Saturn in Aquarius: Idealism, Detachment, Dissociation and Rationalization

When you read about the sun sign Aquarius, you’ll often hear about its “detachment.” With Saturn transiting this sign and bringing us “social distancing,” it’s a good time to think about what this means.

The forced “meditation retreat” of 2020 allowed a lot of observation of self and others. For me personally, I came to understand why the Western “mind” (and guns and germs) took over the world. Detachment is part of it.

2020 also helped me understand some nuances of meditation that I didn’t fully understand. Meditation tries to bring you to the present, to remain there during all activities. How does that align with the addict who gives up the future self for a constant present stimulation?

As a meditator, you are trying to observe, to detach from reaction. How does that differ from dissociation, where you remove “self” from unpleasant situations?

Aquarius Idealism

All elements contain three signs; for air those are: Gemini the mutable or flexible one; Libra the cardinal or initiating one; and Aquarius the fixed or steady one.

Air is about idea, socialization, communication, interaction, mental stimulation, pure intelligence. Fixed signs are focused and steady, sometimes obsessed. For Aquarius, it’s fixed focus on ideas and specifically futuristic ones or “how things should be.” How things “should” be comes in two forms: judgment or idealism.

Aquarius takes on the idealistic lens (Capricorn, the earth sign preceding it which is ruled by Saturn tends to take the judgmental route). Saturn, the great taskmaster, is the planet that rules time, limits, rules, law and order. Saturn is judgment and Aquarius is idealism so we have lots of people judging you right now for social behavior that deviates from an ideal, in this case a hygienic ideal.

By the end of Saturn’s transit of Aquarius in spring of 2023, I would expect more idealistic groupings of individuals with equally fervent demands and rules of entry. Aquarius rules brotherhoods and non-family unions which can make them more egalitarian. But sometimes it also brings in the Capricorn/Saturn elements of hierarchy and exclusion.

Aquarius Detachment

The detachment that Aquarius is known for can be seen, I believe, in all air signs. It’s more noticeable in Aquarius because of its fixed nature. Sometimes with your air sign friends, you may feel that they are not there, have gone somewhere in their minds.

Air is creating the ideal situation in the mind. Gemini is connecting the dots, thinking of the possibilities, traveling the world. Libra is focused on relationships, how to be popular, reacting to the environment to form its sense of self. Aquarius is innovating, finding ways to live the idealistic life, separating from an emotional and needy humanity for a breath of freedom.

The detachment of air is what allows it to see the possibilities of life. In this way, there can be opportunism of both the positive and negative kind. Air can see the gaps in others’ thinking and fill those gaps with life activity or consumer products. Air is faster than earth or water so can take advantage of these slower elements and those that live under their influence. Fire is fast but needs air to move. Many an idea is started by air and moved by fire.

The United States has the moon in Aquarius. The moon is the reactive nature; in a nation’s horoscope, the “people.” The people of the United States are idealistic, we have a constitution that is very Aquarius in nature – it honors the individual.

That the United States constitution honored the individual yet some of those that wrote it held men and women in bondage is another quality of air – the ability to dissociate. Detachment allows for possibility. When reaction and response is needed, detachment can re-attach. Dissociation, in contrast, can’t or won’t help put out the raging fire.

Aquarius Dissociation and Rationalization

The Western mind can’t be identified as one particular sign, but I do think it is air in quality. The ability to write a document about freedom while holding people in captivity takes both idealism and dissociation from the horrific pain of others. The ability of these same individuals to attend religious services and then return home to torture others is another example; it’s not extreme, it really happens.

As Saturn entered Aquarius in March 2020, my moon-in-Aquarius country fought over and is still fighting over reality. A global pandemic causes much reaction amongst humans as one day we are going to die and threats to our lives remind of us this. Our fears evacuated our bodies like toxins will in a virulent upheaval. When in fear, all idealism is tossed aside.

One of the responses to this situation was to pretend it didn’t exist. While I’ve seen that reaction before in individuals avoiding problems, I hadn’t realized the prevalence of this type of reaction. It explains everything about how we’ve come to be where we are in the Western world.

The Western mind took over because it has strong ideals, many of them very good for all. But the ability to dissociate allows for an opportunism that removes itself from the pain of others and to avoid the ugly by-products of one’s actions. And when the ugly by-products make themselves known, the mind uses its most effective trick – rationalization – to further dissociate. The mind can create a rationalization – a story – for any situation. That’s its role.

The mind is both an asset and liability and the trick of meditation is to attempt to remove the liability portion as our ability to dissociate and rationalize does not merely affect others; it affects our own well being. But keeping the asset portion brings us the life enhancements the Western world today enjoys and enhancements others would like to share in – indoor running water, constant electricity, consistent food supply, etc.

Saturn in Aquarius

Saturn in Aquarius is contracting, as Saturn does, group ideals and experiences. Saturn in Aquarius is challenging ideals against reality – Saturn is time, the “real” world you wake up to each morning.

The world outside the window is the result of shared beliefs and actions mixed with nature’s patterns. Much of what humans complain about, I believe, stems not from divine interventions but human activity and response. Nature isn’t deemed evil – humans are.

When ideals don’t match reality, you have the sound of words and ink scratches on paper. That’s all. Saturn is asking for the ideal to be real.

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Polishing Your Moon

Pulling out the spring jewelry collection, I discovered it was time to polish the silver. “Polish the silver” is something you hear often in British period pieces, done by servants and exclusively with dinnerware. It definitely can be a tedious task, especially with tiny earrings.

“I’m a cheap date,” was my first thought as I pulled out the silver cleaner. Silver is so much cheaper than gold. But silver is my metal in look and feel and I have lots of it due to relatives in Colorado and travels in Mexico. Silver likes me I suppose as much as I like it – it finds me.

In astrology moon is silver. Gold is the sun.

That makes sense both visually and symbolically. The moon looks more like silver, white and changing, as silver does when it tarnishes due to contact with moisture and sulfur in the air. The sun looks more like gold and is always shining and bright, even if we can’t see it behind the clouds. Fly on a commercial jet and you discover it’s always sunny at 30,000 feet.

Moon Polishing

The sun in astrology represents our conscious self, the one we identify with. The “I am” self and “me” of “you did this to me.” It’s the one you dress every morning to look like an executive. It’s the one you take to the party and describe to others “I’m a baseball player.” It’s the one on your resume who worked here, volunteered there, sings in a choir.

The moon in astrology is the reactive self, the one that holds all impressions and can act without the conscious self’s authority or approval. The moon is more evident when one is experiencing stress and forgets to maintain the “resume self.”

Teaching astrology, I ask folks to describe what they do after a stressful day. This is a good way to guess and learn about others’ moon signs.

Because the moon is reactive, it gets “tarnished” in the emotional sense. Like silver, it often needs cleaning. The moon is receptive, a very lovely thing if you are a musician connecting with your band members during a concert. Receptivity to an abusive or disruptive early environment, unfortunately, stays with the moon. The reactions of early childhood are the strongest impressions retained by the moon.

