Lindsay Lohan: Tough Girl?

Remember this about your Sun in Cancer friends who act tough and talk rough:  your friend is hiding. Cancer is a very sensitive water sign and I regularly find Cancers who hide this behind an exterior of toughness. I wouldn’t suggest they do otherwise. If a sensitive gazelle stops to smell the flowers and help a beetle across the road, it will probably get eaten by a lion. Sensitivity needs protection just like your skin needs clothing and sunscreen.

Not all Cancers, of course, hide behind toughness. Some just hide in their homes, probably in the kitchen. When Cancer is threatened, it retreats. Just watch a crab on the beach. You walk past and it darts into a shell. Don’t knock on the shell; it will do no good. The crab will only emerge when you are gone and it feels safe.

Lindsay Lohan has Sun in Cancer and seems to be putting on the tough act. Her moon is in Taurus, which is a strong, grounded earth sign. The combination suggests a love of home and hearth, inviting friends and family to share a home-cooked meal. This actress who wants to play Linda Lovelace probably doesn’t want to be seen as a woman who could be very happy as a wife and mother. The moon in Taurus is a very sensual placement that enjoys physical life, from being touched to eating food. Taurus is materialistic in a positive sense meaning it truly gets enjoyment from the physical aspects of life.  Materialism gone bad is when we buy things in a hope to get more than material pleasure such as status, respect, love, etc.

Lohan’s Mars in Capricorn opposes the Sun in Cancer which suggests that raw ambition is also part of Lohan’s personality, but in conflict with a desire for a more peaceful life of cooperation and belonging. Because Mars is in opposition, it suggests that others in her life are pushing her to be ambitious (her mother?). This opposition probably causes Lohan grief because other parts of her personality (Sun and Moon) do want to maintain peace with others. Her own ambition must make her feel guilty.

Why the drug use?

Drug and alcohol abuse is commonly associated with water signs and Neptune.  Cancer is a water sign, but I believe Lohan’s drug use stems from a lack of meaning in life and an inability to see problems from a detached and imaginative point of view.

First, Lohan’s chart lacks air (rising sign is not known).  Air is about socializing and communicating and is known for its detachment which allows air to move to new experiences.  Secondly, Saturn in Sagittarius suggests that Lohan does not see the bigger picture, the meaning, of life situations.  And third, Moon in Taurus can be quite literal, sometimes lacking an imaginative approach to life.

For all her fame, I sense the Lohan just doesn’t find any meaning in it and finds it boring.  I think the drug use stems from a desire to relieve the boredom.  I don’t think, with her lack of air, that she will ever find a compulsive social life meaningful.  Her chart suggests that meaning will be found in home, family and what are called “simple pleasures,” such as planting a flower.

If Lohan does engage some sort of spirituality, it will probably be an established religion.  Neptune in Capricorn suggests her spirituality is found in an established, older religion.  Maybe she will follow Madonna into Judaism.

As a sun in Cancer, Lohan needs to find her roots and a place to belong.  I don’t think that prison is where she belongs.  I hope she looks for the meaning of her life a little closer to home.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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