Jupiter in Aquarius – Ah humanity!

I am a man who, from his youth upwards, has been filled with a profound conviction that the easiest way of life is the best. Hence, though I belong to a profession proverbially energetic and nervous, even to turbulence, at times, yet nothing of that sort have I ever suffered to invade my peace. I am one of those unambitious lawyers who never addresses a jury, or in any way draws down public applause; but in the cool tranquility of a snug retreat, do a snug business among rich men’s bonds and mortgages and title-deeds. All who know me, consider me an eminently safe man.

from Bartleby, The Scrivener: A Story of Wall Street by Herman Melville

If I were to guess the sun sign of this nameless narrator of Herman Melville’s short story I would start with the earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) as they are generally focus on the practical and are routine and generally risk averse. Virgo doesn’t fit well, though, because of its anxious and worrying nature. Capricorn is definitely ambitious, not a trait our narrator professes.

That leaves Taurus, the fixed earth sign – steady, calm, safe and snug. Unlike most other signs, Taurus can experience general contentment and pleasure from life. Most of the rest of us are in a cycle of wanting the next thing, the better thing, a different thing.

If our man is Taurus, then something is shaking up his world.

The nature of my avocations for the last thirty years has brought me into more than ordinary contact with what would seem an interesting and somewhat singular set of men, of whom as yet nothing that I know of has ever been written:—I mean the law-copyists or scriveners . . .

But I waive the biographies of all other scriveners for a few passages in the life of Bartleby, who was a scrivener of the strangest I ever saw or heard of.

What is odd about Bartleby?

At first he works quietly and carefully. Then one day upon being asked to run an errand states that he “would prefer not to.”

Each day Bartleby prefers to do less and less until he is completely inert and does not even leave the office.  He says nothing save “I would prefer not to.” Our unambitious and non-confrontational lawyer cannot get Bartleby to work or move and to finally extricate himself from Bartleby moves the entire office.


Ah Bartleby! Ah humanity!

These are the last words of the story of Bartleby after he was imprisoned and simply quietly wasted away as though the life-force had been sucked out of him.

Why the “Ah humanity!”

There’s no overt social statement in Bartleby. The melancholy overtone doesn’t provide a contrasting, more energizing, lifestyle. The story takes place in a Wall Street office and a prison – that’s all.

Melville’s horoscope doesn’t suggest a melancholy personality–there is much fire and air in his horoscope which are optimistic and social: sun in Leo (fire), Mars in Gemini (air), moon/Uranus/Neptune in Sagittarius (fire), Saturn in Aries (fire) and Jupiter in Aquarius (air).

There is some earth and water with Venus in Cancer (water), Mercury in Virgo (earth) and Pluto in Pisces (water) which are more introspective and emotional. But Melville is not by nature introverted or reflective. Maybe that’s why Bartleby suggests something bigger but never overtly demonstrates it.

In his youth, Melville worked aboard ships and traveled the South Seas. Sagittarius is evident here in the interest and pursuit of foreign. Sagittarius seeks the exotic the way Taurus seeks the familiar.

While Melville struggled for existence as many did in the 19th century, I wonder if he had that Sagittarius problem – traveling and wandering are so much fun that returning to the humdrum of daily life is a letdown. With the moon/Uranus/Neptune in Sagittarius there is a deep need for heightened experience; I expected to also read that Melville resorted to alcohol or substance abuse but did not find that.

The narrator in Bartleby is quite content and if his world is rocked, he simply moves to a different, stable world. But Bartleby is not content and we’re not clear why. And he represents humanity to Melville.

Was Bartleby representative of humanity and the dull, dreary existence we must face? Not everyone in 19th century America worked for 30 years at a desk copying law documents. Where are the others?

Ginger Nut is the office boy who gets spicy ginger nuts for the scriveners. Is this how we relieve the boredom of daily routine? Or is it through alcohol as we see with the older scrivener, Turkey.  Or do we just get irritated by it all like the younger scrivener Nippers?

Maybe to Melville we are like Bartleby – passively resisting until we don’t exist.

Jupiter in Aquarius

Melville had Jupiter in Aquarius a transit about to enter your reality around with winter equinox. Aquarius, a fixed air sign, is traditionally the sign of humanity.

What does fixed air mean?

It means that like air Aquarius is thinking, curious and social. But unlike Gemini and Libra, the ideas are more firm and less likely to follow the conversation. Aquarius is idealistic and has exacting standards of perfection. Like the other fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio), Aquarius is strong and holds its ideas so firmly that it is not willing to acquiesce to lesser ideas.

In this way, Aquarius is the rebel.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion so in Aquarius cultivates the eccentric, unusual, utopian and futuristic ideas. Aquarius gone bad courts the unusual to provoke reaction; Aquarius at its highest is a leader in moving people forward and sees how innovation and ideas can improve people today. Astrologers have always called Aquarius futuristic, but that’s only because of the time lag between when people hear about new ideas and technologies and when they actually accept them.

Aquarius is ready to accept the future now.

Jupiter in Aquarius 2020

The 2020-2021 Jupiter in Aquarius transit will have a bedfellow – Saturn. Jupiter is expansion and Saturn is contraction. Together there is push and pull with all things Aquarius.

Humanity is going through a great challenge this year of 2020 with intense Capricorn transits which have brought increased government control and a national response to pandemic that has equalized and normalized all governments. Governments are one.

Will humanity be one?

Humanity – Aquarius – must decide the future together. Aquarius is not personal; it is not about the individual wants and needs that guides our daily lives. These are important too and must be addressed but the transits are asking us to rise above ourselves to think of the whole. This isn’t about politics and “isms” that take away your rights. This is about the fundamental fact that we share space and time so must solve certain problems together.

If we don’t think as humanity then we will remain as we are in Capricorn – individuals within a system in which we have no power getting angry and posting on social media. This anger is then misdirected toward groups of others.

Aquarius is humanity. You are humanity. 2021 is your year.

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The Next Four Years

Earlier in the year when governments enforced various levels of lockdown of populations, I was asked as an astrologer “when it would end.” As the lockdowns began very close (and this country almost exactly) to Saturn the planet of contraction moving from Capricorn (authority, career, social consciousness) to Aquarius (friendships, ideals, civic and social groups) it appeared to be a 2.5-year cycle – the time it takes Saturn to move through a sign. Saturn contracts what it finds and is associated with responsibility, burden and caution.

No one wanted to hear 2.5 years to end!

End what, I ask?

Cycles like life have beginnings, middle portions, and endings. Like the tire on your car, the cycle rotates. When the tire returns to its original position on your car, you are not returning to the beginning (or a past state). You have moved forward or backwards. Only if you are stuck in a ditch have you not moved at all.

During crisis we want to “return” to a secure or at least familiar past or a distant and resolved future, neither of which exist. Reading a book of non-fiction recently that was written just before 9/11 and published just after, the author says what a lot of people said at the time – we’ll never be the same again.

True. We were never the same again. But we did forget and return to our habits and society continued to change, but not due to 9/11 but rather due to technology. And this pandemic will pass and we will return to our habits and society will continue to change, probably due to technology and the struggle between individuals, groups and governments.

