Saturn in Aquarius – What you Already Know and What you Might Want to Know

Saturn the planet of contraction, maturation and crystallization changed signs today – from earth-sign Capricorn to air-sign Aquarius. But you knew that even if you aren’t an astrologer.

Capricorn, a cardinal earth sign, represents social consciousness, our reputation, our career and authority. You may have noticed increased authority in your life these days. Pluto, Jupiter and Mars are also in this sign so don’t think authority will diminish just because Saturn changed signs.

Outer planet energies affect us all similarly on the globe. What’s fascinating about today is how we are sharing a global experience. Think about the mid 1960s. At that time, there were also intense outer planet aspects of Pluto/Uranus conjunct in Virgo opposite Saturn in Pisces. In the west, this led to the Hippie culture and the dissolving of existing social norms and familial expectations. China was experiencing the same energy in a Cultural Revolution that also dissolved ties to the past. There were similarities of energy, but different manifestations.

Today, in contrast, we are experiencing globally same manifestation – pandemic. The government responses are almost identical. Pluto in Capricorn has brought a global infrastructure.

We are now one earth.

Saturn in Aquarius – What You Already Know

Yet today Saturn sneaked out of Capricorn into Aquarius, the fixed air sign of idealistic society, goals, civic and group activity. As Saturn is the contracting principle, you may have noticed that group activities have been curtailed. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus (which itself is transiting Taurus) which is also known as the planet of genius, innovation, technology, electricity and just about anything labelled “ahead of its time.”

Prior to last week, I wouldn’t have imagined the term “social distancing.” But it fits quite nicely with the planetary aspect of Saturn in Aquarius. As my friend says, “You can’t make this shit up.”

So we know that we need to social distance for a while. But how long?

Well, my friends, Saturn is in Aquarius but being one of those far-away planets often appears to travel backwards. So it will go forwards in Aquarius until May then go backwards until September traveling back into Capricorn not moving back into Aquarius until mid December.

Trigger points then are May, September and December. Hopefully that helps you with timing; at least for this year. But Saturn has a 2.5 year transit through each sign so ripple effects will continue for a couple years.

See you at the Christmas party.

Saturn in Aquarius – What You Might Want to Know

If you are American, you might want to know that the US is having its Pluto return (in 27 degrees of Capricorn) real soon. This is the time when Pluto returns to the same position it was when the US was “born” (using 7/4/1776 chart). In the year 2022, the US will have gone through its first cycle of evolution which is in Capricorn so represents its fate as definer of social structure and authority. US authority is already transforming and will continue to evolve.


Don’t know, of course. But when you don’t let go, Pluto will rip the rug out from under you. OHA suggests letting go of old authoritarian habits or they will be “let go of” for us. The evolution of the US affects many as its involvement in global politics is extensive.

Saturn in Aquarius relates to this because the US has moon in rebellious Aquarius. That moon, rather than the watery Cancer sun, is what creates the American rebel who is going to do what it wants regardless of what others think (in political terms “unilateral” efforts).

So then, after the US has its Pluto return, the next year Pluto will start dipping into Aquarius. But when that happens, Saturn will have continued onto Pisces.

What does that mean?

Saturn has an approximately 30-year cycle so spends about 2.5 years in a sign. So Saturn in Aquarius for the next 2.5 years is preparing us for Pluto transformation. It is a very important time for redefining social structures based on modern, innovative ideals.

Who says you can’t reinvent your country every hundred years or so?

And guess what?

You get to decide things, you, the person you see in the mirror. Governments are people too but they are people following Capricorn rules (as are people in corporations).

The social distancing occurring today is for the benefit of national and global health. However, if overused it goes contrary to the right to peaceful assembly. So while it’s needed for a period of time, the Capricorn energy may try to extend it for other purposes. For example, social distancing is detrimental for doing things like creating unions or organizing activist rallies.

It’s something to watch for during times of extreme Capricorn energy as the emerging Aquarius energy tries to gain ascendance.

Some organizations may end their existence, such as the Boy Scouts of America which has gone bankrupt. Other, newer versions of organizations may arise.

Innovation may also take a hit during this time as inventors and entrepreneurs are asked to hold on ideas for the public good. Or possibly those innovations will be used in ways opposed to the original intent. We’re seeing a lot of that with Pluto in Capricorn such as facial recognition being used to target individuals and groups for political purposes.

Saturn in Aquarius To Do List

During this time of social distancing, you might want to start developing your list of characteristics for the ideal society. Plan now so when the energy bursts into manifestation you are ready and not saying, “What do you mean I get to decide which country I want to live in?”

The leaders of this transformation to a more modern society are those born from 1988 – 2011 who had Uranus and Neptune in combinations of Capricorn and Aquarius. There will be arguments, of course, about whether to maintain structures of the past versus developing new structures based on modern technology.

Do we want a local sheriff like in Mayberry or should policing be done by robots that have no emotional biases?

Both Capricorn and Aquarius like order although Capricorn prefers external authority to maintain order and Aquarius likes its own, neatly laid-out plan. Capricorn and Aquarius both approach social planning from a rational rather than emotional perspective.

Saturn in Aquarius is the time to manifest the society in which we truly want to live.

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It’s a Good Time to be a Giant of Realist Fiction

“Dickens” was my first answer to the puzzle clue “giant of realist fiction.” Unfortunately as the puzzle answers progressed, Dickens was apparently not the correct answer.

Steinbeck (John) was my first thought being American and all. But Steinbeck clearly didn’t fit the seven-letter answer.

Giving up Dickens was difficult but as with any puzzle play, I had to accept it. It was time to go you-know-where: Russia.

Tolstoy (Leo) fit both in being seven letters and merged nicely with the rest of the puzzle (Dells’ Anacrostic for the puzzle junkies out there). Yes, Tolstoy was also a “giant of realist fiction.”

There are many authors in the world, past and present, who can be labeled “realist;” way too many to cover in a blog. Let’s take five biggies and see what it takes to be a “giant of realist fiction.” We’ll cross the continents because time and place can make many “realist” who might otherwise want to be something else.


