Astrological Insight into Political News (1/11/2019)

Chuck Schumer

Senator and Republican foe Chuck Schumer is already experiencing transiting Jupiter conjunct his natal Sagittarius sun, Venus and Mercury. Jupiter rules Sagittarius so is happy to expand influence, energy, arrogance and the waistline. Jupiter can provide “luck” but also accidents due to carelessness and foot-in-the-mouth disease.

Be careful Chuck.

As with his political companion Nancy Pelosi, Schumer has Taurus energy with moon in Taurus. Uranus is soon to transit Taurus (March 2019) so his own material well-being will be undergoing changes. As Uranus begins this transit, OHA is finding Taurus prominent in the horoscopes of those in the news as the Fates are having them step up to to the plate of self-awareness.

For Schumer, it will take a few years for this transit to fully activate, but I expect that financial attacks will become more frequent in general, not just for Schumer. But the more assets you have the more chance of being targeted.

Transiting Jupiter is making a nice trine to Schumer’s natal Pluto in Leo and sextile to natal Neptune in Libra which brings cooperative relationships with those in power.

When transiting Jupiter moves into Capricorn next year and transits his natal Mars in Capricorn, Schumer may embark on a new business venture with a partner (natal Neptune in Libra) who isn’t so reliable and may put the family assets (natal Uranus in Cancer).

Be careful Chuck.

Jeff Bezos

While not technically political news, when you shake up the entire retail industry as Jeff Bezos has done, you deserve to be considered a political player. As government in the United States increasingly becomes a business venture, business moguls are intrinsically politicians.

This week Jeff Bezos and his wife announced they were divorcing. With Pluto transiting Capricorn (2008-2023), those with sun in Capricorn like Bezos will have transformation in their basic sense of self. Capricorn being a cardinal sign, the other cardinal signs will also feel tension (Aries, Cancer and Libra) because at some point in the transit Pluto will square the sun.

Aries, by the way, has had a double-whammy shake up with Pluto in Capricorn making squares for the last seven years to the soon-to-be-completed transit of Uranus in Aries.

While both Bezos horoscopes indicate change, Bezos’ wife MacKenzie with sun in Aries and moon either in Aries or Taurus appears to be the shaker-upper in this situation. Transiting Uranus is conjunct her moon in either sign. M. Bezos’ natal Mercury, Venus, Mars and Saturn are all in Taurus. Natal Jupiter is in Scorpio.

Don’t think money and material security doesn’t matter here to M. Bezos. It may matter more to her than J. Bezos, in fact.

For J. Bezos, money is success. For his wife, money is security. When one has Saturn in Taurus, there is a sense of lack no matter how much wealth is in the environment. There’s an inner sense of poverty which can, if one is not self-aware, lead to greed. With self-awareness, there is much gratitude and appreciation of the material world.

J. Bezos later in the year will have transiting Jupiter conjunct the moon. This suggests indulgence so possibly J. Bezos has some bad habits of which we’re unaware. Jupiter transiting one’s moon in Sagittarius, especially if you are a man as is J. Bezos, usually bodes well for attracting women. By the end of the year we may see a new Mrs. Bezos.

Elizabeth Warren

Speaking of Taurus appearing prominently in the horoscopes of those in the political news right now, Taurus moon Senator Elizabeth Warren has announced an exploratory committee for a presidential run in 2020.

Is it that time already?

Warren has what OHA calls the “mark of a politician” which is moon in square to Pluto (in Taurus and Leo respectively for Warren). Pluto in hard aspect to one’s moon suggests unwanted psychic or physical penetration that results in a strong need to control the environment.

The Pluto in Leo “Me” Generation also can’t seem to retire. This generation focused on self and brought us much of the individuality of today. Possibly there are so many Pluto in Leo folk still climbing the ladder because the next generation, Pluto in Virgo, is too nervous and anxious for such ambitions. Or maybe the Pluto in Virgo generation are just busy cleaning the kitchen.

Warren’s sun is in sensitive, water-sign Cancer conjunct Uranus. In 2008 she had transiting Pluto in Capricorn opposing which is when she began her political life as Chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel. Usually with Pluto opposing the sun there are political problems; as Chair she was entrenched in politics but possibly the politics of her law professorship turned her to traditional politics.

Transiting Pluto is now opposing natal Venus in Capricorn which suggests additional power struggles with friends and family. Warren’s family might not be so keen on her decision to run for president.

Warren has an interesting horoscope that combines agility and speed with method and focus. Taurus moon is nothing if not steady and methodical. Yet, Mars conjunct Mercury in Gemini and Uranus conjunct sun in Cancer creates both strong and speedy mental and emotional reactions. While Warren may appear calm on the outside, she most likely has nerve problems and stomach problems.

Transiting Jupiter in Sagittarius opposes Gemini which can expand and exaggerate the speech which we’ve seen as Warren has had to explain her claims to Native American heritage. Jupiter in Sagittarius opposing Gemini generates impulsive speech, distraction and tangents which can throw off the Taurus moon which can respond to a precise, congruent argument but may have difficulty with the empty rhetoric of politics.

As noted above, transiting Uranus will be in Taurus in March 2019. For Warren, the steady becomes unsteady and the traditional method just won’t work. Warren has enough flexibility in her horoscope to overcome this, but will she like it?

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Astrological Insight into Political News (1/4/2019)

Nancy Pelosi

United States House member Nancy Pelosi has just been elected for her second run as Speaker of the House, the last occurring from 2003-2007. Astrologically this is a bit odd.

Aries-sun Pelosi has spent the seven years of Uranus’ transit of Aries as House Minority Leader, in political terms a lesser position (although dependent upon electoral outcomes) than Speaker of the House. Uranus is the planet of enlightenment so Pelosi may have learned and accomplished more as Minority Leader than majority leader.

During her term as Speaker of the House from 2003-2007, Uranus was in Pisces. Pelosi’s natal Mercury is in Pisces opposing natal Neptune in Virgo (called mutual reception because Mercury rules Virgo and Neptune rules Pisces).

With Neptune opposing one’s Mercury and Mercury in Pisces, the more literal signs (like earth signs) may consider Pelosi’s words to be less than factual, imaginative, and emotional. The energy of her first Speakership involves communication and ideals of perfection. Perfection, a word different in the eyes of each of us, is a Neptunian delusion.

Pelosi’s second Speakership will occur under very different Uranus energy – Uranus will move into Taurus in March 2019 for the next seven years. Pelosi has Saturn, Uranus, Venus and Mars all in Taurus opposing (not all exactly but by sign) moon in Scorpio. Do not be surprised if Pelosi’s personal finances come under a great deal of scrutiny, especially in March 2019. All that Taurus is probably what earned her the moniker “limousine Liberal.”

Pelosi will need to be literal while Uranus transits Taurus for the next seven years. Can she put aside her imaginative Mercury in Pisces?

Mitch McConnell

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, while on the other side of the aisle from Nancy Pelosi, will experience similar challenges as Uranus transits Taurus beginning March 2019.

Just two years younger than Pelosi, McConnell has moon, Mars, Saturn and Uranus in Taurus. Saturn and Uranus are conjunct which in general represents difficulty with authority, especially when authority wants to touch your Taurus tangible stuff (like with taxes and right-of-way).

