Act Like a Capricorn Day – December 21

According to the astrology books of my youth, Capricorn and the other earth signs (Taurus and Virgo) are less prone than other signs to believe in astrology. Earth signs, the books said, are practical and down-to-earth and must “see it to believe it.”

My own theory differs. If the earth signs are less prone to believe in astrology (I haven’t seen the data), I suspect it’s because the descriptions of earth signs are, how shall we say it, slightly less appealing than the other elements (air, fire and water).

Leo, for example, is a fixed fire sign symbolized by the lion, the king of the jungle, the main character in The Lion King, the animal that when tamed is part of Las Vegas shows. If you were in the ether zone deciding to incarnate and picking a personality, why not pick Leo? The human ego seems more drawn to a personality that likes to be the center of attention than personalities that do not.

Of course, if we all chose Leo, there might not be anyone to do the odd jobs that Leo doesn’t like (according to my early astrology reading) such as dusting the furniture or being club treasurer. The gods made Virgo to help with things like that. And the other ten signs for the rest of the world’s needs.

It does take all signs to have a balanced world and my own draw to astrology was the acknowledgement of my earth-sign personality while experiencing fire-sign parenting.

While some signs read more fun than other signs, each sign has its comfort zone and strategies for living in an ever-changing universe. As we are born into our personality, it feels “right” in that we’ve adapted to the world based on our personality. This sense of “right” is probably what’s most wrong with the humanity as we are all truly unique so will never agree on an external “right.”

Have you ever tried on another’s personality? Actors probably have but the rest of us stay securely in our own lens on the world. Let’s use (Capricorn’s keyword) the sign of Capricorn to experience another’s reality.

December 21 – the Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice, or shortest day of the year, occurs in the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is the cardinal earth-sign associated with practicality, ambition, authority, shrewdness and a critical and judgmental nature. This year the solstice is December 21 (some years it occurs on the 22nd or 23rd).

Each sign likes being itself in some way (although there also seems a deep-seated and hidden human trend to dislike oneself) so let’s think about what Capricorn enjoys.

Capricorn likes being respected, successful and in a position of authority. In contrast, Capricorn mucho dislikes humiliation and perceived failure. Your unhappy Capricorns are probably holding a sense of failure although you may not recognize it. If you find yourself with an unhappy Capricorn (and it can be difficult to tell because Capricorn isn’t super expressive), try to discover where the sense of failure resides. It’s the hole that Capricorn tries to fill and can feel failure because the standards of success are so high. For example, it might not be enough to be a medical researcher; one must cure cancer.

Act Like a Capricorn Day – December 21

Act Like a Capricorn Day will occur annually now on December 21, 22 or 23 as the sun enters Capricorn. It may take a while for retail to catch up with consumable goods, but here are five ways you can celebrate at low cost (Capricorn is ruled by Saturn which is the contracting principle so we’ll want to save money. Capricorn is frugal which other signs might think of as cheap).

  1. Act like authority. Authority comes in many flavors and most have some sort of credential behind them (such as a degree or certification). However, much “authority” comes from simply acting the part. Humans are hard-wired to respond to authority so putting on the airs of authority will get you far. OHA recommends using the word “official” in all communications on this day such as “I officially unsubscribe from your unsolicited emails.” The word “official” gives the appearance of a gaggle of lawyers sitting behind you.
  2. Demand respect. Do not let people push you around by saying rude things like “You owe a late fee” and “You’ll have to work this weekend.” Remind those around you that they must treat you as they treat the current president which is (officially) “You can do anything you want and get away with it.” You deserve the same respect.
  3. Monetize the day (Carpe moneta). “Monetize” is most likely a word-ism developed by a Capricorn who always looks for the opportunity to succeed, which is commonly measured by wealth. Turn the 21st into a big event with special items, special sales and family and corporate events. Oh wait, someone already did that.
  4. Start a long, involved, time-consuming project. While some signs take the path of least resistance, Capricorn tends to take the path of most resistance. The climb is fulfilling if and only if it is truly a climb. So begin a long, involved, time-consuming project like remodeling your entire house by yourself on a limited budget over a number of years. In just a decade or so, the satisfaction of completion will be yours.
  5. Balance the checkbook. While not all Capricorns are frugal, they are definitely aware of their assets. I’ve met a few borrowing Capricorns and when they ask for money, they are very specific about the deficit. Go ahead and balance your checkbook and know how much money you truly have, like a Capricorn. Control is another Capricorn trait so understand that your checkbook reflects your values over which you have some control.
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Wagner Family Astrology

Early in life as I child I accepted that there were some things in life I would never know for sure although I had this idea that when I died I would finally have the answers to my personal mysteries. The most pressing mystery at that time was about the location of a lost elephant pendant (did I really drop it in the cracks of the porch stairs?) and the second most important mystery was about my lost turquoise ring. I clearly had trouble keeping jewelry on my body.

Today I still accept I’ll never know for sure in a Dateline episode if the man really did push two different women down the stairs or if, truly, one slipped and one was attacked by an owl and tumbled (up the stairs in this case). Truth is always stranger than fiction (which is why I prefer truth) and while I always form an opinion while watching Dateline, it’s purely for intellectual pleasure and I continue to accept I’ll never truly know what happened, since I wasn’t personally involved.

Astrology and crime

Speaking of Dateline, Ohio has experienced an event that will probably be an episode some day. In April 2016, eight members of a Pike County family (the Rhodens) were murdered. This month four members of a different family were arrested and charged with the murders.

Is there some astrological configuration for someone who murders?

I don’t believe so. There are many people born on the same day (and time) and they do not all behave the same, as is evident with twins, although they may share certain motivations. The chart (for me) can describe situations and motivations, but not the actions themselves.

We all have the same horoscope but with different energies playing out in different ways in different areas of life. None of us experiences life in the exact same way – even in the same situation. We can share the same parents, manager, and spouse as another and experience them in entirely different ways.

From Tending Two Shops by Rumi:

…That’s why you see things in two ways.
Sometimes you look at a person
and see a cynical snake.

Someone else sees a joyful lover,
and you’re both right!..

The horoscope can indicate challenges and frustrations and even reactions but not the particular action that will be taken. You are easily frustrated by being cut off in traffic. Do you clench your jaw and respond angrily to those in the car with you or do you pull out a gun and shoot the offender?

If your environment focuses on violence, maybe you are encouraged to pull out the gun. If you environment focuses on peace, maybe you find other ways to filter aggression such as physical activity. The reaction may be described in the horoscope but the action is not.