Let’s take a look at these giants of realist fiction. They are among the many that arise with a search of “realist fiction authors.”

1. Honoré_de_Balzac

2. Charles Dickens

3. Haruki Murakami

4. John Steinbeck

5. Leo Tolstoy

Two Steps to Becoming a Giant Realist Author

Step one: Have problems in love.

None of the five authors under observation have what you’d might call “luck in love.” Venus represents our sense of pleasure and is related to those we find attractive and whether or not others find us attractive in return. As these authors are male and likely heterosexual, we can see Venus as their romantic relationships with females.

Balzac had Venus/Mars/Saturn in Cancer. Venus and Mars are in close conjunction but Saturn is not. Yet this indicates not only distance and rejection from family life, but a sense of not belonging and not being accepted by women. In today’s parlance Balzac had “mother issues.”

Dickens had Pluto conjunct Venus in Pisces square moon/Neptune in Sagittarius. This suggests the “bad romance” that Lady Gaga with moon/Pluto aspect sings about. Most likely with this mutable square romance involved victimization, drug abuse, delusional behavior and rescuing-redeeming others. I hadn’t realized Dickens had these issues but did an online search and verified his extensive drug use.

Murakami has Venus in passionate Sagittarius opposite moon/Uranus in Gemini. This, my friends, is similar to the US president with moon in Sagittarius opposite sun/Uranus in Gemini. With Murakami’s Capricorn sun, you might say he can be passionate but doesn’t really stick around to say “good morning.” Unlike some of the other giants of realist fiction, Murakami is probably less bothered by his chillier love life than the other authors.

Steinbeck had Mercury/Venus conjunct in Aquarius suggesting an intellectual and fraternal love life. Yet Steinbeck’s sun/Mars in Pisces and moon in Scorpio suggest deep longing for connection. His chart suggests that the love of his life was remote or inaccessible; that he couldn’t cross the boundary of emotional love with intellectual love. Reading this letter about love authored by Steinbeck, he seems to have separated the two types of love nicely.

Tolstoy was probably the most conflicted in love. This sun/Mercury/moon in Virgo author was probably a lot like Felix Unger in the Odd Couple – neat, clean, eccentric, nitpicky. But with too much energy in Virgo, he could have become the opposite of this OCD-type energy and appear disorganized. Tolstoy’s Venus is conjunct Saturn in Leo suggesting great passion toward females with great rejection attached. Poor guy. But I suppose he was meant to be a “giant of realist fiction” and not a “giant of passionate romance.”

Step two: Have some earth or water in your chart

There are four elements to western astrology – fire (spirit, energy), earth (practical, tangible), air (social, ideas), and water (emotions, connection). Most of us have some balance of elements. If you’re learning astrology, this is a good place to start to understand your friends and loved ones. You’ll find interesting things like your family is full of fire energy and you are earth. Or you are fiery and your family is all watery emotional.

For our authors, there’s a good dose of earth and water.

Balzac had sun and Mercury in fixed earth sign Taurus. I’ve only read a couple of his novels and do recall talk of money and lotteries. Taurus is focused on the tangible here and now of life. It’s also the sign most able to accept the here and now as it is, face value. That’s a good thing as it creates inner calm. Opposite Balzac’s Mercury was Neptune in water-sign Scorpio which with three planets in water-sign Cancer as noted above, gave the imagination to write. Neptune in Scorpio with sun in Taurus also leads to lots of sexual fantasy (and action) with a bit of bad debt included.

Dickens actually had a lot of fire (moon/Neptune in Sagittarius) and air energy (sun in Aquarius). But he also had heavy aspects in water (Pluto/Mars in Pisces) and earth (Saturn/Mercury in Capricorn). This wonderfully varied chart created the wonderfully varied characters that Dicken’s is known for. His novel Martin Chuzzlewit, for example, contains all the characters you will meet in a human life.

Murakami is an earth-sign Capricorn sun with Jupiter also in that sign. Saturn is in earth-sign Virgo. Unlike the other realist authors, Murakami has little water. Mars and Mercury are in air-sign Aquarius. My own limited reading of Murakami supports that he may be “realist” but he’s not emotionally connected in the way of, say, Steinbeck who has you feeling what it’s like to cross the country with your family on hungry bellies. Murakami’s “realism” is more of the intellectual sort, saying things others are unwilling to say. His realism involves Aquarian rebellion against Capricorn authority and rules. His moon/Uranus conjunct in air-sign Gemini also bends the rules, does the unexpected. But sun in Capricorn definitely has structure to life, even a seemingly unstructured one.

Steinbeck had sun/Mars in water-sign Pisces with moon in water-sign Scorpio and Saturn in earth-sign Capricorn. Steinbeck is probably the best reading for our current times as Saturn is once again in Capricorn (although it just moved to Aquarius for a few months) as well as Pluto, Jupiter and for a few months Mars. Neptune is in Pisces. Steinbeck documented the emotional context of his times and our time today has a similar energy.

Tolstoy had sun, Mercury and Venus in earth-sign Virgo and Mars, Neptune and Uranus in earth-sign Capricorn. Six of his ten “planets” were in earth. This was one realist of a realist who probably had many Venus in fire-sign Leo dreams that were quashed due to his time and place. But he became a fire-sign limelight-loving Leo through his writing which earned him a fame that lasts forever. Fascinating, isn’t it?

It’s a Great Time to Read Realist Fiction or Write Some of Your Own

Today’s and this year’s energy is filled with earth (Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn (sometimes), Mars (right now) in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus) and water (Neptune in Pisces). Six of the ten planets, as with Tolstoy’s chart, are in (or were in) earth and water. When the sun is in earth and water signs (January, March, May, July, September, and November) there’s even more of this energy. And when the moon is in earth signs every few days, there even is more!

Earth and water everywhere! It’s a great time in general to be a realist, to connect on a physical and emotional level. Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) and fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) signs – there’s no need to put aside your dreams, intuitions, and ideas. You just need to find new, unique outlets for your energies.

Become a giant of realist fiction today!

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Can We Use “C” Word Now?

