasons listed.

Likewise, the scandal isn’t the thing itself but the revealing of that activity by those who have an interest in using that activity to punish or gain control. Scandal is so common in politics because politics is power itself. Revealing the scandal of others increases power and the ability to hide one’s own scandals.

Your CliffsNotes scandals:

Lance Armstrong, cyclist, admitted in 2013 after years of accusations that he used performance-enhancing drugs during his career. At the time of his confession, transiting Neptune had just entered Pisces and made T-square to his natal Neptune/Jupiter in Sagittarius and Saturn in Gemini. Neptune then began its transit of natal Mercury. Neptune will take some time to get to natal sun and Pluto. This scandal, unlike the political ones below, is less about opposition and more about guilt and self-undoing. Neptune creates uncertainty which allows for manipulation. Armstrong probably could have continued the lie but instead confessed and now is experiencing Neptune dissolution of his former life. [chart]

Bill Clinton, former US president, was impeached in 1998 after a year of transiting Saturn opposing his Mars/Neptune/Venus/Jupiter conjunction in Libra. At the same time transiting Uranus was opposing natal Saturn/Mercury in Leo. Saturn was the law. Uranus the unexpected struck at Clinton’s weakest link – Saturn in Leo. The original attack on Clinton was due to a real estate deal – Whitewater. His perjury emerged accidentally from that investigation and ended the investigation into that real estate deal. It was clear that as long as the opponents found a crime, the ostensible reason for the investigation was tossed aside. [chart]

Richard Nixon, former US president, resigned the presidency in 1974 as Saturn transited his tenth house of career and reputation and opposed his sun in Capricorn. His scandal was money and cover up of illegal activity. Saturn was the law that ended his public career. Saturn transiting in Cancer meant the collective, the group, rejected him. [chart]

Nicolas Sarkozy, former president of France, is experiencing his scandal while transiting Pluto is opposing natal Jupiter/Uranus in Cancer and transiting Uranus is opposing natal Neptune in Libra. I keep getting the sense that Sarkozy pissed someone off for this scandal to arise at this time. The transiting Uranus opposing Neptune gives the sense Sarkozy is truly unaware of his transgression against those opposing him. This month’s full moon (the 10th) is conjunct Sarkozy’s Pluto in Leo which energizes him to fight back. [chart]

Jeffrey Skilling, former CEO of Enron prior to its collapse in 2001 due to financial fraud, is currently in federal prison from that scandal. Skilling didn’t have the intense oppositions we see in other scandals. Uranus and Neptune were transiting Aquarius from the Enron bankruptcy to Skilling’s incarceration in 2004 which may have opposed his moon if in Leo (it could be in Cancer but his risk-taking personality suggests Leo). Transiting Saturn also spent some time on natal Jupiter in Gemini during his trial. What’s interesting is that transiting Pluto in Sagittarius had already made a transit to the natal sun in the late 1990s prior to Enron’s bankruptcy. Rather than opposition, Skilling created a Pluto-fueled implosion. This scandal occurred from within and was only noticed externally with the company’s sudden demise. [chart]

John Stumpf of Wells Fargo recently experienced the scandal involving the opening fake accounts by staff pressured to acquire business. Transiting Uranus is opposing a natal conjunction of Neptune/Saturn in Libra. Transiting Pluto is opposing natal Uranus in Cancer and transiting Saturn is conjunct natal moon in Sagittarius. That’s quite a bit of opposition and restraint for a Sagittarius moon (ala President Trump) that is freedom-seeking to the point of recklessness and irresponsibility. Many forces came at Stumpf and ordered him to stop.

Digging for Scandal

Scandals are like potato bugs that live in the soil. You know they are there but don’t see them until you dig into the earth. Those wanting to find potato bugs merely need to grab a trowel and pick a spot.

Possibly an increasing boredom with scandal is due to an increase in volume which makes it commonplace and “normal.” Increased volume may simply be due to the increase in social media and the ease with which information can placed in front of people.

There does seem to be a reduction of the emotional charge of scandal and period of interest. We may not be in a post-scandal era. We may simply be in a too-much-information era which reduces our ability to give focus to any event, including scandal.

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Venus in Power

My cat said she wanted to run for president of the United States in the next election (year 2020). I told her that cats are not allowed to run for president.

“Show me in writing where it says cats can’t run for president,” she demanded.

Feisty and accurate I changed tactics to avoid a long argument.

“You don’t want to run in 2020,” I said patiently, “when Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto will all be transiting Capricorn. It will be the Authoritarian Armageddon. You will surely get sliced up and packaged in plastic like American cheese.”

“I will not,” she insisted. “My platform is simple. Everyone gets a water bowl, food bowl, litter box, comfy place to sleep and good veterinarian. Humans make life complicated with their ridiculous mind games which create endless desires that can never be fulfilled resulting in enduring unhappiness.”

That was the long argument I had been trying to avoid. I tried one last angle.

“Before you decide to run you’d better check in on the fate of female politicians. In the past few years, many female leaders have lost power. The average tenure of a female leader is quite short.”

That comment gave her whiskers a rise as we reviewed the list from The Los Angeles Times of the 33 women elected (versus inherited) to power. She noticed, of course, there were no cats.

Statistically, Venus, which is almost half of the global population, hasn’t reached near that percent in terms of elected national leaders.

The Pluto in Leo Generation

Many of the women in power today are aged 60-70 indicating that they are the Pluto in Leo generation. This generation was born between 1939 and 1957. In the United States we call them the Baby Boomers. They transformed personal self-expression which led to “social revolution” in the 1960s including creative expression, sexual expression, civil rights and feminism.

Rock and roll is a legacy of this generation. I fear consumer culture (which targets identity and personal fulfillment) is a result as well although it came after the social revolution ended.

That our female politicians are still of this generation suggests that it may be some time before the number of female world leaders begins to grow. It will probably shrink in the near term as the Pluto in Virgo generation (1957 – 1972) is not quite as assertive.

Pluto in Virgo is transforming work, health and food. While those are important concerns, the personal confidence that comes with Leo is lacking in Virgo. Virgo is great at fighting for a specific cause, but not so effective when establishing more comprehensive leadership.

Dilma Rousseff and Helle Thorning-Schmidt

Of the 33 female leaders in The Los Angeles Times article, seven (21%) are from the Americas. All are from Latin and South America. The Los Angeles Times doesn’t list Kim Campbell (late Prime Minister of Canada), but possibly it missed her as she was in power only five months. The United States, as you know, has not produced any female presidents.

