Food and Facebook:  Our Attitudes Toward Life

During a silent retreat, the world stops bothering you and you find yourself alone with your body and your thoughts — sounds pleasant unless you’ve done it. Most of us are running around in a flurry of activity to avoid just this – ourselves and those pestering thoughts we cannot stop.

When stimulation is reduced – no cleaning, no shopping, no laundry, no planning – what is left is food. So you examine yourself eating and learn that much of your attitudes about life can be found in your attitudes about food.

It’s good, it’s bad, it’s not enough, I’m afraid I don’t have enough protein, I’m going to make myself a steak when I get home, what’s on the  menu for the next meal, why isn’t the tea water hot enough?  . . . and everything else.

Is what life provides enough? Do you accept life as it is or want to change it?

Today while reading and commenting on a Facebook post I wondered once again why everyone expects so much out of a free service that lured us in, made us addicted and then constantly changes the rules.

Relationship, I realized. Facebook is a relationship.

Somewhere you’ve heard it – in a personal relationship, on a TV show relationship – “This is who I am. I can’t change it. You should have known that when you married me.”

We keep trying to change Facebook and it isn’t going to work. And why do we have such a deep relationship with a social media site anyway?


Food for me is always the sign of Cancer, which is the cardinal water sign associated with personal feelings and which rules the stomach. Cancer is ruled by the moon.

We need food to survive but all other aspects of food – which are many – are, for me, in the moon and its reactive nature.

At a young age I had a temporary job which banned all food at the desk (a very slow torture if there is one). It was a lesson for me in why I eat at my desk – hunger, yes, but mostly boredom. Having a drink or snack is simply a treat in the midst of boredom and drudgery (especially that job).

I suppose I was lucky to have had that experience. Later I could see I also eat (junk mostly) during stress at work. Boredom and stress are the reasons for my non-hunger eating in the workplace. At home I don’t seem to have this issue.

Which reminds me of a very generous boss I once had who invited the team to his house for a Christmas party. Generous and delicious arrays of snacks awaited us which we ate but apparently in a very different way than we ate in front of him in the office. He commented that when food is put out at work it’s devoured as though we are vultures.

There you have it. At work food is a relief from something other than hunger. Humans seek activity, not continuous low-stimulation work. So we snack. And we look at Facebook.


As the name says, Facebook is “Face.”  In the world of social media, I see Facebook as Cancer which is a place for personal connections and emotion and LinkedIn as Capricorn which is the opposite sign and a place for social consciousness and reputation. Cancer rules the 4th house and Capricorn the opposite 10th house. Both are “face” in that we are presenting images of ourselves. In the LinkedIn career site, it’s more commonly referred to as “brand.” Traditionally it was called reputation.

We seem to expect much more response to our needs from Facebook than we do LinkedIn. We seem to be in a personal relationship with Facebook where we have personal expectations. I’m sure there are people who fight with LinkedIn but you don’t see as much contentiousness on that site – we are more professional and courteous there as we are at work where our “reputation” is out in the open.

If food represents our attitudes toward life, Facebook seems to represent our attitudes toward relationship.

As an astrologer, I’ve never liked to do charts for people’s love interests. I’ve never been able to put my finger on why. I know that when I look at a chart I’m seeing someone as an individual. But the person who has asked for the reading is reacting to information in a certain way looking for good, bad or the “reason” for someone’s “faults.” It’s always felt like pressure.

I understand that as a person and astrologer who looks at others from my vantage point. But as an astrologer, there is no good or bad chart, no faults per se, just energies that can play out in a myriad of ways. I can see, of course, if you have a lot of fire and your partner earth, you might not get along because for you the earth is boring and routine and for the earth you are too much energy and possibly overbearing. But it’s only fault to each other, not fault in an objective, absolute sense.

Facebook, according to Wikipedia, was founded February 4, 2004 with sun in Aquarius and moon in Cancer. Interestingly, the United States has sun in Cancer, moon in Aquarius so it’s very American in the Cancer emotion and Aquarian detachment – vacillation between personal emotion and abstract reason.

Sun and Neptune are conjunct in Facebook’s horoscope showing the allure of personal expression. Facebook provided the ancient Greek and Roman forums for us to express our thoughts to larger numbers of people than possible as individuals without media companies or published works.

Like any chart, the energies are symbolized but Facebook is not a person, it is a combination of bytes of data floating through space (a very sun/Neptune trait). Facebook as a person is a sociopath who cannot feel and can only make use of us – in this case by triggering our reactions and profiting from the resultant behavior data.

So why do we want to change a sociopath? Why do we complain about Facebook and continually return?

Facebook triggers our Cancer/moon reactive natures. But like all media, it is not real so we are reacting to our own thoughts and emotions. Great novels create this same effect but, generally, with coherent and meaningful themes. And Facebook triggers these emotions by people we consider our friends.

As with relationship, we can’t change Facebook; we can only change ourselves.

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Uranus in Taurus Diaries: Talking to your cat about supply chain

There’s a time in every cat owner’s life where you must have “the talk” with your cat. It happened to me the other day as I came in the door and plopped the heavy cat litter down onto the floor.

“You finally found litter,” she said. “How did that happen?”

Where to start?

Should I explain about the modern supply chain and its complex and intricate dependencies? One blip and the entire system experiences a shock wave, like a ripple in the ocean. Would it be too much to explain that each hard-to-find item has a different cause? How toilet paper has low margin and high storage cost so is produced just-in-time (rather that just-in-case) meaning a run on toilet paper causes a toilet paper shortage? How the recent cat litter famine is due to a shortage of plastic for the containers and not the bentonite clay it’s made from and that even though the grocery store keeps offering a $1.25 off coupon the price has increased by at least that much due to low supply with consistent demand?

I could elaborate by informing her that if we all went to the bank to get our money it wouldn’t be there and if all the loans were paid there would be no currency at all.

But that would scare her.

Like many a cat owner, I took the easy route.

“It’s the pandemic,” I said. “It’s causing shortages.”

The pandemic provides a nice “get-out-of-the-explanation-free” card. I could tell my cat that “the pandemic” is probably the reason why the hotel I stayed in recently did not have coffee packets or cups in the room but decided to create, instead, a station in the lobby where every guest could breathe, sneeze or wheeze into it.