Wagner Family

While the horoscope doesn’t (to me) indicate whether someone has committed a crime, I thought it would be interesting to look at the charts of those being accused of the murders of the Rhoden family. If nothing else, being accused of a mass murder represents a major, traumatic, life event.

In the Pike County records, I did not find the records for the recent arrest, but found other records and believe I’ve identified the two of the four Wagner family members accused of the murders – the father George Wagner III and the mother Angela Wagner.

George has sun in Gemini and moon in Libra. Angela has sun in Libra and moon in Aries or Taurus. The first thing that struck me about this couple is their differences in communication style.

Angela has Uranus conjunct Mercury (in Libra) and Mars conjunct Pluto in Virgo. These are indicators of constant, rapid communication (Uranus/Mercury) often disjoined and likely caustic and cutting (Pluto/Mars in Virgo). If the moon is in Aries, there’s an additional aggressive overtone.

George in contrast has a conjunction of Venus, Mercury and Saturn in Taurus. While the Gemini sun thinks much, the expression of those thoughts is stunted. There is a taciturn nature and what is spoken is very direct and literal which to some can be refreshing and to others offensive or rude.

Although George may not appear social, he has a grand air trine (sun, Mars, Uranus/moon) so is very interested in people and what they are doing. George’s chart lacks water (unless the rising sign is water) so there is a detached nature, one that is never fully emotionally connected to others.

Angela’s chart is more difficult to analyze not knowing where the moon is placed. If the moon is in Taurus, then there is a lack of fire which indicates low confidence and overall vitality. Moon in Aries adds vitality and self-assertion. This self-assertion is not the same as the Mars/Pluto verbal assertion which is critical and cutting but not necessarily Aries courage and energy.

Angela in contrast to George does have water in the chart with Jupiter, Venus and Neptune in Scorpio. Saturn in Taurus opposes these planets indicating a sensuality that is judged as negative from others. The Taurus/Scorpio axis when there are oppositions can create sensuality and judgement or a feeling of guilt from the enjoyment of physical pleasures.

Trouble with the law

Trouble with the law comes usually in the form of hard Saturn (authority, limitation, restriction) or Pluto (power, destruction, transformation) aspects. On November 13, 2018 when the Wagners were arrested, Saturn was in five degrees of Capricorn and Pluto in 19 degrees of Capricorn. Capricorn itself is authority and these planets indicate changes for all of us with regard to authoritarian structures.

Angela’s sun is in Libra and George’s moon is also in this sign. The sun-moon connection is usually a good one for marriage and gives a sense in this case of Angela being more dominant (her sun, his moon). Transiting Pluto squares Angela’s sun and George’s moon. Pluto square is powerful authority gnawing at your heels. Libra has a sense of fairness so for both Angela and George there is a strong sense that they are being mistreated or judged unfairly.

Saturn in Capricorn is squaring George’s Uranus so there may be true surprise on his part that his Uranus freedom is being curtailed. His preponderance of air signs likes freedom of movement.

Libra is the sign of partnership and is not happy or comfortable when alone. The parting of these two due to incarceration is probably unbearable. No matter what their relationship may look like to the outside world, they are probably very connected and highly dependent upon each other.

While Saturn is in only five degrees of Capricorn and hasn’t fully aspected Angela’s sun or George’s moon, the actual square is coming. In the spring of 2019, Saturn will be in 20 degrees of Capricorn making a more complete square (90 degree) aspect and will also be conjunct transiting Pluto. It will get very intense for Angela and George at that time.

Uranus and Jupiter

While Saturn and Pluto are the planets I look for in a murder-incarceration situation, it’s interesting to see how other (mostly outer) planets are aspecting the horoscopes.

Transiting Uranus moved into Taurus last May but has gone retrograde (apparent backward motion) into Aries and won’t go direct again until January 2019 and won’t re-enter Taurus until March 2019.

While we don’t know the sign in which Angela’s moon resides, Uranus is definitely transiting this area of her horoscope, regardless of sign. Uranus on the moon creates erratic and unpredictable reactions due to unusual and sudden situations.

With her Mars/Pluto in Virgo and Uranus/Mercury conjunction, Angela is nervous and jittery in general so today must be highly anxious.

In George’s chart what’s interesting is that natal Jupiter is in zero degrees of Sagittarius (retrograde). Depending on time of birth, Jupiter could be in late Scorpio. That Jupiter was changing signs as George was born, an energy shift that probably impacted his personal energy.

Natal Jupiter (in either sign) is conjunct Neptune in George’s horoscope indicating a love of heightened pleasure which can include all the normal addictions: food, intoxicants, sex and gambling. On November 10 of this year, transiting Jupiter moved from Scorpio to Sagittarius.

When George was arrested, the very same energy shift that occurred when he was born occurred once again just three days earlier. This is a transit that occurs every 11.86 years (a Jupiter cycle around the sun) so George may have had a life of 12-year cycles with some sort of challenge to this energy.

If this is energy of the situation for George, it’s possibly he was born into a family with addictions which affected his energy and now has taken him to this transformative period of life. He may have also been born in an environment that wasn’t quite connected to reality. Today’s situation may have that same unreal quality to it.

At the time of the murders in April 2016, transiting Saturn was retrograde in 15 degrees of Sagittarius which opposes George’s natal sun. Saturn had spent the previous year transiting this trigger point of natal Jupiter and Neptune in the early degrees of Sagittarius. Regardless of what actually occurred (or didn’t occur) in this situation for George, there may be a sense of delusional detachment from it.

The other Wagners

When I find the birthdates for the two sons also arrested (Edward and George IV), I will add those to this blog.

Since there is a clear name lineage here, I looked up the English kings George III and George IV. In another fascinating symbol, the English George III (the George who lost the American colonies) was born on June 4, 1738, the same day (June 4) as George Wagner III.

Is that why he was named George?

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President Trump’s Liver Year

Bringing a stray kitten into the home a year ago has proven a challenge. The cat food and litter budget doubled, the poop in the litter boxed tripled at first as kitten developed into cat and not a few personal items have been destroyed. The new kitten likes to play, play, play yet fate put this wild one in the path of two old ladies – one human, one feline. Kitten doesn’t appear to need sleep but his roommates need a lot.

Most troubling, though, is that there is yet another set of political opinions. Three political viewpoints in one household can make it quite cramped.

For instance, the new kitten is an avid supporter of President Donald Trump. And I quote:

“I like him because he likes to have fun.”

Is that a reason for a man to be president? According to the kitten, yes.

“The people in this country are too literal and puritan. If you believe you only live once, why wouldn’t you have more fun? It makes no sense to me.”

The kitten turned a deaf ear as I explained that many people in this country do have fun but if you want to have fun all the time you probably should pick a different career than president. I went on to inform born-yesterday kitten that the role of the US in the world was mighty important and that a serious and responsible leader was critical to world peace.