In South America, Michelle Bachelet is still president of Chile but Dilma Rousseff of Brazil was impeached late last year (2016) due to administrative misconduct and Cristina Fernandez of Argentina lost her re-election bid in 2015.

In an interesting coincidence, Rousseff of Brazil shares a birthday with another past female head of state – Helle Thorning-Schmidt, past Prime Minister of Denmark. Both began their terms in 2011. Thorning-Schmidt lost power a year before Rousseff in 2015.

Born almost 20 years apart, both women have sun in Sagittarius and moon in Capricorn. Sagittarius is a fire sign known for its idealism, need to find or make meaning of life’s experiences and the desire to travel for experience. Capricorn, in contrast, is reserved, inexpressive and conservative. Sagittarius breaks the rules while Capricorn follows them. Sagittarius is generous; Capricorn stingy. Sagittarius expands; Capricorn contacts.

Rousseff is the Pluto in Leo generation. When she was born, Saturn was also transiting that sign. Combined with her fire sign sun, Rousseff might come across as overly self-confident as Saturn tagging along in Leo is one’s weak spot. Rousseff does have confidence, but doesn’t know when to admit fear or lack of control.

Thorning-Schmidt in contrast is the Pluto in Virgo generation. When she was born, Uranus was also in Virgo with Saturn opposing both planets in Pisces. This opposition makes a square (called a T-square) to her sun causing her much more anxiety than Rousseff experiences. It’s the Pluto/Uranus in Virgo generation that brought us excessive fear of illness and excessive worry over detail.

While it might be a political coincidence that both women came to and lost power around the same time, astrologically it has a pattern.

In 2011, transiting Uranus moved in to Aries which energized the fire signs. In 2015, transiting Saturn moved into Sagittarius which contracted Sagittarius’ habit of expansion and growth.

In addition, since 2008 transiting Pluto has been in Capricorn. Pluto moves slowly so it can take a while to transit a planet in that sign. Both Rousseff and Thorning-Schmidt have moons in Capricorn, probably in the middle of the sign. Pluto’s effect is to change the relationship to public and women and also challenge the reactive pattern of control and authoritarianism.

Park Geun-Hye

Park Geun-Hye, President of South Korea, is the most recent female leader challenged with impeachment.

This is a tricky one astrologically. Geun-Hye has sun in Aquarius, moon in Taurus. It’s possible the moon is in late Aries which may provide a stronger indicator of personal problems. With moon in Aries, transiting Uranus would be causing sudden and impulsive actions.

Geun-Hye’s problems are occurring with a Jupiter transit (in Libra) of a natal Saturn/Neptune conjunction. There’s also a natal wide opposition to Jupiter in Aries.

This natal Saturn/Neptune conjunction in Libra suggests both strong idealization of partnership and strong letdown of that ideal. With an Aquarius sun, Geun-Hye probably carries the idealism farther in a relationship than does the partner. Aquarius is a fixed air sign and has clear ideas about social organization. If the moon is in Taurus, there is double stubbornness about those ideals. Aquarius is also a perfectionist.

While I haven’t delved deeply into her troubles, they appear to revolve around influence peddling by an aide. Possibly the aide or those charging her with influence peddling are the Libra partner (not necessarily of the sign Libra) indicated in her horoscope.

If Geun-Hye’s moon is in Taurus, there’s also opposition to Mars in Scorpio and a wide square to the sun. Taurus and Scorpio are sensual which is in conflict with the more emotionally and physically remote Aquarius. While intimate matters can be messy for many, they are messy by nature for Aquarius.

Angela Merkel and Theresa May

As my cat and I reviewed the dismal fate of recent female world leaders, the cat pointed out that Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany and Prime Minister Theresa May of the United Kingdom are doing well.

I reminded the cat that Angela Merkel has a Pluto opposition coming up around 2021, during the Authoritarian Armageddon when Saturn/Jupiter/Pluto will all be transiting Capricorn. Only the sturdiest most resilient economic, social and leadership structures will make it through that transit. Merkel may be just that strong, but it will be tough for her.

Theresa May, I agreed with the cat, has a chance. England has a history of females in power from the long reigns of Queens Elizabeth I & II and Victoria to Margaret Thatcher in the 1970s and 1980s. Thatcher was in elected power for 11 years, an eternity for an elected female world leader.

May like Thatcher has sun in Libra. May’s moon is either in Leo or Virgo. Thatcher’s was in Leo. So there are similarities here.

May has three planets in the strong, confident Leo – Uranus, Venus and Pluto. This suggests a very turbulent love life, even if the moon is in Virgo. A Saturn square in Scorpio adds to the troubles.

The peril of moon in Virgo for a politician is that Virgo thinks and worries itself into corners. Virgo is associated with health and hypochondria is often present due to the overthinking of the regular rough and tumble of life. Once Virgo has decided it has a terminal illness, you can talk to them for years to no avail.

Mars in Pisces opposes Jupiter in Virgo so there is definitely tendency to over-analyze. Yet Mars in Pisces is also intuitive and interested in bonding on a spiritual and emotional level. May’s horoscope is mostly left-brain analytical, so Mars in Pisces may feel squashed. Neptune is currently transiting Pisces so May could experience constant desire to relate to her people but the sense that all her actions toward this end are distorted.

Felines in the European Union

As we discussed the fate of female world leaders past and present, a conversation much too lengthy to include in this blog, my cat decided that as a female, feline and intellectual, Europe was a better place to live. She even presented to me a Huffington Post article on how easy it is for her to travel to Europe.

Unfortunately, I told her, this is one instance where cats have the advantage.

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You Love Saturn, You Just Don’t Know It

While it’s a cliche that we must toughen ourselves to face the unknown, the known, not the unknown, seems to cause the greatest fear and resistance. The ultimate fear – death – we might consider an unknown, regardless of our beliefs. But the known fact we are perishable is one we keep out of our minds most days. That we will one day die is a great Known.

This very pithy but insightful post by Dharmbir Rai Sharma explains the fear of the known in terms of the mind:

In reality, though, the unknown can never cause fear because fear arises from thoughts and thoughts are always in the realm of the known. The mind cannot produce anything that is totally unknown. So fear is not related to the unknown but to the possibility of the loss of the known. An extreme example is the fear of death. It is obvious that no body knows death. Knowing implies past experience and the very concept of past, present, and future vanishes with death. No one has ever come back to relate his or her experience of death. The fear is not of death itself but of losing what one has – the life and everything related to it. The fear is of the loss of the known.

