The Santa Story’s Missing Character

From Thanksgiving to just before Christmas, the sun is in Sagittarius, a sign associated with expansion. In the US, we spend lots of money and eat lots of treats during Sagittarius then retreat into winter solace and resolutions during most of Capricorn.

This year’s Sagittarius energy has the added input from Saturn which is transiting Sagittarius. This holiday may seem lest festive due to Saturn inserting harsh realities into a time when images of optimism and abundance are normally prevalent.

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Last year I pondered deeply, very deeply, about Santa’s sign of the zodiac, and this year I gave more consideration to Mrs. Claus and the elves.

Santa, to me, is a Sagittarius as I wrote about at length here.

Sagittarius is the mutable fire sign.

The elves I believe are pure Virgo as Virgo is the sign of work. Santa’s elves are helpers, content to work in the cold North Pole (don’t call it a sweat shop – no one is sweating) while Santa gets all the credit due to his exuberant jolly nature, corpulent physique and bright red outfit.

Traditional images of Santa’s realm lead me to believe that his elves are male – something I need to continue pondering. If there are no female elves, then where do little elves come from? That too is a bit Virgo in that sexuality isn’t present – elves are simple…

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