So it’s important to understand your moon and what it “picks up” from daily life and clean it off. The tarnish is not yours.

How does your moon react?

There are four elements – fire, earth, air and water. Moon reactions follow the same energies as sun conscious action. The difference is the trigger from external event; the reaction may be appropriate or a set of responses developed from past events that do not apply.

The moon reactions often have a manipulation to them because the moon “needs.” It’s reactive.

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) react with passion, energy, anger. Aries fights. Leo looks for recognition. Sagittarius often flees for freedom.

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) react slowly with practical concerns. Taurus maintains the peace. Virgo rationalizes. Capricorn tries not to “burn bridges.”

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) react with thoughts. Gemini is best at dissociating. Libra seeks partnership. Aquarius develops its own, internal rules.

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) reacts with emotion. Cancer cries and can make you cry too. Scorpio obsesses and broods. Pisces becomes what you want it to be.

Is the moon feminine?

The sun and moon are also related to male (sun) and female (moon). This can seem obvious as women menstruate with the cycles of the moon. And the last two thousand years have been dominated by externally-focused males who established femininity as “emotional.”

I would argue the moon is not feminine. I prefer the Chinese concepts of yin and yang which are internal and external respectively. Female organs are internal and male organs are external. I believe this is the root of gathering, which is at peace with the external world and hunting which uses tools (external senses) and tries to conquer “out there.”

We all have the same horoscope – 10 planets, 12 signs.

Both males and females have a sun and moon with active and reactive principles. Menstruation just like respiration or heart beating is involuntary. It’s the moon.

For me, the historical trait of males viewing women as emotional, which I still hear today in the “crazy ex-wife” stories is the externalizing of the moon. It’s also very clearly evident in psychological political war where a group of people, for example, is enslaved, whipped, raped for hundreds of years and then when freed somehow become the “violent” ones. If you look closely, you will see this pattern repeat over and over.

Males are as “emotional” as females they just don’t have the menstruation to prove it. But they do have other hints of this such as violence or other “external” acts of emotion which are rationalized into “conscious” actions. If war is emotional, consider how that balances the scales.

The Universe is Female

According to a Western view of history, Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Ahkenaten in 1300s BC established “monotheism” asking his people to worship Aten – the sun – only. Archeological interpretation often stays within the paradigms of one’s own cultural thinking. Ideas of “monotheism” are our own.

I believe Aten was focusing his people toward our true energy source – the sun. Eating food is to eat the sun. The moon does not generate energy, only the sun does.

Associating females with the moon assigns women to an inert body that generates its “light” from the sun. Ahkenaten may have been the first feminist.

There’s only one theory of male dominance that makes sense to me and it’s from Carlos Castaneda. His mentor, Don Juan, explains that the universe is primarily female. The earth is clearly female – it feeds us. We couldn’t live without the sun either.

Male energy, then, is rarer and somehow became privileged.

That makes sense to me. That we look at the earth as an external thing made for our use is imbalance of male and female energy. It’s too focused on yang or external. In a sense, we are raping the earth. But as female energy is the energy of the earth and universe, I expect the earth will eventually win.

As we learned during the pandemic, when humans retreat nature returns. Thoughts of an earth without people does not unsettle me as it does some.

Why should it?

We will all still be in the earth, in the soil. Then we will all be “feminine.”

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Unrequited Love of Authority: Pluto in Capricorn

Astrologers are like economists – we have basic principles that occur in unique combinations over time. We analyze those past patterns to make future predictions. And like economists, we sometimes get it right, sometimes wrong – more often a combination of accurate and inaccurate.

The challenge is vision. Both astrologers and economists deal with the inconsistencies of human behavior. How something “should” occur may not happen that way because you find humans do unusual things like prioritize pleasure over need. The underlying elements of prediction may be accurate, but the manifestation looks different than imagined.

In that way, the year 2020 stood out to astrologers who cared to look in advance at that year. Pluto the planet of destruction and transformation began its transit of Capricorn in 2007. Capricorn is social structure and authority and immediately the global economy collapsed due to “Plutocrats” making money off of numbers and bankers and auditors playing along. This type of high finance is not easily understood by the average person who simply works hard and tries to pay his/her bills.

Having lived through 9/11 in 2001 and the housing crisis in 2007, I’ve learned that humans do not heed warnings and probably never will – maybe that’s why for all of the moral instruction religions provide, it never really stops people from killing each other.

The chaos of 2020 was caused by a pandemic, something that is not easily predicted by astrologers or economists. However, astrological predictions of the 2020 lineup in Capricorn probably had many of its elements – societal control, responsibility, caution, and rules.


In 2020, the planets Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn joined Pluto in Capricorn. Mars is where we assert the self and is often associated with aggression and war. Jupiter is where we meet society at school or church and learn to interact with others. Saturn is where we meet authority and personal responsibility and where we learn to be a part of the running of society.

For this astrologer, this 2020 line-up meant a great deal of authoritarianism, which I believe came to pass. While the needs of public health can impinge upon one’s personal freedoms, most countries do not have a clear line of where and when that occurs. We will most likely be discussing this through 2024 when some sort of resolution occurs as Pluto passes into Aquarius.

The digital life arose during Uranus and Neptune’s transits of Capricorn and Aquarius in the mid 1990s through early 2000s. Those born then tend to glamorize (Neptune) technology so its authoritarian implications were not understood. The freedom (Uranus) that technology can provide was exciting but appeared to have lasted only for a Uranus transit through Aquarius (seven years). Quickly the authoritarians discovered the power of daily-life surveillance.


As with most prognostications, it’s easy to look at the present and see evidence of one’s thoughts – that’s the bias of daily life where we see what we expect to see.

The great 2020 hindsight takeaway for me as an astrologer is that there is a great love of authority. Having grown up in the shadow of WWII, I carry the image of the dangerous demagogue. While some of the authoritarian figures that arose and continue to arise with Pluto in Capricorn turn my stomach, I did not understand how appealing to others they would be. What’s more fascinating, even, is that much of this love is unrequited. Many of these authoritarians are quite open and honest about their disdain for others, even those that admire them.

In the 1960s classic I’m Ok – You’re Ok psychiatrist Thomas A. Harris shares that at some point in development, children of all cultures seem to develop a position of I’m not Ok, You’re Ok. This is a state developed in childhood because of the adults around us controlling our world. We retain the emotional responses of childhood in addition to this external parent consciousness. Our “adult” is then contaminated by parent ideas and childhood emotional responses. What we need to develop is the detached adult state which can assimilate the parent and child states and create an “I’m Ok, You’re Ok” state.

“I’m not Ok, You’re Ok,” in the New Age parlance is “giving away your power.”