When seeing a dead bird on the ground recently, it struck me how pervasive death is. Yet I think about it rarely although it’s everywhere. How many thousands of beings are dying within my periphery daily?

In astrology, Saturn represents structure, authority, time (as in Old Father Time) and limits. Death is the running out of time. Death is the separation from the corporeal body. Only our bones remain, which are ruled by Saturn. Death releases us from Saturn.

While those familiar with astrology tend to fear Saturn (irony mark here) as it represents limitations, disciple and that which we must develop, we actually hold onto Saturn very tightly. No matter how much we chase the other planets in our horoscope from love (Venus) to success (sun), Saturn is our very existence, the canvas upon which our lives are painted.

We love Saturn but don’t always realize it.

The sun is currently transiting Capricorn (ruled by Saturn). Let’s spend this Capricorn season giving Saturn some love.

Loving Saturn: Winter

Every year in the northern city (in the northern hemisphere) where I currently reside, there seems to be amnesic confusion about winter. I’ve spent most of my life in this region and each and every year in winter it: 1) gets cold; 2) snows or sleets and 3) produces head colds.

Yet each and every year in this region it seems surprising to folks when these three things occur. Each year winter effects are received as some odd anomaly, some weird aberration. Yet it’s a known event. Both the known and winter are Saturn.

In the cold northern hemisphere, winter begins in the sign of Capricorn ruled by Saturn. This is the time when natural life dies to be reborn in spring. As with Saturn itself, there is a dread that accompanies this season when we must introvert – stay indoors. Staying indoors produces the Saturnine afflictions of physical illness due to proximity to others and melancholia due to lack of sunlight and activity (today termed depression).

My advice to those who grew up in warm climates and find themselves in the northern hemisphere is to plan for winter from starting a hobby to finishing a project to studying. Unfortunately this advice is not always well received and once someone responded that he “shouldn’t have to do that.” Of course, he doesn’t – he’s welcome to experience the pale, cold, melancholia in pure form. Some enjoy Saturn as they do whiskey – straight up.

Love Saturn.

Loving Saturn: The Past

Saturn to some astrologers represents karma, or that which must be resolved from past actions. Saturn representing structure also has affinity with tradition which is a tie to the past.

Living in the past is not recommended but we in the US may have thrown the baby out with the bathwater. Understanding the past and how it leads to the present is very different from living in the past where one dwells on nostalgia to feel comfort to an excessive degree and rejects present experience. It’s Saturn (and time) speaking when someone says, “Things were better when I was a child.” You hear this Saturn phrase each and every generation.

Americans are particularly prone to disdain for the past as Richard Hofstadter explains in the 1963 work Anti-Intellectualism in American Life. Hofstadter explains that “America has been the country of those who fled from the past.”

On the positive side, Hofstadter explains:

Among other things, the American attitude represented a republican and egalitarian protest against monarchy and aristocracy and the callous exploitation of the people; it represented a rationalistic protest against superstition; an energetic and forward-looking protest against the passivity and pessimism of the Old World; it revealed a dynamic, vital, and originative mentality.

While all this was both good and important for a country developing itself, the peril according to Hofstadter is that “it led to a disdain for contemplation which could not be transformed into practical intelligence and for all passion which could not be mobilized for some forward step in the process.”

Those individuals and cultures with disdain for the past are avoiding the introversion that comes with contemplation. Understanding the past without getting lost in it is a Herculean task as Saturn is gravity which pulls with a mighty grip. Possibly this is why so many fear solitude – this is when you are unable to extrovert; when forced to focus inward, the past often makes a clarion call.

Love Saturn.

Loving Saturn: The Saturn Corporation

On January 7, 1985, during the sign of Capricorn (ruled by Saturn as we know), the Saturn Corporation was registered as a trademark. This car company went defunct in 2010.

Like its namesake, the Saturn car was promoted as durable, reliable and long-lasting (like your bones). It’s always of fascination to me how we disdain astrology and mythology in this country yet use astrological and mythological names for so many things (Ford Taurus, Mercury car, ISIS fundamentalist group, Apophis comet, etc.).

Unfortunately the US disdain for astrology was of detriment to the Saturn Corporation. Had this company realized that US culture was Saturn-averse, they might have chosen a more American-friendly planet such as Uranus (our national moon sign based on July 4, 1776 is Aquarius) or Jupiter (we might have a Sagittarius rising which is believable due to our collective need to monitor physical weight).

Love Saturn.

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Ohio Cat Ponders Reality

My cat asked me to explain fake news. An avid reader of news, she was concerned that some of it wasn’t true.

How to explain?

Astrology, of course, comes to the rescue.

The Third and Ninth Houses of the Horoscope

The third house of the horoscope is ruled by Gemini and opposes the ninth house ruled by Sagittarius (I told her). Gemini is meant to learn and explore. It receives all data and processes it into categories. Sagittarius in polarity is meant to make meaning from the data. It processes and creates ideologies and philosophies. Gemini analyzes and Sagittarius synthesizes. At one time in our history scientists and philosophers were found in single individuals.

Today’s third house data is often ninth house interpretation of data (I said to her). It is also, of course, manipulation of data for marketing purposes (from politicians and retailers). Third house data is a bit dry, what we call facts. There is fighting in a particular country. Who is fighting and what they are fighting for is often mixed with ninth house interpretation and ideology.

In the west we acknowledge five senses – hearing, sight, smell, taste and touch. That is the third house and Gemini. Gemini is ruled by Mercury representing intellect and the mind. In Buddhism, there are six senses acknowledged – the five of the West and a sixth – the mind (or object of thought).

Buddhism joins third and ninth house activity. Possibly in consequence the Buddhists will tell you that what you perceive is an illusion (and at the same time is not). The planet Mercury, which rules Gemini, is, possibly the five senses and the very interpretation of those senses.

Mercury defines reality.

Feline Reality

“So you’re saying nothing is real?” asked the cat.

“Of course not,” I replied. “As a cat,” I told her “the five activities of your life are all real – eating, sleeping, eliminating, chasing toys and watching birds. Humans try to transform the five real activities of life into mind concepts such as work into ‘career’ or eating into ‘diet.’ We watch others compete then feel a personal sense of achievement. That’s purely of the mind.”