The pandemic, I assured her. That’s why it’s been difficult to find cat litter.

Lessons of Astrology

Astrology has inadvertently taught me many lessons beyond my initial understanding of it. The astrology in the newspaper (online today) is personal astrology meant to predict how your day will unfold. It’s inaccurate by definition because it looks at the sun only while the chart contains nine other bodies located in 12 different “houses.” If you happen to have your sun in the first house, the daily horoscope might appear more accurate to you than to others as that’s how it’s assessed.

But astrology is much, much more than that. Our personal lives are less than a breath of universal time but patterns move endlessly.

For me, the major lesson of astrology is balance (represented by the sign Libra). While there are 12 signs of the zodiac, really there are six polarities. The polarities have different aspects of life in which they deal but are primarily “me, you” or our personal experience in the midst of swirling, shifting, changing and evolving energies. Strive not for happiness – strive for balance. The world wants you to experience extremes so the energy release can be absorbed by them (money is stored energy). Balance is the key to maintaining energy.

After balance I would say for me the next lesson is reaction. Your chart indicates what motivates you to act and react. Reaction, as represented by the moon, is a default and stores the past – both positive and negative past experiences. While the moon is viewed in a romantic light, this astrologer is not as fond of it and suggests focus on the sun (Hello Akhenaten!) which represents conscious, directed activity.

The lesson for this blog is that there are no “good” and “bad” planets.  Some are viewed as good and bad because of certain outcomes that can occur during them. For example, Mars is the assertive principle so those under its influence are positive and outwardly-focused. Positive manifestations are bringing one’s creativity into existence, physical prowess, courage and athleticism. The most common negative manifestation is aggression and war.

Mars self-directed energy is needed to simply get out of bed in the morning. What kind of self-directed energy you have is represented by the sign in which Mars resides. Do you get out of bed because you have to go to work? Because you are hungry? Because the sun is shining and you want to walk under it? Because you want to create art? Because you want to be with people you love?

Uranus in Taurus – Volatility in the supply chain

Another explanation I could have given my cat is that Uranus in Taurus is going to create volatility in supply chain for the next six years (Uranus has a seven-year cycle which began roughly in 2019).

Uranus the planet of enlightenment and awareness and tends to work in irregular patterns (aka “unexpected events”). Taurus is the fixed earth sign that rules the physical from objects to the body.

Back in 2019, there was another spiritual tradition (forgot which) that indicated the next seven years would have financial collapse of some sort. That sounds nasty – that’s “bad.”

Astrology is not “bad” or “good.” As a friend asked me about the seven-year financial prediction, I explained that Uranus isn’t good or bad – it’s volatile. Expect volatility.

Will the stock market go up or down? Both.

Will prices go up or down? Both.

Should I invest right now? Sure, but expect volatility and plan for it.

Uranus ultimately provides enlightenment. It’s the time to understand how our tangible world operates. In the US, the availability of consumer goods has been consistent for a very long time which is why the volatility of Uranus in Taurus causes fear and hoarding (Taurus likes to accumulate and collect in the best of times) which creates more shortages. A consumer economy that almost continually tries to create and meet needs has developed very specific tastes in its population.

Lowering costs increases profit so the Western countries have increased their dependence on foreign countries where labor and cost of goods is much less expensive. Yet Uranus in Taurus is also demonstrating what that means when you need critical items quickly.

Uranus enlightens. But it’s shocking. Uranus in Taurus will most likely continue to shock money, property and supply chain as people try to get back to “normal” which is a desire for Saturn stability, structure and routine. Funny, Saturn is often viewed as a “bad” planet but when Uranus blows the house down, we seek Saturn.

Calming the Cat

The cat asked me if the pandemic was going to cause more shortages. She was worrying about her food. I assured her that even if there was a shortage of cat food, we would find her something to eat.

“You’re an astrologer,” she replied, “Why can’t you tell me what shortages are coming?”

Oh my. The you’re-an-astrologer-therefore-omnipotent argument. I took a breath and said:

“Astrologers and economists are similar. We analyze the data and make predictions. Some predictions are right, some wrong.

And whole nation of people in Britain voted for Brexit (with Uranus in Aries) and now are facing ‘weird shortages’ (with Uranus in Taurus). Even if astrologers and economists know what’s coming, people only react when something actually occurs. That’s the difference between action and reaction. It’s difficult to get people to act no matter how many facts and figures you present from any discipline.”

I’d love to believe Brexit is working. But why are there so many weird shortages?

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The Future is up in the Air

A recent Guardian opinion article explains that the Republicans in the United States can win elections by gerrymandering alone. What’s gerrymandering?

The Google dictionary definition is to “achieve (a result) by manipulating the boundaries of an electoral constituency.” Changing the boundaries on a local level ensures that the votes get allocated in a way that ensures more elected officials for your party and fewer for the opposition party. One million people are voting for 10 representatives. Natural geographic boundaries may produce five representatives for each party. By changing boundaries to benefit one target party, maybe that party can get seven representatives instead of five leaving three for the opposition.

On the US national level, the Electoral College tends to follow the popular vote (but doesn’t have to) which can result in minority popular vote electing a president which has occurred twice recently with Bush Jr in 2000 and Trump Sr in 2016.

In an anachronistic episode of the British historical comedy Black Adder, our main character sets up a dummy candidate in a “rotten borough.” The one voter in the borough has “accidentally brutally stabbed himself in the stomach while shaving,” leaving only a cow named Colin to vote for the dummy candidate. In today’s world the one voter would be gerrymandered into another borough leaving Colin the Cow as the sole voter.

While gerrymandering is not new, technology has increased its ability to target down to Colin the Cow. You need two things – data on every household and the ability to analyze it. And, thirdly, of course, the power to set the boundaries.

The voter is no longer a unique individual with personal and community needs but a data point to be manipulated. The voter isn’t a person but an idea. The voter is a collector’s item for a political party. The voter is the prize in a video game.

Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius

Back in the 1990s, Uranus the planet of enlightenment and innovation and Neptune the planet of idealization and spirituality met up in Aquarius, the fixed air sign. Aquarius is the innovator and rebel. Uranus is associated with technology, ideas, inspiration and genius.

