Colombian Rock Stars Shakira and Juanes

Shakira and Juanes are not only the two biggest rock stars of Colombia, they are famous throughout the the world.

For achieving such fame, their charts couldn’t be more different. Juanes was born with a rock-star personality. Shakira was not.

Juanes has sun, moon, Mars and Mercury in Leo, the fixed fire sign that is about self-expression, romance and children. Mainly, Leo is about Leo, a dramatic attention seeker. With so many planets in Leo, Juanes has probably been seeking and getting attention all his life. While his energy may be delightful to his fans, I’m guessing that spending every day with him could be a little tiring. It’s good he has millions of fans to pay him attention because it is not possible for a few beings to give him the attention he needs.

Shakira has sun in Aquarius and moon in Cancer. Aquarius is a fixed air sign, the rebel and humanitarian. The moon is in a cardinal water sign, family oriented, extremely sensitive and shy. While Shakira may delight in rebellious or unique behavior, she won’t push the envelope too far because the reaction would upset her. She’s someone who might start and argument for fun, push a little, then back down if the opposition came on too strong. She’s like a teenager – I want to rebel, but I also want your love, and can you drive me to the mall?

Shakira’s chart, in general, is more complex than Juanes’. She has a grand cross of Mars/Mercury in Capricorn, Pluto in Libra and moon in Cancer. Her conflicts are between the need for family, the drive for career and the urge for a partner. Which is it? Can she have them all?

In theory you can have them all, be a rock star, wife, mother and lover. In reality, the roles are difficult to balance and Shakira wants to balance them all. Because of that urge, she can be very demanding of others around her. When she plays mother, you’d better cooperate. Now I’m the business woman, so follow suit.

Shakira’s Saturn is in Leo, the sign where Juanes lives. Shakira is not entirely comfortable being the center of attention. I wonder what drove her to the stage? Saturn represents father, society and rules. Shakira seems to have felt she “must” be famous or a performer.

Juanes, on the other hand, is a performer, all day and night. In addition to all the planets in Leo, he has all other planets in fire or air except for Venus in Cancer. For him, his partner is his family and everyone else is a friend. Air and fire are social and extroverted.

There’s no earth in Juanes’ chart which represents lack of grounding. He’s a rolling stone that gathers no moss. He’s definitely not out back watering a garden right now. Or building a bookcase. Or carving figures out of wood. He’s most likely talking on the phone, or talking to friends, or . . . talking. Or singing I suppose.

Juanes Saturn is in Gemini, the sign of the twins which represents communication. For all his talking, Juanes may actually have trouble communicating with others. He can talk, but communication is a back and forth. I have noticed in Juanes music a lot of complaining about “mentira, mentira, mentira” (lying, lying, lying). I suspect that is a projection, as Leo is known to exaggerate. I think Juanes is not focused on other’s perspectives. He may also have trouble differentiating between his wild ideas and reality. Because you wanted to punch the guy in the nose is different from actually doing it.

For Leos, life is a movie or telenovela (soap opera). Soap operas are a repetition of love, hate, denial, betrayal and amnesia in simplistic exaggeration. Leos eat it up. Leo is loving open and fully engaged in life, both the ups and downs. 

While both Shakira and Juanes are playing the role of mega rock star, for Juanes it is a good fit, for Shakira, not so much. Both have expanded their lives to include various causes. Shakira may one day part from the world of rock to those causes. Juanes probably will not.


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