A Woman’s Work is Never Done

Mary Taylor, Ohio’s new Lieutenant Governor, is the person to talk to if you are an Ohioan seeking sympathy for your case, cause or plight – not her boss the thick-skinned nails-for-breakfast John Kasich.  Looking at Taylor’s chart, I respect Kasich for finding a balancing partner in his role as governor.

With Sun in Taurus and moon in Cancer, Taylor is a realistic but warm individual with a love of family and a strong need to belong.   The moon in Cancer is conjunct aggressive Mars in Cancer – you might refer to Taylor as aggressively nurturing.  If she suggests you put on a jacket as you walk out the door, I suggest you do that.  Taylor may chase you down with a coat and, if you get a cold, she will stir up some chicken soup for you all the while nagging, I mean reminding, you about the coat.

Taylor’s sense of nurturing seems to stem from a Saturnian influence in her life.  Saturn, the big heavy of astrological planets, is opposite all of that nurturing Mars/Moon energy.  The aspect suggests that Taylor had to do a lot of nurturing in her life because the people around her did not have this skill.

There is another difficult aspect in Taylor’s chart – a T-square involving Sun in Taurus, Jupiter in Aquarius and Neptune in Scorpio (a T-square means all three planets are square which looks like the letter T).  Jupiter in Aquarius is the outlet for this stubborn square – Aquarius being the sign of group activity and group ideals.

I suspect that the sensitive-moon Taylor entered politics because she is naturally adept at taking care of people in very difficult situations.  She might even help people to the extent of wanting to save them – at least to a point.  Taylor has much earth in her chart and can set boundaries when needed, but probably seeks out these difficult persons in an attempt to provide them the comfort that she also seeks as a human being.

A rather fun aspect in Taylor’s chart is the wide conjunction of Mercury and Venus in passionate, headstrong Aries.  In love (Venus), Taylor is quite fiery and aggressive.  Trine the unusual and erratic Uranus, Taylor’s romantic encounters take on a spontaneous, unusual twist.

What’s coming up for Taylor?

Current planet movement symbolically moving across the natal chart is how an astrologer can see the energies that are coming into a life.   Saturn, for example, is in Libra at this moment opposite Taylor’s passionate Venus/Mercury conjunction in Aries.  This signifies opposition and arguments in love.  The partner is trying to work out a balance and passionate, loving Taylor does not want to compromise any part of the relationship.

Neptune is transiting that Jupiter in Aquarius.  I suspect Taylor is feeling something akin to spiritual connection to the masses.  The role she has taken on is providing her spiritual and familial delight.  And I believe she will continue to feel this way for the duration of her term as Lieutenant Governor.

Pluto is entering the sign of Capricorn and will transit Taylor’s natal Saturn around 2020.  At that time Taylor may be considering entering a wider political sphere, maybe a more prominent position such as governor or senator.  I suggest she enjoy her time as Lieutenant Governor because it will be much more enjoyable that life in a greater political arena.  In 10 years the political climate will be much “uglier” than it is today for Taylor.  I hope this sensitive soul considers carefully her next political move.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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