McConnell’s sun in one degree of Pisces does not make a lot of aspects inside the chart suggesting his imaginative, sensitive, psychic and potentially manipulative sun is on its own making him at times dreamy and “somewhere else,” while at other times the Taurus in his chart is on the front porch with a gun trying to defend his property.

Jupiter’s transit of Sagittarius opposes his natal Jupiter suggesting the social crowd with which he’s been a part no longer accepts him in the same way. Jupiter in Sagittarius wants exotic and foreign energy to challenge the status quo. McConnell’s natal Jupiter in Gemini is more interested in the local happenings and immediate friends and neighbors.

With a Pisces sun, McConnell can be different every day, if he chooses. It’s the Taurus energy that demands regularity, the same lunch every day. However, when Uranus shakes up Taurus energy, McConnell won’t be allowed his routines or his daily cappucino so he may don his chameleon Pisces nature and ride the waves.

Or he may simply retire from the Senate to become a banker or real estate agent.

Justin Trudeau

According to the news, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been facing challenges:

His government has kept some promises since it overhauled the child benefits scheme, legalised recreational cannabis, and gave parents the option of taking an extended parental leave.

But there were fumbles along the way: a disastrous overseas trip to India, broken promises on electoral reform and on short-term deficits.

Trudeau was born on Christmas Day which should carry enough imagery to expect a challenging life. Astrologically, he is a Capricorn sun with moon square in Aries. The combination is a forceful, competitive, ambitious individual who has to learn to respect others as he desires to be respected. There’s quite a bit of unawareness of others’ needs, or at least a lack of empathy.

Pluto has been transiting Capricorn since 2008 and Uranus Aries since 2011; this square aspect has caused irritable tension on the globe. It affects our individual charts as well especially for those with cardinal signs in the chart (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn). In addition, in December 2017 Saturn entered Capricorn transiting Trudeau’s sun which usually means restriction or limitation to the self (like “shut up and do your job”).

All of the cardinal signs are having challenging times getting along with others, which cardinal signs always struggle with even in the best of astrological aspects. Cardinal is the initiator, one who likes to take charge and start projects. For the fixed and mutable signs, it can be plain bossiness.

The good news for Trudeau is that transiting Pluto is out of aspect to his sun and Uranus will move from Aries to Taurus in March 2019. Saturn also is now out of the orb of his sun. The worst is technically over.

However, Capricorn tends to take the path of most resistance so what’s around the bend may not be challenging enough for the competitive, responsibility-seeking Trudeau.

In November 2018, transiting Jupiter entered Sagittarius where it will transit for a year and pass over Trudeau’s natal Neptune, Mercury and Jupiter and oppose his natal Saturn in Gemini. For Trudeau, this means the expansive, excessive and addictive part of his personality will arise.

If there is no challenge, Trudeau will get bored and indulge in his favorite Sagittarius excess. Some traditional excesses for this sign include travel, reading history, learning a new philosophy, gambling and intoxicants.

Or maybe like the satirical parodies indicate, he’ll indulge in a little legal marijuana.

David Brooks and The Morality of Selfism

Today New York Times columnist David Brooks wrote a scathing opinion piece on self-centeredness.

You probably want to be a good person. But you may also be completely self-absorbed. So you may be thinking, “There is no way I can be good if I’m also a narcissist. Isn’t being good all about caring about other people?”

But how wrong you are!

We live in a culture of selfism — a culture that puts tremendous emphasis on self, on self-care and self-display. And one of the things we’ve discovered is that you can be a very good person while thinking only about yourself!

As noted in the OHA blog My Uranus in Aries, this transit brought not only the rise of selfies but the rise of individual-directed marketing which is good for business but bad for the personal worldview. Too much targeted information can create a very self-absorbed lens. As Brooks points out sarcastically in his piece, the rise of social media allows us to express ourselves continually which can lead to confusion about expression versus action.

While the article definitely provides food for self-reflective thought, astrologically I chuckle a bit when a person with Mercury, sun, moon and Uranus in the fiery, expressive, center-of-attention Leo tells me I’m too self-absorbed.

Brooks also has Saturn in Capricorn and will be experiencing his second Saturn return by the end of 2019. Saturn has a 29-year cycle that represents stages of maturity. What might be difficult for Brooks isn’t just the self-centeredness of our times, but also his own waning influence upon a culture that is increasingly bestowing authority on those who can shout the loudest.

It’s a sad time both for Brooks and this blogger as an informed, well-constructed opinion is much more enjoyable as intellectual aerobics than the slew of articles with teaser headlines about trivial and insignificant events. However, as Uranus moves into Taurus in March 2019, Brooks will continue to experience irritation and tension as Taurus is in square to Leo.

Brooks, like others on the planet in 2019, will most likely need to focus on the health of the personal body, personal assets and the earth itself. Brooks may want to spend his Saturn return writing about the breakdown of authority, including his own, as Pluto transits Capricorn.

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What’s “New” This Year?

Once again a great number of earthlings have decided to celebrate the “new” year in the middle of winter, very close to the shortest, darkest day of the year – ten degrees of Capricorn on my portion of the planet.

Spring, clearly, is when the “new” occurs in the northern hemisphere. Spring is when the buds push through the earth to become flowers, animals wake from hibernation to eat and make babies, and the Ohio cardinals sit in the trees and sing to lure a mate.

So why not celebrate a “new” year each spring? Why do we start a new year in the winter?

In October 1582, the Gregorian calendar, which has a January 1 start date, was in the beginning stages of adoption as Pluto, the planet of destruction, evolution and transformation, was in four degrees of Aries (the first sign of the zodiac that brings us spring). Pluto brought us a new, standard calendar that accounted for the fraction of a day that makes an annual period so difficult to calculate so that we could all celebrate the same holidays at the same time, bill each other accurately and make sure the anything “annual” (like your annual review at work) had a consistent cadence.

Life is certainly much easier when we can plan a dinner date on say, October 15, 1582, and arrive in the same place at the same time as our companion. If we had planned, say, October 9, 1582, we might have had trouble meeting our companion since that date did not occur as the new calendar was implemented and ten days were skipped to reconcile dates.

While the ten days were considered “lost” by some, like the shift to daylight savings time and back to standard time, time is not truly “lost.” The sun rises and sets as usual. Human routines are shifted creating the sense of time “gained” or “lost.”

Linear calendars and linear time bring us beginnings, middles and endings. Winter is an “ending” of sorts so is another explanation for making it a “beginning.”

Astrology, in contrast, like your old hand-motion clocks, works in cycles. The moon is a daily (changing signs) or monthly (full revolution) cycle, one that women in particular are familiar with as are those that live by oceans. The sun changes signs monthly and revolves around the sun annually. With eight other planetary bodies, there are eight more cycles long and longer representing our changing yet cyclical existence.

A conscientious astrologer shouldn’t talk about beginnings and endings since cycles are shifts in and out of energy patterns that will one day cycle again. Like laundry, the cycles do not “end.”

What’s new in 2019?

If January 1, 2019 is the “new” year, let’s see what’s different from the “last” year.

The sun, moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars change signs many times during a given 365-day period. If a year has something new, it’s more noticeable through changes in Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

The “inner planets” of sun through Mars certainly play into the energies of a given year. However, if we look deeply, many events that seem to occur suddenly are actually the result of past decisions and behaviors as represented by the outer planets.