These two outer planets spending time in Aquarius brought us a world of ideas, intellectual connection, speed, convenience. Air like water transports – air transports ideas, water feelings. We had lots of idea transfer at the beginning of the tech revolution in the 1990s.

No mystery that our modern idols are the tech giants. They are still revered by youth, especially male youth, who all want to create technology that will short-path them to fame and fortune. Pluto in Capricorn beginning in 2007 captured the market on technological innovation by centralizing the benefits into a tech oligarchy. You can’t compete with Google or Amazon.

Yet those that come up with technology and those that employ it to take over the world are two different types. As we have been lured into a digital life through its constant stimulation, speed and convenience, we now find ourselves, as servants to the tech lords who now control our digital infrastructure and increasingly control our physical logistics.

Since the transits of Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius, much of our world has transferred to the air via computers, smart phones and television. And as a pandemic world encourages us to stay home, more and more life will be “up in the air.”

War – In the Air

A recent episode of 60 Minutes described attacks on foreign diplomats in Cuba and China that occurred probably with microwaves. The effects are neurological disturbance and may even lead to Parkinson’s. New warfare need not be bloody; it’s “in the air.”

Cyberattacks and ransomware – it’s all “in the air.” The digital “cloud” is above us all and anyone who wants to try to get into anyone else’s digital property can give it a go. In contrast, the old-fashioned bank vault has a geographic coordinate and only a small portion of humanity is ever near it.

While not played up in the US media, the recent cyber attacks on the US government are true acts of warfare; the attacks are meant to destabilize the government. I’m sure we don’t learn more because it’s scary to think someone not in the US military is directing the greatest military might on earth.

Entertainment – Up in the Air

Since the beginning of moving picture “the pictures,” much entertainment has been “in the air.” Moving picture is ruled by Neptune which represents its great glamour and allure. If a moving image is near you, it is difficult not to follow it.

Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius put the moving picture in our hands. Not only is entertainment “up in the air,” but so is most of our attention. It’s difficult to ignore the bouncing ball.

Entertainment content has exploded (although some is not truly entertainment) so that non-entertainment is disappearing faster than animal extinction. News, real news i.e., information about events on earth, is shrinking as it must compete with entertainment. And politicians are beating this dying horse as it’s to their advantage to have their constituents ignore facts and focus on entertainment.

Government – Up in the Air

As tracking technologies have increased including facial recognition, some countries are actively employing it to manage large populations. China is most known for this.

In the dystopian novel 1984, we enter a world of tracking. As our protagonist goes through the motions of his structured and spiritless life, we imagine this system being forced upon him. Now experiencing technological life first hand, it’s obvious that it doesn’t always need to be forced.

A combination of marketing allure, curiosity and coercion are what has brought the developed countries into surveillance states (benign or otherwise). Watching the movie The Post which details the publication of The Pentagon Papers, I was struck by a scene where the journalists are hiding material in a hotel room. My mind wandered to today and I imagined the journalist being caught on surveillance camera and pictures posted on the Internet.

I probably missed a few minutes of the movie as I wondered: Who decided to put up all the cameras? Who owns them? Who monitors them? Where was I when this was decided?

Work – Up in the Air

As five planets joined in authoritarian Capricorn in early 2000, we discovered there was an illness ripping through the planet and we needed to stay home to avoid its spread.

Lots of people who don’t work “in the air” lost their livelihoods because their work involved objects and people. Now that pre-pandemic activities are resuming, these folks seem to have disappeared into the air. Or maybe they are all Uber drivers.

Those that work in corporations or with computers find they can just as easily work from home as from a centralized location. And the corporations are trying to figure out if that’s a good idea for everyone.

As work moves into the home, more and more of life is “in the air.” And like the sign of Aquarius which brought this to us, it’s a life of intellectual connection but lacking in physical connection. If we stay in one physical location with limited stimulation, this increases the need for stimulation which is satisfied “in the air” which then leads to the addictive online behaviors.

Money – Up in the Air

For many, money has been digital for a long time as paychecks have taxes removed and then are placed in bank accounts where digital transactions make the balance go down.

The newest in digital money is cryptocurrency which isn’t government controlled. I won’t explain it because I can’t. But the most understandable of the explanations I’ve heard (from a friend) is that it’s like the old coat of arms explaining your social worth and ability to pay debt.

As China explores a cryptocurrency for its nation, I’m guessing the countries that have dominated the financial markets are shaking in their boots. The control of money itself is a quite brilliant strategy that’s allows some nations to dominate other nations. If countries move their money “into the air,” the game changes.

In fact, a cryptocurrency world may feel like a game of Monopoly. And as in the days of childhood when cheating was more obvious, I expect someone to store some money from their own Monopoly game or steal from the bank when no one is looking. If it’s “in the air” everyone can try.

Pluto in Aquarius

In a little under four years, Pluto will move from authoritarian Capricorn to rebellious Aquarius. While Capricorn is rigid by nature, Aquarius is a fixed sign and has its own unique but stubborn nature. This is the same Aquarius that brought us the technology revolution and moved our lives “into the air.” Now this sign will try to implant its perfectionist ideals onto society.

Pluto transforms. In Capricorn it transformed our social structure. If you are older than 14, think back on 2007 and how different it was from today. I think I may even have had an answering machine in 2007. Pluto-in-Capricorn’s first action was to destroy the housing market – the secure, unassailable housing market.  As we are nearing the end of this transit, the rest of social structure is falling into a heap of disconnected Legos.

Pluto doesn’t wait for you to be ready; it compels. In 2024, the Aquarius structures we have created for life “in the air” will be ready for the next step in evolution.

Will Pluto in Aquarius continue to move our lives into the air? Will we be cavemen with computers?  Will the detachment from our bodies and feelings create neurological havoc? Will we become cyborgs? Are we cyborgs already?

Aquarius is brotherhood so I expect a surge of communities built on shared ideals. I’ve noticed recently due to the influence of a Hollywood film that nomadism is becoming popular. That makes sense — as our digital world increases and our physical world shrinks, there is a desire to roam free. Aquarius likes freedom as much as it likes technology.