Before I finished my explanation, I noticed that kitten had darted off. Where was he?

Playing with a stink bug.

Jupiter in Sagittarius

Jupiter will transit into Sagittarius in early November and travel through the sign for a year. As the avid readers of OHA are aware, Jupiter expands what it finds.

In the chart of US President Donald Trump, Jupiter will find many friends. Natal Pluto and Mars in Leo will be trine. Natal Neptune and Jupiter in Libra will be sextile. Natal moon in Sagittarius will be conjunct. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter so when conjunct Trump’s moon it will feel at home.

Trump will have added energy. He’ll be Trump-ier.

Trump’s natal moon in Sagittarius opposes natal sun in Gemini conjunct Uranus. When you see the energetic, bold, impulsive, outspoken Trump, you’re seeing this opposition (a Virgo rising adds the critical nature). Each one of those three planets involved alone would have a strong curiosity, desire for stimulation and articulate nature. Combined there’s so much energy it’s like one of those holiday sparklers that shoots sparks out in all directions.

When Jupiter expands upon this, there may be a point where some of this energy bursts from excess. Moon in Sagittarius can be indulgent as the moon is reactive and Sagittarius is expansive and not strong in discipline. While Sagittarius thinks about the big picture and is interested in following its beliefs, the day-to-day monotony of discipline creates boredom and even depression.

Jupiter and the Liver

Astrologically, Jupiter rules the liver. According to

In medical astrology, Jupiter rules the liver, and there is much to be said of this relationship. Just as Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system, the liver is the largest organ in the body. The liver has a great many functions: it helps us digest and absorb our food by secreting bile; it stores and distributes excess nourishment; it filters out toxic material; and it helps us form and break down blood. The planet Jupiter also performs vital functions in our lives, some of which are similar to the liver. It is wisdom gained from digesting and absorbing experiences, so that we grow from our mistakes. It is also the wisdom not to repeat damaging (toxic) mistakes.

After two years as US president, has Trump digested and absorbed experiences?

The US Election was brought to you by Saturn in Sagittarius. While Jupiter is the expansion principle, Saturn is the contracting principle. Trump was elected with transiting Saturn conjunct the moon. That suggests some controls on the impulsive nature, however unapparent. With Jupiter, the controls are being lifted. The liver may be taxed with extremes – first restraint and then excess.


Will a year of Jupiter transiting Sagittarius purge President Trump of toxins for a clean and healthy liver? Or will he consume too much and become liverish?

Liverish is an old-fashioned term. describes it this way:

Have you ever woken up and felt on edge, frustrated and irritable, possibly angry for no apparent reason? This is what I would call ‘liverish’ it is a sign that your liver is under stress.

Why does the liver become stressed?

The liver is like a one stop shop with multiple things happening at any given time. If you do not take care of your body then you load the liver up with too much to do on any given day so that the liver will struggle to perform all the tasks needed to be accomplished in one day, creating a long list of things to do and fatigue settles in for the long haul.

The liver processes not just food and alcohol toxins but also stress toxins:

We have to think about how our society is heading in the future, we are creating environments of stress in the workplace, at schools and at home, we are constantly stressing our liver.

On the website, the liver in Chinese medicine is explained. “Early February is considered the beginning of Spring and the liver and gallbladder are the paired organs that relate to this season.”

By Chinese medicine, President Trump will need to be careful in these months not to eat and drink (and stress) to excess. If he doesn’t keep his liver in balance, he may feel the effects as described on the website:

When the liver and gallbladder are imbalanced they are described as stagnant or stuck. That means the energy is not smoothly moving through them. Some of the many physical and emotional symptoms of this imbalance include: headaches, teeth grinding, eye issues (especially the right eye), feeling hot all the time, pms, fibroids, prostate inflammation, irritability, anger, impatience, hip pain, thyroid issues, toenail discoloration (especially yellow and large toes), waking up between 1am and 3am and feeling restless, an overall feeling of being stuck in one’s life and more.


President Trump’s tweets may provide insight into his health. Chinese medicine describes each two-hour increment of the day as being ruled by an organ. Does Trump tweet during the time of the Liver (1 am – 3 am)?

According to this Business Insider article, Trump’s highest tweet time (using the Chinese two-hour increments) is between 7 am – 9 am – the time of the Stomach. In astrology, the sign Cancer rules the stomach. Trump has Saturn conjunct Venus in that sign. Saturn conjunct Venus is a difficult aspect for the social and love life. Often there is a feeling of rejection and in Cancer a feeling of not belonging.

That Trump tweets most during the Time of the Stomach means he’s processing his sense of rejection and not belonging, possibly while eating which stirs the stomach energy.

Jupiter transiting Sagittarius will create an inconjunct aspect in Trump’s chart. According to Café Astrology, planets inconjunct simply don’t understand each other. As Jupiter expands in Trump’s chart, we may find Saturn and Venus feeling nauseated and potentially getting ill.

The second highest time period for Trump’s tweets is the time of the Large Intestine (3 am – 5 am) and third highest time is the time of the Bladder (3 pm – 5 pm).

Trump’s tweets clearly come from the digestive system.

President Trump’s Liver Year

While Jupiter is transiting Sagittarius and conjunct Trump’s natal moon, President Trump will have to guard against excess which can inflict damage upon the liver. Trump’s tweet times suggests that his digestion is causing him trouble and keeping a healthy liver will be essential to proper digestion.

If not, we may see more late-hour tweets – from 1 am to 3 am with “liverish” content.

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Pluto’s Return to Capricorn

by Sarah Roberts

Regardless of your political views, it is hard to deny that for the Unites States the last few years have been some of the most tumultuous in recent history: the financial crisis; the election of the U.S.’s first Black president, the first viable female presidential candidate, and finally the election of Donald Trump; the increased polarization of politics and the swell of people feeling disenfranchised; a focus on the lack of trust in police in certain communities; and a steady rise in mass shootings. This list just scratches the surface, and things show no sign of letting up soon.

This may indeed be correct, and we may see this tumultuous period extend until at least 2024, as Pluto returns to Capricorn for the first time since the Declaration of Independence in 1776.

Pluto in Astrology

While Pluto may have been reduced to the status of a dwarf planet in 2006, within astrology it is still considered extremely potent, and volatile. Associated with the Classical god of the underworld, like its namesake, Pluto almost always exists in the darkness. Associated with the sign of Scorpio, it relates to secrets and hidden depths that lurk just out if sight. Linked with ideas of death, this translates into energies of transformation, revolution and chaos. It is probably no coincidence that Pluto was discovered in the 1930s, a chaotic time in history with the rise of the Nazi Party and the Great Depression.