We reap what we sow.

The financial crisis of 2008, for example, wasn’t a sudden event but the result of past practices, some beginning decades earlier. Other events, of course, are sudden and random such as winning the lottery or being struck by lightning. Astrological Uranus symbolizes these types of events that you truly have not set in motion, but that have the power to change your life.

This year beginning January 1, 2019 there are two changes from last year – Jupiter is now transiting its ruling fire-sign Sagittarius and Uranus will go direct in March 2019 and continue through earth-sign Taurus for the next seven years. Uranus actually went into Taurus in May 2018 but then went retrograde back into Aries.

Saturn deserves a mention as it went into its ruling sign earth-sign Capricorn right around the new year last year (December 20, 2017) and was within a couple degrees of the sun on January 1, 2019.

Jupiter in Sagittarius and Saturn in Capricorn are pure but contrasting energies. Jupiter is expansion and Saturn is contraction. In their ruling signs, there is purity in that Saturn will contract what it needs to contract (authority, structure, government) and Jupiter will expand what it needs to expand (social institutions, education, travel).

The US stock market volatility may be just this interplay of Jupiter and Saturn. In December 2019, Jupiter will move into Capricorn joining Saturn and Pluto so contraction may win by the end of the year.

Uranus in Taurus will affect property, assets and the physical body. Taurus is the earth itself. Earth changes are not new but expect more as Uranus enlightens us to Taurus reality which is reality itself. Uranus is stimulating so possibly there will be more enjoyment of the earth rather than enjoyment of virtual realities that are increasing and distracting us both from our bodies and the earth.

By the end of this year, there will be a lot of earth energy. With earth, there’s always the risk of, how shall we say it, a little bit of greed. But we will also be learning some lessons about greed, accumulation and the hoarding of assets.

Happy earth year!

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The Age of Mickey in Aquarius

During this tumultuous time of Pluto in Capricorn with the housing market, financial institutions and government going through dismantling and transformation, Pluto’s transit into Aquarius in January 2024 seems like the light at the end of a long, challenging tunnel.

Aquarius is the “water bearer” but is not a water sign, it is an air sign. As such, it’s interested in shared ideas, not shared emotions. As the water bearer, it brings the ideas and inspirations from above to below and consequently is associated with genius and being ahead of its time. Aquarius is androgynous and represents individuality, until recent history an unrecognized concept.

When you accept the beliefs into which you are born, you are Capricorn. When you join a group of your own free will because you share its ideals, you are Aquarius. When you choose beliefs to merge with others and forget the self, you are Pisces. Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces are the last three signs of the zodiac and are where we connect with the group consciousness.

Glimpses of Aquarius have already appeared as energies are constantly in flux and one day you wake to realize that things have changed. Noticing the change is represented by the planet changing signs.

Hints of Aquarius include social media, group funding, block chain and micro-living. The Internet at launch was Aquarian in that it made us equal as individuals who could express freely and openly. Ahead of its time, the Internet rose during outer planet transits of Capricorn energy (Uranus was in Capricorn 1988-1996, Neptune 1984-1993, and now Pluto from 2008-2024).

Aquarian technology arose during a great transformation of Capricorn energy. This Capricorn energy is about social institutions including financial institutions, government and other forms of authority. Aquarius, ahead of its time, rose during a time of traditional, hierarchical authority and sprouted a new form of individuality is forcing us to examine a new level of human rights.

Mickey is Free

Humanity may still be grappling with Capricorn authority when Pluto enters Aquarius in 2024. Disney’s Mickey Mouse, in contrast, will not.

As Ars Technica reports, Steamboat Willie is set to enter the public domain in 2024, and unlike in previous years, there have been no moves from Congress to stop that from happening. Once it does, in theory, anyone could use Mickey’s image for free.

Mickey Mouse will be free. It will be Mickey’s “Age of Aquarius.”

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus which was discovered in 1781 a period called the Age of Reason. Around this time, the United States broke from England demanding individual rights. Over in France, the Bastille was stormed in 1789 when Pluto was in 17 degrees of Aquarius with the demand for “liberty, fraternity and equality.”

In 2024, the global population is expected to be 8.1 billion. Eight-point-one billion people will be able to cut Mickey Mouse images from magazines, paste them onto paper bags, fill them with popcorn and sell them at any price they want – without paying royalties.

Mickey will be free.

Mickey’s Evolution

As noted in the blog Does Mickey Mouse Have a Personality? Mickey Mouse was “born” in 1928. In the year of his birth, Pluto was in 16-18 degrees of Cancer.

Today, my friends, Pluto is in 20 degrees of Capricorn, opposite Mickey’s natal Pluto. This is Mickey’s half-life when his copyright is being challenged. Mickey’s copyright was originally to expire in 1979 with Pluto in 19 degrees of Libra, square to Mickey’s natal Pluto. The next extension took the copyright to 1998 when Pluto was in six degrees of Sagittarius not making an aspect to natal Pluto but in square to Mickey’s natal Neptune in Virgo.

In 2024, Pluto in the early degrees of Aquarius will square Mickey’s natal Jupiter in Taurus. This Jupiter in Taurus is good luck regarding money, property and assets. Clearly Mickey has enjoyed this material abundance but will now be challenged by community rights.

The good news is that Pluto in Aquarius will be trine Mickey’s natal Uranus in Aries which is a maverick and will most likely find another way to manifest natal Jupiter in Taurus prosperity for his owners. In other words, Mickey will find the new opportunity in the circumstances, potentially converting the (natal) Pluto in Cancer sense of family and belonging into the (transiting) Pluto in Aquarius desire for ideal community.

Possibly instead of Disney World and Disney Land, Mickey’s clan villages, Aquarian communities will arise that are founded on Disney and Mickey concepts. No longer will we need to go to Mickey; Mickey can be part of our community.

Evolution or Copyright Extension?

Maybe Mickey will be off copyright in 2024 and we will embrace the royalty-free Mickey in our newly-formed Aquarian idealistic communities.

Or maybe the copyright will be extended once again.

Copyright is increasingly difficult to protect in our global village. Possibly in the 2020’s when Pluto is in Aquarius the technology generation will find new, unique (Aquarius is nothing if not unique) ways to protect innovation and invention.

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Happy Pluto Return, USA!

During his presidential campaign, President Donald Trump promised to “drain the swamp.” As he didn’t specify exactly how he was going to do the draining, it’s possible he’s living up to his promise. It’s possible he meant to appoint swamp-dwellers to White House and Cabinet positions and then humiliate them into resignation or unemployment.

According to the count in this Business Insider article, including recently-resigned Secretary of Defense James Mattis, there are 29 “casualties” of the Trump Administration.

Or were they 29 “swamp dwellers?”

One man’s swamp dweller is another man’s Attorney General so I don’t think there is any way to argue this one.

Purge and propaganda

Growing up during the Reagan Presidency and the Cold War when the greatest enemy of the United States was Communism as promoted primarily by the USSR (and secondarily by China), there was occasionally news of Communist party “purges.”

Purging isn’t just for Communists. Maybe Trump’s revolving-door Administration is just the capitalist way of purging and cleansing toxins of the state.

“Propaganda” is another interesting word that was used during Reagan’s times to describe any public relations or philosophy espoused by the Communists. Our own narrative, of course, was viewed as true and accurate.