“So only animals experience reality?”

“Possibly,” I answered. Unless, I thought to myself, they read The New York Times and astrology blogs to pass away the hours.

My cat and I then discussed how the simplest “facts” can be disputed as we see often enough on episodes of Dateline where one person heard two gunshots, another heard three. She wanted to discuss, again, the Kennedy assassination and the “facts” but I wasn’t going there.

“Sorry, sister,” I responded. “Talking about the Kennedy assassination is one way to prove that no two individuals see the ‘facts’ in the same manner.”

Which, of course, leads us to question reality which we are convinced exists outside of our interpretation of it. Luckily the cat was ready for her mid-morning, post-breakfast nap and didn’t pursue the topic any further.

Neptune in Pisces

While the “fake news” of today is seen as concerning, I believe it’s nothing new. We simply have more channels with which to spread information, disinformation, marketing and opinion. In other words, I’m glad we’ve collectively noticed what has always existed (in reality?). I subscribe to the journalist Michael Kinsley’s idea that we all have bias (which I call personality) and it’s best to name it within one’s journalistic work.

If you saw a bottle of water sitting on a park bench, would you drink it?

Most of us wouldn’t eat or drink something where we didn’t know the source. Yet when we digest information, we rarely research who made it (Your grandma out of love? A friend out of consideration? Your enemy to mislead you? Marketing companies out to convince you Doritos are healthy?).

This awareness of the hall of mirrors that is information and perception on planet earth is represented to me by the ingress of Neptune into Pisces which occurred in February 2012. Neptune rules Pisces so we are experiencing the entire Pisces realm, like a double shot of hard liquor.

Neptune spiritualizes and idolizes. Neptune looks at four long-haired boys playing guitars and turns them into a movement, a longing, an object of yearning. Neptune isn’t romance, Neptune is beyond the personal; Neptune creates the halos around the people and situations that turns them into gods or movements.

After Neptune has passed, you may look at the four long-haired boys and see that they are not truly that handsome, not so talented in voice and instrumentation. The longing, the yearning to be near them or part of them has passed. How did I think they were so cool?

The mystic or guru is from Neptune. The true teacher is a gift but definitely difficult to recognize and many are the false prophets referenced in the Bible. That “prophets” sounds like “profits” in English seems a major clue in determining the difference.

Neptune and Pisces are in each of our horoscopes. We are all made of the same stardust and astrological symbolism. We all have the sacred within us and where it’s placed in the horoscope gives a sense of how we individually perceive it.

Neptune reminds us that when we digest reality in any form from interaction with others to reading the “news” that we are looking into the hall of mirrors that contains individual perception, reaction from others, deliberate roadblocks and cultural veil.

It’s the same reality it’s always been.

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Justin Bieber’s Changing Reality


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The Next Four Years for Mike Pence

In yet another eyebrow-raising moment of the 2016 US presidential election (my eyebrows are now permanently stuck to my hairline), vice presidential candidate Mike Pence was viewed as the stable Rock of Gibraltar to president-elect Donald Trump’s windy and capricious nature.

Clearly, those holding this view are not astrologers.

I’ve hesitated for a long while on writing about Pence’s chart. My hesitation stems from the fact we do not have time of birth. The time of birth is critical to knowing the horoscope structure of any individual and in many cases, such as that of Pence, knowing in which sign the moon is placed. I’m also very curious as to where his Saturn lies in the horoscope as he’s up for a Saturn return.

Regardless of where the moon lies, or Saturn or the ascendant (your outward face or façade), Pence has many of the mutable qualities of his partner Trump.

The Mutable Presidency

My cat has been gloating since the election as she claimed the US was ready for a mutable presidency where normally we choose fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius). Once again, I was assailed with criticism of my human nature:

“Human consistency is a delusion,” she said (again). “People are now being honest in that they don’t care about consistency.”

I explained that I didn’t choose to be human any more than she chose to be feline and left it at that.

Sometimes it’s easier to let the cat win the argument. As an astrologer, I like to be right and still think I am. By popular vote, the fixed sign (Scorpio Hillary Clinton) was chosen. And possibly our belief that Pence will remedy any injuries caused by Trump is also a faith in fixed energy.

Mike Pence Stability and Mutability

What we know: Mike Pence has sun and Mercury in the mutable sign of Gemini. The sun sign is the same as his boss (Trump). Pence has Venus, Mars and Uranus in (fixed) Leo, Pluto in (mutable) Virgo, Neptune and Jupiter in (fixed) Scorpio and Saturn in (cardinal) Capricorn.

What we don’t know: The moon is either in (mutable) Gemini or (cardinal) Cancer. Depending on degree, it could be opposing Saturn (in or out of sign).

Let’s discuss.

The stable, steady person we see on television I suspect stems from the fixed energy of Venus/Mars/Uranus in Leo. Venus and Mars conjunct create a very charismatic and sexy energy. The women certainly like Mike Pence. Uranus in that same sign suggests some unpredictability in that area of life.

Leo is the leader, the actor. Leo is confident, optimistic and exuberant. At its worst, the attraction from others leads Leo to some arrogance of its grandness which leads to expanding and embellishing the facts. The Leo who is not loved and nurtured properly is the worst in this regard for the desire to be perceived as grand leads to the stretching of some truths.

Another placement that might represent the stability we perceive is Saturn in Capricorn (Saturn rules Capricorn). My own viewing of Pence is that his speech is somewhat slow and deliberate and devoid of the Leonine qualities of color and texture. My own radar picks up Capricorn on the rising. That would put Gemini in the 5th (self-expression) and those Leo planets in the 7th.

Regardless of where we find his stability, there is confidence in Pence which could be from leadership qualities and charisma compliments of Leo or maturity and strength compliments of Capricorn.

On the flip side, there is also mutability and changeability in Pence’s horoscope. As he also has fixed energy; he has a decent balance of both elements and modes. His least represented mode is cardinal, with only Saturn in a cardinal sign.

Lack of cardinal indicates lack of initiative. Lack of cardinal indicates waiting for others to begin the project or lead the way. In a sense, there’s a kind of laziness about starting the effort although there’s definitely energy to contribute once it has begun.