Pluto travels the Zodiac in a slow elliptical orbit of 248 years, spending anywhere from 13-30 years in each sign. For this reason, it is often called a generational influence, as its power is both shared by a generation, and deeply influential, as the length of time it remains in a sign entrenches its characteristics.

Pluto was moving through freedom loving and spiritual Sagittarius for 13 years, but on 26 January 2008, Pluto entered more serious Capricorn, where it will stay until 2024. Capricorn’s ruler, Saturn, is the Lord of Time, and as such focuses Pluto’s energy and makes it more potent. With its connection to time, Pluto in Capricorn is often a harbinger of seeds that have been planted bearing their fruit, often in unexpected, and not always positive, ways.

Natal Chart of the Unites States

Just like people, entities have their own astrology, their own natal chart based on the time they came into being. The natal chart of the U.S. Government is linked to July 4th, 1776, the day that represents the Declaration of Independence from British rule and the birth of the United States of America as an independent nation. On this date, Pluto also resided in Capricorn, where it stayed until 1778.

The History of Pluto in Capricorn

The influence of Pluto in Capricorn can be traced throughout history.

In the Dark Ages, Pluto entered Capricorn in 532 AD, where it stayed until 551 AD. In 532 AD Krakatoa erupted, splitting the Indonesian landmass. This catastrophic event had environmental impacts across the globe as the planet entered an extremely cold period starting in 535 AD, which lasted around 20 years. This period of lower temperatures resulted in failed crops, famine and plague. It is interesting to note that at that time Neptune was in Aquarius, as it was recently (it moved into Pisces in 2011).

Pluto returned to Capricorn from 778-796 AD, the period when Charlemagne conquered Europe and converted her people to Christianity, founding the Holy Roman Empire that would last for 1,000 years and shape much of modern European culture.

In 1024-1041 AD Pluto again entered Capricorn. This was the period when banking was born as the Chinese introduced the first paper currency. In Europe, goldsmiths began to keep other people’s gold and silver in their vaults in exchange for paper receipts that were traded like currency. They also began to make loans, for which they earned interest.

Later in 1269-1287 AD when Pluto was again in Capricorn the Mongols conquered China. Later in 1516-1533 AD the Spanish destroyed the Aztec Empire while the Ottoman Empire was at its height.

This period also saw the Reformation, and the collapse of centralised European religious authority in Rome, that was largely established under Charlemagne. Perhaps this is an example of hidden seeds, clouded in darkness like Pluto, planted during the natal period of the Holy Roman Empire, bearing their fruit.

Pluto in Capricorn Today

What does Pluto’s movement through Capricorn mean for us today?

Mirroring the catastrophic aftermath of Krakatoa, environmental degradation and climate change are having a huge impact today. The increased frequency and intensity of natural disasters are wreaking havoc, and we are more aware then ever of the threat of climate change to our way of life. International efforts to mange climate change are at the top of the political agenda now and are sure to remain there for the coming years.

The financial crisis of 2008, commencing just as Pluto returned to Capricorn, has had far reaching impacts and can be linked to the invention of banking when Pluto was also in Capricorn. Global finances remain volatile, with new catastrophic failures predicted by economists on a regular basis. Trade wars between countries are bringing significant instability.

Just like the collapse the centralized authority of Rome in Christian Europe established under Charlemagne was undermined when Pluto re-entered Capricorn, it is possible that we are starting to see similar collapses in the U.S. system, with people feeling increasingly disenfranchised, and the void between Democrat and Republican widening. What result this will bring is still unknown.

Pluto in Capricorn and the Individual

While Pluto’s time in Capricorn will have a global influence that will impact on all our lives, Pluto’s transit will also affect us on an individual level.

Pluto raises the stakes in whatever game we are playing, and challenges us to either increase our skin in the game, or walk away. This suggests that in the coming years we will all be more responsible for how we manage our lives, perhaps without some of the safety nets that we have come to rely on.

Pluto can also herald a lack of flexibility and a limiting of options. This can be seen on a global scale as governments take more control, and as freedoms, such as the freedom of movement, begin to be curtailed. This may result in starting to limit individual options in terms of work and travel, which were opening at a rapid rate in the years before Pluto’s return to Capricorn.

Pluto also drags the real essence of issues out of the shadows, often throwing light on issues that began a long time ago and have not been dealt with. While this can be challenging, Pluto’s ability to throw light on darkness can help each of us deal with these issues and move forward with better, more solid, foundations.

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Jupiter in Sagittarius – Eat, Drink and be Merry

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, abundance, luck, the social environment, higher education and philosophy.

Jupiter’s cycle is approximately 12 years (technically 11.86) passing through each sign for about a year so can be considered a sort of annual trend, although not starting at the same time each year. Jupiter’s half-cycle is about six years which is when transiting Jupiter opposes our natal Jupiter. This is the time when most cultures send their children to school — the beginning of socialization.

The schooling experience can be a joy or nightmare as the plethora of movies and novels detail. In a Jupiter cycle (12 years), you then “graduate” from school, fully socialized and ready to meet the demands of your social environment.


Singer Jill Sobule refers to the intensity of 7th grade – this is the grade when you’re 12-13 which, oh my, is your Jupiter return, the time when it returns to its natal position. When you graduate from college, should you choose the post-high-school-four-year route, you’ll be 22-23, a couple years shy of the second Jupiter return. Now your socialization has taken you to the next level – the “real world.”

If you loved 7th grade, you may have a nicely-aspected Jupiter. If it was the nightmare version, Jupiter is probably creating challenging aspects in the horoscope.

The planets before Jupiter – sun, moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars are called personal planets and relate to the basic personality with its likes, dislikes, actions and reactions. Jupiter is where the personal meets the social world.

Jupiter at home in Sagittarius

The planet Jupiter “rules” the sign of Sagittarius and will move into that sign in early November of this year. Jupiter has been in Scorpio, the sign of death, taxes, inheritance and regeneration, for the past year. You might have noticed it through the “Me Too” movement where we spoke about sexual violation.

There are two other transpersonal planets transiting the signs they rule – Saturn in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces. Saturn, like Jupiter, rules the social world but in this case the social structure including institutions, government, police and organized religion.

As an example, Jupiter is religious feeling and the desire for heightened experience. Saturn is the crystallization of that feeling through the organization of religious institutions. Saturn was once the farthest known planet so was the limit of the solar system and represented the limits of the social world as well.