It’s interesting to read Harris’ description of the reverse of this – the “I’m Ok, You’re Not Ok” person:

The person in the I’m Ok, You’re Not Ok position suffers stroking deprivation. A stroke is only as good as the stroker. And there are no OK people. Therefore there are no OK strokes. Such a person may develop a retinue of “yes men” who praise and stroke him heavily. Yet he knows they are not authentic strokes because he had has set them up himself, in the same way he had to produce his own stroking in the first place. The more they praise him, the more despicable they become, until he finally rejects them all in favor of a new group of yes men.

In recent years, it seems masses of “I’m not Ok, You’re Ok” people elected or found themselves ruled by “I’m Ok, You’re not Ok” leaders. And those leaders will never find the masses ok; they can’t.

2020 Revised

Like a good economist, Ohio Astrology will explain the flaw in 2020 prognostications. In the years leading up to 2020, I imagined an “Authoritarian Armageddon.”  That view externalizes the energy seeing authoritarianism “out there” inflicted upon a helpless humanity.

Today my understanding is deepened and I would say instead that 2020 was a year to understand where and when we give our power to others, specifically authority figures. We collectively create the world and if we don’t like what we see we have to look inside, not outside.

Pluto’s destruction and transformation has occurred externally as well with market collapses and ill people. But the real change that Pluto is forcing is the understanding that giving one’s power to (and blame on) authority is an abdication of personal responsibility.

Personal responsibility means negotiating with a shared world. Cooperation is not relinquishing freedom but assuming adult responsibility for the shared outcomes of social decisions. The United States, which is currently experiencing its Pluto “return” to 27 degrees of Capricorn, appears to be having the most difficulty with this.

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Mike DeWine: The Illness and the Cure

Just prior to the pandemic in November 2019, Ohio’s governor Mike DeWine signed a bill that forced upon Ohio gynecologists a non-existent procedure to re-implant ectopic pregnancies. This made international news due to its irrationality:

A bill to ban abortion introduced in the Ohio state legislature requires doctors to “reimplant an ectopic pregnancy” into a woman’s uterus – a procedure that does not exist in medical science – or face charges of “abortion murder”.

This is the second time practising obstetricians and gynecologists have tried to tell the Ohio legislators that the idea is currently medically impossible.

Just a few months later as Ohio Astrology’s Governor DeWine ordered Ohio locked down due to coronavirus, I was skeptical, as were others. Was this just another religious/political maneuver? Could I trust a man that just signed a bill mandating an unscientific and deadly procedure?

During the 2020 high season of pandemic and other political and social chaos, DeWine clearly supported his unsupportive and narcissistic co-party president (the 45th). And like many an experienced politico, DeWine clearly supported the 45th president until the insurrection on January 6, 2021 when he was able to distance himself a little — enough for political expediency only. In case his party wondered about his loyalty, on February 7 DeWine declared former president Ronald Reagan’s birthday as “Ronald Reagan Day” in Ohio.

After a year of pandemic, it might have been more meaningful to create a day for historical health care crusaders, the many health care workers who guided us through 2020 or scientists who created the new vaccine. Instead, after a year of illness, unprecedented government action and massive unemployment, DeWine chose to honor a man who kicked people off welfare and removed regulations that allowed unprecedented greed and social economic divergence that continues to this day.

And DeWine continues his acceptance of the 45th president’s support.

Who is Mike DeWine? Is he creating a problem or solving a problem?

Capricorn sun and Gemini Moon

DeWine’s sun in Capricorn (cardinal earth sign) is known for ambition. With Mars conjunct sun, there is competitive ambition, even more ambition than normal for this sign. The best of Capricorn was demonstrated by DeWine during the pandemic – calm, authoritative leadership and clearly-defined goals. Capricorn’s primary motivation is “success” and greatest fear “failure” and the subsequent sense of humiliation.

Capricorn is authority and social structure, known for its serious plodding and planning. It’s not the sign known for lively center-of-attention antics at the cocktail party. Capricorn stays sober because after the party there is a checkbook to balance and a future to plan.

The worst of Capricorn was exhibited by the Capricorn poster boy 38th President Richard Nixon: Calculating ambition, self-centeredness bordering on paranoia, mean streak and lack of respect for others.

DeWine, unlike Nixon, has kept any Capricorn nastiness in check. He’s publicly diplomatic and respectful. More than respectful, DeWine has done a fabulous job of playing both sides of a very unusual political situation. For that you can thank his Gemini moon.

Gemini is the mutable air sign and most mentally agile and socially dexterous of all the signs. Ruled by Mercury, Gemini is highly intelligent. Pure Gemini intelligence combined with Capricorn ambitious shrewdness makes for a fine chess player.

Unlike Capricorn, Gemini does like the cocktail party, socializing, meeting new people and sharing ideas. Gemini likes to talk. Depending on time of birth, Uranus may also be conjunct moon suggesting constantly changing moods and general inconsistency. If DeWine has these traits, he does not demonstrate them overtly.

Neither Capricorn sun nor Gemini moon is strong in feeling tone. Earth signs tend to repress feelings and air tends to dissociate and rationalize feelings. So there is a cool detachment here. DeWine’s Jupiter in Scorpio (fixed water) helps a bit with emotional understanding; however, Scorpio is fixed water, obsessive and when hurt seeks revenge. Capricorn is also known for vengeful acts.

If DeWine wonders why more of his state’s population doesn’t get the vaccine, he may want to review his own actions. It takes some emotional awareness to understand the damage done by promoting junk science in November 2019 and then promoting real science in February 2020. In the real world people have internal, conflicting views; but as a leader, it creates mistrust.

While DeWine has done much to curb the spread of illness in Ohio, he’s also done much to increase the spread of mistrust. He’s the cure and the cause of illness. The reason the Consumer Confidence Index is used as a gauge of economic health is that public attitudes have a great affect on the physical reality of the economy. In this way, confidence in public officials would go a long way to increasing public health and willingness to sacrifice individual need for public good.

By promoting and supporting conflicting beliefs, DeWine with Gemini moon is much like the 45th president (who has Gemini sun) but in a much more subtle way. While the 45th president was bold in his conflicting, non-rational, irrelevant and irreverent views, DeWine appears to be a calm, stable authority figure.

DeWine was born in the Pluto in Leo generation (The Me Generation) and has Saturn conjunct Pluto in this sign. As with the Capricorn sun, this is ambition and with Saturn involved suggests that without ambition and “success,” there is a feeling of unworthiness. Possibly that is why DeWine like others of the Pluto-in-Leo generation won’t retire and pass the torch to the younger generations. That we as a nation hang onto them also says we are not yet willing to truly change.

Playing both sides of the fence works well DeWine who has navigated a long list of public offices. For the people of his state and his country, DeWine’s ability and agility is both productive and destructive. Prior to the pandemic, people mistrusted government. Now they mistrust government, science and everything else. That’s dangerous for a nation as there is no shared reality and no way to communicate.

In 2020, DeWine did a remarkable job of navigating a unique public health situation. He’s also done a remarkable job of appeasing the powers of the political party system that runs counter to his own actions. That takes a lot of intelligence, shrewdness and plain skill – a political chess player.