Because “propaganda” is what others do and not us (in the United States), it’s taken the citizens of my homeland quite a while to recognize it at home. Propaganda has recently been acknowledged and is referred to as “fake news.”


To those in countries with longer continuous histories, the United State is seen as a “young” country, immature in its understanding of world history and global politics.

No longer!

The United States now has purges and propaganda and leaders with almost tyrannical power. We have arrived.

When the United States was “born” in 1776, Pluto the planet of evolution (through the paths of destruction and transformation, in that order), was in 27 degrees of Capricorn. Pluto will return to that exact degree in February 2022.

While humans like to celebrate birthdays in tens and hundreds, astrologers have different ways and look at cycles based on the planetary revolutions. The 246th birthday of the United States is the “first” birthday in evolutionary terms.

By February 2022, the United States will have evolved in the sign of Capricorn which rules society’s structures, government, law and order. Since 2008 when Pluto entered Capricorn, societal infrastructure has been shaken and broken, starting with the financial structure. Eight years in, government began imploding.

I’ve written much of this Pluto return including America’s Material Evolution and Pluto’s Return to Capricorn, among others.

Draining the Swamp

While President Trump appears both corporeally and astrologically to be the opposite of Capricorn (respect for authority, structure, laws and maturity), he was brought to power and represents the “Pluto” in Pluto in Capricorn. Trump’s immaturity as puer (in contrast to the Capricorn mature senex) is inadvertently taking us into political maturity.

In a PBS roundtable in 2017 columnist David Brooks commented that “we used to have a better class of criminals.” Now the line between “business mogul” and “criminal” is a thin one. Government and business have been converging and now are one.

Pluto as king of the underworld has taken the country to the bowels of politics, that which has always existed but remained hidden under ground. Based on your political perspective, “the swamp” may or may not be undergoing drainage. The swamp, however, is much closer to each of our neighborhoods.

“News” is now understood to be a combination of traditional reporting, commentary and public relations. Pluto in Capricorn has risen our degree of maturity in understanding the political manipulations that occur in a society, any society. The citizens of older nations already have a basic understanding of this reality having gone through many, many Pluto returns.

Pluto Evolution

If Pluto is evolving the United States into political maturity, what’s next?

After Capricorn comes Aquarius. Like Capricorn, Aquarius is interested in society, structure and organization. The difference is that Aquarius develops such things based on ideals, the very way in which this country was developed (the moon is in Aquarius in the United States’ 1776 horoscope).

The ideals of a perfect society are based upon the consciousness of those involved. In 1776, during the Age of Reason, the basic rights of a person were identified and acknowledged (if not completely honored). If Pluto in Capricorn evolved the nation politically, Aquarius should evolve us socially.

President Trump is clearly destroying the institutions of government. If I had a nickel for everyone who said they dislike government I would be rich; if we truly dislike government, we should be happy.

Yet when traditional government dismantles, other power (Pluto) structures tend to fill the void. If as a nation we are not conscious and willing participants in the dismantling, we may find the Aquarian evolution to begin with disparate “ideal” societies.

If we consciously dismantle the government structure, possibly we can re-think some outdated concepts and continue what was intended in 1776 to bring it to full realization.

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James Mattis – Too Much Neptune?

With the weed-like growth of advertised pharmaceuticals that promise relief from emotional ailments to illnesses with long Latin names, you’d think there was a pill for my current problem.

“Can you say that again, please,” the doctor asked after I explained my condition.

“I said I want former Ohio governor John Kasich to be president. This thought won’t leave my mind.”

Giving me a quizzical and concerned look, she asked why that was an ailment.

“Because I’m quite liberal,” I replied. “This is aberrant thinking.”

Her concerned look changed into one of irritated indifference that indicated I was wasting her time.

“You’re simply looking for stability in a chaotic world,” she stated flatly. “Having a president who can keep his word for at least 24 hours probably seems soothing right now. I recommend you stop watching the news.”

If restless leg syndrome can be cured, so could this, I thought. I wasn’t going to give in so easily. I’m quite sure the pharmaceutical industry has developed something that wipes contradictory political thoughts from your mind.

I pressed on. “I shed a tear when former FBI director James Comey was fired,” I said. “And now the Secretary of Defense James Mattis has resigned and I want to write him a letter telling him I loved him. And if you had asked me a week ago the name of the Secretary of Defense I couldn’t even had told you.”

The doctor appeared more concerned now.

“You cried over James Comey?” she said.

I nodded.

“What about former Attorney General Jeff Sessions? Did you cry when he resigned?” she probed.

“Heck no,” I said.

“You’re fine then. Just stop watching the news.”

The Safety of Unpredictability

The Trump Administration is truly a political astrologer’s dream – a constantly changing staff, some with negative tenure, constant raw material for a political blog. The problem is that there are simply not enough hours in the day to keep track. High school students in Civics class must have a difficult time on tests – information probably changes from the time they studied to the time of the test.

No matter how unpredictable a person may be, there are always patterns. Meditation has taught me that we are generally trying to remain safe, no matter how unusual or “unsafe” our actions appear.

The safety of constant change and unpredictability is that the world will always be at a distance, never too close. By keeping others off-balance, they can’t get close enough to overtake you.

This strategy of instability is the foundation of US foreign policy developed by Henry Kissinger and Richard Nixon. These two encouraged tense global situations such as that between Pakistan and India because when others fight each other, they do not have the energy or resources to gang up against you. Most of our foes today were once our allies against other, distant foes.

President Trump’s unpredictability described astrologically arises from a Uranus/sun conjunction in Gemini opposing the moon in Sagittarius. Gemini and Sagittarius are “mutable” – fluid, flexible and adaptable signs. Uranus also creates unpredictability in a sign (Gemini) that is already is constantly changing. Uranus is also the planet of enlightenment and inspiration; Uranus is what is both liked and disliked about Trump.

In a sense, Trump is “enlightening” a populace that normally pays a minimum of attention to the underlying realities of politics. Trump both enjoys and seeks safety in a constantly-changing environment.

Power and control

This week Secretary of Defense James Mattis wrote a resignation letter that according to some journalists is a “rebuke” of President Trump’s recent foreign policy decision to withdraw troops from Syria. In typical Trump Uranus/sun fashion, the promise to leave Syria was done suddenly without thought or consultation.

Each political exit has its own characteristics, but there are some common themes in the last few exits (former FBI Director James Comey, former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and former Attorney General Jeff Sessions) that include Saturn and Pluto.

Saturn is the planet of contraction and rules “rules,” law, authority, structure and government. Pluto is the planet of transformation (often destroying first) and is powerful, destructive and regenerative.

When Pluto entered Capricorn (which itself is ruled by Saturn) in 2008, it began destroying Capricorn structures including the housing market, banking and government. In December 2017, Saturn entered Capricorn for a two-year transit and in 2020 will be conjoined with Pluto.

Saturn and Pluto together create intense situations of struggle for power and control. This is a pivotal time in US politics as the US was “born” with Pluto in 27 degrees of Capricorn so the US is collectively learning some painful and deep lessons on the use of power and control.

For seven years from 2011 to present, Uranus was in Aries creating a square to Pluto. Arab Spring began in 2011 and some countries, including Syria, are still involved in war resulting from that time.