In 1781, the time of Enlightenment, Uranus was discovered; in 1846, Neptune and in 1930, Pluto. These three planets are transpersonal and relate to the energy of entire generations. Uranus describes the inspirations; Neptune the aspirations; and Pluto the transformations.

Neptune in its own sign of Pisces is spiritual and seeking connection without boundaries, unconditional love. Pisces is fish, ruling the feet. You’ll find lots of Pisces imagery in the Jesus imagery as he was birthed in the Age of Pisces.

Jupiter in Sagittarius

Jupiter in its own sign will bring an abundance of itself including interest those areas of life ruled by Jupiter. Sagittarius often fights for causes so planets in this sign can put these energies on a mission. Jupiter’s extreme nature can lead to philosophical extremism as we saw during the Pluto transit in Sagittarius from 1995 to 2008.

The American Christmas season is very representative of Sagittarius. Thanksgiving, when we express gratitude for the material abundance of our culture through a shared, large meal, occurs at the very beginning of Sagittarius. Then in the 1950s, the day after Thanksgiving became a day of shopping for gifts for the Christmas holiday. That day has continued to expand as retailers are trying to get the jump on each other.

During Sagittarius we eat, drink, party and shop in anticipation of Christmas. Christmas occurs right after the solstice into the sign of Capricorn. In Capricorn we pay the bills, take down the lights, make resolutions and prepare our taxes (with a one-night reprieve of drinking on December 31).

Jupiter in Sagittarius might feel like a holiday season (I’d expect US retail sales to do well this year) until the bills come due in December 2019.

This might sound harsh; I wouldn’t characterize every Jupiter-in-Sagittarius transit as such. But when Jupiter moves into Capricorn in December 2019, it will join sun, Saturn and Pluto in that sign. Times will become much more serious and probably very quickly.

Jupiter in Sagittarius will bring us some levity in a time that contains much gravity. Saturn and Pluto are in earth-sign Capricorn and Uranus just moved into earth-sign Taurus in May 2018. Jupiter is providing a sense of meaning and mission while concurrently authority is becoming stronger.

Those born with Pluto in Sagittarius (1995-2008) will in particular experience a strong sense of mission or meaning. Those affected by the events in 2001 may experience a resurgence of the feelings of those times and a desire to make meaning from those experiences if that hasn’t already occurred.

Jupiter and Sagittarius ultimately seek experience, the kind that changes your views and perceptions. “Foreign” is a word familiar and comforting to the Jupiter energy – Sagittarius is a xenophile (not a xenophobe). In this year before the US 2020 election season begins, we may see a greater acceptance of foreigners and possibly an increase in immigration.

There may also be an increase in foreign travel or exotic foreign imports. Most products in the US are foreign made but there may be some specific object (or idea) that catches interest this year.

New forms of higher education may sprout especially education that is not contained in the Saturnine structure. We may see more “schools without walls” as students seek more intense experience from education.

Eat, drink and be merry

Eat, drink and be merry this holiday season and for the entire year following as Jupiter allows the holiday cheer to expand into the winter, spring and summer.

Keep in mind, however, that Jupiter expansion can also relate to the body. Body expansion can be weight gain or organ inflammation. Too much merry can make the liver and kidneys unhappy from excess.

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Jeff Sessions: The Lingering Senex

Last night President Trump was quoted saying that he wanted to rid the Justice Department of its “lingering stench.” One may guess from the last year of humiliating comments directed toward Attorney General Jeff Sessions that he is one of the lingering stenches needing removal.

If Gemini sun Trump is puer-like in his behavior – the child who doesn’t want to grow up – Sessions may very well be the opposing senex, or the humorless adult who enforces the rules.

Gemini can represent the teenager and the stage of life where we need to experience freedom and exploration as we develop the sense of identity that we will wear throughout the rest of our lives. With Uranus conjunct his sun, Trump has an additional element of unpredictability to an already mutable, changeable sign.

Trump’s sun/Uranus conjunction opposes a moon in Sagittarius which is a placement that tends to follow its ideals and has much difficulty with discipline as Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter which indicates abundance and impulse . In other words, Sagittarius moon has difficultly saying no to activities that provide a heightened sensation.

Trump’s absence at two high-profile funerals – those of Barbara Bush and John McCain – may reflect the puer’s resistance to dealing with the awful reality of death. Remember, as children we are never going to die.

The Senex

Our horoscopes reflect our personalities which in turn draw and repulse other types. If we examine our lives, we can find characters that are constantly in our sphere, no matter how mobile we might be. Astrology simply helps identify it. (When I first began studying astrology, I discovered that most of my close female friends shared my mother’s moon sign).

The puer’s opposing character is the senex, the father, the old man, the authority and the rule-maker. Teenagers avoid parents and often break the parents’ rules during the important period of identity awakening. The puer, who needs to grow, opposes the senex, who is trying to promote maturity and stability.

Enter Jeff Sessions.

If the puer is ruled by Mercury (which in turn rules both Gemini and Virgo), the senex is ruled by Saturn, which rules the sign of Capricorn.

Sessions, by golly, has not just sun in Capricorn but also Mars and moon in Capricorn. If a senex is needed to counter-balance the puer, Sessions is your man. Sessions’ natal Saturn is in Leo conjunct Pluto in that sign. That was a two-year conjunction of great intensity that produced some powerful characters, including Hillary Clinton.

Sessions has Venus and Jupiter in Scorpio, an intense water sign, which are in wide square to Pluto. Scorpio and Capricorn are the two most serious signs of the zodiac so don’t think Sessions is missing the dissing. He’s most likely fuming in private. Neither Capricorn nor Scorpio likes to air its dirty laundry.

There is a touch of levity in Sessions’ chart from Mercury in Sagittarius and Uranus in Gemini, which is a mutable opposition. I’m surprised from this aspect that Sessions hasn’t lashed out verbally. Neptune in Libra which is diplomatic and desirous of peace and partnership probably keeps this opposition in check.

What will Sessions do?

Astrological Pluto is currently transiting Capricorn and has been since 2008 when it began its destruction and transformation of all things Capricorn – societal structures, government, banking, authority and rules.

The rules are breaking.

Sessions with major planets in Capricorn would be greatly unsettled by the changes that are occurring. Like many, Sessions probably wants life to return to “normal” and for all this chaos to pass.

It won’t.

Pluto is moving toward Aquarius in 2023 and by then the rules of society will most likely shift to community dynamics rather than political or corporate dynamics.

Will Sessions, like so many of the Presidents Humiliated Men find himself in the unemployment line?

My political guess is – yes. Yet, looking at Sessions horoscope, I think this may be the man that challenges Trump as his energy is so opposing that of Trump’s. However, he may suffer in response as he is experiencing major transits.