Astrologers, ruled by Uranus love to speculate, to think of the future, especially an Aquarian future. But, of course, it’s all up in the air.

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The American Empire – Symbolism with the Ancient Roman Empire

You’ve heard it said before, how the American Empire is like the ancient Roman Empire. And now you’re going to hear it again, with astrology (and numerology) added for spice. This is the history you wanted in high school but were were not allowed because a culture must support a story of that generates positive self-esteem, not ambiguity and complexity. It’s nice to give everyone a sporting chance to be nice, even if historical patterns repeat endlessly.

Finding (at a yard sale) Tacitus’ The Annals of Imperial Rome and then passing a line of cars ostentatiously driving to the Trump rally was clearly symbolic for one who studies patterns. Maybe the Trump supporters had togas in their trunks.

In case you’ve forgotten, the United States is having its Pluto return at 27 degrees next February (and it’s already in orb – i.e., in effect). The Roman Empire began (according to the Encyclopedia Britannica) in 27 BC. The Roman Empire did not have Pluto in Capricorn, but the opposite sign – 27 degrees of Cancer (or a little more or less, not sure exact month of Roman Empire establishment). The Roman Empire’s Pluto was directly opposite that of the United States.

Are you with me yet?

Pluto is the great destroyer and transformer with the goal of evolution. Evolution is a fun word to say but if you, say, were evolving to grow wings and fly in the sky, would it be comfortable? And the thing about Pluto is that it doesn’t give you a choice. You evolve or are destroyed.

Pluto in Capricorn 2007

In late 2007 when Pluto first entered Capricorn, the sign of authority, social consciousness, social structure, achievement and ambition, the global financial system collapsed due to negligence and greed in mortgage-backed securities, a security deemed too stable to fail. It did fail because during Pluto in Sagittarius the bankers gave everyone a mortgage because they could sell the mortgages right away for profit. And unusual mortgage products were added to the mix that only the financially savvy understood.

In the Roman Empire in 33 AD with Pluto in Sagittarius there was a crackdown on corruption which resulted in a financial crisis. As the cause was taken to the senate we learn that:

That body – being implicated to a man – nervously entreated the emperor’s indulgence. It was granted. Eighteen months were allowed in which all private finances had to be brought into line with the law. The result was a shortage of money.

At the loss of money, another measure was implemented to require land sales and purchases which, unfortunately, was ineffective:

The decree requiring land purchases and sales, envisaged as a relief, had the opposite effect since since when the capitalists received payment, they hoarded it to buy land at their convenience.

Sound familiar? If it does because you remember way back to 2008, then you know what happened next:

Then Tiberius came to the rescue. He distributed a hundred million sesterces among specially established banks, for interest-free three-year state loans, against security of double the value in landed property. Credit was thus restored; and gradually private lenders, too, reappeared.

Tiberius, the subject of most of The Annals also tried to curb extravagance, including “gluttonous eating” but chose not to to avoid humiliating “eminent men.” Tacitus explains a page later that extravagance then went out of fashion when during the “Reign of Terror” – which involved excessive persecution – because “distinction meant death.” In today’s language, wealthy folks wanted to stay “under the radar.”

In the United States today there’s a trend to reduce the stuff in one’s life after 30 years of collecting it in big houses.

And the similarities go on and on as the Roman society of oligarchs continually fight for power and prominence. It’s petty and violent, with lots of forced suicides (like, say, Jeffrey Epstein today). In a way it’s difficult to read because the struggles never cease.  If you believe in mass reincarnation, it’s easy to believe these souls came back together to exhibit the same behavior while holding iPhones.

Technology changes steadily. Human psychological evolution, in contrast, is a slow-moving glacier.

Women appear in Tacitus’ Annals as well. Powerful women are generally described as domineering shrews, seducers or the seduced, all reprehensible to our ancient chronicler. While I’m not quite finished with the book, I don’t expect to be surprised here. American cultures does not care for females in high positions of power.

While “history repeats itself” is the familiar cliché, the true issue appears to be a lack of understanding of cycles and only a minority in each culture understanding the complexities of the system. Or as Tacitus says:

Or perhaps not only the seasons but everything else, social history included, moves in cycles. Not, however, that earlier times were better than ours in every way – our own epoch too has produced moral and intellectual achievements for our descendants to copy. And such honorable rivalry with the past is a fine thing.

The American Empire’s Pluto Return

If the American Empire is like the Roman Empire, it could be a 500-year affair. Pluto has a 248-year cycle so that means twice around the sun if the clock starts in 1776.

Pluto in Capricorn means our evolution involves social structure and the roles of authority. The ideals of the United States do support a heighted sense of humanity and equality while not exhibiting that fully in practice. That is our evolutionary challenge. We meet it or Pluto will destroy us.

At the beginning of 2020, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn joined Pluto in Capricorn and we saw great fear and mistrust of all authority, even authority that would benefit us. The fear and mistrust was carried on the back of a pandemic but not caused by it. Executive power in the United States has been increasingly steadily for many decades.

In The Annals, Tacitus clearly does not like Tiberius, yet some of the emperor’s speeches are quite enlightened which Tacitus does sometimes admit. The issue, it appears, is the right message for the wrong reason. Lots of wisdom from the past applied to justify corruption in the present.

This is a good lesson for a country with Pluto in Capricorn about to have a Pluto return.

An emperor’s knowledge cannot be all-embracing, and intrigues against rivals should not interest him. The law is concerned with what has been done. What will be done is unknown. That is why our ancestors ruled that punishment should follow crime. This was wise, and has always been accepted. Do not reverse it. Emperors have enough burdens – and enough power. Strengthen the executive, and you weaken the law. When one can act by law, the use of official authority is a mistake.

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Dropping Acid and Looking for UFOs with Jupiter in Pisces

Ah, finally! The Reagan Revolution is over. The sanctification of greed, material accumulation and earth exploitation is finally winding down after being launched in 1980 with the election of US President Ronald Reagan. The “trickle down” economics he promoted was the Orwellian doublespeak for “trickle up” economics which created the great Feudal-system divergence of wealth and poverty we see today.