The transits symbolize the energies we all experience. Public figures merely provide a glimpse of what it feels like for many people.

James Mattis

Soon-to-be-former Secretary of Defense Mattis has natal Saturn conjunct sun in Virgo. The moon is either in Cancer or Leo but I would suspect Leo which provides the fortitude needed in politics. Pluto and Venus are conjunct in Leo and square to Mars in Scorpio.

The “rebuke” resignation letter is very Virgo in that it’s critical and detailed (versus “I’m retiring to spend more time with my cat.”) Saturn conjunct one’s sun tends to repress some of the characteristics of the sun and basic, conscious personality. In Virgo, there’s an extremely perfectionist nature that also demands “perfection” from others. I’m guessing Mattis is never (ever) late to a meeting and edits all missives in great detail before release.

Virgo in combination with Leo is probably what aided Mattis in his life as a Marine. He has both the earth-sign Virgo attention to detail and the moon/Pluto/Venus in fire-sign Leo sense of self. He is both disciplined and presentable.

The fixed square between Leo and Scorpio provides drive that is not always in Virgo nature. Virgo is definitely busy, consumed with millions of daily tasks with no end to the to-do list. But busyness is not truly drive – it’s being on the hamster wheel with no true purpose; the fixed signs provide Mattis with the purpose and focus to become a cabinet member.

While there are Saturn and Pluto aspects that are probably affecting Mattis’ decision to resign, I suspect it’s Neptune that’s really what Mattis can no longer tolerate.

First, Saturn in the early degrees of Saturn is opposing Mattis’ natal Uranus in Cancer and recently square Mercury in Libra and currently square Neptune in Libra. Pluto in Capricorn opposed natal Uranus in Cancer in late 2012 and early 2013 which is when he retired from the Marine Corps after being fired by President Obama as head of the Central Command.

Surviving a Pluto transit usually makes one stronger. If you’ve survived Pluto’s pulling the rug of all that you know and have known from under you, you’re usually one more step up the evolutionary ladder and ready for what comes next.

Neptune in Pisces

In the world of military, power and politics, Saturnine and Plutonian types are the norm. With Saturn conjunct sun and Pluto conjunct Venus, Mattis is right at home with these types. He chose a path – the Marines – that meets his own standards of discipline and dignity.

The current aspect that Mattis probably most dislikes is transiting Neptune in Pisces which opposes his sun and Saturn conjunction. On the day of his resignation, Mars was also in Pisces (and still is) and opposing Saturn in Virgo. This is what probably the straw that broke the camel’s back and led him to part with the Trump Administration at this time.

Virgo is analysis and detail; its opposite, Pisces, is synthesis and big picture. Virgo thinks; Pisces feels. Virgo is clear; Pisces is foggy. Virgo has a schedule; Pisces may have a schedule but has trouble following it. Virgo disciplines; Pisces empathizes.

In a world of Virgo detail, Saturnine discipline and Plutonian power structures, Neptune is not welcome. If Mattis’ horoscope is akin to the Marines, Neptune is the CIA, murky and mysterious. If military is about following orders, CIA is about breaking the rules and creating a constant hall of mirrors where image may not be reality.

Virgo hates that.

For Mattis, Trump may appear less Uranian (inspired and unpredictable) and more Neptunian (foggy with unclear motives driven by emotion).

Mattis has natal Jupiter in Pisces in zero degrees retrograde. Mattis has some awareness of the disorder that lies within order. Neptune entered Pisces in spring 2011 (Arab Spring) and transited this point in Mattis’ horoscope. I’m guessing that at that time Mattis’ disciplined world began to first unfold which was just before the advent of the Obama Administration.

I’m guessing that for Mattis’ in 2011 all the rules changed. For a Virgo or anyone with a lot of earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn), changing rules are very disruptive to the psyche.

Neptune in Pisces continues

Neptune will be opposing Mattis’ sun then Saturn until about 2023. At that time, Saturn will enter Pisces adding a new type of emotional challenge to a restrained personality. By that time, Mattis will hopefully have embraced confusion and ambiguity as the new norm. His natal Saturn may realize, too, that we collectively shoulder the responsibility for defining and support an evolving society. It is not his burden alone.

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Left Brain Overload, Right Brain Takeover

While reading a biography of late war correspondent Marie Colvin who was killed in 2012 by a targeted explosive device in Syria while covering the early days of the war, I wondered if more journalists are being assassinated. As I often wonder in this world of too-much information, are more journalists being killed or am I just hearing about it more?

According to this Reuters article, it’s true that more journalists are being deliberately killed.

Next question – are journalists being increasingly reviled? Or has that been happening and now I notice? I’m a news junkie and am certainly aware that presidents normally dislike journalists because they are trying to reveal secrets, some which possibly shouldn’t be revealed but many which should. Presidents from Nixon to the current one have either been outspoken in dislike of media (i.e., Presidents Nixon and Trump) or have silently prosecuted them (i.e., President Obama).

Presidents and politicos have reason to dislike journalists, but the average citizen?

While I found several surveys the most recent by the The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research and the American Press Institute revealed something interesting:

The surveys found about 3 in 4 journalists believe the public’s level of trust in the news media has decreased in the past year. Yet only 44 percent of American adults actually say their level of trust has decreased.

The survey results also indicate:

There’s some good news about journalism. When Americans are asked about their favorite news organization, a third of them say they trust it more than they did a year ago, while only about 1 in 10 say their level of trust has declined.


Journalism is about communication and is ruled by the planet Mercury. Mercury rules the signs of Gemini and Virgo. Mercury is the mythological messenger of the gods. We are often told not to “kill the messenger” when the message is unpleasant.

Air-sign Gemini is known for its intelligence, articulation and mental agility. The opposite sign, fire-sign Sagittarius, is also interested in information and deriving meaning from the facts. Where Gemini is the journalist, Sagittarius is the philosopher and historian. Gemini reports the facts of the Middle East conflict going on today and Sagittarius writes the opinion piece or history book that explains that the conflict has been continuous for two thousand years.

Earth-sign Virgo is the other sign ruled by Mercury known for analysis and discrimination in earthly matters such as work, health and diet. Its opposite is Pisces known for synthesis and compassion.

Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces are the four mutable signs. Mutable signs are adaptable, flexible and able to change more quickly than the other two modes (cardinal and fixed).

Pluto in Gemini

When Pluto, the planet of destruction and transformation, was in Gemini in 1882-1914, mass communication was developed which included radio, newspapers and public schooling. While radio might seem like a trinket in comparison to today’s technology, radio allowed for the first time masses of people to hear the same message at the same time without being in the same location.

After the ability to communicate with the masses came taxes, monetary systems and world wars. There can’t be a “world” war without a world.

Pluto in Gemini was the time of the “muckraker” who was:

… any of a group of American writers identified with pre-World War I reform and exposé literature. The muckrakers provided detailed, accurate journalistic accounts of the political and economic corruption and social hardships caused by the power of big business in a rapidly industrializing United States. The name muckraker was pejorative when used by U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt in his speech of April 14, 1906; he borrowed a passage from John Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress, which referred to “the Man with the Muckrake…who could look no way but downward.” But muckraker also came to take on favourable connotations of social concern and courageous exposition.