Pluto has already transited Sessions’ sun and Mars – and he survived. Now Pluto is transiting the moon where the restrained emotions are being drawn out by force. Saturn is also transiting Capricorn which asks for additional restraint and discipline; torn between Pluto and Saturn, Sessions most likely has some sort of ulcer or back pain as he tries to maintain self control.

Transiting Jupiter in Scorpio is making a return in Sessions’ chart and conjuncts natal Venus so there is closeness with powerful (Scorpio) allies. Sessions may belong to a secret society as Scorpio likes privacy and close emotional bonding. Sessions’ Capricorn moon doesn’t like emotional closeness so a secret society may safely provide a structured framework for interaction which keeps the Capricorn moon satisfied with obligation in return for closeness.

Will Sessions outlast Trump?

Sessions definitely has staying power and potentially some Venus/Jupiter in Scorpio powerful friends. Capricorn and Scorpio, however, are not fond of humiliation. While the lighter signs make take it as “water off a duck’s back,” Sessions most likely is plotting some type of revenge.

Saturn will be transiting Capricorn for a couple of years but by late spring of 2019 will have made its transit of Sessions’ sun, Mars and moon. Until then, Sessions may continue in his role and also suffer the Saturn hair shirt of doing so.

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Dear Ohio Astrology

Dear Ohio Astrology,

I’ve recently taken the top political position in the most powerful country in the world and am having some struggles with it. Frankly, it’s just not fun and the people around me are so serious, like they’ve never gotten wild and crazy in their lives. There’s one guy in particular, a Capricorn, who I regularly embarrass in public but still won’t go away. While I’m old in age, I’m not “old” – you know what I mean? How do I deal with these wet blankets?

Bored Stiff

Dear Bored Stiff,

Since you’re a Gemini sun with Uranus conjunct opposite moon in Sagittarius, life for you is a constant adventure. Why did you take this Capricorn-like job? Of course you’re going to meet stubborn Capricorn types who take life seriously and think everything is their responsibility. You might be more suited to a life in public relations, television or theater. If you want to be happy, I suggest you make a career change. Otherwise, just act serious and they will believe you. It’s that easy.

Dear Ohio Astrology,

I feel that people don’t like me. It hurts me a lot so I strike out in revenge and people say I poison our relationships. I’ve achieved the top position in a large, powerful country and have tried to make friends with the head of another powerful country, but others want to keep us apart. How can I get people to like me?

Looking for Friends

Dear Looking for Friends,

Your sun in Libra definitely wants to be liked and to be popular, but you do have Saturn and Neptune conjunct your sun which makes you both attractive (Neptune) and unattractive (Saturn). Your moon in Gemini (if you provided an accurate date and time) and Uranus in Cancer square to sun, suggest you’re not always consistent and Saturn says you have to have partnership your way. As transiting Pluto squares your Libra and Cancer planets, your enemies intensify. As the saying goes, you attract more bees with honey than vinegar so you might want to show your Neptune more and your Saturn less. Otherwise, you may be respected (Saturn) but not necessarily liked.

Dear Ohio Astrology,

I’m writing to understand what’s in my future for the next few years. I’m one of the most popular female Latin music stars but I’m feeling the need for something new.

Yours truly,
What’s Next?

Dear What’s Next,

With sun in Aquarius, you’re always looking for something new, something futuristic to pique your intellect. You have a lot of oppositions in your horoscope, some of which are being activated. With Mars in Capricorn opposite moon in Cancer, the Pluto-in-Capricorn transit is asking for some tough decisions regarding family versus career. Sun in Aquarius likes freedom and moon in Cancer likes comfort so you often have to decide between the two, sometimes daily. And natal Saturn in Leo opposing your sun is another challenge – authority always telling you what to do. Breaking away from constraints at this time may help, but balance is what you’ll have to find in these oppositions because you can’t ask for comfort if you’re also asking for freedom. Use your Aquarius unique thinking to find a solution that may not be traditional but works for you.

Dear Ohio Astrology,

I was a famous folk singer in the 1960s enjoying the drug and music scene but withdrew suddenly after a motorcycle accident. Now I’m a little cash strapped so am going to perform at the end of November. I’m a little anxious about it. How will it go?

Stage Fright

Dear Stage Fright,

With sun in Gemini and moon in Taurus, you’re definitely detached so lots of love and affection tends to be confusing and claustrophobic for you. With Jupiter transiting Scorpio opposing your moon, the need to pay back some debts, both financial and emotional, is obvious. Jupiter transiting Scorpio indicates you will find the emotional response quite intense, even scary. You were smart to schedule at the end of November when the sun goes into Sagittarius but it would have been more advisable to wait until mid-December when the sun crossed your ascendant. Then your Sagittarius need to exhibit would have been stronger to get you through the stage fright. Transiting Saturn and Pluto in your first house means that the crowd will find you serious and formal. You might want to bring a warm up band to create a lighter atmosphere and relieve some of the pressure.

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Freud During the Day, Jung at Night

During my daily life, which takes place in the American corporation, I’m 100 percent Freudian. Corporations are in the domain of Saturn, that planet of structure, rules, authority and hierarchy. As such, Saturn and corporations provide stability, security and routine – all that good stuff that keeps people out of trouble.

In American society, the corporation is also challenged with the burden of providing health care benefits and other benefits that in other countries are provided through the family or government. In that sense, the corporation has become the local government or pseudo family of one’s American life, if one is attached to a corporation. The Trusted Professional states that more and more Americans are working at large corporations. The corporation, then, is very powerfully tied to survival in so many ways.

Daytime – Sigmund Freud

Psychologist Sigmund Freud with sun in earth-sign Taurus is known to the layman for his psychology of parent relationships. Taurus is the fixed earth sign which is strong, stubborn and focused on the material and physical world.

Born with Uranus and Pluto also in the sign of Taurus, Freud was fated with a Taurus life that would undergo intense transformation (Pluto) and sudden, unexpected change (Uranus). Neither of those energies is fun for a Taurus seeking stable ground.

Moon in Gemini in Freud’s chart adds an additional energy of change in contrast to a sun that wants certainty and permanence. Gemini moon is changing, dualistic emotions and reactions. Gemini isn’t meant to travel one straight path while Taurus wants not only one path, but a paved path.

The mother is also represented by the moon so Freud’s mother may not have been the archetypal mother represented by the water sign Cancer. Instead she was mentally active, changeable but not necessarily emotional and interested in friendships, not simply blood relationships.

The Freudian narrow lens on the complexity of human personality may be due to a Taurus desire for permanence in a life that did not offer permanence. Parental focus digs into our grounding, as this is where we develop our reactions to the world around us.