Since Neptune entered Pisces in 2011, the sign it rules, drug and alcohol regulations have gradually eroded as a culture focused on productivity and return on investment began suffering the effects of a life lived solely for the accumulation of wealth – depression, anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome and many other newly-named syndromes. Chill pills were developed in the form of pharmaceuticals until recently as we finally accepted that nature has its own substances for chillin’ mankind that need no patent.

It’s rare to go walking now without smelling some marijuana. My college years weren’t even close to the drug consumption that occurs today. But it’s nice to see some focus on relaxation; or as my meditation teacher says, functioning as a human “being” rather than a human “doing.”

And then there is the new craze for psychotropic drugs – regular doses for mind expansion and micro-doses if you still want to be Reagan Revolution productive and rich.

Otherworldly News

In otherworldly news, in case you missed it, the US government decided to admit in early 2020 during the beginning of pandemic fear and isolation that, yes, there are UFOs (which, by the way, is simply saying we don’t identify something, i.e., we aren’t in control). It was generally ignored news so last week the television news show 60 Minutes made sure to remind us.

Cool. We’re finally chillin’, looking to the skies, and wondering about the universe. After 40 years of buying stuff, selling stuff and moving stuff around, it’s a nice change.

Jupiter will only be in Pisces for a couple months before it returns to Aquarius at the end of July so look for UFOs before August when you may be asked to go back indoors to watch Netflix. But don’t worry, in January 2022 Jupiter will go back into Pisces and later in the year join Neptune. At that time, I would expect the US government to drop another UFO news-bomb on us. Maybe they will even tell us that some of the beings walking around the Pentagon are from outer space. With Neptune in Pisces, you never know.

Wait, Pluto is still in Capricorn until 2024

As many have pointed out during the pandemic, illness is not political. This is rational, and correct. However, those that want to control (who often find their way into politics) use “shock and awe” to make power grabs. If you are interested in global politics, China and Russia are making very large strides in this way. The US response is to increase military might. But I’d recommend learning to speak Chinese anyway.

If you’re not interested in global politics, consider that the government telling you suddenly during a pandemic that it was lying and making those that said otherwise objects of humiliation, scorn and ridicule must have a strategic goal. A government that denied a pandemic suddenly releasing UFO information is quite interesting and suspect.

In 2020, several planets (Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars) lined up in Capricorn bringing a collective global response unseen in our earth history. Capricorn is authority itself and it has not relinquished its power. That it “allowed” people to use previously-illegal drugs legally is simply a means to keep people from getting angry and ill while being asked to isolate. Pluto which is about power, control, and transformation (and ultimately evolution) is still in Capricorn.

Remember, in the 1960s the government tried to stop the use of drugs as groups of young adults sat in San Francisco parks and dropped acid. Now the government is promoting the same so there must be a reason.

As the US government and US state governments reduce control of drugs and alcohol, they have been increasing control in many other ways including the recent reduction of more flexible voting options in southern states. Go drop acid and forget to vote is the message.

Lava Lamps

The astrological message is that it’s time to chill but also time to stay vigilant. In a culture that seems to always go to extremes, chillin’ and vigilance may be seen as opposites which can’t be accomplished by one person. As you learn in astrology, it’s all about balance. The more you chill, the more energy you have to be vigilant when needed. Anyone with a house cat knows how this works. I’m sleeping and relaxed, like spilled milk; now I’m jumping ten feet up the wall to catch a fly.

But more importantly, as the use of marijuana and psychotropic drugs increases, I would expect some member of the Pluto/Uranus in Virgo opposite Saturn in Pisces generation (born during the mid to late 1960s), to re-trend the use of lava lamps (image from If you don’t know why you need one, find a hippie and ask.

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Amy Carlson: Saturn in Leo Has Won

Love Has Won cult leader Amy Carlson was recently found entombed in the cult’s compound. Avid readers know I can’t pass by a cult story, as fascinating as they always are. Avid readers also know that Ohio Astrology acknowledges all cultures as cults, just larger, more dominant ones.

According to this BBC article, the cult has been accused of “brainwashing people and stealing their money.” Welcome to the world, where everyone is trying to sell you something. Humans need physical essentials – food, water and shelter. And modern society creates its own needs – transportation, banking, etc. But so much of what we see today is generally marketing. Everyone wants to create a need in you (real or fake) to then solve.

In the realm of religious belief, much is offered that does not need to be delivered on your back porch like an Amazon package. Much is acquired in life by some with these after-life promises to others. It’s easier in some ways – nothing to deliver in the here-and-now; and more difficult in other ways – you need exert a lot of effort to maintain continual lack and promise. That is why, I always reason, cults go to extremes because day-to-day life can lose luster.

So cults are just small, extreme and noticeable traits that can be found quite prevalently the in everyday life of the culture in which it was established.

Spock voice: But fascinating nonetheless.

Amy Carlson

According to this Wikipedia site, Love Has Won leader Amy Carlson was born November 30, 1975. Sun is in Sagittarius, which is definitely a sign that would go on a spiritual quest. The desire for meaning and to help others is also strong.

Without time of birth we don’t know the rising sign. By planet placement, Carlson lacks the earth element or grounding and care of practical matters. So definitely a dreamer.

Uranus and moon are conjunct in Scorpio for both intense and erratic emotions and constantly-changing obsessions. The erratic emotional states are almost like a separate personality in a horoscope that is otherwise social and nicely connected.

The sun/Mercury/Neptune in Sagittarius is that explorer, visionary. Trine to Jupiter and Saturn could bring both leadership and responsibility. For all of the wackiness we see from the outside in a cult, Carlson most likely took her leadership very, very seriously.

Not knowing how she died (yet), it’s interesting to speculate. There are no harsh transits of Pluto, Saturn and Mars which can indicate cruelty and/or violence. My guess is transiting Uranus in Taurus – an earth sign which she lacks – opposite the natal moon/Uranus conjunction in Scorpio brought on a physical illness that created emotional resistance. Scorpio rules the genitals so possibly she passed away from a female illness such as uterine cancer. Or possibly in square to natal Saturn in Leo, heart issues.

The transit is out of orb, meaning it would have been activated a year or two ago. Possibly that is when the illness began and now is the quiet ending.