The Next Four Years

During an American election year, we often think backwards and forwards in four-year increments. In 2016, by the way, astrologers saw this crazy 2020. The energy of authoritarianism and social upheaval was present and energy can manifest in many, many ways. The pandemic was the variable that set it in motion.

Likewise the next four years will have many cycles:

  • Jupiter will transit Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus and Gemini
  • Saturn will transit Aquarius and Pisces
  • Uranus will continue its transit of Taurus
  • Neptune will continue its transit of Pisces
  • Pluto will mostly continue its transit of Capricorn and in March 2023 will start dipping its toe into Aquarius

Visually you can see a few signs recur – Aquarius, Pisces and Taurus.


Aquarius is the fixed air sign. Air rules thoughts, ideas and social interactions. As a fixed sign, Aquarius is very intelligent and is seeking the perfect universe, the perfect society.

In about two months, Jupiter and Saturn, which went retrograde into Capricorn, will be moving into Aquarius together (called conjunct). Traditionally this is a harbinger of ruler changes (such as the old kings and queens) and social unrest. Expect this unusual year of authoritarianism to go out with some additional, unexpected changes for public and powerful figures.

2020 ain’t over.

Jupiter is the opposite of Saturn – it is expansive. Jupiter transits are seen as beneficent. When Saturn and Jupiter move together, there is the tug and pull of contraction and expansion. So 2021 will probably be volatile in regards to people gathering in groups. It’s okay, it’s not. You isolate, you need people. Back and forth.

For me Aquarius is the sign of the perfect society and is an air sign so I expect lots and lots (and lots) of arguing about the way things should be. That’s already occurring, of course, but with more Aquarius energy I expect there will be new societies and organizations forming, ones that will be the seedlings for Pluto’s 2024 move into Aquarius.

Pluto is the great destroyer and evolver and takes about 20 years to go through a sign. As it is far, it will go back and forth from Capricorn to Aquarius for about a year. In 2008 as Pluto entered Capricorn, the US housing market collapsed and took down the financial system.

That’s Pluto. But governments propped the economies back up and now at the end of its cycle it’s taking down world economies once again. Pluto forces, it does not ask. We were meant to restructure society in 2008 and we didn’t so here we are.

The year 2021 then is a critical bridge from Capricorn to Aquarius with Saturn and Jupiter leading the way.  Pluto demanded in 2008 and we ignored it so 2020 was a year of no choice. In Aquarius we can devise a more rational society based on the humanitarian ideals of Aquarius. Or we can resist Pluto and be forced, again, over and over for the next 20 years.

Our choice.

Aquarius is technological, so we are already half-way to the ideal societies that Aquarius envisions. Technology serving humanity is different than humanity serving technology and the plutocrats behind it. If the 1990s transits of Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius brought an idealization of technology and tech lords, Pluto will start to challenge that system.

Expect more demands for the democratization of technology. Folks are just starting to understand the trap of technology where our behavior is food for a system and rather than free our time for the pleasure of human interaction and social connection we are trapped into technological behaviors.

Expect too the Tech Lords to be challenged. When one individual owns the entire supply chain he (or a theoretical she) may be said to be a king (or queen).


What do you do to cope with the crazy of 2020?

Pisces, the mutable water sign, is probably part of how you cope. The positive Pisces is spiritual connection, emotional connection, empathy and sharing. Negative Pisces is escapism through excessive media, alcohol (water sign preference) and substance abuse.

Notice the relaxation of alcohol rules in the US? The powers-that-be know that staying at home for long periods makes a person dotty so are subtly encouraging alcohol consumption. Expect at the end of the Neptune cycle to have the long-overdue conversation about a rise in alcoholism.

Neptune has been in Pisces since 2011. It won’t move into Aries until 2025.

The last time Neptune was in Pisces in the mid-19th century the Britain forced opium trade upon China in what were called the opium wars (China tried to ban opium as its people were fast becoming addicted). Fascinating that this time around China is sending opiates to the US and other countries (political karma?). This time around pharmaceuticals convinced the world that narcotics were safe in small amounts. Opiate addiction combined with marking prowess applied to the heroin trade created record levels of addiction and overdoes.

Neptune is spiritual, ethereal and otherworldly. Film is ruled by Neptune because it’s an image but yet evokes our emotions as though it were real. Neptune is not solid, and can become whatever image you want it to be. Neptune can be inspiration or it can be delusion. Neptune is a guru and it may not be as easy as it seems to differentiate the true teachers from the master manipulators.

Saturn will move from Aquarius to Pisces in the same month – March 2023 – that Pluto moves into Aquarius. What a spring that will be!

Saturn contracts and the Neptune we’ve experienced since 2011 will change. The US has been fighting opiate addiction for a while now and possibly in 2023 opiates will be banned.

Saturn in Pisces is depression for lack of spiritual connection; for those that have spent the 2.5 years of Saturn in Aquarius isolated and in fear, there is bound to be a natural, lingering depressive state.

There is a generation born in the 1950s-late 1960s with Uranus and Pluto in Virgo and some with Saturn in Pisces opposite. The Uranus and Pluto in Virgo generations are the OCD generation that brought you the excessive fear of germs which now is deemed necessary and is socially acceptable. But in 2023 there may not need to be such a lingering, obsessive fear. But for this generation, the fear of germs may never end.

Your Uranus and Pluto in Virgo generation may never leave the house again. We’ll probably have shut-in interventions in spring 2023 with stories of folks not having left the house for three years.


Taurus is the fixed earth sign. Earth as you can imagine rules all that is tangible from your body to your house to the earth. Uranus travels through a sign for the magical seven years bringing awareness of all that is represented by a sign.

Have you become more body and earth aware since May 2018 when Uranus first stepped into Taurus? Uranus went retrograde for awhile as outer planets usually do then in March 2019 went direct in Taurus and has been there since.

Yeah, a pandemic makes us more aware of our bodies for sure. And then there are those fires and hurricanes and such which make us aware that where we live may no longer be safe. Oh yeah, the earth is a living, breathing entity so you can only take so much from her without expecting reaction and change.

Have you always wanted to understand more about the global supply chain?

Uranus in Taurus is good for that too as the US experiences shortages of products, not something the folks in this country are used to. Uranus brings awareness to where and how one’s “stuff” is made.

While, to me, Taurus doesn’t rule money itself (as it’s not real but a way to transfer energy), the volatility of the financial markets in some sense is Uranus in Taurus because ultimately it is the tangible that is affected. When the housing market collapsed in 2008, it wasn’t due to an individual homeowner; and as a homeowner there was nothing you could do to affect the price of your home.

The housing market collapse was due to a mathematical game where a certain class of individuals makes money. But the result affected physical property. That should have been a clue that the system needed a change.

When Jupiter enters Taurus in summer 2023, there may be some surge in home building. Today folks are experimenting with news types of smaller, mobile or unusual homes. Summer 2023 might bring some additional innovations or mass movement toward new types of living spaces.

Possibly the great benefic Jupiter will bring us vaccines and/or cures for the ailments of today and those that may arise during that time. Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus suggest weight gain in general which could be from the inactivity of isolating or due to effects of new foods and drugs.

US President

So who will be president for the next four years?

With the current and future transits, my guess is that there will be several presidents, in the old Byzantine fashion. The US is experiencing its first Pluto return – the first time Pluto has returned to the placement of 1776. The US is 250 years old, young by nation standards.