Through this agility DeWine has also contributed to mistrust of government, science and elected officials. This benefits the enemies of our nation in a myriad of ways who show vigor and creativity in exploiting this culture of mistrust. This is true, lasting damage to the spiritual health of this nation. We don’t know how long it takes to recover from this illness and there is no vaccine.

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Anne Applebaum: Fixed Ideas in a Mutable World

Twilight of Democracy: The Seductive Lure of Authoritarianism by Anne Applebaum is one of the many works you can find written since 2016 that analyzes why those in the more free countries on earth are drawn to authoritarian figures. As with many things in earth life, one man’s authoritarian is another’s savior.

And that for me is what underlies all analyses done of this subject – saviors. As earthlings are born, they are generally provided stories of how they and their cultures were created. Most involve a savior in a secular or religious form. Since most saviors are not in sentient form, it’s no surprise to me that we seek a more corporeal form during our time on earth. It’s kind of like preferring currency over bitcoin. Bitcoin may be real, but holding a $50 bill in your hand feels much different.

And like most works on the subject of recent authoritarianism, I enjoy the unique perspective that Applebaum brings. Unlike other works, however, hers focuses on individuals. The running theme, to me, is that her friends were once on the side of freedom but have “changed” and supported authoritarianism.

While I agree with her premise that in changing times people seek simple stories and a nostalgic return to the past (that may or may not have existed), I also see in her narrative a certain aspect of human nature – people seeking identity in the trends that surround them. Philosopher and novelist Ayn Rand is very appealing because she called this out – if a person doesn’t establish his or her own philosophy and value system, he or she will pick up what’s around by default. While values can change during a lifetime, most of us believe in what our cultures taught without a deeper dive into whether we really, truly believe in that cultural interpretation.

While reading Twilight of Democracy I kept feeling that while Applebaum has true, deep concerns about society, she also feels a great deal of sadness in lost friendships.

Anne Applebaum

As expected, Applebaum’s chart has a lot of fixed signs. Astrology has four elements (fire, earth, air and water) and three modes (cardinal, fixed and mutable). The four elements times three modes equal the 12 signs.

Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) initiate action and tend to be bossy. Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) are steady and strong and often become leaders. Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) are flexible and adaptable but not consistent.

An astrological history of United States presidents shows that traditionally we liked fixed signs. Fixed, just as it sounds, can stay the course on whatever motivates it. In earth (Taurus), there is drive to earn and accumulate assets. In fire (Leo), there is fixation on self and expression making this the actor of the zodiac. In water (Scorpio), there is fixation on emotions and intimate relationships. In air (Aquarius), the fixation is on ideas, especially ideas of social order, technology and innovation.

Humans tend to like the consistency of fixed signs – you said you would do this and you did. You showed up. You kept your promise.

Applebaum has five of the ten “planets” in astrology in fixed signs – sun and Mercury in Leo, moon opposite in Aquarius, Jupiter in Taurus and Neptune in Scorpio. The rest of her chart is in mutable signs. So unless she has a cardinal sign rising, that is a missing mode.

Sun opposite moon (when exact is your astronomical full moon) means the active and reactive responses are at odds. Leo is lovers and Aquarius is friends so Applebaum writing about parties and events shows the social side of this aspect. This aspect tends to make friends into lovers then want to return to friendship, which isn’t easy for everyone.

It’s the Aquarius moon, I believe, which is experiencing the disappointment in former friends’ intellectual morphing from proponents of freedom to supporters of polarizing politics. Aquarius is fixed idea so when Applebaum says she believes in something, it’s more firmly established while others may be going with the flow, enjoying the energy of the times or simply having stimulating conversation.

Journalism is astrologically ruled by Mercury (which rules Gemini). By nature, journalism is a short-term seeking of facts. Although we accuse our journalists of fake news, consider if you were, say reporting on the 45th US president, the “fact” might be one day he says “up” and the next day on the same subject he says “down.” The fact is that each statement was made and that they are contradictory.  A “fact” can report someone’s lie.

Gemini and journalism are the messengers. Taking the facts (and non-facts) and making meaning belongs in the realm of the opposite sign – Sagittarius. Gemini is the journalist; Sagittarius the philosopher.

Applebaum has Mars and Venus – the planets of assertiveness and romance/pleasure – in Gemini. She loves the journalist type with agile mind, incessant curiosity and ability to communicate. For her Aquarius moon, Gemini makes a trine and nothing is better than a late-night conversation about a unique subject. The love of foreign and unique people is also a quality of air signs.

Yet air also seeks identity and identity is not solid like body is. And while Applebaum may feel her friends have “changed,” I suspect they feel the same about her with that Mars/Venus aspect. Also, a party is a party. What one says at a party to relate (and seduce) and what one does with her or her vote or money are entirely different motivations.

My own experience of this is that while young we may tend to be more liberal (but not always of course). But as we age and have children (and houses and jobs), we tend to become more conservative because we have people and lifestyles to protect and as we age we naturally become less competitive as energy wanes (but not always of course).

Gemini is the eternal youth and Applebaum has some of that too. Aquarius is idealist and Leo is proud so there is a lot of energy and identity around worldview. With Mars/Venus in Gemini and Uranus/Pluto in Virgo, the intellect is quite strong and detailed. Applebaum may not be seeing past the ideals of her companions and maybe hasn’t understood that some have fixed-sign attachment to ideas and some simply like the outfits (like the revolutionary beret).

Natal Saturn in Pisces indicates that for Applebaum it is difficult to get a true emotional connection to others – it’s just a difficult bridge to cross. Words can convey emotion but are not the emotions themselves.

Transiting Saturn is currently in Aquarius and in 2023 will move into Pisces. In Aquarius, Saturn is conjunct the moon. In Pisces, it will conjunct natal Saturn for the second Saturn return (times of maturity and acceptance of mortality).

These two aspects create additional distance in friendships both intellectual (Aquarius) and emotional (Pisces). Saturn moved into Aquarius just as social distancing began. For Applebaum, the distance occurring now with many friends will mostly likely be permanent. Yet were they ever truly friends?

In April 2023 when Applebaum has her second Saturn return, she will mostly likely understand that those showing up to the barbeque with amusing stories may not be the same ones that show up in hard times with a bowl of soup.

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BTS – Who Goes Solo First?

There’s one psychological growth stage common to all mankind that is rarely acknowledged by the science of psychology. It’s a rite-of-passage, if you will, a boundary that one crosses, sometimes consciously and sometimes unconsciously.

It’s the time when you watch This is Spinal Tap, find it humorous and never look at rock musicians the same way again.

Yes, you may still enjoy all the same music you did while a teenager. But when you cross this line in the sand, you no longer have the fire in the belly that drove you to put, for example, Led Zeppelin posters all over your bedroom wall. You may still think, for example, that Robert Plant is a fine looking man and perfect rock-wailing lead singer. But you also have other thoughts throughout the day. You don’t think of Robert Plant every hour like you used to, for example.