In times of pandemic and fear, it’s difficult to ask the question “Is it okay to die?” or “Is there an okay way to die?”

Carlson’s horoscope and transits suggest an emotionally painful end, but not necessarily a physical one. And I wonder if in some way she was okay with it, the other parts of her personality needing a break from the heaviness of her moon/Uranus.

Hopefully prior to passing on, Carlson did find the love she was seeking. Natal Saturn in Leo, which rules the heart, is a placement indicating lack of recognition, need to be seen as special by those around you and a difficulty finding joy in everyday life. Hopefully before she passed she found the love and recognition she needed.

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If you want to start a cult, what sign should you be?

Osama bin Laden – Average Student of Genocide

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Jupiter in Pisces – A Wider Ocean

OMG! Jupiter is moving into Pisces tomorrow and there’s no blog! It’s late. What will people do without it?

Those are Virgo thoughts, the opposite of Pisces. Jupiter the planet of expansion, generosity and benevolence is moving into the sign of Pisces which is an emotional and empathetic water sign. Pisces is ruled by Neptune which is currently transiting its own sign.

Jupiter and Neptune have some things in common – a generosity, desire to help others, vision, philosophy and wisdom. These two planets also share some bad habits of indulgence and excess. Jupiter tends to run away to less restrictive pastures and Neptune “escapes” in any way escape from the human body exists – drugs, alcohol, fantasy, and media.

Jupiter in Pisces is very happy floating in the unstructured waters of the ocean. You don’t have to plan, plan, plan with this transit. You can float, float, float. Or drift, drift, drift. It feels so nice – why don’t we do it more?

Jupiter will only dip its toe into Pisces for a little over two months then return to Aquarius for more social distancing I’m sure until the Powers-That-Be realize that Digital Happy Hour without surreptitious touching, cheap drinks and slurred, drunken gossip isn’t really “happy.”

In fact, Pisces is the next set of hit-and-run transits: Neptune already from 2012-2025; then Jupiter from 2021-2022 and then Saturn from 2023-2026.

What does that mean?

It means during the Neptune transit we glamorized all things Pisces; in Jupiter we expand on that. And when Saturn arrives we hit the breaks on Pisces seeing its limits.

What have we glamorized?

Moving image, drugs both legal and illegal, alcohol. Mr. Rogers (double Pisces).

Living a life of isolation has never been more enjoyable with these Neptune distractions. Yet, in addition to Happy Hours not being as happy without human interaction, life without emotional and spiritual connection is a great part of addiction as research is discovering. When your life is meaningful (and safe) there is less desire to escape it. The traditional experimental results of the rat choosing the alcohol over water changes when the rat has company in his cage; the traditional experiment has a lonely rat. Bring his rat family and he’s not a natural alcoholic.

For the next couple years, Jupiter and Neptune will continue the expansion of these indoor highs to keep us from experiencing the depression that would result from decreased social interaction.

And of course there’s always the possibility of a transit’s highest order – Jupiter in Pisces is assisting Neptune in Pisces with a harmonious, spiritually-connected life with our fellow men. Often sharing a difficult life experience can make people closer. The news doesn’t support this – it supports the opposite – but Jupiter in Pisces is eternal hope.

And I know from personal experience that people can get along, share a connection even with different mind beliefs. Every time I attend a silent retreat I see that humans can cooperate. And I have something else to share about it: when you do this, you start to love everyone. That’s Jupiter in Pisces too.

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Wagner Family Astrology: Jake Wagner’s Saturn Return

Saturn often carries a bad reputation for astrologers because in short it’s not fun. Yet, without Saturn our impermanent lives don’t feel permanent. While we might believe ourselves to be light, airy and spiritually above life on earth, we generally seek permanence which is why we buy houses, get married, have children. If you don’t like a lover cheating on you, you like Saturn. If you want your furniture delivered after you paid for it, you like Saturn. If you want your company to employ you for as long as you need to work there, you like Saturn.

All planets have cycles and for those planets that have cycles within a human lifetime, the completion of the cycle is called “a return.” For Saturn, that “return” happens at age 29, an age in modern life associated with settling down, getting married, having kids, finding that “career” that you will have until your retire. In medieval times, age 29 might have been close the end of a human life.

Saturn is time, limit, boundary, responsibility. Saturn doesn’t kill you; time does.

Last week the youngest of the four Wagner family members on trial for the brutal slaying of eight Rhoden family members in Pike County, Ohio pleaded guilty to all charges. As I watch a lot of Dateline, I wasn’t expecting the guilty plea. Normally having the right to legal counsel seems to be the right (for some) to get away with crime.

Edward “Jake” Wagner appears to have a conscience and according to the news stories, has admitted to five of the eight murders. He’s also offered to give evidence against his mother (Angela), brother (George IV) and father (George III) who were also involved in planning and carrying out the homicides.

Saturn Return

The guilty plea occurred on April 22, 2021 when Jake’s Saturn was almost exactly in return at 12 degrees of Aquarius. Saturn’s current transiting of Aquarius has brought us social distancing. For Jake, it will be a continued lifetime of social distance.

While a guilty plea does not bring back the dead, it does take some sense of responsibility to accept what one has done and to accept dying behind bars at the young age of 29.

Jake and family have a great deal of air in their horoscopes; as blogged yesterday, air more than the other elements has the ability to dissociate. For Jake, with Gemini moon, he might have had the clear sense of feeling like two people. At the time of the slayings, Saturn was transiting Sagittarius opposite this moon; for Jake, this meant the authority was “out there” trying to control him.

Jake has sun conjunct Pluto in Scorpio (the sign it rules). Jake is the controller, not the controlled. The mother of his child was underage during their union which makes him a pedophile as well as a murderer; clearly the girl had issues of her own and was taken advantage of by this older man.

Having studied astrology since childhood, I remember some of the old fashioned descriptions of signs. For Scorpio, it was biting off its own tail rather than acquiescing. That image is appropriate here.

And at the time of the murders in 2016, Pluto was transiting Jake’s Uranus/Neptune conjunction adding more energy to the internal “seek and destroy” message Jake was following. Mars in Cancer also adds to an emotional nature. The air in Jake’s chart could have told him to detach, but probably youth and the preponderance of Pluto/Scorpio overrode that message.