One of the most famous Gilded Age muckrakers was Ida Tarbell who investigated and reported on Standard Oil decrying its monopoly powers which lead to the breakup of the company into several smaller companies.

Pluto in Sagittarius

If Pluto in Gemini heralded a time of communication breakthrough, 180 degrees later (opposite) it begins to look for meaning. Pluto was in Sagittarius from 1995-2008. This period began the rise of smart phones, social media and a host of other communication and financial technologies.

While it’s difficult to find when public security cameras hit the streets, it appears to be the late 1980s with proliferation in the 1990s. When the United States was attacked by a terrorist group on 9/11/2001 laws were loosened on surveillance of citizens leading to degradation of civil rights. At that time, Pluto in Sagittarius was opposed by Saturn in Gemini.

Pluto in Gemini in the early 20th century was the beginning of mass communication and personal power through communication. In Sagittarius in the late 20th century, personal power increased to such an extent that Pluto cast a wide control net in order to limit the power of those that would do harm through communication and other acts.

The Left Brain and the Right Brain

Although science has questioned the absoluteness of this claim, in general the left brain is commonly associated with analytical reasoning and the right brain with creativity and synthesis.

We might say the left brain is Gemini/Virgo because they are analytical and the right brain Sagittarius/Pisces because they are more prone to philosophize and synthesize. Gemini and Virgo are ruled by Mercury and Sagittarius by Jupiter and Pisces by Neptune (and Jupiter to the ancient astrologers).

What’s fascinating today is that 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are produced each day. Only machines can process this much information, not humans. Our left brains are overwhelmed.

Possibly due to the overload to the left brain, the right brain seems to have developed an independent life. If Mercury is the left brain, Jupiter and Neptune (which rules film and photography) are the right and are responding with images – visualization, photos, memes, emojis, gaming, film and binge “watching.” Video games and TV series are especially designed to be addictive.

In direct response to the technology evolution over the past decade, audiences are consuming information in new ways, from smaller, more portable screens on mobile devices to third-party apps and discovery platforms. The result has been a shift in content consumption preferences, and 91% of consumers now prefer interactive and visual content over traditional, text-based or static media. To stay current, businesses in every industry are striving to meet the mounting demand for visual content as they revise their multichannel content strategies.

Ninety-one percent prefer visual and interactive! What will happen to the word? How can complex concepts be communicated? What does this mean for journalists?

Right Brain Takover

War correspondent Marie Colvin died while presenting the world not just with words but with images of the cruelty of war:

Syria “killed the messenger” who took extreme risk in entering a war zone that described by Colvin herself was simply the slaughter of innocent and unarmed civilians.

Colvin took these risks in order to “bear witness” to the atrocities of mankind and seek the attention and assistance of the wider world.

A picture is worth a thousand words, it is said. However, pictures don’t truly tell stories. Words tell stories and pictures demonstrate the story. Pictures without words are interpreted in many ways.

Hopefully as Pluto has destroyed and transformed our communications we can balance the inner journalist with the inner philosopher and synthesizer to understand our world using both pictures and words. A picture is worth a thousand words but trusted, worthy journalism can ensure we have the accurate thousand words.

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Act Like a Capricorn Day – December 21

According to the astrology books of my youth, Capricorn and the other earth signs (Taurus and Virgo) are less prone than other signs to believe in astrology. Earth signs, the books said, are practical and down-to-earth and must “see it to believe it.”

My own theory differs. If the earth signs are less prone to believe in astrology (I haven’t seen the data), I suspect it’s because the descriptions of earth signs are, how shall we say it, slightly less appealing than the other elements (air, fire and water).

Leo, for example, is a fixed fire sign symbolized by the lion, the king of the jungle, the main character in The Lion King, the animal that when tamed is part of Las Vegas shows. If you were in the ether zone deciding to incarnate and picking a personality, why not pick Leo? The human ego seems more drawn to a personality that likes to be the center of attention than personalities that do not.

Of course, if we all chose Leo, there might not be anyone to do the odd jobs that Leo doesn’t like (according to my early astrology reading) such as dusting the furniture or being club treasurer. The gods made Virgo to help with things like that. And the other ten signs for the rest of the world’s needs.

It does take all signs to have a balanced world and my own draw to astrology was the acknowledgement of my earth-sign personality while experiencing fire-sign parenting.

While some signs read more fun than other signs, each sign has its comfort zone and strategies for living in an ever-changing universe. As we are born into our personality, it feels “right” in that we’ve adapted to the world based on our personality. This sense of “right” is probably what’s most wrong with the humanity as we are all truly unique so will never agree on an external “right.”

Have you ever tried on another’s personality? Actors probably have but the rest of us stay securely in our own lens on the world. Let’s use (Capricorn’s keyword) the sign of Capricorn to experience another’s reality.

December 21 – the Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice, or shortest day of the year, occurs in the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is the cardinal earth-sign associated with practicality, ambition, authority, shrewdness and a critical and judgmental nature. This year the solstice is December 21 (some years it occurs on the 22nd or 23rd).

Each sign likes being itself in some way (although there also seems a deep-seated and hidden human trend to dislike oneself) so let’s think about what Capricorn enjoys.

Capricorn likes being respected, successful and in a position of authority. In contrast, Capricorn mucho dislikes humiliation and perceived failure. Your unhappy Capricorns are probably holding a sense of failure although you may not recognize it. If you find yourself with an unhappy Capricorn (and it can be difficult to tell because Capricorn isn’t super expressive), try to discover where the sense of failure resides. It’s the hole that Capricorn tries to fill and can feel failure because the standards of success are so high. For example, it might not be enough to be a medical researcher; one must cure cancer.

Act Like a Capricorn Day – December 21

Act Like a Capricorn Day will occur annually now on December 21, 22 or 23 as the sun enters Capricorn. It may take a while for retail to catch up with consumable goods, but here are five ways you can celebrate at low cost (Capricorn is ruled by Saturn which is the contracting principle so we’ll want to save money. Capricorn is frugal which other signs might think of as cheap).

  1. Act like authority. Authority comes in many flavors and most have some sort of credential behind them (such as a degree or certification). However, much “authority” comes from simply acting the part. Humans are hard-wired to respond to authority so putting on the airs of authority will get you far. OHA recommends using the word “official” in all communications on this day such as “I officially unsubscribe from your unsolicited emails.” The word “official” gives the appearance of a gaggle of lawyers sitting behind you.
  2. Demand respect. Do not let people push you around by saying rude things like “You owe a late fee” and “You’ll have to work this weekend.” Remind those around you that they must treat you as they treat the current president which is (officially) “You can do anything you want and get away with it.” You deserve the same respect.
  3. Monetize the day (Carpe moneta). “Monetize” is most likely a word-ism developed by a Capricorn who always looks for the opportunity to succeed, which is commonly measured by wealth. Turn the 21st into a big event with special items, special sales and family and corporate events. Oh wait, someone already did that.
  4. Start a long, involved, time-consuming project. While some signs take the path of least resistance, Capricorn tends to take the path of most resistance. The climb is fulfilling if and only if it is truly a climb. So begin a long, involved, time-consuming project like remodeling your entire house by yourself on a limited budget over a number of years. In just a decade or so, the satisfaction of completion will be yours.
  5. Balance the checkbook. While not all Capricorns are frugal, they are definitely aware of their assets. I’ve met a few borrowing Capricorns and when they ask for money, they are very specific about the deficit. Go ahead and balance your checkbook and know how much money you truly have, like a Capricorn. Control is another Capricorn trait so understand that your checkbook reflects your values over which you have some control.
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Wagner Family Astrology

Early in life as I child I accepted that there were some things in life I would never know for sure although I had this idea that when I died I would finally have the answers to my personal mysteries. The most pressing mystery at that time was about the location of a lost elephant pendant (did I really drop it in the cracks of the porch stairs?) and the second most important mystery was about my lost turquoise ring. I clearly had trouble keeping jewelry on my body.