In corporate life, I tend to look at reactions (my own and others) as stemming from parental relationships. My cubicle psychology views those that adjust most easily to corporate life as having stable, loving parental relationships that provided an adequate sense of security.

Politics is the term generally used to describe at work behavior of others deemed unpleasant while we tend to view ourselves as outside of such behavior. Yet survival means we all play politics in some way. The top two types of corporate “politics” from my vantage point stem from the need to maintain job security (not an unimportant thing) and the desire to please authority which can be tied to security but often looks a lot like the need for parental love.

In a spiritual lecture I attended recently, the perfectionism was described as a need for approval. While perfectionism is gender agnostic, women seem to be more trapped in perfectionism than men. Through my Freudian lens, I see this tied to seeking approval from the mother.

The desire to please authority seems more related to the father as men still generally represent authority. You may argue that women have much more power than in the past, but the salary disparity we see in male labor versus female labor is simply a representation of men continuing to have more value. Male sports still dominate and most earth religions have a male image in the center.

If I were applying my workplace Freudian psychology to Freud, I’d guess he was trying to please a both a mother and father who were inconsistent in their emotions – sometimes they were encouraging sometimes disparaging and often emotionally neglectful.

Nighttime – Carl Jung

Carl Jung was born with sun in fire-sign Leo. Like Freud, he also had Uranus on his sun indicating a life of change, although with fire-sign Leo, change isn’t entirely unwelcome.

Jung’s moon in Taurus conjunct moon in Pluto also suggests a need for security and a very powerful, consuming mother figure. The mother might, as punishment, withhold physical items and physical affection. Pluto is power itself which transforms often by first destroying.

Wikipedia describes Jung’s mother as a Pluto figure:

Emilie Jung’s [Jung’s mother] continuing bouts of absence and depression deeply troubled her son and caused him to associate women with “innate unreliability”, whereas “father” meant for him reliability but also powerlessness.[8] In his memoir, Jung would remark that this parental influence was the “handicap I started off with. Later, these early impressions were revised: I have trusted men friends and been disappointed by them, and I have mistrusted women and was not disappointed.”

Since Jung speaks disparagingly of both parents, I would guess Jung would have difficulty in a corporate life. His Leo sun conjunct Uranus would probably do something more individualistic if he were in today’s American culture (maybe even be a psychologist!).

Jung’s philosophy appears more complete than Freud’s. Rather than looking merely at parental relationships, Jung acknowledged the male and female within each of us. Jung was looking for wholeness which is looking forward, not merely backward.

Leo Jung was a bit more creative in his approach to psychology which included describing archetypes. Leo in astrology is considered the actor of the zodiac due to its need to express the self without any justification. Actors need stories and Jung the Leo gave credence to the stories of life – we are all actors!

Freud During the Day, Jung at Night

During a corporate day, we must put aside various aspects of ourselves as we maintain professionalism. That can involve suppressing many traits (good and bad) of our true selves. Freudian psychology fits well during the day as we strive to please those around us and deal with the “politics” of corporate life.

But at night, it’s all Jung — anima, animus, shadow, self, thinking, feeling, sensation, intuition and archetypes. So much more description, so much more to experience, so much more to feed creativity.

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Focus on Friendship with Mars in Aquarius

Mars is spending a great deal of time in Aquarius this year – from mid-May until mid-November where it normally spends only a couple of months in a sign creating an approximately two-year cycle. Mars is spending so long in Aquarius because it will go retrograde – apparent backward motion – and dip back into Capricorn.

Aquarius is the fixed air sign known for brotherhood, shared ideals, images of the perfect society and general genius based on thinking outside of the prescribed existent knowledge. On one side of the spectrum Aquarius is the absent-minded professor; on the other, the determined but unfocused rebel.

Aquarius is opposite fixed fire sign Leo; Aquarius is friendship while Leo is romantic love (which is why we need to move Valentine’s Day to August).

The next time Mars will be in Aquarius will be 2024 when Pluto has just entered that sign. By that time, our social structure may center more around Aquarius ideals (voluntary societies, shared ideals developed by the group, brotherhoods, yada yada) than Capricorn ideals (playing by the rules, structure, authority, government, yada yada).


It’s no wonder I’ve come across two news stories about friendship recently, both focusing on friendship in adulthood. Mars is spending extra time in Aquarius to make a point, I’m sure.

In the article, If you’re wondering why you’ve lost friends in adulthood, this is probably why, the lesson is that to make and keep friends as adults, we need to make the time. Our busy adult lives often preclude the time needed to nurture friendship.

The second story, Researchers Examine What Social Isolation Can Do To Men’s Health, was on NPR and describes social isolation and men’s health. A man interviewed in the story was honest enough to admit an embarrassing activity as a result of his social isolation:

I was in my apartment, and one of the fixtures in the apartment was a post that runs floor-to-ceiling and the banister runs out of that. And the post became my friend. I would hug the post. I would hug the post for all it was worth because I was getting some kind of feedback physically.

All I could wonder is why he didn’t get a pet instead.

British actor and Aquarius Simon Pegg has based many of his movie plots on friendship. Mums may die. Stepfathers always. Girlfriends come and go. Friends always survive.

Shared Ideals

Air signs in general (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) can move from topic to topic as they are generally curious and stimulated by the new and easily bored of the old.

Aquarius, however, is the fixed air sign so is very committed to its ideals. The fixed nature in any element can tend toward dogmatism as there is not only a belief in a concept, but a certain loyalty toward it. Loyalty and determination are what make fixed signs leaders in our world.

Mars in Aquarius then may create ideological differences that create tension. Aquarius isn’t naturally aggressive so the disputes don’t create war; they create voluntary separation. Aquarius isn’t snobbish in the Capricorn way; it’s separatist in that you simply don’t want to live without plumbing so you won’t really like it in my community so go away.

The United States has natal moon in Aquarius (using the 1776 chart) where separatists came to form a more perfect society (Puritanism has both an Aquarius and Virgo flavor). Sci-fi writer H. G. Wells also had moon in Aquarius and encouraged social rebellion. Aquarius Sir Thomas More was the first known user of the term “utopia.”

Science and Technology

As the sign of genius and unique thinking, Aquarius is interested in science and technology as these subjects generally push innovation.

Much of our current technology innovation was developed or released while Uranus and Neptune were in Aquarius (1996-2011). Our technology leader, Steve Jobs, had Mercury in Aquarius (as many Pisceans do).

There isn’t as much representation of Aquarius in the field of technology as I’d expect. Aquarius is interested in ideas more than money so possibly they remain in the thought sphere while those with more ambition focus on the “monetization” of ideas. Aries is found more in business because of its competitive nature.