On April 18, 1977, US President Jimmy Carter addressed the nation to discuss the “energy crisis.” The US needed, he said, to “balance the demand for energy with rapidly decreasing resources” and this would “test the character of the American people.”

In this address, Carter stressed “strict conservation” which included the increased use of coal and use of renewable energy resources. He added that the US was “the most wasteful nation on earth” and we used “twice as much [oil] as other countries.” He linked this to our environmental problems stressing that “conservation” solved both problems at once.

During his short, four-year tenure in the White House, this Libra sun and Scorpio moon had Pluto-in-Libra transiting his sun and Uranus-in-Scorpio transiting his moon and Neptune-in-Sagittarius transiting his natal Jupiter. All outer planets were on Carter and he responded by asking society to change.

The US did change, but in the opposite direction of Carter’s imperative, although we did increase our use of coal.

Pluto is about transformation, destruction and power. For Carter, this transit did not imbue Carter with power. On the contrary, Pluto in Libra created three new commandments that ware etched in stone somewhere, maybe in the Rose Garden, for all future presidents Democrat and Republican:

Thou shalt not ask the American people to sacrifice EVER!
Thou shalt never say the word “Conservation” as President.
Thou shalt never tell the American people the truth if it’s not pleasant.


In January 1981 as Ronald Reagan was inaugurated, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto were in Libra. Uranus was in Scorpio soon to move to Sagittarius and Neptune was in Sagittarius. Libra is an air sign and Sagittarius a fire sign.

Reagan promoted the opposite of conservation with reduced regulation to promote “trickle down” economics that gave the green light for business to ignore all environmental and energy concerns. And guess what – it worked! As we can see today, there was “trickle” but the real beneficiaries were what today are called the “one percent.”

Late astrologer Linda Goodman saw Sagittarius as the sign of the rose-colored glasses; for me, it’s Libra. Libra ruled by Venus seeks pleasure from both the world and others. It’s a sign that reflects off of others to define self.

Sagittarius in contrast is about experience, heightened experience and seeking to protect those whose experiences it shares. Sagittarius is optimistic but not known, generally, for being the top of the list when it comes to responsibility.

Libra and Sagittarius are optimistic but can hide behind that optimism to avoid harsh realties. That a Libra sun president told us that our lifestyle wasn’t sustainable means that he truly believed the situation was dire.

Beginning with Reagan, we chose avoid-reality optimism and the weapon of words to distract from our own actions. Words continue to be used to confuse rather than for true connection to choose our collective path.

“C” for Calamity

As the increase in natural disasters has risen, it has revealed the economic inequalities of our country. When Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans in 2005, the nation saw how those left behind to suffer were primarily African American.

Katrina also revealed insufficient focus on maintaining and improving infrastructure. Since Reagan there has been desire to privatize public goods which, as the word suggests, means that private goals have to be met for public good to transpire.

Katrina revealed much. But, as in 1977, we sent money and called it done. Back to normal.

“C” for Capricorn

Presidents since Carter – of both parties – have always said the economy is strong, regardless of its true nature. Then in 2008, Pluto entered Capricorn.

From the time of Pluto in Libra to Pluto in Capricorn, many other energies transpired, the major being Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn which produced both inspiration in the world of business and technology but also a spiritualization of it. Today, people are loyal to organizations including retain stores in a cult-like way.

Had we heeded Carter in 1977 to at least review our economist underpinnings we may have been in better shape in 2005 and 2008. While Carter’s ideas in his 19-minute speech may not have included the best or most innovative solutions, he at least told the truth – the American lifestyle is not sustainable.

In 2008, a time of more brand and message awareness than 1977, the economic setback was called a “recession” rather than “depression.” Since our nation is afflicted with emotional depression as well as economic depression, there was clear avoidance of that term.

The lesson of 2008 was brushed away relatively quickly; by 2012, the economy was “growing” again. All was well. Back to normal.

“C” for Conservation

The Coronavirus pandemic, which is still occurring, has sent people indoors. The close down of great portions of the economy is revealing how dependent the US is upon other nations for “stuff.” The economies of moving overseas are rational for a business. Business isn’t in the business of promoting the public good.

Hopefully when the pandemic subsides, there will be a new look at Carter’s plea for conservation. Preservation is a good friend of conservation so it may be a good time to take a deeper look at the US economy and find ways to make it more sustainable, and, hopefully, more diversified while conserving and preserving precious resources.

Pluto in Capricorn in 2008 said, “You need to build a new social structure.” We didn’t.

We can now. Pluto is in Capricorn until 2023 and will keep telling us this until we do it. With so much time on our hands, why not?

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Ghislaine Maxwell – Stay in Hiding

During any big news event like a natural disaster, other news is often released that takes advantage of the pandemonium knowing it lessens the impact. If there has been a data breach at a large corporation, for example, the news is often released during news of wildfires, hurricanes or earthquakes.

So during this pandemic, I’ve been scanning for the “other” news which is currently political – Putin as ruler for life (with so few sick folks in his country) and starting an oil price war and the US engaging in armed conflict with Iran. Over this year, I would also expect new laws that limit certain rights (Pluto/Saturn/Jupiter/Mars in Capricorn).

One interesting news item that has emerged is Jeffrey Epstein’s cohort Ghislaine Maxwell has emerged from hiding. Who’s Jeffrey Epstein? It has been a long time since 2019.

Epstein is the financier, friend to the rich and famous (including Trump) and, oh, a serial sexual offender targeting teenage girls for much of his adult life. His wealth allowed him to escape punishment until the recent resurgence of the MeToo Movement. Epstein committed suicide last August while in prison.

Maxwell was his friend, maybe girlfriend, who purportedly aided in the acquisition of the young girls. That is what she is being accused of and why her whereabouts have been unknown for a year or so.

This is now, like, ancient history which is why his cohort Maxwell has emerged to sue Epstein’s estate. For a long time Maxwell could not be located. Now she’s emerged in offensive.

Will this strategy work?


According to Wikipedia, Maxwell (like Epstein) is a Capricorn sun. If you’ve read any astrology blogs at all in these last 12 years, you know Pluto is in Capricorn and it’s a rough time to be this cardinal, earth sign.