Jake has chosen responsibility and the harsh reality of it. He has embraced Saturn now. It’s a very sad way to learn it.

The Other Wagners

The other son – George IV – also has Saturn in Aquarius. His return occurred in March of 2020 but he appears not to have grasped at responsibility as did his brother.

With Jupiter and moon in Virgo, George IV is “the nervous one.” Sun and Mercury in Libra add to the thinking nature. Both signs are strong in ideals and relationship, but neither is strong in leadership. His mother’s Mars/Pluto conjunction is on his moon indicating that he was constantly trying to please her. She was also constantly nagging and criticizing him. He was never perfect enough.

My guess is George IV followed along with plan and will passively await his fate. And he will probably continue to defend his mother and maybe even sacrifice himself for her.

Angela (mother) and George III (father) are the topic of this blog. Looking at the records, the Georges are named George Washington Wagner. This is a very American story, an 18th century story when you could have shot your enemies and hidden in Alaska as the Wagners tried to do. Today’s world of surveillance means there’s no exile available.

George III and Angela both have a bit of Taurus in the chart. Dad has Venus, Mercury and Saturn in Taurus. With Uranus currently transiting Taurus, I suspect dad is having body issues, possibly including withdrawal from Taurus pleasures. Combined with moon in Libra, he’s probably diabetic. The next five years of Uranus transiting Taurus will be tough. But when Uranus moves into Gemini, physical issues may move from pancreatic to lung.

If mom criticized George IV, she did the opposite with Jake. Her Venus/Neptune conjunct in Scorpio suggests that Jake was the favorite and as can happen with mothers, this son may have become an object of romantic-type affection. Her own Saturn in Taurus suggests lack of physical affection and she may have focused that lack toward this young son.

More to come

It will be interesting to see what the other Wagners do now that the youngest has admitted guilt and paid the price for his actions. It may take the other three a little longer to embrace Saturn.

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Saturn in Aquarius: Idealism, Detachment, Dissociation and Rationalization

When you read about the sun sign Aquarius, you’ll often hear about its “detachment.” With Saturn transiting this sign and bringing us “social distancing,” it’s a good time to think about what this means.

The forced “meditation retreat” of 2020 allowed a lot of observation of self and others. For me personally, I came to understand why the Western “mind” (and guns and germs) took over the world. Detachment is part of it.

2020 also helped me understand some nuances of meditation that I didn’t fully understand. Meditation tries to bring you to the present, to remain there during all activities. How does that align with the addict who gives up the future self for a constant present stimulation?

As a meditator, you are trying to observe, to detach from reaction. How does that differ from dissociation, where you remove “self” from unpleasant situations?

Aquarius Idealism

All elements contain three signs; for air those are: Gemini the mutable or flexible one; Libra the cardinal or initiating one; and Aquarius the fixed or steady one.

Air is about idea, socialization, communication, interaction, mental stimulation, pure intelligence. Fixed signs are focused and steady, sometimes obsessed. For Aquarius, it’s fixed focus on ideas and specifically futuristic ones or “how things should be.” How things “should” be comes in two forms: judgment or idealism.

Aquarius takes on the idealistic lens (Capricorn, the earth sign preceding it which is ruled by Saturn tends to take the judgmental route). Saturn, the great taskmaster, is the planet that rules time, limits, rules, law and order. Saturn is judgment and Aquarius is idealism so we have lots of people judging you right now for social behavior that deviates from an ideal, in this case a hygienic ideal.

By the end of Saturn’s transit of Aquarius in spring of 2023, I would expect more idealistic groupings of individuals with equally fervent demands and rules of entry. Aquarius rules brotherhoods and non-family unions which can make them more egalitarian. But sometimes it also brings in the Capricorn/Saturn elements of hierarchy and exclusion.

Aquarius Detachment

The detachment that Aquarius is known for can be seen, I believe, in all air signs. It’s more noticeable in Aquarius because of its fixed nature. Sometimes with your air sign friends, you may feel that they are not there, have gone somewhere in their minds.

Air is creating the ideal situation in the mind. Gemini is connecting the dots, thinking of the possibilities, traveling the world. Libra is focused on relationships, how to be popular, reacting to the environment to form its sense of self. Aquarius is innovating, finding ways to live the idealistic life, separating from an emotional and needy humanity for a breath of freedom.

The detachment of air is what allows it to see the possibilities of life. In this way, there can be opportunism of both the positive and negative kind. Air can see the gaps in others’ thinking and fill those gaps with life activity or consumer products. Air is faster than earth or water so can take advantage of these slower elements and those that live under their influence. Fire is fast but needs air to move. Many an idea is started by air and moved by fire.

The United States has the moon in Aquarius. The moon is the reactive nature; in a nation’s horoscope, the “people.” The people of the United States are idealistic, we have a constitution that is very Aquarius in nature – it honors the individual.

That the United States constitution honored the individual yet some of those that wrote it held men and women in bondage is another quality of air – the ability to dissociate. Detachment allows for possibility. When reaction and response is needed, detachment can re-attach. Dissociation, in contrast, can’t or won’t help put out the raging fire.

Aquarius Dissociation and Rationalization

The Western mind can’t be identified as one particular sign, but I do think it is air in quality. The ability to write a document about freedom while holding people in captivity takes both idealism and dissociation from the horrific pain of others. The ability of these same individuals to attend religious services and then return home to torture others is another example; it’s not extreme, it really happens.

As Saturn entered Aquarius in March 2020, my moon-in-Aquarius country fought over and is still fighting over reality. A global pandemic causes much reaction amongst humans as one day we are going to die and threats to our lives remind of us this. Our fears evacuated our bodies like toxins will in a virulent upheaval. When in fear, all idealism is tossed aside.

One of the responses to this situation was to pretend it didn’t exist. While I’ve seen that reaction before in individuals avoiding problems, I hadn’t realized the prevalence of this type of reaction. It explains everything about how we’ve come to be where we are in the Western world.

