Mike DeWine: The Illness and the Cure

Just prior to the pandemic in November 2019, Ohio’s governor Mike DeWine signed a bill that forced upon Ohio gynecologists a non-existent procedure to re-implant ectopic pregnancies. This made international news due to its irrationality:

A bill to ban abortion introduced in the Ohio state legislature requires doctors to “reimplant an ectopic pregnancy” into a woman’s uterus – a procedure that does not exist in medical science – or face charges of “abortion murder”.

This is the second time practising obstetricians and gynecologists have tried to tell the Ohio legislators that the idea is currently medically impossible.

Just a few months later as Ohio Astrology’s Governor DeWine ordered Ohio locked down due to coronavirus, I was skeptical, as were others. Was this just another religious/political maneuver? Could I trust a man that just signed a bill mandating an unscientific and deadly procedure?

During the 2020 high season of pandemic and other political and social chaos, DeWine clearly supported his unsupportive and narcissistic co-party president (the 45th). And like many an experienced politico, DeWine clearly supported the 45th president until the insurrection on January 6, 2021 when he was able to distance himself a little — enough for political expediency only. In case his party wondered about his loyalty, on February 7 DeWine declared former president Ronald Reagan’s birthday as “Ronald Reagan Day” in Ohio.

After a year of pandemic, it might have been more meaningful to create a day for historical health care crusaders, the many health care workers who guided us through 2020 or scientists who created the new vaccine. Instead, after a year of illness, unprecedented government action and massive unemployment, DeWine chose to honor a man who kicked people off welfare and removed regulations that allowed unprecedented greed and social economic divergence that continues to this day.

And DeWine continues his acceptance of the 45th president’s support.

Who is Mike DeWine? Is he creating a problem or solving a problem?

Capricorn sun and Gemini Moon

DeWine’s sun in Capricorn (cardinal earth sign) is known for ambition. With Mars conjunct sun, there is competitive ambition, even more ambition than normal for this sign. The best of Capricorn was demonstrated by DeWine during the pandemic – calm, authoritative leadership and clearly-defined goals. Capricorn’s primary motivation is “success” and greatest fear “failure” and the subsequent sense of humiliation.

Capricorn is authority and social structure, known for its serious plodding and planning. It’s not the sign known for lively center-of-attention antics at the cocktail party. Capricorn stays sober because after the party there is a checkbook to balance and a future to plan.

The worst of Capricorn was exhibited by the Capricorn poster boy 38th President Richard Nixon: Calculating ambition, self-centeredness bordering on paranoia, mean streak and lack of respect for others.

DeWine, unlike Nixon, has kept any Capricorn nastiness in check. He’s publicly diplomatic and respectful. More than respectful, DeWine has done a fabulous job of playing both sides of a very unusual political situation. For that you can thank his Gemini moon.

Gemini is the mutable air sign and most mentally agile and socially dexterous of all the signs. Ruled by Mercury, Gemini is highly intelligent. Pure Gemini intelligence combined with Capricorn ambitious shrewdness makes for a fine chess player.

Unlike Capricorn, Gemini does like the cocktail party, socializing, meeting new people and sharing ideas. Gemini likes to talk. Depending on time of birth, Uranus may also be conjunct moon suggesting constantly changing moods and general inconsistency. If DeWine has these traits, he does not demonstrate them overtly.

Neither Capricorn sun nor Gemini moon is strong in feeling tone. Earth signs tend to repress feelings and air tends to dissociate and rationalize feelings. So there is a cool detachment here. DeWine’s Jupiter in Scorpio (fixed water) helps a bit with emotional understanding; however, Scorpio is fixed water, obsessive and when hurt seeks revenge. Capricorn is also known for vengeful acts.

If DeWine wonders why more of his state’s population doesn’t get the vaccine, he may want to review his own actions. It takes some emotional awareness to understand the damage done by promoting junk science in November 2019 and then promoting real science in February 2020. In the real world people have internal, conflicting views; but as a leader, it creates mistrust.

While DeWine has done much to curb the spread of illness in Ohio, he’s also done much to increase the spread of mistrust. He’s the cure and the cause of illness. The reason the Consumer Confidence Index is used as a gauge of economic health is that public attitudes have a great affect on the physical reality of the economy. In this way, confidence in public officials would go a long way to increasing public health and willingness to sacrifice individual need for public good.

By promoting and supporting conflicting beliefs, DeWine with Gemini moon is much like the 45th president (who has Gemini sun) but in a much more subtle way. While the 45th president was bold in his conflicting, non-rational, irrelevant and irreverent views, DeWine appears to be a calm, stable authority figure.

DeWine was born in the Pluto in Leo generation (The Me Generation) and has Saturn conjunct Pluto in this sign. As with the Capricorn sun, this is ambition and with Saturn involved suggests that without ambition and “success,” there is a feeling of unworthiness. Possibly that is why DeWine like others of the Pluto-in-Leo generation won’t retire and pass the torch to the younger generations. That we as a nation hang onto them also says we are not yet willing to truly change.

Playing both sides of the fence works well DeWine who has navigated a long list of public offices. For the people of his state and his country, DeWine’s ability and agility is both productive and destructive. Prior to the pandemic, people mistrusted government. Now they mistrust government, science and everything else. That’s dangerous for a nation as there is no shared reality and no way to communicate.

In 2020, DeWine did a remarkable job of navigating a unique public health situation. He’s also done a remarkable job of appeasing the powers of the political party system that runs counter to his own actions. That takes a lot of intelligence, shrewdness and plain skill – a political chess player.

Through this agility DeWine has also contributed to mistrust of government, science and elected officials. This benefits the enemies of our nation in a myriad of ways who show vigor and creativity in exploiting this culture of mistrust. This is true, lasting damage to the spiritual health of this nation. We don’t know how long it takes to recover from this illness and there is no vaccine.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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