This year, 2020, Saturn/Jupiter/Mars have also joined the Pluto destructive-transformative energy. Clearly Maxwell did not consult an astrologer prior to her decision to play the victim.

Maxwell’s Mars and Saturn are also in Capricorn; Mars conjunct, Saturn much later in the sign. Capricorn is normally a bit self-centered and Mars makes it more so. Moon in Leo is also about the great ME so there is also a lot of pride in Maxwell’s horoscope.

But I think the current transit of Saturn into Aquarius is going to get her. Transiting Saturn is just about to leave Capricorn for Aquarius this weekend. Had Maxwell paid OHA its small “when to come out of hiding” advisement fee of $10,000, OHA would have suggested sometime next year.

The public may have forgotten about Maxwell but next year they will have really, really forgotten.

Saturn in Aquarius is the social distancing we are being asked to practice as a nation. Saturn in the early degrees of Aquarius will transit Maxwell’s natal Jupiter in Aquarius which loves a large social network. Maxwell’s network will shrink and not because she has to stay home.

Maxwell’s natal moon in Leo opposes Jupiter in Aquarius so while Maxwell may miss her past social life, her social life may not miss her quite the same. Aquarius is friendship and Leo is personal love and the balance is between me and them. With sun in Capricorn and moon in Leo, “me” often wins over “we.”

Maxwell is also experiencing her second Saturn return, which represents cycles of maturity and settling down – acceptance of life’s brevity. It’s a good time to accept responsibility for one’s actions.

It may be too late to return to “whereabouts unknown,” but OHA’s free advice to Maxwell is to use this pandemic opportunity to stay inside and lay low, just like everyone else. If Maxwell tries to fight the law, the law will most likely win.

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Did Pluto Sneak into Aquarius While We Weren’t Looking? Social without the ISM.

In spiritual circles you will hear a lot about “critical mass” and when that nth person finally opens his or her heart chakra, all will transform, yada, yada, yada. We’ll realize the error of our ways, blah, blah, blah and will respect the earth and those upon it.

Possible? Yes. Probable? No.

Yet, I blinked and it happened.

Back in February in the year 2020 (last month) during what is a normal presidential primary of promises, promises, promises, Democratic contender Bernie Sanders was criticized and laughed at for promising to give everything for free. He’s not a Democrat, he’s a Socialist!

For a country engrossed in social media waiting for social security checks when they retire, the word socialism shouldn’t be so scary.

Mind you, I’m not promoting socialism. Regardless of which economic system men create and control, there are always haves and have nots. Some systems are more equitable in the balance and more allowing of individual effort to achieve. The US is one of those places which is why so many want to come and live here.

Yet, I blinked and government has confined us to our homes, closed business and now plans to send us each a check and is talking about paid sick leave which mysteriously went away in the 1990s. It’s not a system of economic socialism, but it’s a temporary socialism for the good of protecting the health of a nation.

Poor Bernie! He was laughed at all his life and his dream has come true without him. That’s because Uranus moved from Aries to Taurus. In Aries, Uranus was conjunct his aggressive and vocal Aries moon. But, Bernie, I’ll go ahead and build a statue for you.

Pluto in Aquarius

When Pluto goes into Aquarius in 2023, I expect we’ll have more social policies, but in Aquarius fashion. Today it’s the energy of Capricorn – authority – calling the shots. In Aquarius, we’ll see more of what’s occurring today – individuals joining into a society because of shared ideals and beliefs.

It’s time to discuss the difference between Aquarius and Cancer. Both like to form groups. Both like to share. But with Cancer, it’s emotional and based on need for belonging, comfort and security. For Aquarius, it’s based on the desire to make things “the way they should be.” You and I decide to start a farm and invite only those who agree to live only on what we grow and are also vegetarian.

Cancer is about family and blood relationships. Aquarius is about ideas and fraternity. See the difference?

Aquarius is objective – I’m rejecting you because you eat meat and we are all vegetarian. I’m not rejecting you because I don’t like you. For Cancer, I’m rejecting you because you are not emotionally in tune with the group – you aren’t related or you do not provide the kind of emotional connection this group is looking for.

See the difference?

Religious groups can fall into either category or both. Energies are rarely in pure form so there can be a mixture of these energies in your associations. In fact, a group can appear Aquarian and then you find that it becomes Cancer.

Or it seems Cancer comfy but then you find people aren’t as warm and fuzzy as their philosophies suggest.

So when Pluto moves from Capricorn (which is the opposite of Cancer by the way), we’ll move from government and corporations as our “family” to groups of our own personal choosing as our “family.” We’re already doing that and it will become more the culture.

In the 1960s some of this energy appeared during an aspect of Pluto/Uranus conjunct in Virgo opposite Saturn in Pisces where there was a great crossing of social boundaries. The youth of that time were born with Pluto in Leo and were focused on personal expression including sexual expression and mind-altering experience.

Their social experiment didn’t last and ironically those born during that time (1960s) are with anxiety (Virgo) and fear of germs. Oppositions are pendulums and the boundary crossing of Pisces retracted into the anxiety of Virgo. Can you imagine today a Woodstock with sweating, unwashed people all sitting together in a dirty field for days?

Saturn in Aquarius

Maybe it’s not Pluto that snuck into Aquarius. Saturn is a few days away from moving into that sign (March 23). It will stay in Aquarius until July then move back into Capricorn (called retrograde). It will be back in Aquarius and continue in that sign beginning in December.

Saturn might represent our toe-in-the-water on new social systems because as Saturn contracts, it is cutting off our flesh-and-blood social connection. As I watch everyone (and myself) cope in this environment, it’s a good opportunity to see how we respond to stress, our path along the continuum of acceptance and how we each interpret events.

We all have interpretations with the biological prevailing due to the fact it’s an illness. But many energies are in play in any given situation and now we have financial and political energies involved. While we may have a touch of Aquarian energy, there’s still a lot of Capricorn out there and political elections have been cancelled, the Russian president has decided to stay on for life and there are still some wars firing up.

While seeking support of the group is important in alienating and isolating times, there is still a need to be vigilant of those outside the farm whose actions will one day affect the group’s ideals.