Watching my first BTS video, the South Korean seven-member male musical group, my first thought was, “They’re going to break up.”

I don’t want them to break up. But that’s what came into my head.

Thinking of the bands I used to like, the time I spent looking at their album covers while listening to their records, I know the feeling BTS evokes. Watching them, a little of that feeling returned. But having crossed that invisible line in the sand, I also know that seven young egos can only hold together for so long. Diana Ross & the Supremes were once The Supremes. Gloria Estefan – a Miami Sound Machine member. From The Jackson 5 emerged a megastar Michael Jackson. And the list goes on and on . . .


Thankfully, BTS has a wonderful fan site ( full of information as well as birth data. For the newly acquainted, BTS is:

BTS (Hangul: 방탄소년단; RR: Bangtan Sonyeondan), also known as the Bangtan Boys, is a seven-member South Korean boy band formed in Seoul in 2013. The name became a backronym for Beyond the Scene in July 2017.

The young men in the group each have a stage-name identity and are also talented dancers, as evidenced from their many videos.

Seven horoscopes with ten planets each in 12 houses is way too much data for a full-length analysis. So we’ll keep it simple. Let’s take a look at sun/moon combinations with some generational placements and then speculate on who may go solo first, a common theme in rock history and the stuff of rock gossip. And we’ll look at some other “most likely tos.”

Most were born from 1992 – 1995, a glorious time of growth in technology and availability of information with Uranus and Neptune transiting Capricorn then Aquarius. This is the generation that is now being transformed by Pluto’s transit of Capricorn (2008-2024) and is being asked by the universe to reinvent our social fabric as Pluto moves into Aquarius in 2024. I personally look forward to it and each BTS video is a talented image of the future.

Most Likely to Leave the Band First

Because I don’t have actual time of birth, the moon can be difficult to place. If Jung Kook has moon in the late degrees of Leo, then he is my first pick to leave first.

Leo moon does not like to be ignored. It’s also not super-enthusiastic about sharing the center stage either. With natal Saturn in Aries, there may also be insecurities about not “standing out.”

Now if Jung Kook has moon in Virgo, then my next pick is j-hope. j-hope’s horoscope stands out because his bandmates have lots of mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) while he has sun in fixed Aquarius and moon in fixed Taurus. Currently Saturn is transiting Aquarius and Uranus transiting moon so this rebellious Aquarius with a need for security finds himself agitated and up for a fight. The fight is to let off the steam of this challenging square. j-hope may seem more serious than the other group members as well which can cause friction.

Most Likely to be Fickle in Love

Hands down this goes to Jimin. With sun in Libra and moon in Gemini, there’s tendency to fall in love often, daily. Light and fun romance is the goal of these two signs, with lots of playful intellectual stimulation. But, wait, there’s also Mars conjunct Pluto in Scorpio. That’s more like Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance so often Jimin takes others into the depths of seriousness then backs off causing confusion and very hurt feelings. There’s a “grass is greener on the other side,” feeling to the sun and moon.

Most Likely to Get Married First

I’ll say Suga because of his sensitive nature coupled with Saturn in Aquarius. He may even get married by spring of 2022 when Saturn returns to the natal position in his horoscope. As a Pisces sun and Virgo moon, he may be feeling lonely. Neptune is transiting Pisces so all Pisces will get a dose of spirituality and probably an overwhelming attraction to another. Plus that Virgo moon worries a lot so he’s probably got a list of things to do before 2022.

Most Likely to Try Weird Diets

RM has most of his chart in earth and water signs – practical and introverted. But then there’s this moon in Sagittarius which likes to take risks and explore. With sun in Virgo and Venus, Jupiter and Pluto in Scorpio, there’s a lot of discipline . . . until there isn’t.

Sagittarius moon likes to indulge so there’s a tendency to be extremely disciplined then suddenly go wild, with lots of eating and drinking. So then there would be the need to discipline again, which would bring the crazy diets.

Most Likely to Start a Business

While being in a musical group is a business, there’s also the business where you put stuff in a building and sell it or manage people’s stuff for them. V’s chart has the characteristics of a traditional business executive. Sun in Capricorn likes power and authority and moon in Aries is competitive and highly charged. Together, there’s more than a little irritability when things don’t go one’s way. But these two cardinal signs together often make things go one’s way.

V’s next move after the group may be as owner of a business. Maybe it’s still in the music industry but with Capricorn / Aries, it can be anything that provides a feeling of success.

Most Likely to Meet the Dalai Lama

Like Jung Kook’s chart, Jin’s moon could be in one of two signs – Pisces or Aries. With sun in Sagittarius, there is definitely a need to wander. If moon is in Pisces, there is a spiritual seeking. In Aries, a more competitive seeking (if they have one, I want one too – but bigger).

Even without moon Jin’s chart gives me the sense he is seeking the larger meaning of life. He asks deep questions and if moon is in Pisces, actually sticks around for the answers. I could see him seeking the company of spiritual beings including the Dalai Lama.


Four of the members have Saturn in Pisces; Suga and Jin have Saturn in Aquarius; and Jung Kook has Saturn in Aries. Saturn is currently transiting Aquarius (since late March 2020 the time when much of the world went into lockdown).

Saturn has a 29-year cycle so returns to the place it was when you were born. This Saturn “return” is considered a time when we settle down and take stock of our lives and determine what we want to do with the rest of it. Many marry at this time or settle on a specific career.

Your Saturn sign is where you feel a lack, a place you feel vulnerable. If you believe in karma, it’s a karmic debt.

Jin’s Saturn return is right around the corner – the end of April. With Saturn in Aquarius, there is a feeling of being different than the group. Suga has this placement too but will not have his return until 2022. While Suga may choose to get married at that time, Jin may embark on some new adventure, with a new group of people. He may travel to somewhere completely different from his prior travels.

Saturn in Pisces is a sensitive placement. There’s a feeling of wearing one’s nerves on the outside of the skin and feeling of spiritual barrier with others. j-hope, Jimin, RM and V all have this placement.

For j-hope, it’s tied with communication. There may be a melancholy or poetic aspect to thought and speech. For Jimin, Saturn is square Jupiter in Sagittarius and moon in Gemini. There is a tendency here to avoid sadness, to always look for fun and to discourage others from expressing unpleasant emotions. For RM, Saturn is opposite sun in Virgo and square moon in Sagittarius. RM’s back and forth between discipline and excess may have come from a stern father who wanted all work and no play so RM didn’t learn how to play in balance. For V, his five planets in ambitious Capricorn try to work hard for success so that the Saturn in Pisces feelings of not being enough do not come to light.

The youngest member, Jung Kook has Saturn in Aries, which represents a struggle for identity and dominance. Since your parents often have you when they are around 30, your parents have Saturn opposite yours which is the generational struggle. In this same say, Jung Kook’s Saturn can feel a bit oppressive to V who’s moon is in Aries and possibly Jin who’s moon may be in Aries.

j-hope is an Aquarius sun so the four with Saturn in Aquarius sometimes are oppressive to him (making rules and such) which would spark his rebelliousness (he probably always wants to do things differently). And for Suga with Pisces sun, j-hope, Jimin and RM might sometimes feel like parents to him.

