Michael Coleman – The Detective

Sun in Scorpio, moon in Virgo – the mayor of Columbus, Ohio is a detective.  Scorpio sun is fine-tuned emotionally to understand the motivations of others – especially hidden motivations.  Virgo represents the discriminating mind, the picky, persnickety aunt who notices that the trim on your tablecloth has a snag.  A play date for Scorpio sun and Virgo moon is to go through your trash.  Virgo finds the receipt that proves you spent money the day you said you were home sick.  Scorpio notices that the receipt is from the “Girls on Tables Nightclub for Gentlemen” and knows he has you by the balls.

Michael Coleman misses nothing — don’t try to hide anything from him.

Don’t forget that the way we deal with others is very often the way we deal with ourselves.  Imagine going through your own trash day after day to screen for what other people may find.  The naturally suspicious Scorpio does not always understand that most other signs of the zodiac would prefer to go to the movies rather than sift through trash looking for others’ secrets and hidden motivations. 

Coleman has several planets in Scorpio – Mercury, Saturn, Venus & Sun, in that order.  Four times the intensity of your average Scorpio.  I’ll let you read about the notorious Scorpio sex drive in your spare time.  Remember as you read your basic astrology books that the outer action described represents an inner motivation.  The Scorpio sex drive represents the intense need to connect, the driving need to penetrate.

Where is the fun in Coleman’s serious chart?  Mars trine Neptune (a trine is a nice relationship for planets) indicates he likes eccentric, unusual people.  Fun for Coleman is the unusual, the unexpected.  Family fun is also a source of pleasure, especially family dinners (Jupiter and Uranus in Cancer).

Now about elements – there are four elements in Western astrology – fire, air, earth and water.  Coleman has all in his chart but is low on the element of fire.  Fire is related to the spirit and energy.  Those lacking fire in their charts often lack confidence, enthusiasm and energy.  You know the song, “Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again?”  That person is a fire sign with the ability to leave the past behind and start fresh in every new venture.  A low dose of this element makes Coleman a brooder, one who obsesses about hurts and insults (or imagined insults).  He hasn’t forgotten what you said.  So be careful what you say.  Scorpio is a sensitive water sign, regardless of any façade created.

Coleman’s moon is in Virgo, which is that picky aunt mentioned above and also the sign most interested in health and fitness.  When we go to the gym we call it a “workout” – notice the word “work.”  Virgo rules work too.  Those of us living in Columbus can thank Coleman for adding sidewalks and bike trails and encouraging healthy, active living.

So you have a meeting with Michael Coleman to ask for help for your community?  Suggestion:  take him on a walk along the enhanced trail by the Scioto river, bring a healthy picnic lunch (with something unusual thrown in), sit on one of the new benches and – be honest.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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