Blink of an Eye

But who knows what will happen when we blink our eyes today. The intense energy peaking this year began in 2008 when Pluto entered Capricorn. We had a shock then and government helped us return to what we believed was “normal.”

Capricorn likes “normal” which it sees as a place for everyone and everyone in his or her place. But that normal ended in 2008. In 2020 we now know that.

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Astrology Blog About Nothin’

Talented singer-songwriter Cari Ray sings a song about Nothin’. It’s going through my head as I’ve listened to it way too much this last week. If she can sing a song about nothin’, why not blog about nothin’?

Nothin’ as you’ll hear in the song contains both anything and everything. Nothin is a powerful thing, like the discovery of zero.

In March 2019, Uranus first entered the earth sign of Taurus. Often changes do occur with this astrological symbolism – planets changing signs. “You said there would be financial changes,” I heard from a friend.

Yeah, I got it wrong, the timing at least. Here’s the thing about Uranus – it’s sudden; it’s volatile. But that’s for a reason. Shock shifts you quickly into a different state. In the heart of Uranus is the desire to make you more aware.

Are we now aware of global infrastructure? We are all now knowledgeable about the global supply chain. Supply being equal to Taurus because Taurus is stuff – tangible, physical, real.

Uranus is volatile but, looking back, we chose this volatility. We chose is globally through a myriad of big and small choices.

We’re taught that humans developed as a straight-line progression from stupid cave man to intelligent iPhone developer yet history proves this incorrect. There is great volatility in development just as when you learn a lot of new things at once you tend to forget a bunch of it.

Uranus is in Taurus for seven years. It’s the seven-year itch you’ve heard about so expect to itch in many physical ways for this period. It’s awakening us to the needs of the earth and body.

Pluto and Neptune
With Uranus, Pluto and Neptune comprise the triad that is referred to as the outer planets. In most human lives, we are kept busy with the personal and ignore the transpersonal unless it hits us in the face.

It’s hit us in the face.

Pluto in Capricorn has brought us extreme authority. Neptune in Pisces has brought many manifestions of this mutable fish sign – compassion, sharing, love of Mr. Rogers, escapism through drugs and alcohol and excessive involvement with moving image.

Yet as a person, an individual, one entity among many, what can I do to affect the whole?

Nothing. Anything. Everything.

Nothing – quieting the agitation that leads us to the many things we do helps ourselves and others. Anything we can do to help others helps the whole. Everything we do is part of what we experience in our lives.

It’s a time to understand our underlying beliefs and how they create the outer reality. We share beliefs. One individual’s beliefs are in counter to the whole is called delusion (or today, conspiracy theory). When many share the same beliefs, healthy or unhealthy, it’s called culture.

We have several more years of these transits. We had our first blast in 2008 and decided to push it under the rug and pretend it never happened and returned to our “normal” behavior.

Normal is changing, as normal does.

Jupiter and Saturn
These two planets are traveling together in Capricorn and adding energy to Pluto. Historically these planets traveling together create problems for those in authority.

What is authority?

In my country, we believe we “elect” them but only at the lower levels of government is this true. At the highest, we truly have no choice. In the Middle Ages men fought for power with swords and other weapons. Today they fight with money. And we tend to choose the side of the fighting that serves us most.

But as with the Middle Ages, there are the haves and have nots in any situation. Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn are reminding us of this.

What will we do?

Nothing? Anything? Everything?

All the inner planets
Inner planets (moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) move quickly so I rarely blog about them since by the time I have time, the aspect has passed.

Time. I seem to have more of that now.

I’ve been saying I want more time. The universe must have listened.

Yet I hadn’t realized what I was asking for. To have time, the world needed to shut down and stop asking me to be here and there and there and there.

What to do with all this time?

Without Capricorn structure it’s easy to do nothing. When I think about what to do, there’s everything I’ve put aside due to no time. Hopefully there’s an “anything” I’ll do that’s in between nothing and everything.

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Fun in a Time of Four Planets in Capricorn

Astrologers like economists look for basic patterns (energies) to project and forecast future patterns. Like economists, astrologers get it wrong. Because astrology is “occult” it means that astrologers have to be 100 percent accurate or be branded as charlatans.

If an astrologer told you to invest in a certain company or take out a loan in great excess of your ability to pay, you wouldn’t listen, would you?

That’s a good thing. And maybe a good thing to follow, too, in relation to economists and others who follow patterns to project the future and want you to alter your behavior.

Speaking of the future, in 2016 post US presidential election, many astrologers looked to see if and how US politics might change in 2020. And 2020 is now although it feels like 2016 happened a couple minutes ago, and, at the same time, 100 years ago.

We are now in the midst of four planets in Capricorn – Mars (action), Jupiter (expansion), Saturn (contraction) and Pluto (transformation). Mars will move out of Capricorn in a couple months but the other three will stay in Capricorn through the election. Capricorn is the cardinal earth sign symbolizing authority, responsibility, structure, social consciousness, and career.

Pluto is an outer planet moving slowly representing generational transformation. The other two outer planets are Uranus (enlightenment) and Neptune (transcendence). Last year Uranus moved into the fixed earth sign Taurus suggesting sudden and enlightening changes regarding earth, property and body. Neptune has been in mutable water sign Pisces, the sign it rules, since 2011 symbolizing spiritualization of emotion, intuition and shared emotional experience. This sign is also known for escapism and we are seeing a lot of drug, alcohol and excessive media use during this transit.

Looking at the planets Mars through Pluto, all are in earth and water signs. In a personal horoscope, these signs tend toward introversion. Capricorn is serious and Pisces is sacrificial. Consequently, this seemed like a period that would not be much fun for those of a more optimistic or lighter nature. The fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) and air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), I suspected, might have a harder time with this energy than earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) and water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces). And Capricorn authoritarian control might challenge us all to remain open and positive.

Well here we are.

The Arnold Sports Festival

When the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio was cancelled by Capricorn sun and governor Mike DeWine due to fears of coronavirus outbreak, I was reminded of my forebodings of no fun in 2020. What I didn’t imagine in my future projections was that it would be caused by fear of pandemic.

