Meet the Mayor of Cleveland

Sun in Libra – smooth as silk.  Moon in Capricorn – hard as nails.  Meet the mayor of Cleveland, Ohio, Frank George Jackson.

Some charts appear more complex than others.  What does “complex” mean?  It means some parts of us want to do one thing – like get along with other people (Libra).  But other parts of us want something that does not help us get along with others – like pursue ambitions with disregard for the feelings of others (Capricorn).  Understanding a person through his or her chart involves creatively interpreting the potential manifestation of numerous agreeing and conflicting elements.  Like DNA is to our health, the chart is to our personality.  The planets in a chart symbolically represent the raw material that mixes together to create our unique personality.  When an astrologer “delineates” a chart, (s)he tries to write these conflicting/merging elements into the story of our personality.

As a politician, Jackson’s sun in Libra conjunct Neptune represents the beauty, the charm, the charisma of his public and conscious personality.   The moon in Capricorn represents the ambition that drives a pleasure-seeking Libra to fight for a public office and “be somebody.”  Combined these conflicting traits create the ability to soothe and respond diplomatically while at the same time cracking the whip to get things accomplished.

While inner needs for mediation and ambition are difficult enough to balance, Jackson also has Saturn conjunct Pluto in Leo representing a deep-seated lack of confidence and desperate need for respect.  Someone long ago probably told Jackson he “couldn’t do it.”  I suspect much of his life is an effort to prove this wrong.  Now imagine that feeling conflicting with (a “square” in astrological terms) a powerful sex drive and intensity to connect with others.  It’s complex, see?

You will rarely find in public life (politics, entertainment, sports,etc.) a chart that is not complex.  It’s these very inner conflicts that provide drive.  Why would anyone endure the rigors of a political campaign unless fulfilling a very powerful need?  A chart without squares (90 degree angles between planets) and oppositions (180 degree angles between planets) are more pleasant for sure.  Individuals with less complex charts must have external motivation to accomplish their dreams and goals.  Individuals like Frank Jackson have internal motivation that constantly forces them into activity.

Pluto in Capricorn will be transiting Jackon’s natal moon shortly.  Like John Kasich (see 11/18/10 blog), this means emotional changes and changes in relationships with the women in his life.  Saturn is transiting Jackson’s natal sun at the same time indicating some external restriction on Jackson’s need to socialize and partner with others.

Relations with our new governor, John Kasich, will probably be love/hate.  The love:  both men share moon in Capricorn and are able to cut the purse strings (or any other string).  They will share the feeling of life being a “school of hard knocks” that both have traversed successfully.  The hate:  Kasich’s natal Saturn is on Jackson’s natal sun.  Jackson is much more charismatic than Kasich and able to create opportunities through personal charm.  Kasich does not understand this aspect of life because it’s not tangible.  Jackson understands the need for a fancy party whereas Kasich sees it as a waste of money when everyone could have brown-bagged it.

Jackon’s complex chart allows him to understand complex situations.  He is able to adapt to the myriad of situations that arise in life and the conflicts these situations create because inside he already lives this complexity.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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