The Western mind took over because it has strong ideals, many of them very good for all. But the ability to dissociate allows for an opportunism that removes itself from the pain of others and to avoid the ugly by-products of one’s actions. And when the ugly by-products make themselves known, the mind uses its most effective trick – rationalization – to further dissociate. The mind can create a rationalization – a story – for any situation. That’s its role.

The mind is both an asset and liability and the trick of meditation is to attempt to remove the liability portion as our ability to dissociate and rationalize does not merely affect others; it affects our own well being. But keeping the asset portion brings us the life enhancements the Western world today enjoys and enhancements others would like to share in – indoor running water, constant electricity, consistent food supply, etc.

Saturn in Aquarius

Saturn in Aquarius is contracting, as Saturn does, group ideals and experiences. Saturn in Aquarius is challenging ideals against reality – Saturn is time, the “real” world you wake up to each morning.

The world outside the window is the result of shared beliefs and actions mixed with nature’s patterns. Much of what humans complain about, I believe, stems not from divine interventions but human activity and response. Nature isn’t deemed evil – humans are.

When ideals don’t match reality, you have the sound of words and ink scratches on paper. That’s all. Saturn is asking for the ideal to be real.

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Polishing Your Moon

Pulling out the spring jewelry collection, I discovered it was time to polish the silver. “Polish the silver” is something you hear often in British period pieces, done by servants and exclusively with dinnerware. It definitely can be a tedious task, especially with tiny earrings.

“I’m a cheap date,” was my first thought as I pulled out the silver cleaner. Silver is so much cheaper than gold. But silver is my metal in look and feel and I have lots of it due to relatives in Colorado and travels in Mexico. Silver likes me I suppose as much as I like it – it finds me.

In astrology moon is silver. Gold is the sun.

That makes sense both visually and symbolically. The moon looks more like silver, white and changing, as silver does when it tarnishes due to contact with moisture and sulfur in the air. The sun looks more like gold and is always shining and bright, even if we can’t see it behind the clouds. Fly on a commercial jet and you discover it’s always sunny at 30,000 feet.

Moon Polishing

The sun in astrology represents our conscious self, the one we identify with. The “I am” self and “me” of “you did this to me.” It’s the one you dress every morning to look like an executive. It’s the one you take to the party and describe to others “I’m a baseball player.” It’s the one on your resume who worked here, volunteered there, sings in a choir.

The moon in astrology is the reactive self, the one that holds all impressions and can act without the conscious self’s authority or approval. The moon is more evident when one is experiencing stress and forgets to maintain the “resume self.”

Teaching astrology, I ask folks to describe what they do after a stressful day. This is a good way to guess and learn about others’ moon signs.

Because the moon is reactive, it gets “tarnished” in the emotional sense. Like silver, it often needs cleaning. The moon is receptive, a very lovely thing if you are a musician connecting with your band members during a concert. Receptivity to an abusive or disruptive early environment, unfortunately, stays with the moon. The reactions of early childhood are the strongest impressions retained by the moon.

So it’s important to understand your moon and what it “picks up” from daily life and clean it off. The tarnish is not yours.

How does your moon react?

There are four elements – fire, earth, air and water. Moon reactions follow the same energies as sun conscious action. The difference is the trigger from external event; the reaction may be appropriate or a set of responses developed from past events that do not apply.

The moon reactions often have a manipulation to them because the moon “needs.” It’s reactive.

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) react with passion, energy, anger. Aries fights. Leo looks for recognition. Sagittarius often flees for freedom.

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) react slowly with practical concerns. Taurus maintains the peace. Virgo rationalizes. Capricorn tries not to “burn bridges.”

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) react with thoughts. Gemini is best at dissociating. Libra seeks partnership. Aquarius develops its own, internal rules.

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) reacts with emotion. Cancer cries and can make you cry too. Scorpio obsesses and broods. Pisces becomes what you want it to be.

Is the moon feminine?

The sun and moon are also related to male (sun) and female (moon). This can seem obvious as women menstruate with the cycles of the moon. And the last two thousand years have been dominated by externally-focused males who established femininity as “emotional.”

I would argue the moon is not feminine. I prefer the Chinese concepts of yin and yang which are internal and external respectively. Female organs are internal and male organs are external. I believe this is the root of gathering, which is at peace with the external world and hunting which uses tools (external senses) and tries to conquer “out there.”

We all have the same horoscope – 10 planets, 12 signs.

Both males and females have a sun and moon with active and reactive principles. Menstruation just like respiration or heart beating is involuntary. It’s the moon.

For me, the historical trait of males viewing women as emotional, which I still hear today in the “crazy ex-wife” stories is the externalizing of the moon. It’s also very clearly evident in psychological political war where a group of people, for example, is enslaved, whipped, raped for hundreds of years and then when freed somehow become the “violent” ones. If you look closely, you will see this pattern repeat over and over.

Males are as “emotional” as females they just don’t have the menstruation to prove it. But they do have other hints of this such as violence or other “external” acts of emotion which are rationalized into “conscious” actions. If war is emotional, consider how that balances the scales.

The Universe is Female

According to a Western view of history, Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Ahkenaten in 1300s BC established “monotheism” asking his people to worship Aten – the sun – only. Archeological interpretation often stays within the paradigms of one’s own cultural thinking. Ideas of “monotheism” are our own.

I believe Aten was focusing his people toward our true energy source – the sun. Eating food is to eat the sun. The moon does not generate energy, only the sun does.

Associating females with the moon assigns women to an inert body that generates its “light” from the sun. Ahkenaten may have been the first feminist.

There’s only one theory of male dominance that makes sense to me and it’s from Carlos Castaneda. His mentor, Don Juan, explains that the universe is primarily female. The earth is clearly female – it feeds us. We couldn’t live without the sun either.

Male energy, then, is rarer and somehow became privileged.

That makes sense to me. That we look at the earth as an external thing made for our use is imbalance of male and female energy. It’s too focused on yang or external. In a sense, we are raping the earth. But as female energy is the energy of the earth and universe, I expect the earth will eventually win.

As we learned during the pandemic, when humans retreat nature returns. Thoughts of an earth without people does not unsettle me as it does some.

Why should it?

We will all still be in the earth, in the soil. Then we will all be “feminine.”

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