The suggestions are to avoid engagement with groups over ten people. That certainly ruins your wild parties and events. No Arnold. No Twister. More Netflix.

Are Disney World and Disney Land still open?

And how will this affect the 2020 election season?

Back in 2016 I imagined more authoritarian control from government entities. In a sense it is that as governments are banning travel and events. Yet it’s really fear and caution that create the control.

Will this affect political conventions, where thousands gather? How about political rallies? Will people avoid voting?

It’s interesting how this has played out. Neptune in Pisces may be part of it with the emotional fear and panic that occur when we fear death. I hear Peter Tosh calling:

Everybody want to go up to heaven
But none of them, none of them want to die

Fun things to do when there are four planets in Capricorn

All energies have a purpose and are part of a cycle of constant change (and, hopefully, growth). While the excessive Capricorn energy can bring fear and control, it can also help us rise to personal responsibility and understanding how much of our own power we give to those outside of ourselves (and why). We create our society.

So, how can you have fun in the time of four planets in Capricorn? “Fun” in Capricorn terms is accomplishment, goal attainment and hard work. Capricorn fun involves turning chaos into an organized closet. Remember, the more you accomplish in 2020 the more freedom you will experience when Saturn and Pluto start moving into Aquarius in the coming years. Like being stuck in the house on a rainy day, make the most of it.

Here are some ideas:

  • Start a new work out regime. It’s called “work” for a reason. Capricorn energy contracts so it’s a good time to tone the body and lose weight.
  • Update your resume. If a Capricorn hasn’t told you this already, you should always have your resume updated and ready for when opportunity knocks. In fact, since you have all year, analyzed all the steps needed for your career goals and keep a log of each step accomplished along the way.
  • Run for political office. Why not? These are crazy times and I’m sure your friends and family would much prefer to support you than those strangers who want to control their lives.
  • Challenge laws in the Supreme Court. Come on! You know this is on your bucket list.
  • Examine all areas of your life where you are avoiding personal responsibility. Not fun? What else is there to do if all events are cancelled and travel is banned? Free yourself of responsibility-avoidance so that when Pluto goes into Aquarius in a few years you will be free to be free.
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Go to February 29!

How was your February 29, a day that exists once every four years?

Some spiritual disciplines say that time is a construct. If so, February 29 should be demonstration of that principle as those born on February 29 don’t really have a “birthday” for 75% of their life. And it’s no surprise that this day-that-isn’t (or wasn’t) is in the sign of Pisces, the mutable water and last sign of the zodiac known for taking shit that other signs ricochet right back into the face of the shitter.

But Pisces as the sign of sacrifice allows itself to contain this faux day so that the earth, air and fire signs can have an even and consistent “year.” Here is Pisces again appeasing the worldly who think that the structural needs of commerce and religious rites outweigh a fluid and flexible response to life. The sun and moon are always available to help keep cyclical time – who needs a calendar thingy?

Imagine, if you will, a fire sign (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) born on a day that doesn’t exist. A fire sign would probably take advantage of the missing day by having a two-day birthday party from February 28 – March 1 (and three-day on leap year). Air signs (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius) would decide each year when to have a birthday and potentially alter the date based on age-related needs. Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) would choose one day or the other for the birthday all the while discouraging multi-day celebrations (too much to clean up) and explaining the entire day that it’s not their “real” birthday. The other two water signs (Cancer and Scorpio) would probably spend every three years complaining how they got the short end of the birthday stick.

Since we’re in the depths of our imaginations, let’s go further and imagine that the Democratic primary that occurred yesterday did not exist. Oh my, this is exciting. Now imagine, if you can, that we move the presidential election to February 29 and due to the day not existing the following year the election results fall into a black hole of time and come out the other end as a free and open democracy.

I think I hear John Lennon calling (photo from

Imagine there’s no heaven
It’s easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people living for today

Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people living life in peace, you

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope some day you’ll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people sharing all the world, you

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope some day you’ll join us
And the world will be as one

Neptune in Pisces

Neptune has been in Pisces since 2011. Neptune rules Pisces so it’s a burst of Pisces energy. Notice how Piscean Mr. Rogers is posthumously become the object of admiration by those who may have never watched his television show.

Around the time Neptune moved into Pisces (it has a 15-year cycle), the other two outer planets changed signs. In the same year, Uranus went into Aries. Three years earlier, Pluto went into Capricorn.

Pluto in Capricorn in 2008 describes the world economic crisis that occurred due to an unstable financial structure and excessive hedging. This year, 2020, Saturn and Jupiter are also in Capricorn so I’ve been expecting this year to be the big Authoritarian Showdown with more draconian authoritarian measures or a great rebellion against excessive control (which now it appears will have to wait until 2023 when Pluto enters Aquarius).

Uranus is now in Taurus which like Capricorn is an earth sign and leads to thoughts of earth changes including with commerce, money and property.

This is all occurring, I believe. But as the year progresses, I’m noticing more and more that Neptune is in the foreground, the movie screen that projects the images of the realities behind it. And like all image, it’s not the thing itself. Images are projected for many reasons: inspiration, entertainment, enlightenment and fear.

Neptune is our connection to the source and the sign in which is travels indicates what makes us feel connected. Neptune in Pisces says connection is through feeling, emotion, empathy and intuition. It’s not through book learning, facts and figures. Neptune in Pisces is the purest connection; no intermediaries.

As the Democratic primaries are in their peak – much is finalized as early as March – there has been much to diffuse the energy of this primary season – broken voting systems, impeachment hearings and now a global pandemic. Neptune in Pisces is diverting the energy of the voting season with emotional draws to other areas of focus.

A pandemic is Neptunian in this sense because there are no real boundaries to illness; this is where politics (Capricorn) has no role and countries must work as one. It’s also Neptunian in that it’s difficult to trace the origins of a new illness. It’s Neptunian because it causes emotional reaction which distorts facts and communication.

Neptune is always at play in politics evoking emotional rather than rational responses – called pathos. This year pathos might be used to cover a great deal of earthly reality that is represented by Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto in earth signs. There is much earth and body change occurring right now on an individual level and global level. Neptune in Pisces carries the very empathetic and connected response that we need to make positive physical and tangible changes.