See how it works? The dynamics of groups is quite intricate and this is just a taste. As with any group of people, the dynamics ebb and flow and over time relationships change and evolve. As the members of BTS experience their Saturn returns, they will take stock of their current life status and plan for the future, the future that comes after success.

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A Spy in the House of Astrology: Anais Nin

Have you ever been to a book frenzy? It goes like this:

You’re in a small town in the middle of a pandemic where the local bookstore can no longer survive against the force of gargantuan online retailers. Human connection is discouraged and sensation-oriented activities such as browsing for books, picking them up, sticking your nose inside the seam to savor the scent of paper, determining interest and possibly returning a book to the shelf is definitely a no-no. You might look up from your state of book hypnosis to see a judgmental stare.

This small-town bookstore has no choice but to close its doors so offers all books for $1. People flood into the store, leave all fears of illness and death on the cold, empty street and start a frenzied grabbing. It is a judgment-free zone of pure chaos. You grab any book that is remotely interesting – a topic, an author, a beautiful cover.

During a recent book frenzy, one of my grabs was Anais Nin’s A Spy in the House of Love. Having seen a movie about Nin and her seduction of Henry Miller and wife, I was expecting a shallow play on the senses and planning a quick glance over some pages.

Much to my surprise, I found Nin a very perceptive and fascinating author. As with other female writers, I believe if she had been a male, her writing would have been accorded much more attention with focus on her deep qualities.

A Spy in the House of Astrology

Of course (of course), an astrologer must examine the personality of the object of interest. For this astrologer, all of our ideas, beliefs, creative outlets and expressions are extensions of the personality. The loving person has a loving god; the judgmental person and judgmental god. Test my theory in your life.

Let’s look at Nin’s writing against elements of her horoscope. Today is her birthday (February 21) so it’s a fine day to conjure her spirit. For context, A Spy in the House of Love is based on a fictional Nin called Sabina who is married but carries on a series of affairs. Sabina struggles with her need for security and attachment to her husband against the need for “multiple lives” with lovers of varying characteristic while trailed by a “lie detector.”

Nin’s Horoscope

Nin had Jupiter, sun and Venus in sensitive water-sign Pisces making squares to Neptune and Pluto in Gemini and Uranus in Sagittarius. Those are mutable signs which are adaptable, flexible and often face challenges through avoidance.

Nin had a wide air trine with Mars in Libra, Mercury/Saturn in Aquarius and Neptune/Pluto in Gemini. The chart is almost entirely air and water with moon in earth-sign Capricorn standing out as a stick in the mud in a chart that would otherwise be entirely social. That Capricorn moon appears to be a driver in this novel where the protagonist is trying to live multiple lives while a part of her always returns to the security of her routine and dependable husband who seems to accept her lies at face value.

The image presented at the beginning and end of this novel is Marcel Duchamp’s Nude Descending a Staircase, No. 2:

Eight or ten outlines of the same woman, like many multiple exposures of a woman’s personality, neatly divided into many layers, walking down the stairs in unison. If she went to Alan [her husband] now it would be like detaching one of those cut-outs of a woman, and forcing it to walk separately from the rest, but once detached from the unison, it would reveal that it was a mere outline of a woman, the figure design as the eye could see it, but empty of substance, this substance having evaporated through the spaces between each layer of the personality.

Imaginative and other-worldly Pisces sun combined with structured and responsible Capricorn moon

She understood why it angered her as people spoke of life as One life. She became certain of myriad lives within herself. Her sense of time altered. She felt acutely and with grief, the shortness of life’s physical span. Death was terrifyingly near, and the journey towards it, vertiginous; but only when she considered the lives around her, accepting their time tables, clocks, measurements. Everything they did constricted time. They spoke of one birth, one childhood, one adolescence, one romance, one marriage, one maturity, one aging, one death and then transmitted the monotonous cycle to their children . . .

But no one who listened ever shared her sudden gayety: in their glances she read condemnations. Her laughter seemed a desecration, a mockery of what should be considered tragic. She could see in their eyes the wish that she should fall from the incandescent trapeze on which she walked with the aid of delicate Japanese umbrellas, for no guilty party has a right to such adroitness and to live only by its power to balance over the rigidities of life which dictated a choice, according to its taboos against multiple lives. No one would share with her this irony and playfulness against the rigidities of life itself; no one would applaud when she succeeded by her ingenuity in defeating life’s limitations.

The vulnerability of sensitive Pisces sun combined with moon in Capricorn fear and avoidance of rejection

She was accumulating a supply of treacheries, so that when the shock came, she would be prepared: “I was not taken unaware, the trap was not sprung on my naivete, on my foolish trustingness. I had already betrayed. To be always ahead, a little ahead of the expected betrayals by life. To be there first and therefore prepared. . .

Before he could speak and harm her with words while she lay naked and exposed, while he prepared a judgment, she was preparing her metamorphosis, so that whatever Sabina he struck down she could abandon like a disguise, shedding the self he had seized upon and say: “That was not me.”

No place, no human being could bear to be gazed at with the critical eye of the absolute, as if they were obstacles to the reaching of a place or person of greater value created by the imagination.

Pisces’ mutable water sign qualities of imagination, escapism, longing for other worlds

Her habits like the habits of a spy. How she lay all her clothes on one chair, as if she might be called away suddenly and must not leave any traces of her presence.

The smoke issuing from Aladdin’s lamp was my first smokescreen, and the lies learned from fairytales were my first perjuries. Let us say I had perverted tendencies. I believed everything I read.

She had lost herself somewhere along the frontier between her inventions, her stories, her fantasies and her true self.

Astrological True Self

Much of astrology’s appeal is the validation of one’s true personality. The social structure of any society is Capricorn by definition which is ruled by the planet Saturn. So the Saturn in one’s horoscope or the horoscope of a nation explains how it creates the order and boundaries of its organization.

A sales manager once told me that when you try to control your sales people, you just make them liars. Likewise, our mutable signs need room to have “other lives” whether in social relationships (air-sign Gemini), with animals (earth-sign Virgo), the spiritual quest (fire-sign Sagittarius) or other worlds and emotional states (water-sign Pisces).

Nin is right – “multiple lives” are taboo, which, by extension makes the ideas of reincarnation taboo, something I never considered.

But like Nin there are many people out there with horoscopes full of elements and modes and aspects that need more stimulation than afforded by “one life.”

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Watch for the Ghost of Abraham Lincoln on February 12

In this year 2021 on President Abraham Lincoln’s birthday (February 12) there will be five planets transiting his birth sign of Aquarius. Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, sun and will all be in this fixed air sign that’s focused on humanity, technology, futuristic ideas and shared ideals.

The day before, February 11, will also see the moon in Aquarius. For the astrology students out there, Lincoln’s sun was at 23 degrees of Aquarius so his solar return (aka “birthday”) is actually February 11. That’s because 2020 was a leap year and added a day to our calendar.