Today I still accept I’ll never know for sure in a Dateline episode if the man really did push two different women down the stairs or if, truly, one slipped and one was attacked by an owl and tumbled (up the stairs in this case). Truth is always stranger than fiction (which is why I prefer truth) and while I always form an opinion while watching Dateline, it’s purely for intellectual pleasure and I continue to accept I’ll never truly know what happened, since I wasn’t personally involved.

Astrology and crime

Speaking of Dateline, Ohio has experienced an event that will probably be an episode some day. In April 2016, eight members of a Pike County family (the Rhodens) were murdered. This month four members of a different family were arrested and charged with the murders.

Is there some astrological configuration for someone who murders?

I don’t believe so. There are many people born on the same day (and time) and they do not all behave the same, as is evident with twins, although they may share certain motivations. The chart (for me) can describe situations and motivations, but not the actions themselves.

We all have the same horoscope but with different energies playing out in different ways in different areas of life. None of us experiences life in the exact same way – even in the same situation. We can share the same parents, manager, and spouse as another and experience them in entirely different ways.

From Tending Two Shops by Rumi:

…That’s why you see things in two ways.
Sometimes you look at a person
and see a cynical snake.

Someone else sees a joyful lover,
and you’re both right!..

The horoscope can indicate challenges and frustrations and even reactions but not the particular action that will be taken. You are easily frustrated by being cut off in traffic. Do you clench your jaw and respond angrily to those in the car with you or do you pull out a gun and shoot the offender?

If your environment focuses on violence, maybe you are encouraged to pull out the gun. If you environment focuses on peace, maybe you find other ways to filter aggression such as physical activity. The reaction may be described in the horoscope but the action is not.

Wagner Family

While the horoscope doesn’t (to me) indicate whether someone has committed a crime, I thought it would be interesting to look at the charts of those being accused of the murders of the Rhoden family. If nothing else, being accused of a mass murder represents a major, traumatic, life event.

In the Pike County records, I did not find the records for the recent arrest, but found other records and believe I’ve identified the two of the four Wagner family members accused of the murders – the father George Wagner III and the mother Angela Wagner.

George has sun in Gemini and moon in Libra. Angela has sun in Libra and moon in Aries or Taurus. The first thing that struck me about this couple is their differences in communication style.

Angela has Uranus conjunct Mercury (in Libra) and Mars conjunct Pluto in Virgo. These are indicators of constant, rapid communication (Uranus/Mercury) often disjoined and likely caustic and cutting (Pluto/Mars in Virgo). If the moon is in Aries, there’s an additional aggressive overtone.

George in contrast has a conjunction of Venus, Mercury and Saturn in Taurus. While the Gemini sun thinks much, the expression of those thoughts is stunted. There is a taciturn nature and what is spoken is very direct and literal which to some can be refreshing and to others offensive or rude.

Although George may not appear social, he has a grand air trine (sun, Mars, Uranus/moon) so is very interested in people and what they are doing. George’s chart lacks water (unless the rising sign is water) so there is a detached nature, one that is never fully emotionally connected to others.

Angela’s chart is more difficult to analyze not knowing where the moon is placed. If the moon is in Taurus, then there is a lack of fire which indicates low confidence and overall vitality. Moon in Aries adds vitality and self-assertion. This self-assertion is not the same as the Mars/Pluto verbal assertion which is critical and cutting but not necessarily Aries courage and energy.

Angela in contrast to George does have water in the chart with Jupiter, Venus and Neptune in Scorpio. Saturn in Taurus opposes these planets indicating a sensuality that is judged as negative from others. The Taurus/Scorpio axis when there are oppositions can create sensuality and judgement or a feeling of guilt from the enjoyment of physical pleasures.

Trouble with the law

Trouble with the law comes usually in the form of hard Saturn (authority, limitation, restriction) or Pluto (power, destruction, transformation) aspects. On November 13, 2018 when the Wagners were arrested, Saturn was in five degrees of Capricorn and Pluto in 19 degrees of Capricorn. Capricorn itself is authority and these planets indicate changes for all of us with regard to authoritarian structures.

Angela’s sun is in Libra and George’s moon is also in this sign. The sun-moon connection is usually a good one for marriage and gives a sense in this case of Angela being more dominant (her sun, his moon). Transiting Pluto squares Angela’s sun and George’s moon. Pluto square is powerful authority gnawing at your heels. Libra has a sense of fairness so for both Angela and George there is a strong sense that they are being mistreated or judged unfairly.

Saturn in Capricorn is squaring George’s Uranus so there may be true surprise on his part that his Uranus freedom is being curtailed. His preponderance of air signs likes freedom of movement.

Libra is the sign of partnership and is not happy or comfortable when alone. The parting of these two due to incarceration is probably unbearable. No matter what their relationship may look like to the outside world, they are probably very connected and highly dependent upon each other.

While Saturn is in only five degrees of Capricorn and hasn’t fully aspected Angela’s sun or George’s moon, the actual square is coming. In the spring of 2019, Saturn will be in 20 degrees of Capricorn making a more complete square (90 degree) aspect and will also be conjunct transiting Pluto. It will get very intense for Angela and George at that time.

Uranus and Jupiter

While Saturn and Pluto are the planets I look for in a murder-incarceration situation, it’s interesting to see how other (mostly outer) planets are aspecting the horoscopes.

Transiting Uranus moved into Taurus last May but has gone retrograde (apparent backward motion) into Aries and won’t go direct again until January 2019 and won’t re-enter Taurus until March 2019.

While we don’t know the sign in which Angela’s moon resides, Uranus is definitely transiting this area of her horoscope, regardless of sign. Uranus on the moon creates erratic and unpredictable reactions due to unusual and sudden situations.

With her Mars/Pluto in Virgo and Uranus/Mercury conjunction, Angela is nervous and jittery in general so today must be highly anxious.

In George’s chart what’s interesting is that natal Jupiter is in zero degrees of Sagittarius (retrograde). Depending on time of birth, Jupiter could be in late Scorpio. That Jupiter was changing signs as George was born, an energy shift that probably impacted his personal energy.

Natal Jupiter (in either sign) is conjunct Neptune in George’s horoscope indicating a love of heightened pleasure which can include all the normal addictions: food, intoxicants, sex and gambling. On November 10 of this year, transiting Jupiter moved from Scorpio to Sagittarius.

When George was arrested, the very same energy shift that occurred when he was born occurred once again just three days earlier. This is a transit that occurs every 11.86 years (a Jupiter cycle around the sun) so George may have had a life of 12-year cycles with some sort of challenge to this energy.