With natal Pluto in Capricorn, the evolutionary lessons involve power and authority, success and failure. All that has been occurring since 2008 is part of a much larger lesson regarding how to structure a society and the role of authority.

Are we listening?

The US has been playing the Capricorn world police and world banker for some time now. As I watch the last four years politically, it’s clear that has been permanently eroded regardless of who is next elected. All unresolved problems of the last 250 years are rising to the surface (racism, authoritarianism, monopoly).  In the chart of the US, the moon is in Aquarius. The Pluto transit of Aquarius will force us to alter our habits. Or else.

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Masks Personal, Private, Public and Corporate

This year 20/20 has brought great awareness and clarity to the public structures in which we live. Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter all transiting Capricorn, the sign of social conscious, has forced us into awareness. Without force and compulsion it’s clear man will not change. Pluto represents the area of our life where we must evolve-or else. Pluto transits a sign for 20 years so it’s generational and we share this evolutionary push from behind.

As an American, it’s also very clear that our education system which casts youth into debt that will last until their retirement is also for the purpose of something other than learning how to think critically. While we can’t be deeply knowledgeable in more than a handful of subjects, we also have no trust in experts and are unable to differentiate marketing (which is most of what we see) from actual information. Rather than arguing about whether social media sites should post this or that, it would be better not to get information from sites that are a hodge-podge of feeling, fact and opinion. But we must have information sources we can trust.

The divisiveness of American people and politics is that there is no common ground in which to talk. Uninformed opinion cannot be the basis for a debate. A debate would have points and make one think, regardless if one agrees or not. One can’t think or debate without facts (things to think and debate about).

The most prominent example is the wearing of masks. While many are complying, there is no common trust of public health experts and a great desire to prove mask-wearing as entirely right or entirely wrong and nothing else. If Americans were able to truly debate, the underlying discussion would be about personal rights versus public health and the tradeoff between and where the lines are drawn. The most ardent opponent of mask wearing would not want me to pour oil into his sewer system or bury radioactive waste right behind his backyard fence. We all have a line where private and public are separated.

Cardinal Signs

There are twelve signs of the zodiac composed of four elements (fire, earth, air and water) and three modes (cardinal, fixed and mutable). The four cardinal signs represent our personal and social interactions:

  1. Aries (fire) is about the self and assertiveness.
  2. Cancer (water) is about personal emotions and belonging.
  3. Libra (air) is about social interaction and partnership.
  4. Capricorn (earth) is about our public self, reputation and career.

These great transits of 2020 that are in the sign of Capricorn create aspects to all of the cardinal signs in one’s horoscope. The signs of any mode are in square aspect which represents similarity but also tension.

The great lesson of astrology is balance. Energy in extreme becomes its opposite which is the law of polarity. To be extreme means to bounce back and forth in a polarity causing great strife for self and others. The cardinal square demands that we create our boundaries of self and other.

Masks Personal, Private, Public and Corporate

Masks have brought the cardinal square into activation. You may be wearing a mask for many reasons including personal worry about health (Aries), concern for your family or group and fear of rejection (Cancer), to travel more easily in society (Libra) or because it’s mandated by government or business (Capricorn) – both here referred to as corporate as the lines between the two blur.

As with any square, there is natural tension. Like the balance of power that was deliberately created in this country, the square prevents a single energy from taking over. Astrology is the great trust-buster.

Today we may choose public health over the private decision to not wear a mask. Yet if that lasts forever, then personal rights can be eroded. It’s karmic irony that just a few years back the people of this country were disdainful of cultures that demanded women wear headdress, albeit for different reasons but for those cultures also in the interest of public safety.

The square assures a natural friction that prevents inertia and the eroding of one area of life. It is good we argue; it is even better that we know what we are arguing about.

It’s not about masks; it’s about personal, private, public and corporate boundaries. It’s the time to set these areas of life in balance as the current transits have revealed the great power of corporate and government. While there may be a need to trespass on personal rights for public health, mask-wearing opponents are attempting to limit the reach of corporate and government whose power increases daily and who will be reluctant to retreat to previous boundaries.

Masks are meant to maintain personal health. But for the societal health nations around the globe, the discussion is meant to continue until 2024 when Pluto moves into Aquarius. Now is the time we are meant to reset the balance of private and public.

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Saturn in Aquarius with George Orwell

Several years back as the culture became obsessed with social media and promoting our personal “brands,” I was reminded of the novel 1984 and the video screen that was the involuntary part of private life in that dystopian society.

In 1984, the video screen instructs our protagonist Winston Smith to do his exercises and serves as a private government in absentia.

Orwell’s novel was based on a reality that existed during his times and continues to exist – propaganda and media manipulation. That the themes of 1984 continue to describe the present was both shocking and fascinating since we should understand the doings of manipulators after WWII. But what this dystopian novel presents is the effect, not the cause, of society turning authoritarian.

Now that Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto have lined up in Capricorn, I wonder if maybe it happened the same way in the fictional 1984. Family and community were somehow disrupted and in a search for a strong leaders (religious, idealistic, political), the power grabbers stepped up to the plate.

Was Winston Smith a victim as I saw him while first reading in 1983? Maybe; maybe he was born into it or tried to set culture on a different course. Or maybe not; maybe he watched it grow and decided to ignore it or even support it.

George Orwell

In one of life’s many synchronicities, I was killing time waiting for a return call over a moribund device when I flipped open and old astrology book of charts. There in front of me was the chart of George Orwell born June 25, 1903, sun/moon/Neptune in Cancer and Saturn in Aquarius.

Cancer is a cardinal water sign associated with mothering, family, nurturing, personal emotions, the stomach, the feelings and sensitivity. While not all with Cancer energy have a traditional family, the underlying desire is for emotional belonging. As Cancer is ruled by the moon and reflects off of others, the moodiness associated with Cancer is most likely due to the excessive reactions to the changing emotional atmosphere around them.

To have sun, Neptune and moon in this sign signifies not just hyper-sensitivity, but a longing for one’s true family, a place called home, really home. English but born in what was “British India,” Orwell and his mother returned to his England when he was a child but as an adult joined the Imperial Police and was stationed in Burma. According to a Wikipedia article, Orwell had a “romantic idea of the East.”

While Cancer’s main motivation is to belong, Saturn in Aquarius indicates difficulties with social groups, a difficulty connecting with the group ideals and an inability to detach. This round of Saturn in Aquarius brought “social distancing” in relation to illness. In Orwell’s life, social distancing was part and parcel of the system of occupation.

Clearly Orwell didn’t like it.

Although Orwell’s Saturn was in Aquarius, it was part of a grand air trine (Saturn in Aquarius, Mars in Libra, Mercury/Pluto in Gemini) which needs the air of society in order to breathe. Air needs people, ideas, activities and stimulation. Air is also very good with words and communicating, for better or worse. I imagine Orwell was a chatterbox; and very, very curious.

Sun conjunct Neptune in any sign makes one a channel for the energies of the times and highly inspired. Without good boundaries, however, this placement can make one lose a sense of self. Orwell clearly was able to use this aspect creatively leaving a legacy and guide for future generations.