The sun was the only planet in Aquarius in Lincoln’s horoscope. While Aquarius can have its periods of detachment, I think Lincoln’s famous melancholy stemmed from Capricorn moon (27 degrees), Saturn conjunct Neptune in Sagittarius and Mercury conjunct Pluto in Pisces.

Moon in Capricorn is challenging because it controls its emotions and often feels depressed. Neptune is where we feel the pull of spirituality and with Saturn conjunct the message is, “Sorry, you can’t go there.” Pluto (like Neptune) is generational so in Pisces reflects a more global sense of spiritual longing and loneliness from being an earth-bound physical entity.

What’s interesting about Lincoln’s horoscope is that his sun at 23 degrees of Aquarius is near the United States’ moon at 26 degrees of that sign and his moon at 27 degrees of Capricorn is the exact degree of the United States’ Pluto in Capricorn. Lincoln’s sun and moon were tied up with the evolutionary path of the United States.

What is that path?

Moon in Aquarius is hyper rational, detached, focused on shared ideals. Aquarius cares about people from an idealistic standpoint but isn’t warm and fuzzy with them personally. However, the United Status sun in Cancer is emotional with a focus on family and belonging. The emotional sun doesn’t aspect well to the rational moon. This can describe clearly how a nation can have a constitution that protects the individual while at the same time holding people in slavery. Air signs are best at “rationalizing” behavior.

Pluto’s role is evolution. In Capricorn, evolution concerns social structure, authority, control and hierarchy. Transiting Pluto is now in that sign and in a couple years the United States will have its “Pluto return” where it returns to 27 degrees of Capricorn after 248 years.

In case you haven’t noticed, the United States is going through great changes. Evolution as we understand it connotes progress but really evolution is about adaption. You can adapt to heaven or adapt to hell. While humans on one hand seem to be rooted in bedrock belief systems, on the other they are amazingly adaptable and malleable.

Let’s see where evolution takes us.

Revolution without a cause

During the end of the term of the 45th president, there were fears of civil war in the United States. That’s quite funny to me because for all of the internal conflict that has been occurring in the last four years, there is no clear aim, no clear purpose, and no agglutinating principle.

To storm the capitol in a shaman outfit and then demand vegan dinner in jail is hardly the material of revolutionaries. For those that carried a confederate flag – are you trying to secede? For the woman stealing a laptop to sell to Russia I ask, was the storming of the capitol to deliver our country to a foreign power?

While the short-term goal was to prevent a new president from taking office, there is no clear long-term conceptual belief (Aquarius) that drives the desire to keep the 45th president in office. The cult of personality has focused on those that give the appearance of strength, but Capricorn at its worst is authoritarian and to struggle for authoritarianism is self-destructive unless you are in authority.

Party politics could be blamed as it has turned politics into the simple sport of us and them. Yet the politicians also appear locked in the inconsistencies and incongruities of their consituents.

“Liberty, equality, fraternity,” was the slogan of the 18th century French revolution. Twentieth century revolutions in Russia, China and Cuba focused on expelling foreign powers and taking the wealth of the minority and redistributing it to the majority. While these “revolutions” may have had misguided and failed goals, they did have goals. And over time, in China at least, you could argue there were great improvements in the standard of living of the masses over time.

What’s the slogan of the United States insurrection?

There’s no slogan because there’s no movement. However this is still danger because of this very thing – social media provides a platform to express which creates a sense of empowerment while the actual social infrastructure becomes more and more rigid. The result is unorganized chaos. Insurrectionists were identified through their own photos but will probably foster the facial recognition being used in China to control masses.

What’s the difference between a gang and a movement?

Size might be said to differentiate. Also, a gang creates a sense of emotional loyalty through shared criminal responsibility. A movement creates a sense of intellectual loyalty through shared ideals. The insurrection was more like a gang and therefore probably not the inception of Civil War. But it definitely is the inception of civil chaos.

The Ghost of Lincoln

Many past United States presidents are probably “rolling in their graves” right now wondering what happened and wishing they could have understood the technology of the 21st century with its ability to influence behavior. But, then, had they known they might have envisioned a world with more knowledge and wisdom rather than more trivia and media trash.

Eisenhower warned against the military industrial establishment to no avail. Had technology been more advanced during his presidency, he might have added to beware of the media conglomerates.

The transits of February 11 – 12 are so intense after the energy of the last several years that we might very well see Lincoln’s ghost hovering about Washington DC. And if Lincoln should decide to visit his home state of Illinois, we may very well see him passing through Ohio.

When I told the cats to be on the lookout, they were excited.

“How will we recognize him?” they asked.

“Look for a melancholy, studious man with a long face and long beard. I don’t know if ghosts wear tall top hats but don’t be surprised if you see one.”

They started making mental notes.

“Oh,” I added, “if he’s carrying a Confederate flag that’s Jefferson Davis, not Abraham Lincoln. Don’t let their similar appearances fool you.”

“Will he be singing rap?”

“No,” I answered. “I thought we discussed this in March. That’s Alexander Hamilton.”

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Cruz and Hawley’s Excellent Capricorn Adventure

Until 2016, Richard Nixon was my poster boy for the sun sign Capricorn. Nixon exhibited both the positive and negative traits of that sign in extreme. Hard work, patient perseverance, serious contemplation and clear goals are the positive traits that took Nixon to the presidency. Negative Capricorn traits that contributed to his downfall include shrewd egotism, cold calculation, ambition at the expense of relationships and mean paranoia.

Listening to the many unclassified tapes of Nixon speaking to his advisors, you will hear language very similar that which you heard during the reign of President Trump – disdain for female leaders, attraction to the strongmen of the world, and arrogant self-pity.

To be a Capricorn at the top of the mountain and then fall is the greatest fear of this sign – failure. Success and failure are part of the Capricorn experience of understanding the individual’s role in society.

Ted Cruz

Then 2016 happened. The nasty of 200+ years of American politics continued its trajectory to outright cruelty. It’s no surprise that the politics begun in 2016 brought death because that’s what all the signals were indicating.

To run for high political office, above-average self-confidence is mandatory. Often this type of confidence leads to garden-variety egotism.

One standout of egotism is Texas senator and Capricorn sun Ted Cruz. Since 2016 feels like a hundred years ago, you may need a reminder that during the spring of campaign season, Cruz went so far as to select his vice presidential pick – Carly Fiorina. Most wait until they are a presidential candidate before picking a veep.

And don’t forget the Cruz Christmas video with wife and children mocking his enemies. Including one’s family in on the nastiness is definitely the cold and calculating side of Capricorn. Cruz has toppled Nixon as poster boy for political Capricorn.

Cruz’s horoscope is quite fascinating. As noted in the blog of 2015 (link below), most of Cruz’s horoscope is clustered from Virgo to Capricorn. Pluto in 29 degrees of Virgo crossed (made conjunctions) to almost all of the planets in his horoscope from his birth until just before the 2016 election primaries in 2015. Only Saturn in Taurus (more to come on that) was opposed by Pluto.