The sun and moon, regardless of moon placement, are more changeable in nature. Gemini moves with the air flow because of its inherent curiosity and desire to seek new experiences. The changeability of Cancer stems from an emotional nature reacting to both the physical and human environment. Cancer is the crab and retreats into its shell when the energy is overwhelming.

If the moon is in Cancer, this would be a bit of an Achilles heel for Pence as the Gemini and Leo energy wants to stay out and play while Cancer wants to go home and ponder over that comment someone made at the party.

Cancer is extremely sensitive to criticism and rejection. If the moon is in Cancer, Saturn in Capricorn would be opposing suggesting a critical upbringing, especially from the father. Sun in Gemini and moon in Cancer would be overly reactive to others, often responding in ways that leaves others confused. It’s unpredictable in an emotional way.

With sun and Mercury in Gemini, and especially if the moon is in Gemini, it’s difficult not to imagine there’s another life for Pence than the one we see. Gemini is represented as the twins and for Gemini, it’s a challenge to be in this world labelled and identified as one thing. Gemini’s nature is to learn and grow not to be expected to be one person, one image, one profession for the entire existence. Pence’s boss Trump exemplifies this most clearly. Gemini boxed in tends to retreat in some way, if only mentally.

Trump’s mutable nature was on display from day one of his campaign. Pence, in contrast, is represented as the stable foundation, a role which should provide challenging even with adequate fixed sign representation and even if Saturn is on the natal ascendent.

Pence’s Next Four Years

Jupiter changes signs about once and year and Saturn every couple years. These are useful in tracking annual energies, especially for those in the public sphere. Jupiter and Saturn both represent our social environment. Jupiter is involved in the social aspects from education to religion. Saturn represents law, order and authority.

Year One

Saturn will continue its transit of Sagittarius. This transit opposed Pence’s sun and Mercury but has moved out of orbit. It will still bounce back and forth for a wide opposition during 2017. This means Pence is held in restraint by social pressures. Pence wants to do much more than he will be allowed during 2017.

Jupiter will finish its transit of Libra and move through Scorpio in 2017. Jupiter in Scorpio will transit Pence’s natal Neptune and Jupiter in Scorpio. This is intensely magnetic so I imagine Pence’s aura will expand during this time, especially sexually. While it squares Leo, the fixed squares create very powerful energy and often can override the troubles it causes.

It’s difficult as a political spectator not to suspect male politicians of some affairs on the side. It seems a part of the power play that drew them into politics. If Pence has any of this hanky-panky past or present, there may be hints of it in 2017. But I think he’ll survive. Fixed energy can endure much through force of personality.

Year Two

Year two, things change for Pence. His second Saturn return is looming which forces him to rise to greater levels of responsibility. Unfortunately, without time of birth, we don’t know in which area of the chart this occurs.

Saturn has an approximately 29-year cycle and represents aging and maturity. By the first Saturn return, we are expected to be on our life’s course. By the second, you become the elder, or expert, in that experience.

With natal Saturn in Capricorn, there’s a sense of not achieving, not being successful enough to please those around you (the demanding father?). When transiting Pluto passed over this placement (most directly in 2010), that may have been a do-or-die moment for Pence in terms of his ideas of success in life.

If Pence feels successful, the Saturn return may cement that in his own and others’ minds. If he’s still feeling the insecurity of his place in the world that this placement can create, then the transit may prove tough. He may feel the need to arbitrarily assert authority.

Jupiter will continue its path through Scorpio in year two. Scorpio rules death, sex and taxes so whatever played out in 2017 will continue through 2018.

Year Three

In 2019, Saturn will have passed Pence’s natal placement. But Pluto will be joining Saturn in its journey around the sun so this will be an intense time for all. Pence may be better able to handle what occurs as he will have passed his own Saturn challenge with the Saturn return.

Jupiter will move into Sagittarius. Sagittarius opposes Gemini so Pence will become more open and possibly cocky than we see today. He will certainly be called on to exhibit generosity, insight and foresight.

The 2016 election was brought to you by Saturn in Sagittarius and we saw not only the disparate philosophies that exist in the US but also fear, anger and resentment (Saturn) of certain “others” (Sagittarius).

Jupiter in that same sign (Sagittarius) will (hopefully) resolve some of those resentments. Saturn in Capricorn may enact new laws or codes to deal with the situation. Jupiter in Sagittarius and Saturn in Capricorn represent each planet in the sign it rules so (hopefully) we’ll see the best of each placement.

Year Four

In year four, the planetary energies get very intense with Pluto and Saturn conjunct in Capricorn and then Jupiter joining in later in the year. At this time, Uranus will also be changing signs moving into Taurus.

Capricorn and Taurus are all earth signs and I expect great shifts from the earth itself to financial and property holdings. Pluto entered Capricorn right at the time of the global financial crisis (2008). I rarely see an astrological placement line up so directly to actual experience. We may see it again.

While this might sound dire, we have to examine how much earth and financial distress is caused by our own actions. If our actions toward earth and finance are fair, equitable and sustainable, then there’s not much to fear. The shift would be toward another level of function. However, I do fear dire consequences due to the imbalance of our current system.

Uranus moving into Taurus will oppose Pence’s Neptune in Scorpio. Scorpio is other people’s money and Taurus is one’s own. Pence (and possibly many others) will see a change to their financial holdings around this time.

The Pluto in Capricorn Presidency

Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008 and shook the world’s financial structure. Pluto has shaken other structures since then including law enforcement and politics.

In 2008 the US elected its first black president suggesting a shift in race relations (which don’t appear to have occurred). In 2016, the political foundations shifted with a pendulum swing to a more open authoritarianism and open resentment of others.

Pence is now part of history and his natal Saturn in Capricorn is a big part of how he will respond to these changes to Capricorn structure.

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Diluting the Trump Dynasty

One of the more eyebrow-raising claims for those supporting president-elect Donald Trump is that he is anti-establishment, an outsider. In political parlance, he’s considered a populist, someone who represents “ordinary people.”

That Trump could be considered a populist may be confusing for me due to my three trips this year which all had me looking at tall buildings (or the threat of one) with the name Trump placed on top: New York, Palm Beach and Washington DC.

Most of the other 23 candidates who ran for president lack this level of business or personal influence. (As an aside, tracking the entire election I had a count of a mere 22 candidates but this New York Times site shows some dude named Lessig on the Democratic side).