The Crime of Connection

While the society depicted in 1984 is totalitarian, what gets Winston Smith into trouble is not any of his work editing historical documents, refusal to listen to the video screen or any kind of political protest. What gets him into trouble is falling in love.

Until he falls in love, Winston Smith lives his solitary life in his tightly-controlled society without much complaint. It’s connecting emotionally to another human being that unravels his world.

The first act of authoritarianism is to break the emotional connections between people. If you join a cult, the first request will be to break with those you know who won’t join.

Saturn in Aquarius kept people apart in Orwell’s time due to occupation and social class. Saturn in Aquarius in 1932-1934 brought genocide and the splitting of nations. In 1962-1964, it brought social unrest where the “socially distant” classes demanded the same rights as the dominant class. In 1991-1993 it brought a non-physical connection through technology. In late March 2020, Saturn again went into Aquarius and brought with it an open request for physical distancing.

The inability to feel the feelings and experiences of others is what allows us to continue with behavior that is destructive to others. If you absolutely knew that your coffee beans were picked by child slave labor, would you drink it? The supply chain is long and far so what some people give for others to get is largely unseen.

Social disconnection creates desensitization.

Family to Corporation

Astrology has helped me understand the patterns that led to the current rise of authoritarianism. At the beginning of WWI, Pluto entered Cancer, the sign of family, and destroyed the traditional extended family and clan systems.

Now Pluto is in the opposite sign of Capricorn and in the place of family and community we have government and/or corporation. In spring 2020, the US shut down business and sent people a check. Even those who profess the greatest love of capitalism would feel the need to accept a check if all other work was prohibited.

In the early 20th century, we traded family and community for government and corporation all over the world and in different ways. Corporations run on the profit principle so can only help people in ways that keep them solvent. Government ideally protects public interest although not necessarily in the ways the public wants.

With Saturn in Aquarius social distancing, the connections we create through corporations and governments is being severed.

How are we now going to connect with others if not through family, community, corporation or government?

If Pluto in Cancer started the cycle, then we are half-way through. Maybe in its 124-year trek back to Cancer we will create new support systems that are based on emotional connections.

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Brexit: Astrological Lesson in Decision Making

On June 23, 2016 when Uranus was at 23 degrees Aries, the people of the United Kingdom decided to separate from the European Union. On March 29, 2017 with Uranus still at 23 degrees of Aries, the Prime Minister formally triggered Article 50 for a two-year exit strategy.

Did Uranus stop moving for a year?

No. Uranus did this eye-trick called retrograde. Because of the great distances between earth and other planets, they sometimes appear to move backwards in the sky. After the Brexit referendum in 2016, Uranus went “backwards” and in March 2017 was moving forward again.

Brexit models the astrological symbolism of retrograde – a reversal of energy and difficulty moving forward.

Four years later, Uranus has since changed signs and is now in Taurus. Brexit was decided in Aries and must be implemented in Taurus.

Astrological lesson to politicians – decide and act in the same zodiac sign.


Uranus is the planet of enlightenment. Enlightenment means that things become clear. Things can be ideas, innovations, spiritual insights or just the simple and often sudden awareness of people and events.

Scientists are ruled by Uranus because they are looking for the clarity that Uranus brings. It is not the gods that create thunder but the collision of air masses of differing temperatures. Uranus aligns with mental insights not emotional connections.

Uranus is what helps you see that when you are dining with your spouse at an unfamiliar restaurant and the server knows your spouse’s name that there is something amiss. Possibly the situation has been going on for years. Uranus awareness tends to come suddenly or with jolt to awaken.

Uranus is not emotional; the result of discovering a spouse is having an affair is not the awareness of it. The emotions that arise from awareness are in the realm of Neptune which likes heightened states of being (like love) and often supports illusion to maintain that state. Disillusionment may be caused by Uranus insight but is not the same.

Uranus in Aries

During the recent transit of Uranus in Aries (2011 – 2019), enlightenment involved areas of life ruled by Aries. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and as a cardinal fire sign likes to take charge of any situation. Aries is self and is assertive; in extreme it is aggressive. Aries demands for self which can bring self-respect and human rights; in extreme it is selfish and self-aggrandizing. Aries is ruled by Mars which is the God of War. Aries is athletic and likes to fight or compete. In extreme, it’s always looking for a fight, even in peace.

Uranus in Aries brought us the “selfie” and personalized marketing which resulted from Uranian technology that lives in the palm of our hands. Loyalty programs stressed the “me” and “my” of Aries and also made sure that you are marketed according to your individual tastes.

While personalized marketing makes a “self” feel special, its danger lies in creating a bubble of self and unawareness of others.

Globally Uranus in Aries brought the Arab Spring and demand for rights. Unfortunately, as Uranus passed through Aries the power planet Pluto was (and still is) in Capricorn creating barriers to those efforts that were not surmounted. Uranus in Aries tried to raise self-awareness, but Pluto Plutocracies suppressed it.

Uranus in Taurus

Uranus began to move into Taurus in May 2018 but did that retrograde thing until March 2019 when it stayed in Taurus for its seven-year journey.

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and is a fixed earth sign. If the first sign Aries relates to the first part of our life when we are infants discovering our separate self, Taurus is the second stage where we get attached to stuff and yell “Mine!”

With the global pandemic, we can see the Taurus fear of poverty and deprivation and the subsequent hoarding of stuff. Expect stuff and the prices of stuff to have Uranus sudden ups and downs until Uranus passes into Gemini in 2025.

Taurus relates to anything physical including the body, earth, property and natural resources; sudden changes to these areas was expected and is clearly evident. The way we treat the earth is representative of the way we treat our bodies and both are in need of improvement.

Money is kinda-sorta represented by Taurus. Money isn’t a real thing but allows the transfer of real things between flesh-and-bones people. Money fluctuations are a result of the fluctuation of our hopes and fears.

Taurus is ultimately about values and any money spent in excess of what’s needed to survive generally represents what we value. And some choose to bypass needs for wants which is also indicative of values. We’ve all experienced the excuse of “I don’t have the money” only to see the money spent in some other way.

Brexit: From Aries to Taurus

In a fascinating display of astrological symbolism, Brexit started with an Aries motivation of cultural sovereignty and self-assertion and is now stuck in Taurus need for physical security. Brexit is hung up on trade deals and is now facing a powerful EU.

Horoscopes for nations, especially those with long histories, are difficult to cast although notable points in history help. If we use the Norman Conquest as Great Britain’s horoscope, we’ll see the sun in early Capricorn and moon in late Pisces.

That Great Britain is ruled by Capricorn is no great surprise due to the hierarchical nature of that sign. Capricorn is authority and loves to be the boss. Venus in 29 degrees of Capricorns indicates a very selective social sphere also aligned with hierarchy. Royalty is an historical relic for much of the west but still exists in the UK albeit with limited political power.

The current Pluto in Capricorn transit crossed over the sun in this horoscope in the 2012-2013 timeframe representing the evolution of the conscious self. Possibly that is when the people in the UK felt a Capricorn sense of failure due to loss of historical political control.

What’s interesting too is that Great Britain and the United States have continued to be allies in the global power plays of banking and war; the United States has Pluto in 27 degrees of Capricorn and is going through its own evolution of power. As is already becoming evident, when Pluto goes into Aquarius in 2024, the UK and the US will no longer be the dominant powers, at least as nations. The corporate entities of these two nations may still lead global politics as some do today and the East India Company did historically. The more outwardly authoritarian nations of China and Russia are now dominant. In one way, the reactions of the US and UK seem to have led to their own demises.