Pluto is the transformer, the destroyer. Pluto takes no prisoners, allows no compromise and forces its way in. The Ted Cruz of 2015 was not the Ted Cruz who was born – he was transformed.

Unfortunately, Cruz seems to have latched on to Pluto and decided power and control was his goal in life. Maybe the Pluto forces that controlled him simply turned him into a controller. Transformation isn’t always for the positive, I suppose. Ultimately Pluto should bring the sadder but wiser type of acquiescence to the forces of life.

The studious, learned Cruz is also in his chart and would have made a fine judge. Unfortunately, he may be facing Capricorn’s great fear of failure in spring 2022 when Uranus conjuncts his natal Saturn in Taurus.

Saturn in Taurus is a fear of physical lack, dislike of the body and rigid values. When Uranus crosses one’s Saturn, there is usually a confrontation with authority or others because they are stepping on your weak spot. For Cruz, that weak spot includes opposition to Mars (wide), Venus and Jupiter (wide) which will make it an angry, visually unappealing encounter. When Uranus crosses his Saturn, things may be taken away including property and titles. He may also be carrying debt well in excess of his assets which will cause issues during this transit.

Josh Hawley

Ted Cruz seems to have taken the young senator from Missouri, Josh Hawley, under his wing.

Like Cruz, Hawley is a Capricorn sun with moon in an air sign – Cruz is Libra, Hawley Gemini. Hawley’s natal Pluto in Libra is near Cruz’s moon and Hawley’s natal Saturn in Virgo is near Cruz’s Pluto. Saturn and Pluto are associated with control, Saturn of the structured kind from rules and laws; Pluto the personal kind stemming from the many ways in which one acquires power (money, influence, force). Cruz and Hawley may enjoy political maneuvering together, but maybe not going to have a beer and watch a game.

Like Cruz, Hawley’s combination of Capricorn sun and Gemini moon (like Ohio’s Governor DeWine) makes for a serious student, one agile in many subjects and probably a great chess player. However for Hawley that moon is opposed by Neptune and Mercury in Sagittarius and square Jupiter/Mars/Saturn in Virgo (some squares are wide). Transiting Neptune in Pisces triggers this T-square and forms the missing piece of a grand square.

While one of Capricorn’s most notorious traits is responsibility, the square in mutable signs suggests that Hawley is better than Cruz at removing himself from situations. Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) tend to avoid and run away from discord whereas cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) tend to confront and fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) tend to stand their ground because their beliefs are more solid.

Hawley is more flexible than Cruz – a good thing – but also may be more easily influenced due to the abundance of mutable energy. Soon if not already I expect Hawley to apologize for being under the influence of Neptune. He won’t say “Neptune” but he will probably invoke some of the self-pity Neptune can produce and explain how he “trusted” and “believed” such and such.

Currently Uranus is square Hawley’s Venus in Aquarius which is also experiencing a Saturn transit. Venus is pleasure and friendship and, yes, Hawley is going to lose some friends over his recent actions. However, when transiting Uranus moves through the later degrees of Taurus in 2023-2024, it will oppose Hawley’s natal Uranus which is often when people are forced to take a stand and become more independent. This will be good for him so that he can understand where he is truly leading versus where he believes he’s leading but is really following.

Cruz and Hawley’s Excellent Adventure

Like a movie, I expect this alliance to end in about two hours. Cruz is definitely on a mission while Hawley is trying to establish his “Capricorn” self while actually being quite easily influenced.

Both men’s adventures will continue for a couple years. Cruz will probably have an unusual confrontation where Hawley will start to truly establish his individuality.

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Mars and Uranus Conjunct in Taurus

You like to have fun, right? Sitting quietly reading Victorian poetry is boring, right? While you don’t regularly watch soap operas, they are kind of fun to catch once in a while, true?

Astrologers like to send dire messages about upcoming transits forgetting that humans are hard-wired for stimulation. The more we live indoors, the more the “real world” becomes a television show.

The upcoming Mars and Uranus conjunction will definitely be stimulating and TV worthy.


Mars is the mythological god of war. But really Mars is about self-assertion. Without a strong Mars, you may have trouble asking for what you need. Life is constantly moving around us, pulling and prodding us. Mars is the force that allows you to have dominion over your own life.

So the Mars “press” of being solely about war is Mars in extreme, Mars with low self-esteem, Mars without maturity.

At 29 degrees of Mars in fire-sign Aries (the sign it rules), a group of mostly men (Men are from Mars, remember) stormed the United States Capitol. If they truly planned to overthrow the US government with its military and political might, they definitely didn’t have a fully-baked plan or wear the appropriate gear. They were the immature and low-self esteem Aries asserting self through ridiculous activity and dress.

Mars has since moved to earth-sign Taurus so assertion will move from self to property and tangible items. Taurus seeks security, not self-aggrandizement. So expect the conversation to move to money.


Uranus is an outer planet so moves slowly and describes generational energies. Mythological Uranus was father of the skies castrated by one of his sons due to his nasty habit of burying them in mother earth, who happened to be his wife.

Astrologically Uranus is sudden shock and awareness. We only enjoy the positive aspect of “sudden” like winning the lottery. But ultimately the shocks are making one aware. Sure, it’s a shock to discover a cheating spouse. But if you don’t, you’re stuck in the bowels of the earth as were Uranus’ children.

Uranus was in Aries from 2011 – 2018 so self-assertion in both positive and negative ways was evident. Positive is standing up for rights, refusing to be abused and charting one’s own course. Negative is dominance for the sake of dominance and pushing other people around for fun.

Uranus moving to Taurus moved our awareness to body, earth, property and anything tangible. The recent pandemic encapsulates all as it focused on body and caused great upheavals in supply chain and renewed Depression-era habit of hoarding. Hoarding provides the sense of physical security Taurus seeks.

Mars and Uranus Conjunct

Now let’s put the god of war and father of the sky together (called a conjunction) in Taurus on the day of the US Presidential Inauguration.

What could be more fun?

Expect great market shifts and earth shifts that day. Uranus is a seven-year cycle so the markets will continue their volatility as the earth and its people are volatile. Mars is just a trigger point. In July 2024 Mars and Uranus will meet again in late Uranus so what occurs in the January 20-21 timeframe will be revisited in July 2024.

Will there be violence and civil war?

If you look around, there is always violence and civil war. Has it ever stopped? A deep study of US history from a psychological standpoint will show that in times of change, Americans get violent. There’s really nothing new in that and violence occurs whatever the astrological transits. The transits just indicate the form it takes, the themes if you will.

Are we violent because slaves are freed? Women can vote? Immigrants continue to arrive? Protesting a war abroad? A president we don’t like?

Violence is not new or rare. In fact, a longer-view of history will show a reduction in violence. Uranus simply brings awareness. Mars and Uranus force awareness.

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