Earth and water are friends in astrology. They complement each other. Earth builds the house and water makes it a home. Earth buys the vegetables, cuts them up and water makes them into a meal. Earth provides the setting and water makes it memorable. Earth and water together are secure and warm. Together they are a night by the fire without worries about survival. Together they are this Norman Rockwell painting Tea Time.

This is a great time to bring earth and water together to create “home” on earth rather than seeing the earth as thing to be used and emotions as energies to be manipulated.

Go to February 29!

Another saying from the world of self-help is that it’s never too late to have a happy childhood — another play on time and emotions.

Is time simply emotion?

We know that when we’re happy time “flies.” When we’re bored, it slows.

If our election year breeds increasing amounts of fear and division, maybe we can move Election Day to February 29. All those running for office can drop into the non-existent day and fade out of our time-space continuum; those that remain on March 1 can begin the election cycle again aligned to the real and true needs of the earth and the emotional needs of the people upon it.

Those that want to manipulate emotions and distort reality can go to February 29.

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Iowa Caucuses – Astrology for the Top Five Candidates

Tomorrow is a big day in US politics – the Iowa Caucuses, the official start of the 2020 US Presidential Election. Ah, democracy.

Now is Iowa near Missouri? I can’t remember. Anyway,

The excitement is palpable as people flood to the grocery stores to buy beer and chips and wings to prepare for a night of election results. Wait, that’s for tonight’s Super Bowl. Anyway,

It’s a big deal. It will be on TV all day tomorrow, I mean all day. Or is that the impeachment hearings that are all day and the caucuses at night? Anyway,

In my house there’s a great deal of anticipation. My female feline, of great maturity, still has her “Pick Rick [Santorum]” poster over the litter box. I’ve told her that Republican Rick Santorum is of the same party as the incumbent president and will not be in the running as no one in politics can beat media-star branding and marketing.

“But Rick can make a full sentence and string coherent thoughts together,” she argued. “He has a lot of interesting things to say.”

“I’m not sure that’s an asset in this country,” I replied, much to her dismay.

My young male feline, in contrast, has changed parties. A die-hard Republican since the age of six months when he was neutered and reached premature maturity, he recently switched parties upon noticing that his cat toy acquisitions had slowed.

“Why don’t you buy me as many toys as you used to?” he asked.

“Because they cost more,” I replied. “Tariffs.”

So tomorrow night my feline family will gather around the television to watch the caucus results. Unless they are only on cable. Then we can’t. Anyway,

Caucus Day Energies

Tomorrow, February 3, 2020, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn will be in “do it my perfect way or you will get punished” Capricorn. Pluto and Saturn are very serious planets – they contract, purge and transform. You can tell them “no” but then you’d better watch your back and make sure the ground you’re standing on isn’t a trap door that will drop you into the netherworld.

These aspects aren’t always fun for individuals but are the food of politicians. Tomorrow will be the usual rough-and-tumble with a bit of bitter vegetable on top. Regardless of who wins, it will feel more like the satisfaction of having eaten your vegetables rather than having had a sweet treat for dessert.

The sun is in rebellious Aquarius. Caucuses, of course, are the “not traditional primary” so very Aquarian. Aquarius rules group activity centered on ideals.

Mercury, Neptune, and Venus are in Pisces, an emotional sign. There may be a lot of precipitation, including fog, which seems more prevalent than usual these last few months. When Mercury and Neptune are conjoined the communications are more imaginative than factual. This is normal in politics but remember that the energies also affect your spouse and children.

Uranus is in Taurus. This planet travels through each sign for seven years – aka the seven-year itch. This itch has moved from individual assertion to body, earth and property (including money). Stay tuned for more earth and property changes.

Mars in Sagittarius is in the opposite sign of moon in Gemini (although not geometrically opposed). There’s a lot of earth (Capricorn, Taurus) and water (Pisces) energy which can be grounding but a bit dull and whiny. Sagittarius and Gemini add a little fire and air energy (respectively) but probably not enough to override three planets in Capricorn. But there may be some fun, especially for those that get a hotel room for the event. For those watching from afar, you may prefer Super Bowl highlights.

How does this energy play for our candidates?

The Top Five Candidates

Since there are too many candidates and too little time, OHA will look at the top five by a poll reported in The Hill. We’ll go in alphabetical order, the best, fairest order, ever devised.

Joe Biden
Sun in Scorpio with moon in opposite Taurus, Biden is experiencing a Uranus conjunction to moon and opposition to sun. Uranus energizes and enlightens, often suddenly and unexpectedly. Uranus is neither good nor bad. So we can say this election will provide volatile and unexpected results for Biden – but as winner or loser?

Using Uranus to his advantage may involve playing up the underdog rather than the expected winner for the “opposite” result which then suggests organic energy. Biden’s natal Uranus and Saturn will be conjunct tomorrow’s moon adding more of this sudden, impulsive energy.

While OHA can’t say which way Uranus will go for Biden, aspects suggest positive results for this candidate. And his desire to emote will go over well with the three planets in Pisces tomorrow.

And his steady Taurus moon will be please to the Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn authorities out there who will pressure you to vote your duty rather than your heart.

Pete Buttigieg
This ambitious Capricorn sun and Scorpio (or maybe Sagittarius) moon is close to a direct conjunction of the Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto with the sun. Running for president at a ripe young age (38) is certainly transformative and pits him against the powers that be without much protective clout.

The Capricorn transits also square his Mars/Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Libra. While Buttigieg might be pleasant Libra eye-candy, don’t confuse him for a sweetie. He’s made of iron and steel and will both live and die by the sword.

Buttigieg has the inner stuff to handle the dirty world of politics. Yet, his Achilles heel is that at the same time he doesn’t like to get his socks dirty and always wants to come out looking nice (like Cary Grant in the Illinois cornfield scene of North by Northwest). If he does make it to nomination, expect some delicious dirt to emerge which will make this young one potentially sadder (Pluto/Saturn) but wiser (Saturn).