Had the leaders of the UK acted upon the referendum while Uranus was still in Aries, they might have had more success. Aries would have charged forward with a sense of self-satisfaction and the physical aspects could have been resolved when Uranus moved into Taurus. Aries is impulsive and Taurus is methodical; it might have served to finish the deal impulsively and used the seven years of Uranus in Taurus to restock the pantry shelves.

The first Brexit extension was timed almost perfectly to the transition of Uranus from Aries to Taurus – April and May 2019. The extension to January 2020 was clearly created without astrological consult as astrologers knew well in advance that 2020 would be a difficult year with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all lining up in Capricorn.

The recent and current transits of social and outer planets in the earth signs of Capricorn (Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto) and Taurus (Uranus) represent a destroyed (Saturn/Pluto) and evolving (Jupiter/Pluto) social system. As is common to hear today, there is no going back to what we considered “normal” which, of course, is in the eyes of the beholder.

If the UK didn’t heed the astrology of Uranus, they might want to heed the astrology of Saturn. In the spring of 2025 Saturn will be transiting that late Pisces moon (mutable water sign). Saturn transiting this sensitive moon suggests a populace not too happy and seeking spiritual relief. Pisces is water so the parts of the Kingdom surrounded by water may need more protection of its coastlines.

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The Roaring 2020s

Often in our pandemic news we hear a lot about the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918 and how pandemics recur every so often. If pandemics have a cycle then so do post-pandemics.

After the Pandemic of 1918, which officially lasted a couple years until spring 1920, we had the Roaring 20s, a period of economic growth with women smoking and showing their knees. It lasted a good nine years until the stock market crash of 1929 and the Great Depression. That lasted until the start of WWII which was apparently good for the economy. Then there were the 1950s which in movies and TV was happy and blissful until the contentious 1960s when cultural revolutions occurred in many countries in many different ways. Then the 1970s were a general slump until the 1980s and 1990s brought more sustained growth and the rise of corporate power. Until 2008 the world economy crashed again due to greed and over-leveraging but was recovering until . . . the pandemic of 2019-2020.

Yes, quite a nutshell for a hundred years of history. But if there’s one thing I’ve astrology has taught me is that life is about cycles. When will the pandemic end according to astrology?

Saturn entered Aquarius at the very beginning of the pandemic and its cycle though a sign is two and half years. That seems to correspond to the biology of it.

But to think it will “end” is to forget about cycles. Looking at the 20th century, we see continual ups and downs of the economy and the culture. Experiencing this 2020 pandemic first hand as an American, it’s now clear to me why this happens in my country — the culture is extreme, a type of manic depressive culture. We’re being treated for the depression, but not for the mania.

With the pandemic, the extreme accepters are afraid to leave the house for fear of dying. The extreme deniers believe it’s all a conspiracy of some sort. Our politics follows our culture and is split into two polarizing parties.

Highs and Lows

This year the outer planet energies have been in mostly earth and water – Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto in earth-sign Capricorn; Uranus in earth-sign Taurus; and Neptune in water-sign Pisces.

Earth and water signs are more introverted whereas the fire and air signs are more extroverted. Earth is practical; water emotional. Fire is spiritual and air social. Saturn, the planet of contraction, moving into air-sign Aquarius put fence around social interaction.

Earth and water are more prone than fire and air to pessimism (called “realism” for earth signs) and brooding. Fire and air are more optimistic and tend to bounce back or move away from problems much faster than earth and water.

If the history and cycles of the 20th century are repeating, this low, depressive state will be followed by a euphoric manic state. Astrologically, that begins in 2023 – 2025.

This heavy earth and water energy will be transitioning mostly to air and then some fire. Saturn has already entered Aquarius although it is currently back in Capricorn moving retrograde. At the end of September Saturn will go direct and in mid December it will be back in Aquarius. At just about the same time, Jupiter will also move into Aquarius. The conjunction of these two planets is a traditional astrological harbinger of change in rulers. It’s also social unrest.

The push and pull of social distancing will continue throughout 2021. Jupiter is expansive and Saturn contractive so we will have the “highs” and “lows” of social interaction, politics and cultural trends.

It will take a couple more years, 2023, before Pluto starts to move into Aquarius. The great wave of authoritarian power grabs we are experiencing today will start to shift into Aquarian ideals which are about community and technology. While Aquarius is idealistic, it is not emotional so this is about sharing ideas, not hugs and kisses. Expect more community but also more selectivity.

In 2025, Uranus moves from earth-sign Taurus to air-sign Gemini. The seven-year cycle of Uranus in Taurus from 2018 – 2025 is body, earth and money volatility. When Uranus moves into Gemini, we will see sudden shift and volatility with communication, media and neighborhoods. Gemini rules the lungs so as some news has reported, this illness may leave lasting lung issues. Mask wearing may contribute in some way to lung issues or breathing issues.

Also in 2025, Neptune and Saturn will move into fire-sign Aries. Aries rules the self and is self-assertive and athletic. If Uranus in Aries from 2011 – 2018 brought us the selfie, Neptune and Saturn in Aries will probably having us build statues of ourselves. Neptune in Aries also can glorify war and sports. During Neptune’s last transit of Aries the US had a Civil War.  With Neptune in Aries combined with the Aquarius energy, I’m expecting more but smaller nation-states and redefined interdependencies.

The Roaring 2020s

For those that are waiting for all the illness and negativity to end can look forward to the mid-2020s when we’ll certainly have more parties and probably more fun. We may also have more communities, ones we choose rather than ones we are born into.

But as history and our cycles have shown, when we go too high or too low, the other side awaits us. Cycles describe energy; our suffering from that energy is based on how we entered into it and how we react.

The current lineup of planets in Capricorn sent shudders of fear through astrologers as they watched it approach. Yet if we lived in more harmony and balance on this earth, the same energy might have been less painful and allowed us to evolve social structures more quickly which is what that energy describes. Pluto forces, it does not ask, so now we must change these structures under duress.

Balance is the lesson of astrology. Balance evens out the highs and lows, which are a part of living.

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Kamala Harris: Astrological Tips from Predecessors

There’s a lot of excitement about Kamala Harris, Senator from California, being picked as the Vice Presidential running mate of Democrat Joe Biden. It’s a bit confounding since in 2016 we a two woman running for the top spot of president – wasn’t that more exciting?

What’s even more confounding is that Harris dropped out of the race quite early and doesn’t even appear on delegate and vote counts. If we like her so much, why didn’t we support and vote for her?

In 2016 when Hillary Clinton was running for president so few liked her not because she was female, they said, but because she was Hillary. With Harris we seem to have flipped our position. Now we like Harris because she is female where a female was promised the spot on the ticket. While we may like her specific qualities, would any female have been enough?

Harris is not the first woman to run for the Vice President. The first, also in the Democratic Party, was Geraldine Ferraro in 1984. Next in female line for Vice President was Sarah Palin on the Republican ticket in 2008. And well before Hillary Clinton there was Victoria Woodhull of the Equal Rights Party who ran for President in 1872 with former-slave Frederick Douglass as her running mate – just seven years after the Civil War and 48 years before women were even allowed to vote!

