Amy Sheen and Charlie Winehouse

Amy Winehouse, like Charlie Sheen, has sun in Virgo and moon in Sagittarius. When I first looked at her chart I thought, “The Charlie Sheen Sagittarius moon. That’s why she can’t control herself.”

Sagittarius is not known for self-restraint. That is in the realm of Capricorn. But then I realized that I can’t think of a single Sagittarius sun that is in the news right now making a mess of his/her life. So Sagittarius is not to blame.

It’s the Virgo that’s to blame. Virgo is critical of self and others, so additional external criticism is probably not a nice thing for me to do.

Virgo is the workaholic perfectionist. Virgo is a mutable earth sign, practical yet more flexible than earth-sign sisters Capricorn and Taurus. Virgo is nervous and shy.

Sagittarius, while it might get on its high horse and tell you how to live your life, generally leaves you alone because he/she may be indulging in the very thing they are campaigning against. Think William Bennett who wrote books about morals and was found to be gambling bucket loads of money in Vegas.

Like Sheen, I’m suggesting Winehouse’s problem isn’t indulgence, but perfection. In an effort to be “perfect,” how can we not fail? So if we’re going to fail, why not do it right and have some sense of satisfaction?

Behind substance abuse is some problem. I don’t know what childhood demons plague Winehouse and Sheen. But I wonder if it’s a simply problem of balance – have some fun and don’t feel guilty. If you feel guilty, you will offset that feeling with more indulgence. While each is indulging, I’m guessing there is a strong voice saying “Bad boy/girl!” They both profess to like that voice, but I don’t buy it.

Both need to figure out how to have fun in a balanced, temperate manner. I’m embarrassed for Virgos when they try to shock with nasty, worldly behavior. Really, it’s a more innocent sign. I believe Virgo is associated with servitude and work because to be a good servant or worker, you can’t have a super huge ego. You serve others best when you think they are better than you are in some way. That’s Virgo. Aiming for perfection and seeing the gap then erroneously thinking that everyone else has figured it out.

That’s when the gentle sign of Virgo is most violent and beats itself up for these flaws. It’s nice, I suppose, to keep the violence to themselves. Although if the news stories are to be believed, Sheen is sending his inner violence outward.

Winehouse has many more planets in Sagittarius (Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Moon) than does Sheen (just moon). Sheen has more pressure on the Virgo energy with Uranus and Pluto in Virgo. The Virgo-Sagittarius energy (which is in square aspect) is still strong in both charts. I would say Winehouse nags herself with criticism and Sheen probably turns criticism into a knife that he stabs in his heart.

Sheen has two planets in water (Mars and Neptune in Scorpio) and Winehouse has only Saturn in Scorpio. Winehouse is actually farther away than Sheen from having an emotional understanding of what’s she’s doing.

I think both Winehouse and Sheen could help themselves if they just owned up to being innocent and having the insecurity that comes with innocence. But that doesn’t sell well.


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4 Responses to Amy Sheen and Charlie Winehouse

  1. eveline says:

    She actually had her moon in capricorn…not sagittarius if you take her time of birth into account.

    • Do you know time of birth? I would think Capricorn moon would add to the Virgo perfectionism. She’d be really hard on herself. Capricorn moon is a difficult placement and usually is someone extremely reserved and cold. Winehouse didn’t seem that way.

  2. harenews says:

    Interesting post. I read somewhere Chris Christie is a Virgo with a Sagitarius Moon.

    • Yes, Chris Christie has Virgo sun and Sagittarius moon. I wrote a blog on it a couple days ago. That particular blog got a lot of hits. Christie definitely has generated some interest. He appears to be highly charismatic. I do wonder from his chart, though, if he plays with the bad guys, if you know what I mean.

      Rick Perry blogs get a lot of traffic as well. But Mitt Romney blogs, not so much. Mitt Romney doesn’t feel as strong, but supposedly he is the front runner.

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