One of the reasons that Americans could consider a wealthy, dynastic businessman a populist is that we rarely acknowledge having a class system. Yet during elections, we begin to hear about the “middle class” which seems the only class we have. Yet in the business world, Trump-Kushner is considered one of the top 23 dynasties.

My liberal friends would like to think that Americans made a mistake and will wake up in four years to choose a more benevolent ruler, but I believe they are sadly mistaken. The Trump Dynasty has simply expanded into government. We complain that politicians are bought and sold by powerful corporate interests (as Trump admitted to doing himself in the early debates). Yet, when business tycoon enters politics, how is that better?

The Trump Dynasty is now in both corporate and political spheres, as are the Bushes. The Clintons, I would argue, were never a dynasty for two reasons: they don’t have enough members and they don’t own or control natural resources. While The Donald could last a short time in government, the dynasty will reap the benefits for a long time.


Diluting the Trump Dynasty

If liberals can accept the raw reality of a Trump Dynasty, a class system based on heredity and that those owning natural resources have all the control, then they can plot a strategy.

Looking past our own cultural propaganda reveals some medieval structures to our system. Likewise, we must think in more historical terms for solving the problem. Astrology, of course, can help. All advice from Ohio Astrology is offered free of charge for the benefit of all Americans.

In the past, dynasties (then called royalty) were often toppled by violence. Americans have never cared for the domestic coup d’état (as the Latin American joke goes, the US has no coups because it has no American Embassy).; the closest we come to coup is a love of coupons.

There is one other, peaceful option, to challenging a dynasty – dilution. Dilution comes in the form of marrying one person of the dynasty into an opposing dynasty, like in the 16th century when Protestant Henri of Navarre was married to Catholic Margaret of Valois. Maybe that arrangement didn’t work so well in the short term, but it was still a common practice to merge two sides through marriage.

The best way to influence the Trump Dynasty is to marry influence into it. Let’s take a look at the possibilities.

Marrying into the Dynasty

The thrice married Trump has produced five children. Three of them are currently married (which in our culture can be considered a speed-bump, not a roadblock). That leaves two available for the dynastic marriage – 23-year old Tiffany and the 10-year old Barron.

Tiffany would make a fine match on the Trump side. She’s of age (which wasn’t relevant in royal alignments but is today), has the Libra sun drive for partnership yet lots of seriousness to her horoscope – moon/Venus in Virgo, Mars/Mercury/Pluto in Scorpio and Uranus/Neptune in Capricorn, sun in the 10th house (assuming Astrotheme time of birth).

Her Saturn in Aquarius adds to the seriousness in that connection with groups comes from having responsibility associated with them. While having Jupiter conjunct sun in Libra provides desire and opportunity for pleasure, the rest of her chart suggests she’s compelled to go to the gym instead of the party.

Now who should she marry to insert a large dose of truly populist energy?

Jack Schlossberg, only grandson of John F. Kennedy, is the perfect political match. The Kennedys deteriorated as a dynasty due to assassinations (John and Robert), accidental death (John Jr.) and immoral behavior (Ted et. al.). This is an opportunity to both revive a moribund dynasty and dilute a current one.

Schlossberg is matched in seriousness to Trump with Uranus, Neptune, Mercury and sun all in Capricorn. This generation born with Uranus/Neptune conjunct in Capricorn represents to me a generation faced with great responsibility for the future of our societal structures. Many structures have been collapsing since Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008 (banking, housing, politics, police, etc.). Children born in 1993 like Schlossberg and Trump but who are not part of a dynasty watched their parents struggle with paying the mortgage and finding work. This generation has had their Great Depression.

Schlossberg may have moon in Sagittarius which provides some levity and optimism to a person who probably has grown up with Duty as his middle name. Hopefully so, we shall say. If the moon is in Capricorn, there’s really no escape from responsibility. But in Sagittarius, there’s also a desire to fight for others and participate in foreign experiences. There’s more fire and enthusiasm with Sagittarius. Since Schlossberg worked in Japan, he may have that strong interest in foreign relations.

While I wouldn’t call Schlossberg-Trump a match made in heaven, political marriage has other purposes. Trump’s Mars in Scorpio may be more sensuous than Schlossberg’s Mars in Cancer. Trump’s moon/Venus conjunction in Virgo suggests no one is perfect enough for her love. Schlossberg’s Venus in Pisces is a bit more emotional than his Capricorn planets will allow. Trump needs more flattery than Schlossberg would provide.

But the importance of this political endeavor to the entire nation should override these petty, personal concerns. There definitely have been worse political marriages from a love and compatibility perspective. I’m sure each would agree to the marriage for the good of the nation.

Now it’s the liberal challenge to get these two in a room together.

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Hillary Clinton’s Pisces Moon – Redux

Hillary Clinton’s humiliating defeat this week to a narcissistic, openly-vulgar candidate with disdain and contempt for his fellow men brings me back to the point in Clinton’s chart we didn’t see in Clinton as a candidate – her Pisces moon.

Or did we see her Pisces moon?

Astrological thought like any other thought changes focus and terminology. Today’s Pisces moon might be described in its positive sense as empathetic, compassionate, artistic, musical, creative and spiritual. These are wonderful and needed qualities for a world enmeshed in materialism and self-interest.

At the beginning of my astrological studies way back when, Pisces was described a bit more harshly as the sign of self-undoing. Pisces as the 12th sign of the zodiac and ruling the 12th house represents disintegrating boundaries and merging with other energies. The 12th house is what’s hidden, the subconscious, the skeletons in the closet. If you dream of being a monk, you might like this house. But few have that dream.

Pisces’ understanding of the pain of others leads to compassion in both its productive and non-productive paths. A fine example of the latter is Frank Pakenham, 7th Earl of Longford who with Sagittarius sun and possibly Pisces moon spent his life in “championing social outcasts and unpopular causes.” This led him to offer assistance to a notorious child murderer who appeared to be using Longford’s compassion to further her efforts at parole while convincing him that she’d reformed.

This is Pisces’ downfall – trying to rescue those that can’t be rescued and suffering the pain they are trying to help others avoid. While it’s easy to rescue others physically such as removing them from a house fire, it’s exceedingly difficult to rescue others psychologically. We humans tend to be our own worst enemies so saving us psychologically means saving us from ourselves and how can one do that?