Man’s Best Friend

If dogs are truly man’s best friend, we may see a rise in dog sales this second half of 2018. We won’t know until later. According to this market trends report by Pawsible Marketing:

The American Pet Products Association also indicates that millennials are now the primary pet owning demographic, at 35 percent of U.S. pet owners as compared to baby boomers’ 32 percent.

Are millennials lonely? Has the rise of social media created an opposite effect of social isolation? Or are we just interested in friends who are present and want to go for a walk?

Maybe when Pluto moves into Aquarius in 2023 millennials will have “upgraded” society to focus more on community and friendship.

Mars in Aquarius is just a sampling of what’s to come.

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It’s a Good Time to Talk About Exploitation

I may be the only person in America who considers boxer Mike Tyson an exploited person. “If Mike Tyson is exploited,” you may say, “exploit me too! I’ll take millions of dollars for hitting and being hit by others in the head.”

So what’s little cognitive damage when you have millions?

Boxing as sport, which involves either hitting in the head or being hit in the head until you collapse, is generally sourced from individuals whose families are not in the top income brackets. Boxing movies glorify the poor lad who makes something of himself by becoming a boxer and rising from poverty to fame. Since I’m not a fan of being hit in the head or watching others get hit in the head, there may be rich children who become boxers but I haven’t noticed.

Boxing seems to exploit the poor who happen to have strength but not enough resources to potentially make other choices, even athletic ones, that don’t have such a high physical cost.

Exploitation isn’t a word you hear much these days. Like “greed,” the word exploitation appears to have been discarded and is sinking to lower levels of stratum like old pottery found in archaeological digs. Future archaeologist digging through the past, might say, “Hey look, I found greed and exploitation.”

There are replacement words for some exploitative situations such as “human trafficking.” I wonder why “trafficking” replaced the much more intense “exploitation?” Is exploitation too ugly a word?

Exploitation isn’t just for people; natural resources can be exploited as well. A country like Haiti, for example, has been so exploited environmentally that when there is a weather event, there is devastating impact. Only 1.5% of its tree cover remains intact.

On exploited labor, this The Atlantic article claims it’s difficult for apparel retailers to avoid labor exploitation due to the complexity of the supply chain:

Most if not all global apparel manufacturers exploit workers abroad, not only at companies that produce cheap or low-quality goods. And evidence of forced labor doesn’t mean that a company is being willfully negligent. Patagonia’s admission stands out in that it comes from a brand considered a leader in the movement for ethical production, demonstrating the enormity, and the difficulty, of the task of protecting workers in massive, fractured supply chains.

How much is wealth dependent upon exploitation? If we deliberately seek to increase wealth, are we by default increasing exploitation?


Exploitation focused on here is the victimization or unfair treatment of people and natural resources. By stripping Haiti of its trees, there’s a huge impact to quality of life especially during storms. If you’re born in Haiti today, there’s little you can do for a better natural environment as forests don’t develop overnight and lack of resources due to exploitation results in lack of interest or investment by others.

In the Psychology Today article Exploitation Is Exploitation, Period, the author points out several major reasons we allow or ignore exploitation:

… First, we readily categorize the world into “us versus them”, with those in our ingroups given special treatment and evaluation, and those in our outgroups being treated with indifference (or worse)…

…Second, distance (both literal and psychological) exacerbates these effects. It is much easier to ignore the plight of others when you are far removed from the harm inflicted…

…Third, we have difficulty understanding the magnitude of the suffering involved. As Slovic (2007) notes, we are often very willing to help one or several persons in need of help, but when a large number of people are in need, we experience psychic numbing…

Taurus and Capricorn

With Uranus now in Taurus and Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn and Jupiter making its way there, it’s a good time to talk about exploitation.

Do these two earth signs exploit?

If I’ve learned anything from my astrology blogging it’s that any behavior can be exhibited by any sign but the quality of the manifestation depends on the sign. Lying is a perfect example. We all lie in one way or another depending on the sign of our Mercury – maybe we exaggerate (fire), maybe we withhold information (earth), maybe we lead the conversation in other directions (air) or maybe we get emotional to sway or avoid (water).

However, the results of exploitation are often physical and earth signs tend to focus on the physical rather than the emotional, mental or spiritual aspects of a situation. Therefore, the outer planet transits of Uranus and Pluto in earth signs may reveal important manifestations of exploitation both intended and unintended. Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008 and will remain there until 2023. Uranus entered Taurus in May 2018 and will be there until 2025. Saturn will be in Capricorn through 2020. In 2020, Jupiter will also transit Capricorn for a year.

We already have some Capricorn lessons in progress as Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008, a critical year for the world economy. Capricorn rules societal structures including government, banking and law. The Capricorn energy is ambitious and authoritarian – it likes to be in control which is why it seeks the top of the pyramid.

In 2008, Pluto destroyed the world economic structure. Government (which everyone claims to dislike) saved the economy to retain social stability (a good thing). Now we’re watching an unusual dismantling of authority in both politics and law. By the end of the Pluto transit of Capricorn, authority will be different than it is today.

Uranus in Taurus brings sudden changes to the physical environment including one’s own body, buildings and the earth itself. Sudden changes in these areas will bring Uranus enlightenment – the sudden shifts will make us take a different view of our physical environment.

Born with Pluto in Capricorn

The United States, the wealthiest country in the world, was “born” (using the 1776 chart) with Pluto in 27 degrees of Capricorn. The sun will return to that position in December 2022, its first “return” of this planet which represents an evolutionary cycle.

Early American prosperity included the use of slave labor, i.e., labor at the lowest cost possible. Labor is still the most controllable expense which is why corporations seek cheaper labor overseas. From The Atlantic article:

“All of these suppliers are desperately trying to find ways to cut costs. The only thing they have substantial control over is labor,” says Nova.

While slavery was abolished in the 18th century, other forms of slavery and forced servitude exist but they are far away from American eyes which as the Psychology Today article states, makes it easier to ignore. American wealth still has a measure of exploitation behind it; that exploitation, however, is in different countries.

The United States chart has sun in Cancer and moon in Aquarius which are not natural bedfellows. Cancer seeks belonging through blood relationships and emotional connection. Aquarius seeks to belong based on shared ideals which are intellectual or ideological.

As Pluto in Capricorn opposes the natal sun and begins a conjunction of the natal moon in Aquarius in 2023, we may see a shift in American culture from a focus on Capricorn material success to a focus on Aquarian community ideals. While our Cancer sun wants to protect only those nearest to us, the Aquarius moon will be activated which may remind us that “exploitation is exploitation, period.”

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March 2019

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