OHA doesn’t expect him to do as well as planned tomorrow.

Amy Klobuchar
If Klobuchar tried to run for president in the 20th century, OHA would have told her to go back home to Minnesota – a double Gemini could never, ever, ever win the presidency. This country has historically loved the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) which are signs that are steady, consistent, and strong with a natural bent for leadership.

In the 21st century in our Age of Aquarius (air), a double Gemini may be the new norm – great communication ability, agile, smart, saavy and not boringly consistent.

Sun, moon and Mercury in Gemini suggest Klobuchar can (and will) use words and ideas to sway in a very convincing manner. Today’s digital world is Gemini on steroids. Talk, communicate, text, post, post, post. Klobuchar can keep up with all of the information.

With natal Mars in Aries, there’s a lot of competitive energy. With the ability to compete and communicate, this “can’t-sit-still” woman may be the very candidate needed to meet Gemini sun Trump tweet-for-tweet.

Although sun and moon in the same sign can trump other energies in a horoscope, Klobuchar has a nice balance of elements with earth (Venus in Taurus, Pluto in Virgo and Jupiter/Saturn in Capricorn), a sprinkling of water (Neptune in Scorpio) and fire (Mars in Aries, Uranus in Leo).

Klobuchar can communicate well that she feels your pain, although she’s not really a feeling sort. She’s intellectual and detached.

As for tomorrow?

While Klobuchar has good stuff for the role she seeks, OHA isn’t sure that the Capricorn transits will let her pass the gate. The current transits are hanging onto old authoritarian structures and Klobuchar is made of newer stuff.

Bernie Sanders
The anger and energy Sanders is known for stems from his moon and Mars conjunction in Aries. Aries, you know, is the first sign of the zodiac and is focused on self and is very competitive. During the 2016 US Presidential election, Uranus was in Aries and Sanders clearly resonated with the need for self-determination and the need for the politicians to see and understand “me.”

Uranus is no longer in Aries; it is in Taurus. The negative side of Aries – anger – may have carried a few candidates through the whitewater rapids in 2016, but now the needs have moved back to more traditional concerns – money and property. Can I ever afford a house? Can I ever afford to retire? Can I afford to go to the doctor? Can I afford to go to college?

Sanders understands these types of worries; with Saturn in Taurus, there’s always a feeling of not having enough from a physical standpoint.

For Sanders, the answer is always “Yes, I’ll make it free.” This sounds nice, especially to those shouldering unmanageable debt simply to get well or to enter college. But even those that wish for elimination of all debt know that it probably will never occur so simply.

Uranus in Taurus has extinguished some of the fire around Sanders. As Uranus moves towards his natal Saturn, there is also financial and physical worry of his own. As we know, he’s already suffered a heart attack as Uranus moved into Taurus. There is more physical “enlightenment” coming.

Tomorrow’s energy of moon in Gemini and Mars in Sagittarius will probably produce lesser-than-expected results for Sanders.

Elizabeth Warren
Warren has sun, Uranus and Venus in Cancer and moon in Taurus. Warren by nature appears warm and cuddly but can change unexpectedly. When she’s not nice and warm, she’s very not nice and warm.

Moon in Taurus is good for calming energy so Warren can probably (mostly) keep her mood changes close to the belly. But transiting Uranus hitting the moon brings out some unexpected stewings. Cancer does nothing if not stew and worry.

With Uranus transiting the moon and Uranus on the sun, OHA expects better-than-expected results in Iowa. However, the transiting Capricorn energy (Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn) is opposite her sun and square her natal Neptune in Libra so I expect the established powers to be against her nomination and potentially rule against her in any potential dispute.

Capricorn is father and Cancer is mother. As our historical results indicate, male is the preference for president and in this Authoritarian Armageddon we are experiencing, mothering and nurturing energy may get snuffed out until Pluto moves into Aquarius in 2024.

If she doesn’t make it in 2020, Warren may not choose to run again in 2024. However, when Pluto enters Aquarius it will be conjunct her Jupiter in Aquarius and she will be embraced by the new energies that emerge at that time.

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Buy More (Jupiter), Save More (Saturn)

Drugs, whether prescribed or not, have a habit of changing one’s perception. That’s why we take ’em, right? We are this way (ill, bored, depressed, manic) and want to be that way (well, stimulated, happy, calm).

Today while eating breakfast and taking my antibiotic, I pondered whether to use a coupon that expires today. It entreats me with “buy more, save more.”

Brilliant! I see it now!

This is Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn (or any sign). Jupiter is expansive – more. Saturn is contractive – save. These two qualities are in contrast and more is not less. Of course, I understand the math that the more you buy the less per unit you spend. But the goal of retail is to have you spend more money in total.

This is why coupons have never appealed to me. Being of Capricorn nature, I see the “more” and not the “less.” While I may spend more per unit, my overall spend is less. So my mantra in retail terms is more like “buy less, spend less,” or, more appropriate, “buy what’s needed only, spend less.”

Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn

But this concept that more becomes less is where consumerism has taken us into environmental destruction. “More” plays on our Jupiter desires to experience, enjoy and share. “Less” plays on our desires to be practical, resourceful and economical. But the “less” in the coupon is bait for the “more.”

More food (much of high caloric content) has created a nation that is constantly trying to lose weight, to have “less” body. Everyone. What human can resist more food, especially at less money?

This year Jupiter is transiting Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn. Saturn will also be transiting Capricorn although it will go into Aquarius and then back into Capricorn during the year.

Capricorn represents our social conscious which seeks respect in the social world often through positions of authority. As Jupiter and Saturn join Pluto in Capricorn (2008 – 2024), social structures (police, government, economic infrastructure, etc.) are undergoing transformation.

Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn this year will probably produce conflicting messages such “More Government, Less Government.” As with retail, the overall government may increase during such times.

Possibly there will also be “More Banking, Less Banking” and “More Police, Less Police.” I wonder what those will look like.

More medicine makes less illness. But more medicine can also produce more resistance (which is also Saturn) creating the need for more medicine. More and less have an interesting relationship.

We’ll learn about both Jupiter and Saturn in the coming year, more or less.

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