Pisces at worst is the victim. Pisces comes to you with its pain and you feel compassion until you realize that Pisces won’t remove itself from the situation, even in situations where it might be easy to simply walk away.

Clinton displayed her Pisces moon by walking into the same situation she encountered in 2008 – she appeared too politically powerful to challenge until a contender comes out of nowhere and takes the prize.

Clinton has been disliked intensely since arriving in Washington, DC in 1993. While she’s had many successes, she’s also suffered humiliating blows that would have sent others packing from her initial desire to reform health care in 1993 to her husband’s infidelities and a humiliating presidential run in 2008. Yet she came back for more.

The Female Factor

While I know it’s impossible to separate Hillary the candidate from Hillary the female, I believe female energy compared to male energy factors into the choice the US made as a nation. In hindsight, there may have been one clue that portended the results of the election.

In the second Republican debate in September 2015, there were 11 candidates on stage – 10 men and one woman. At the end of the debate, the candidates were asked what woman they would put on the $10 bill (later, Harriet Tubman was chosen but for the $20 bill instead). The answers are revealing and the order of the answers is important.


  1. Rand Paul: Suffragist Susan B. Anthony, suffragist
  2. Mike Huckabee: His wife, Janet
  3. Marco Rubio: Civil rights activist Rosa Parks
  4. Ted Cruz: Put Rosa Parks on the $20 bill and keep Alexander Hamilton on the $10 [OHA note – Cruz first recommended the change to $10 and $20 before mentioning Parks]
  5. Ben Carson: His mother, Sonya
  6. Donald Trump: Rosa Parks [OHA note – Trump first recommended his daughter before mentioning Parks]
  7. Jeb Bush: Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher
  8. Carly Fiorina: “We shouldn’t change the $10 dollar bill or the $20 dollar bill. I think, honestly, it’s a gesture. I don’t think it helps to change our history. What I would think is that we ought to recognize that women are not a special interest group. Women are the majority of this nation, we are half the potential of this nation and this nation will be better off when every woman has the opportunity to live the life she chooses.”
  9. Scott Walker: American Red Cross founder Clara Barton
  10. Chris Christy [sic]: First Lady Abigail Adams
  11. John Kasich: Nobel Peace Prize-winner Mother Teresa

While there could have been 11 answers, there were only six unique historical woman chosen (Anthony, Parks, Thatcher, Barton, Adams and Mother Teresa). Although Cruz and Trump chose Rosa Parks, they made this choice after Rubio in a way that suggested lack of consideration and more the acceptance of some default choice. If we assume that for a national currency we would chose a person who either was born or spent much of what they were known for in the US, then there were only four unique women (Anthony, Parks, Barton and Adams).

Of note is that three individuals chose a family member – Huckabee chose his wife (the woman beside him), Carson chose his mother (the woman above him) and Trump chose his daughter (the woman beneath him).

Compare the women chosen to the viscerally-hated Clinton. Anthony, Parks, Thatcher and maybe Barton are the only women who come close to matching the energy of a woman challenging her role in society.

That the men and woman on stage couldn’t come up with more female role models is no surprise. History kept women from public roles. Only Thatcher, who is not American, represents what Clinton was trying to accomplish – national political prominence.

Clinton’s Pisces moon and Neptune transit

The irony here is that the majority of the female role models chosen by our Republican candidates (wife, mother, daughter, Mother Teresa, Barton and Adams) resonate more with Pisces moon from humanitarian interests to personal support and nurturing of others (which doesn’t suggest the individuals involved are/were actually doing that, but that the roles represent support rather than dominance). Mother Teresa is the ultimate Pisces moon character – total sacrifice and discarding of self.

The Clinton that is so hated isn’t the Pisces-moon Clinton. I believe it’s the Mars/Pluto/Saturn in Leo Clinton that has the fixed determination and seriousness to challenge the system. It’s also dominant with strong need for control. It’s not traditionally female (note that both Clinton and Fiorina were advised to smile more in the debates).

Neptune rules Pisces and is currently transiting Pisces. Neptune transits a sign for 15 years and will be in Pisces from 2011 – 2026. Neptune transits like Pisces disintegrate, dissolve and confuse. On the flip side, this transit spiritualizes and creates awe. Neptune can spiritualize anything from an individual to art to business. Neptune in Capricorn spiritualized business and corporate conglomeration (“it creates jobs”), in Aquarius obsession with technology and now in Pisces . . . spirituality itself? Neptune is not of this world and, at worst, seeks escape from this world – notice the rise of 24-hour media and drugs (both legal and illegal) since 2011.

Neptune will take a few years to orb into Clinton’s Pisces moon (around 2019). I suspect the fixed-sign Clinton (three planets in Scorpio, three in Leo) will pick herself off the floor and re-examine her life. I’ve suspected for a long time as an astrologer than Clinton would seek spiritual goals under this transit.

Now that Clinton’s fixed-energy personality has been thoroughly rejected in our culture, maybe she will reveal her Pisces moon side to her people in her future pursuits. Not the Pisces moon of victimization as scapegoat; but the Pisces moon of compassion for the good of all that does not destroy its host and inspires other to reject the vices that have become socially-acceptable.

What president has done that?


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Humiliation Political Style with Huma Abedin

As I’ve pondered the rise of Donald Trump in American politics, it’s occurred to me that we simply like that he’s humiliating politicians in public for our enjoyment. While he’s purported to “speak his mind,” I don’t find much mind-matter being spoken as much as off-the-cuff lobbing of juvenile insults which have been surprisingly effective in vanquishing his opponents.

In other words, humiliation is a powerful weapon.

When younger, I was sure my violence-obsessed culture would bring back the public hanging. We’re getting close to it emotionally with constant humiliation which is like the hanging of the ego rather than the body.

“Cringe” is not a new word or some social media lingo. But “cringe-worthy” is a term I’m hearing more and more during this election suggesting the rise of public humiliation. The humiliation is so intense that the empathetic amongst us are feeling embarrassment for these people the same way you do when hearing off-key karaoke by young, ambitious singers.

Cringing, embarrassing humiliation is the new norm. While it used to be a once-in-awhile public affair, it’s becoming increasingly common. Let’s study it.


A Psychology Today article on humiliation differentiates it from embarrassment in that embarrassment rises from the self while humiliation is from others.

