Jim Tressel

Jim Tressel is going to sit out five games of the 2011 OSU football season for violating NCAA rules by not reporting some players who were selling memorabilia. Tressel can watch the games at my place, if he wants. I will even buy him beer and snacks.

Not a big fan of football, I don’t really care about this terrible “transgression.” But rules are rules, so I do understand that Tressel must be punished. So what motivated him to hide this breaking of the rules?

Tressel has sun in Sagittarius and moon in Cancer. Sagittarius is a freedom-loving fire sign and Cancer is a home-loving sensitive water sign. My first guess on Tressel’s actions is that like me, someone who just doesn’t care about sports, the transgression doesn’t seem all that important. Sagittarius sun gives lots of license to others because Sagittarius is not very fond of restraints. The moon in Cancer signifies that Tressel has an emotional need for family and mothering. Tressel probably considers the football team his family. If you were a police officer and saw your beloved grandmother running a red light, would you give her a ticket? Or would you turn your head the other way?

We are all different. Some of us would give grandma a ticket (I wouldn’t) and some of us would. Tressel probably wouldn’t.

Tressel’s chart has quite a few conflicts, but enough checks and balances that his overall personality can remain balanced. The strongest conflict is a cardinal T cross with the moon in Cancer opposite Venus in Capricorn squaring a Saturn/Neptune conjunction in Libra.

The Saturn/Neptune conjunction is generational – the transit takes years to pass so it represents the trends, images and events of a generation. The conjunction in Libra suggests that relationships during this time were going through both spiritualization and restriction. I have always wondered about the images from the 1950s where women supposedly didn’t like sex. That would be the only 10 years in the last 10,000 where women weren’t actively involved in sexual attraction. But the images of the 1950s still prevail, for some odd reason. Those in the 1950s and born during the 1950s must feel that they grew up in an age where they were supposed to be pure like Doris Day and feel wrong and/or bad for not living up to this standard.

Venus in Capricorn suggests that while Tressel is open (Sagittarius) and loving (Cancer) to those around him, he is really quite selective about his inner circle. Tressel likes to hang with people of influence, people of authority and people respected in society.

Mars in Aquarius trine sun in Sagittarius draws Tressel to unique and unusual individuals. While Venus in Capricorn likes to dine with bigwigs, his Mars and sun draw him to interesting, quirky people.

I see Tressel as a man who has several spheres of friendships and relationships, none of which overlap. The weirdos, the family and the society. Which does Tressel like best, I wonder?  Because of the aspects of his chart, he is able to balance these different aspects of his personality and the different people they attract.

Another thing about Sagittarius – it is a gambler and risk taker. Sagittarius leaps before it looks so is often in accidents or unusual situations. This is probably not the first sticky situation Tressel has encountered in his life.

Jupiter in Taurus suggests that Tressel enjoys material comforts and also has always had material wealth. Moon in Cancer is a hoarder as well. While he might have some Sagittarian love of gambling, he probably always keeps a buffer of cash.

Rules are rules, I know and Tressel must be punished. Even if you wouldn’t give your grandma a speeding ticket, you know that, if caught, you will have to account for your actions. I’m guessing Tressel has often looked the other way in his life, but this time got caught.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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