While it’s exciting to see a talented female rise to the top, this is a very traditional marriage and Harris might want to get some astrological tips from her predecessors who, you may have noted, were not successful. Vice Presidents in general are definitely in the passenger seat on the arduous drive to the While House whether male or female.

And Harris’ chart suggests she is not a silent passenger.

Sun and moon

Harris has sun in Libra and moon in Aries – opposite signs (full moon to the average person). These two signs are cardinal signs and therefore take charge, like to start things (but not necessarily finish them) and are often pushy and bossy.

Libra is the sign of the “other” while Aries rules the “self.” Since the sun represents our conscious self, Libra tends to form its identity by partnering up with others and often taking on some of their personality characteristics. Aries, in contrast, is about self and is courageous and assertive, wanting to be first, and embracing the new. But it’s the moon not sun in that sign which suggests a reactive nature that is impulsive, self-oriented and bold.

Moon in Aries, I’ve discovered, has a type of courage that will challenge even the strongest powers and most established institutions (such as moon in Aries Bernie Sanders). Moon in Aries leads; it does not follow and is highly competitive.

With this opposition of other-oriented Libra and self-oriented Aries, Harris is very aware of the opinions of others and constantly reacting to those opinions. While Aries moon is bold, the weakness of Libra sun in politics is that it has a deep-seated need to be liked. So the balance of force (Aries) and diplomacy (Libra) is always a challenge.

Neither sign likes to be told what to do. Cardinal signs tend to react to advice like cats to having their teeth cleaned. When offering advice to cardinal signs it’s best to provide the advice, listen patiently to their several dozen reactions and then wait. They do listen, but will not demonstrate that immediately.

Harris’ Mars in Leo is a fire trine to moon in Aries. This provides a lot of energy which will be very useful in the political battle to come. Mars and moon in fire also means she never backs down – or apologizes.

Discriminating in Relationships

Mercury in Scorpio trine Uranus/Pluto/Venus in Virgo creates a very discriminating mind and very direct speech. Both signs have perfectionistic tendencies and the “love me perfect” Venus in Virgo expects to give and receive love in a very specific manner.

Uranus/Pluto/Venus conjunct suggests erratic love life with sudden shifts. Since love and sexual indiscretion are the first targets of political attack, I’m expecting some odd Pluto/Uranus type to come forward.

Research shows Harris first marrying at age 50, unusual in this country and highly unusual for Libra, suggesting the prominence of the Aries moon and need for independence. That independent streak may be a problem in this traditional political marriage.

Saturn Return

Saturn in the horoscope is where we feel lack and often is an area of unconscious focus – a wound we keep trying to fix. For Harris, Saturn is in Aquarius, the sign of social organization, individual and group ideals, technology and humanitarianism.

Just this year, Saturn moved into Aquarius. You may not have heard that but you did begin hearing the term “social distancing” at almost the same time that Saturn moved into Aquarius from Capricorn. What a perfect term for this aspect.

Those with Saturn in Aquarius might be loners due to the feeling that they don’t fit in with the group. As with today’s “social distancing,” there are many reasons people and groups ostracize others. Today it’s because of illness, but isn’t this also a good excuse to stay away from people you don’t like?

By running for president with Saturn in Aquarius, Harris will be facing her greatest learning – dealing with acceptance and rejection by the group. Her second Saturn return will occur in winter 2023. Harris’ Saturn is nicely aspected to both the sun and moon. When feeling out of step with the group, Harris may choose Libra charm and diplomacy to assimilate; or she may choose Aries fiery boldness to impress a group that loves technology and new ideas. Or she may choose to use her Mars in Leo opposite to stand with pride and fight.

She has several good astrological strategies for dealing with her Saturn.

Saturn returns in general are about maturity. The first at age 29 is when people begin to “settle down” and “grow up.” If they don’t mature at this time, chances are they never will. The second when one is close to 60 is that portion of life where one decides how they want to live that last portion of their lives.

How will she get along with Joe Biden?

While Harris and Biden have a representation of all elements (fire, earth, air and water), Harris is more comprised of air and fire (sun in Libra, Saturn in Aquarius, moon in Aries, Mars in Leo) while Biden has lots of earth and water (Mars, Mercury, sun and Venus in Scorpio, Jupiter in Cancer and moon in Taurus).

For Harris, Biden is a bit slow and methodological; she processes mentally very quickly and makes decisions immediately. Biden, in contrast, with Taurus moon is slow to react. I expect some behind-the-scenes “talks” from Biden to Harris about reacting to quickly or strongly.

Biden’s Scorpio energy is quite controlling emotionally. Moon in Taurus isn’t controlling so much as seeking certainty which sometimes is through simplicity and “either/or” thinking – which does work well in politics. Biden will focus responses on one or two points where Harris is willing to tackle the complex and ambiguous with a mind that is agile willingly to denounce all 50 of your misstatements.

Harris may initially enjoy Biden’s Jupiter-in-Cancer let’s have Sunday dinner together every week. But this Aries moon may not want meatloaf with gravy every single Sunday until the election and definitely not for four years.

Astrological Tips from Predecessors

As noted above, no woman has succeeded in reaching the US vice presidency or the US presidency. Let’s see what these women learned.

Victoria Woodhull – If there’s one woman who rises to the top on straight courage, it’s Woodhull. She not only ran for president at a time when women could not even vote, she also was the first woman to open a brokerage firm and the first woman to start a weekly newspaper. If that wasn’t enough, she was an advocate of “free love.” This is 1872, remember.

Woodhull was born on the cusp of Virgo and Libra. She formed the “Equal Rights Party” and promoted free love which suggests Libra. She like Harris also had Mars in Leo, suggesting courage and pride and lack of fear. Unfortunately, Woodhull spent the last part of her life in exile in England.

Woodhull’s Saturn and moon were in Scorpio, the sign of sex, death and regeneration. Scorpio treads into these areas that most avoid. For Woodhull, public discourse on sex created an accusation of obscenity.

Lesson for Harris: Women are generally attacked politically for not having traditional female traits. Harris’ Moon in Aries is Annie Oakley singing “Anything you can do, I can do better.” You can. Just don’t say it.

Geraldine Ferraro – Ferraro had sun, Neptune, Mercury and Venus in Virgo which is the very discriminating mind and buckets of intelligence. Moon in Leo provided that fiery pride and energy that appears in the charts of our presidentially-minded females. Jupiter and Mars were conjunct in Scorpio – another energy that seems incline females to seek male power.

After the 1984 election, we didn’t hear much about Ferraro. She ran with a flat Capricorn Walter Mondale. This seems a similar situation to the one Harris faces – both women seemed to have more energy and charisma than than their leading partner.

Lesson for Harris: The more dynamic female partner generally does not cancel out the dominant male partner. Aries moon will try excessively hard to do the work of two. This may hurt Biden.

Sarah Palin – Since the 2008 election, Palin has gone into obscurity. Like Harris, she has Saturn in Aquarius having been born in the same year. As blogged in OHA, Palin has a very similar chart to Axl Rose and a similar volatile quirkiness. Palin was clearly selected as a light-weight counter balance to the serious and brusque John McCain.

