Katie Couric

You have probably already guessed that I’m writing about Katie Couric because she’s  . . . yes, a Capricorn. And you are full aware that Pluto is transiting . . . Capricorn. And that the area of your chart ruled by Capricorn and Capricorn suns in general are going through transformations.

Katie Couric’s big “transformation” is leaving her CBS news anchor position. Maybe this isn’t a transformation for me or you, but surely it’s a transformation for a famous, ambitious Capricorn news authority.

Couric’s sun and Mercury are in Capricorn and she has earned Capricorn “respect” in her roles on the Today show and CBS news anchor. Mars in Aries adds to an aggressive, self-aggrandizing nature. And one easily frustrated by perceived slowness. I’m guessing Couric waits no longer than five minutes after she decides she wants something before she feels that thing called “frustration.”

What could be causing the frustration that led her to leave the evening news?

Uranus has just finished transiting her moon in Pisces. The frustration definitely springs from an issue with a woman Couric perceives as emotional and manipulative. Natal Jupiter in Libra is actually by degree opposite the moon in Pisces so there may have been a strong sense of partnership with this person that fell apart during the Uranus transit. Couric may be leaving her post to gain a sense of emotional freedom from this person.

Moon in Pisces gives a sensitive antenna to her ambitious sun in Capricorn, Mars in Aries combination. But empathic Pisces internally fights with cold, calculating Capricorn and fiery, aggressive Aries. Couric has a grand fire trine (a planet in each of the fire signs) so she probably beats herself up at times, fire against water. Remember that water puts out fire, so I’m guessing that Couric experiences extreme ups and downs with fiery highs and then watery lows.

One of the planets Couric has in a fire sign is Saturn, which is in Sagittarius. With sun in Capricorn and moon in Pisces Couric is definitely a serious person, an old soul. Saturn in Sagittarius suggests she does not always feel the optimism and hope that she projects. Couric is a deep person with a somewhat melancholy nature.

There are a host planets in Aries right now (Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus) opposite Saturn in Libra. Difficulties in relationships are occurring for all of us under these transits. For Couric, this means even more frustration in her goals as the partnership she is fleeing either will follow her or be replaced by a different, yet similar situation. It’s not over yet, there is still frustration to come.

In mid-May, some of the pressure will be relieved. With all this frustration boiling, I wouldn’t be surprised if later (when Pluto gets closer to Mercury) we hear from Couric exactly what went wrong. As Pluto moves toward Mercury, the planet of communication, this media woman may change her communication or news style in yet another way. Capricorn is serious and it’s serious stuff that Couric wants to communicate.

As Neptune enters Pisces and moves toward the 26 degrees of Pisces where Couric’s moon is placed, Couric will also undergo emotional changes. Capricorn is good at keeping emotions under control, but Neptune allows those emotions to enter the atmosphere, oozing like mist off of ice. Maybe the communication changes Couric will undergo involve more emotional expression or manifestation of something spiritual and/or religious. This makes me think of Shirley MacLaine who at age 40 told the world about what might be called “new age” beliefs. Maybe Couric will express more of her emotional self to the public.

Couric definitely projects (to me) her Capricorn sun and Mars in Aries. Neptune in Pisces may allow us to see the inner workings of Couric, her more vulnerable self.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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