If this is energy of the situation for George, it’s possibly he was born into a family with addictions which affected his energy and now has taken him to this transformative period of life. He may have also been born in an environment that wasn’t quite connected to reality. Today’s situation may have that same unreal quality to it.

At the time of the murders in April 2016, transiting Saturn was retrograde in 15 degrees of Sagittarius which opposes George’s natal sun. Saturn had spent the previous year transiting this trigger point of natal Jupiter and Neptune in the early degrees of Sagittarius. Regardless of what actually occurred (or didn’t occur) in this situation for George, there may be a sense of delusional detachment from it.

The other Wagners

When I find the birthdates for the two sons also arrested (Edward and George IV), I will add those to this blog.

Since there is a clear name lineage here, I looked up the English kings George III and George IV. In another fascinating symbol, the English George III (the George who lost the American colonies) was born on June 4, 1738, the same day (June 4) as George Wagner III.

Is that why he was named George?

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President Trump’s Liver Year

Bringing a stray kitten into the home a year ago has proven a challenge. The cat food and litter budget doubled, the poop in the litter boxed tripled at first as kitten developed into cat and not a few personal items have been destroyed. The new kitten likes to play, play, play yet fate put this wild one in the path of two old ladies – one human, one feline. Kitten doesn’t appear to need sleep but his roommates need a lot.

Most troubling, though, is that there is yet another set of political opinions. Three political viewpoints in one household can make it quite cramped.

For instance, the new kitten is an avid supporter of President Donald Trump. And I quote:

“I like him because he likes to have fun.”

Is that a reason for a man to be president? According to the kitten, yes.

“The people in this country are too literal and puritan. If you believe you only live once, why wouldn’t you have more fun? It makes no sense to me.”

The kitten turned a deaf ear as I explained that many people in this country do have fun but if you want to have fun all the time you probably should pick a different career than president. I went on to inform born-yesterday kitten that the role of the US in the world was mighty important and that a serious and responsible leader was critical to world peace.

Before I finished my explanation, I noticed that kitten had darted off. Where was he?

Playing with a stink bug.

Jupiter in Sagittarius

Jupiter will transit into Sagittarius in early November and travel through the sign for a year. As the avid readers of OHA are aware, Jupiter expands what it finds.

In the chart of US President Donald Trump, Jupiter will find many friends. Natal Pluto and Mars in Leo will be trine. Natal Neptune and Jupiter in Libra will be sextile. Natal moon in Sagittarius will be conjunct. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter so when conjunct Trump’s moon it will feel at home.

Trump will have added energy. He’ll be Trump-ier.

Trump’s natal moon in Sagittarius opposes natal sun in Gemini conjunct Uranus. When you see the energetic, bold, impulsive, outspoken Trump, you’re seeing this opposition (a Virgo rising adds the critical nature). Each one of those three planets involved alone would have a strong curiosity, desire for stimulation and articulate nature. Combined there’s so much energy it’s like one of those holiday sparklers that shoots sparks out in all directions.

When Jupiter expands upon this, there may be a point where some of this energy bursts from excess. Moon in Sagittarius can be indulgent as the moon is reactive and Sagittarius is expansive and not strong in discipline. While Sagittarius thinks about the big picture and is interested in following its beliefs, the day-to-day monotony of discipline creates boredom and even depression.

Jupiter and the Liver

Astrologically, Jupiter rules the liver. According to

In medical astrology, Jupiter rules the liver, and there is much to be said of this relationship. Just as Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system, the liver is the largest organ in the body. The liver has a great many functions: it helps us digest and absorb our food by secreting bile; it stores and distributes excess nourishment; it filters out toxic material; and it helps us form and break down blood. The planet Jupiter also performs vital functions in our lives, some of which are similar to the liver. It is wisdom gained from digesting and absorbing experiences, so that we grow from our mistakes. It is also the wisdom not to repeat damaging (toxic) mistakes.

After two years as US president, has Trump digested and absorbed experiences?

The US Election was brought to you by Saturn in Sagittarius. While Jupiter is the expansion principle, Saturn is the contracting principle. Trump was elected with transiting Saturn conjunct the moon. That suggests some controls on the impulsive nature, however unapparent. With Jupiter, the controls are being lifted. The liver may be taxed with extremes – first restraint and then excess.


Will a year of Jupiter transiting Sagittarius purge President Trump of toxins for a clean and healthy liver? Or will he consume too much and become liverish?

Liverish is an old-fashioned term. describes it this way:

Have you ever woken up and felt on edge, frustrated and irritable, possibly angry for no apparent reason? This is what I would call ‘liverish’ it is a sign that your liver is under stress.

Why does the liver become stressed?

The liver is like a one stop shop with multiple things happening at any given time. If you do not take care of your body then you load the liver up with too much to do on any given day so that the liver will struggle to perform all the tasks needed to be accomplished in one day, creating a long list of things to do and fatigue settles in for the long haul.

The liver processes not just food and alcohol toxins but also stress toxins:

We have to think about how our society is heading in the future, we are creating environments of stress in the workplace, at schools and at home, we are constantly stressing our liver.

On the website, the liver in Chinese medicine is explained. “Early February is considered the beginning of Spring and the liver and gallbladder are the paired organs that relate to this season.”

By Chinese medicine, President Trump will need to be careful in these months not to eat and drink (and stress) to excess. If he doesn’t keep his liver in balance, he may feel the effects as described on the website:

When the liver and gallbladder are imbalanced they are described as stagnant or stuck. That means the energy is not smoothly moving through them. Some of the many physical and emotional symptoms of this imbalance include: headaches, teeth grinding, eye issues (especially the right eye), feeling hot all the time, pms, fibroids, prostate inflammation, irritability, anger, impatience, hip pain, thyroid issues, toenail discoloration (especially yellow and large toes), waking up between 1am and 3am and feeling restless, an overall feeling of being stuck in one’s life and more.


President Trump’s tweets may provide insight into his health. Chinese medicine describes each two-hour increment of the day as being ruled by an organ. Does Trump tweet during the time of the Liver (1 am – 3 am)?

According to this Business Insider article, Trump’s highest tweet time (using the Chinese two-hour increments) is between 7 am – 9 am – the time of the Stomach. In astrology, the sign Cancer rules the stomach. Trump has Saturn conjunct Venus in that sign. Saturn conjunct Venus is a difficult aspect for the social and love life. Often there is a feeling of rejection and in Cancer a feeling of not belonging.

That Trump tweets most during the Time of the Stomach means he’s processing his sense of rejection and not belonging, possibly while eating which stirs the stomach energy.

Jupiter transiting Sagittarius will create an inconjunct aspect in Trump’s chart. According to Café Astrology, planets inconjunct simply don’t understand each other. As Jupiter expands in Trump’s chart, we may find Saturn and Venus feeling nauseated and potentially getting ill.

The second highest time period for Trump’s tweets is the time of the Large Intestine (3 am – 5 am) and third highest time is the time of the Bladder (3 pm – 5 pm).

Trump’s tweets clearly come from the digestive system.

President Trump’s Liver Year

While Jupiter is transiting Sagittarius and conjunct Trump’s natal moon, President Trump will have to guard against excess which can inflict damage upon the liver. Trump’s tweet times suggests that his digestion is causing him trouble and keeping a healthy liver will be essential to proper digestion.

If not, we may see more late-hour tweets – from 1 am to 3 am with “liverish” content.

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