Palin like Harris has Saturn in Aquarius, having been born about eight months prior to Harris. But unlike Harris, Palin had a little too much air (Mercury, moon, sun, Mars and Saturn in Aquarius) which created incoherent speech and disjointed thoughts.

The fire in Palin’s chart comes from Venus and Jupiter in Aries. It seems a little Aries or Leo energy is needed to have the pride and courage to challenge the big guys.

Lesson for Harris: McCain’s plan didn’t work; adding a woman to the ticket to challenge the history-making black presidential candidate indicated that gender trumps race. Biden still has to win the election on his merits alone.

Hillary Clinton – Clinton ran for President in 2008 and 2016 and both times was overrun and defeated by a male upset. Clinton has the Scorpio energy (sun, Venus, Mercury) and Leo energy (Mars, Pluto, Saturn) that seems to be in the charts of the few women who make it this far.

In 2008, Barack Obama won 95% of the black vote while Clinton only won 54% of the female vote in 2016. And deeper analysis showed that 64% of non-college educated white women voted for Trump. A woman running for President is not a role model for other women.

Lesson for Harris: Women do not admire and support other strong, successful women. Female low self-esteem will be projected upon you.

What’s Harris to do?

In the effort to compete with men in one of the most powerful positions on the planet, women tend to appease the pollsters that say she must smile more. So far, the advice has not worked.

Harris has a good balance of diplomacy and drive in the horoscope. And Aries moon is not one that accepts defeat. I suspect with Mars transiting Aries throughout the election cycle, Harris will fight back – even if Biden tries to suppress it.

It’s fight or drink a cup of instant smile.

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Mars in Aries Wants Sports

Often when the US federal government takes some important, strategic action like bombing or invading another country, the astrological alignments are so precise, I’m convinced there’s a “court astrologer” influencing and timing the actions.

Then there are local governments and the decision to cancel all sporting events while Mars is transiting Aries. Dumb. Here it would be wise to consult the local astrologers.

But you may have noticed that while the local governments are trying to keep people safe from illness, the people are getting increasingly restless and agitated. So while the threat from illness may have decreased, the threat from each other is growing. If people can’t release this energy, there’s more trouble to come.

Mars and Aries

Mars, the mythological god of war, astrologically rules the sign of Aries. Mars went into Aries at the very end of June 2020. Usually Mars transits a sign for a couple months (with a two-year cycle around the sun). But this year — this unusual 2020 — Mars will go retrograde and be in Aries both backwards and forwards until January 2021 – that’s six months of Mars in the sign it rules.

Mars, like Saturn, can get a lot of negative press. Because Mars is the active, male principle there can be lots of violence associated with it. But it’s important to understand that without Mars, we would never take action, start that project, stand up for ourselves, and demand basic human rights. Mars and Aries have courage. Mars stands up for itself.

Aries rules the “self” and it’s no wonder the “selfie” came to prominence during the Uranus transit of Aries from 2011-2018. Self-esteem is critical to the functioning of a self. When there is high self-esteem, Mars and Aries have the courage to stand up for self and demand the intrinsic rights of self. When there is low self-esteem, then Aries and Mars become angry, domineering and potentially violent.


Athletes are ruled by Mars due to the drive, goal-orientation, energy and competitiveness needed in an athlete. If a person has Mars in the first house of the horoscope, there is athletic ability, especially if in a fire sign. The sun or moon in Aries also creates a great drive to assert self which athleticism being a popular channel for this.

With Mars transiting Aries, there is also a collective need for this outlet. Not only does the energy of sports provide outlet for natural energy, it also fosters the sense of community that is being challenged during Saturn’s transit of Aquarius which brought us the new “social distancing.”


While we don’t want people to get sick and/or die from illness, we also don’t want them killing each other. The rise in violence and non-peaceful protests has increased this year which can be attributed to the great transits of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto through the authoritarian sign of Capricorn.

Aries squares Capricorn so the energy of Mars in Aries will continue to battle the forces of government, authoritarian control, regulation and law during the next six months.

Mars is a personal planet while Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are non-personal, outer planets that govern longer time periods and society’s shifts and evolutions. Mars generally cannot win against so large a force; but that will not stop Mars from trying.

This is a story that is in many myths of the individual facing a much larger force and winning. Ultimately, Mars is saying that the individual matters. Mars can face this larger force with courage and resolve or it can face this larger force with petty acts of violence.

Mars in Aries Wants Sports

Allowing sports will not solve the global issues that face us, but it will allow the individuals to express the natural, human need for activity. Humans can only drink in front of the television for so long if they have a well-aspected Mars.

Today’s world has much suppression for the natural energies of humans including legal drugs, illegal drugs, and media. We don’t want people to take recreational opiates and fall asleep in the car but we also don’t want them to go outside and play basketball. Alcohol restrictions lift daily (thank you Neptune in Pisces) but this will just create more problems with Mars which as fire does not want to be drowned in water.

What is Mars to do?

Again, Mars may not have the overwhelming strength and structure of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. Yet the courage of Mars will not stop it from demanding what the self needs.

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You can’t eradicate half a duality

Polarity is a continuum of a particular energy with two extremes – poles. The tai chi symbol is a polarity and teaches that when energy is extreme it becomes its opposite.

Polarity is not duality. Duality is the “fake news” of polarity and creates artificial divides and calls them opposites. The American two-party political system is a perfect example of a dualism where the political landscape is split in two which forces the populace to pick “a side” of two factions that are a mishmash of beliefs that have no particular consistency but are under the guise of certain principles (which have also lost meaning) of “conservative” and “liberal.”

The Western world and the United States in particular are extremely dualistic in thinking. The United States splits much into two great divides with smaller players hanging on the edge: political parties (Republican/Democrat); carbonated beverage (Coke/Pepsi); toothpaste (Colgate/Crest); and big box stores (Target/Walmart).

Dualism creates the attitude of “you’re with me or against me” and also feeds a sense of superiority, regardless of which side of the dualism is preferred. Dualism is the “divide and conquer” strategy of olden times and continues to work effectively even at these times of extreme change when unity is required.

The astrological polarities being activated now are in the cardinal square. Cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Aries and Libra are one polarity; Cancer and Capricorn the other. The Aries-Libra polarity is the first polarity of a horoscope and a good place to start with polarity.

Aries is “self” and Libra is “other.” Aries establishes the self and self-esteem, the positive energy needed to wake each day with energy and optimism. The “other” is Libra, those people “out there.” Libra’s focus is relationship, its skill is charm and its way to maintain relationship is to constantly adjust to the needs of the other. Libra energy reflects off of the other to define self, the self that Aries establishes on its own.

Too much Aries is too much self-centeredness which leads to harm to others. Too much Libra is loss of individuality and manipulation of others to get needs met. All “others” who exist out there come from individual “selves” so self and other are contained within each other. And what human is happy without a connection to others?

This is polarity.

After Aries learns to balance self with others, it moves to the Cancer-Capricorn polarity. Cancer is the personal consciousness, the emotional self that wants to nurture, and be nurtured. While Cancer is personal consciousness, its motivation is to find its family or group to which it emotionally “belongs.” Cancer can feel “motherly.”