Another point of difference between humiliation and embarrassment is that humiliation cuts deeper. Humiliation is traumatic and often hushed up, whereas embarrassment, given enough time, can be sublimed into a humorous anecdote. More fundamentally, humiliation involves abasement of pride and dignity, and with it loss of status and standing.

In an interesting note that lends directly to astrological elements, the author explains the word origin of humiliation:

The Latin root of ‘humiliation’ is ‘humus’, which translates as ‘earth’ or ‘dirt’.

Earth. Humiliation brings us to the ground. It sounds a lot like humility. We could wax spiritual and say humiliation brings humility but what other choice is there in humiliation?

The article sums up the concept of humiliation by noting:

In short, humiliation is the public failure of one’s status claims.


To humiliate someone is to assert power over him by denying and destroying his status claims.

Astrological Humiliation

Astrologically, the 10th house of the horoscope represents our public selves. Malefic planets transiting that house are often associated with negative hits to the reputation.

For example, when Richard Nixon resigned the presidency in 1974 from the Watergate cover up, Saturn was transiting his 10th house (in Cancer). Saturn is an ancient malefic due to its contracting principle and in Cancer was rejection from the group – he no longer belonged. For the extremely ambitious Nixon, rejection from politics was ejection from his primal energy.

While Nixon has the traditional astrological indicator for a public humiliation, I don’t see the same for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in 1998 when her husband was publicly recognized as a philanderer and perjurer and subsequently impeached.

During that episode, Jupiter was transiting her moon (in Pisces) and Pluto was transiting her Jupiter (in Sagittarius). For Clinton, humiliation came with Jupiter which is our social environment (schools, churches, clubs, the playground, etc.). Jupiter on Pisces moon increased that placement’s tendency to self-sacrifice, victimization and great emotional pain. Pluto on Jupiter suggests transformation of the social energy which in Sagittarius gears toward philosophy, travel and foreigners. Sagittarius is also idealistic and energized when fighting for causes so for Clinton this is probably the “day the music died” for her.

She clearly was deeply saddened, even depressed, regardless of the public response.

Huma Abedin

While there are so many public humiliations and so little time, I suspect that what’s most humiliating for each of us is determined by our fundamental personality (which I believe sprouts our values). Huma Abedin works with Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and is also married (for now) to fallen politician Anthony Weiner.

In 2011 when Abedin’s husband politician Anthony Weiner was caught “sex texting,” Abedin did not have the same aspects that occurred with Nixon or Clinton during their public humiliations.

Saturn was transiting her natal Pluto (in Libra) while transiting Pluto was square natal Pluto. Uranus in Aries was not quite in square, but you get the idea. Squares are friction and we saw a lot of world friction at that time.

Saturn in Libra challenged many relationships. In Libra, partnership and balance are key and breakups during this time centered on the unfairness of relationships.

Abedin chose to stay in her marriage during these transits. Then in 2013 while her husband was running for mayor of New York City, another sex-texting episode occurred. By this time, Saturn has moved into Scorpio which brings more emotional intensity than Libra.

If you’d like to watch the 2013 humiliation of Abedin yourself, just check out the documentary Weiner which follows both Weiner and Abedin during his run for mayor. In today’s parlance this documentary is truly cringe-worthy.

Now in October 2016, Abedin’s emails were found on her husband’s computer and made grievous news for her boss Hillary Clinton who is two weeks away from a presidential election. Currently Jupiter is transiting her natal Pluto in Libra.

Why would Abedin and Weiner agree to be filmed during a political race after a public humiliation?

Both Abedin and Weiner have moon in Leo which is most fond of being center of attention.

Abedin has more than moon in Leo – she also has sun, Saturn, Venus and Mercury in that sign, in that order. Without time of birth, the moon may be last or possibly tucked in between Saturn and Mercury.

A whole lot of Leo likes a whole lot of attention. Yet, here’s the kicker, Saturn the great taskmaster sits amongst all that fiery optimism. For Abedin, her greatest gifts also contain her weakest link and strongest lessons. It’s like being given beauty but sent to a convent. It’s a beautiful woman who questions every day whether she is truly beautiful. If not careful, she could turn into the evil stepmother of the Snow White fairy tale who fears a greater beauty by trying to snuff it out.

Saturn conjunct sun also represents a strong father figure. Moon in Leo suggests a strong mother and combined you have a dignified, royal upbringing regardless of true status. According to Wikipedia, both of her parents were scholars.

Natal Jupiter in Taurus suggests abundant material wealth, love of objects and physical sensuality. Combined with Leo (which is truly a friction-filled square), there is strong sexuality and sensuality.

The only restraint to that sensuality and passion is Mars in the pristine Virgo (square natal Neptune in Sagittarius).

So what’s unique about Abedin’s recent humiliating experiences?

The humiliation began and is continuing with strong transits to Pluto in Libra. This placement suggests transformation from partnerships. Pluto is well-aspected in Abedin’s chart so I wouldn’t have suspected she would go through such experiences.

Abedin’s overall chart represents a strong, proud, dignified person with seven of the ten planets in fixed signs (five in Leo, one in Scorpio and one in Taurus). Libra, in contrast, is dependent and accommodating – not her style. Unfortunately, we don’t know in which house it is placed in the horoscope (need time of birth for that).

What comes to mind is Queen Elizabeth I who in the 16th century assumed power after the death of her sister, who didn’t fare so well in power after her father Henry VIII.

Through her reign, Elizabeth was encouraged to marry and had several failed attempts. It’s not difficult to imagine why she chose the single-woman path during that life – any male counterpart would have certainly tried to usurp power. Elizabeth chose to keep her power to herself.

Possibly Abedin needs to keep her power to herself. That might seem a strong feminist statement but I believe there is still psychic pressure for both genders to fulfill in their traditional spheres – men in the public sphere (career, politics) and women in the private sphere (family, children, home).

Astrologically, a chart is neither female nor male. Abedin’s chart represents a strong personality and she happens to be female. If she happened to be male, would she have stood behind a sex-texting wife and defended her?

Abedin’s unique humiliation is that she is a strong, proud person who might have decided to suffer because of that Saturn in Leo – possibly part of her felt she caused the situation by not being “enough” something. Mars in Virgo can contribute to the desire for perfection.

The good news is that Leo always bounces back and Abedin has lots of Leo with which to recover the sense of self and self-esteem. As transiting Jupiter and Pluto move away from her natal Pluto, I suspect she’s learned her lessons on the power of humiliation from trusted partners.


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