Opposite Cancer is Capricorn or the social consciousness. This is where we decide what we want to be in the world, what it means to be successful and how we are going to take care of our family and society through proper laws and social structure. While Capricorn can be coldly ambitious, its motivation is to earn respect from others. Capricorn can feel “fatherly.”

Who benefits from duality?

Currently there are three planets transiting Capricorn, planets that describe social and generational changes: Jupiter, Saturn (just went back into Capricorn), and Pluto. Mars, the planet that rules Aries, just went into Aries for a long six months as it will go retrograde (backwards) during this transit.

The polarities of self/other and personal/social are activated at this time. If Americans weren’t dualistic in their thinking, instead of arguing about a constantly-changing “this” and “that,” we would discuss the polarities: How far do personal freedoms go when they affect others? What is public and what is private? How and when do you cut into private to promote public?

Air is public in its nature – you can’t section off a bit of air (yet). So if I (self) pollute the air, it affects the public (others). This is obvious but when we discuss public health, we can’t seem to create the same foundation of understanding that built highways, airports, and sewage systems.

In the United States, duality has created great ironies. An authoritarian Capricorn system is removing safeguards (rather than putting them in place) in the guise of Aries/Cancer private “freedoms.” Capricorn’s goal is to protect public rules and laws.

Dualistic thinking keeps people arguing while neither private nor public wins. No one wins in a duality. A dual is not a duel where one man dies.

You can’t eradicate half a duality

The lesson of polarity (and astrology) is balance. Polarities are managed by staying in balance. After all these years I understand why the ancient Chinese called it the “middle way.” Stay in the center of yourself and you stay in the balance with your own polarities. There is the path to peace.

By making polarities dualities, the dualistic sides are continuously trying to eradicate each other, as they’ve done throughout history. The most notorious are dualities based on religious or philosophical belief that decided to eradicate the duality, people had to die.

It never works and never will.

In the United States, we want to eradicate racism. But how can we eradicate racism without eradicating the other side of the racism duality which is white superiority which defines the very culture? And how can we eradicate racism when the races are split into two different, dualistic neighborhoods?

Those that promote duality are watching their fellow humans destroy each other and the earth for their own gain. Every time we engage in duality, we give our energy to those that promote duality. They win and we lose energy (and money and property). Duality is like a bipolar disorder that is fed by those that like to watch us swing back and forth draining our life force.

Balance is the key to the horoscope. Some are born with more natural balance; some have to work very hard to achieve it.

We can try to achieve balance and then discuss rationally how to protect public health and also maintain people’s livelihoods at the same time. Or we can continue our historical attempts to eradicate half of a fake duality.

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Trail of Time: July 11, 1843 / July 11, 2020

The National Museum of the American Indian is my favorite museum of all time. Why? While it’s technically a museum about the heritage of people who were living on this land before contact, it’s really, truly a museum about how to live on earth, how to cherish the earth and how to live in harmony with it and humbly upon it.

“Tree hugger” is a pejorative term that shows modern man’s complete disconnection from the source of his life – earth. In The National Museum of the American Indian we see images of people accepting that they are dependent upon earth and cherishing it through love and ceremony. That we have to be taught to cherish air and water would be unbelievable to a visitor from another planet, yet it is true.

Consumer culture is attempting to make a certain kind of economic peace with the earth. Yet, much of our sustainability efforts are unmet and constantly challenged by the force of business. Because something can be recycled, for example, doesn’t mean that it is and our goals of sustainability are geared toward keeping up with consumerism rather finding sustainability for essential needs and conserving for future generations.

We’re cycling forward and backward in some interesting ways and with some ironies. For example, the western world is now embracing spiritual and mental practices of the Far East such as yoga and meditation. Is this backwards or forwards?

And technological advances may make us feel like we’re moving forward. But these same advances keep us busier than ever, disconnected from our physical world and allow wealth to be concentrated in a few individuals and organizations as in a feudal state. It this backwards or forwards?

July 11, 1843

In The Ohio Frontier: An Anthology of Early Writing, we learn the last Indians of Ohio, the Wyandots, left on July 11, 1843. This was in the middle of forced Indian migration starting with the Indian Removal Act of 1830 and the Trail of Tears which forced southeastern tribes to migrate west of the Mississippi River.

Our citizens seemed to look upon the scene of their departure from among us with feelings of melancholy interest. To reflect that the last remnants of a powerful people, once the proud possessors of the soil we now occupy, were just leaving their beloved hunting grounds and the graves of their ancestors – that their council fires had gone out and their wigwams were deserted – was well calculated to awaken the liveliest of sympathies of the human heart. No one, we are sure, who felt such emotions, could refrain from breathing a devout aspiration to the “Great Spirit,” that he would guide and protect them on their journey, and carefully preserve them as a people after they shall have arrived at their new home in the far, far west.

The social and outer planet placements on that day: Jupiter 26 Aquarius; Saturn 22 Capricorn; Uranus 2 Aries; Neptune 20 Aquarius; Pluto 22 Aries.

Jupiter and Neptune were conjunct in Aquarius representing visions of the ideal society. Clearly “ideal” is in the eye of the beholder. Pluto and Saturn were square representing the aggressive social imperative. Uranus was in 2 Aries as it was in May 2011 which was during the time of the Arab Spring. Uranus in Aries is about self-awareness and self-assertion. Often this translates into standing up for one’s rights. Uranus in Aries gone bad is self-interest at the expense of others.

Aquarius and Aries are both futuristic signs – Aquarius has the ideas and Aries has the motivation. Together this indicates great scientific and technological advance. Neptune  into Aquarius again in the 2000s and was at 20 degrees 2007-2009; this round brought digital life and digital communities and new ideals based upon technology.

For the Native Americans, it was the Saturn in Capricorn that they experienced; they were not part of this ideal society and had to go. The United States has Pluto in 27 degrees of Capricorn which is evolutionary lessons regarding society, social structure and social consciousness. Transiting Pluto in Aries was square to natal Pluto and decided that forced removal rather than integration was needed.

July 11, 2020

The social and outer planet placements on this day: Jupiter 22 Capricorn; Saturn 29 Capricorn; Uranus 10 Taurus; Neptune 20 Pisces; Pluto 23 Capricorn.

There’s lots of Capricorn energy this year. Saturn moved into Aquarius at the end of March as we began social distancing due to coronavirus. Now it has gone retrograde and is back in Capricorn and, surprise, we are back to where we were in March with increased rates of coronavirus. Scientists and astrologers were aligned on this one . . .

If the evolutionary lesson of the United States involves society, social structure and social consciousness, the current energies are a wonderful opportunity for growth in these areas. Are you loving it?

The very foundation of United States social structure is being challenged. For example, in Columbus, Ohio a statue of Christopher Columbus was torn down in front of a college called Columbus State. The statue is gone but the city name remains. Who are you Columbus? Will your name change? Now that the statue is gone, how will you be different?

Pluto in Capricorn returning to its original placement in the chart of the United States suggests we can take a step up the evolutionary ladder to a higher manifestation of Capricorn. In its lowest form, Capricorn is hierarchical, authoritarian and rigid. In its highest form, it is about respect and the organization of society based on the rule of law to support respect. Class systems come from Capricorn which wants to create a “superior” and “inferior” way of being because of Capricorn’s greatest fear – failure.

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