Richard Cordray, Mr. Persistent

President Obama is planning to nominate Richard Cordray, Ohio’s former Attorney General, to head a new financial protection bureau.

Cordray has a quiet but extensive history in Ohio politics having been a member of the Ohio House of Representatives, state solicitor, county treasurer, state treasurer and attorney general. I met him at a candidate fair in 1992 when he was running against Deborah Pryce for U.S. House of Representatives. He appears to have shot too high too early and backed off to gradually work his way up the political ladder.

Without looking at his chart, I’ve always felt he was persistent. He lost in 1992 but kept showing up on the ballot.

Cordray has sun in Taurus, a fixed earth sign which is known for grounded qualities such as persistence.

Cordray has both a grand earth and grand water trine (although widely aspected). He is both a practical and warmly emotional individual.

So what’s driving this man to politics?

Saturn is in the sign of Capricorn. Saturn rules Capricorn and enjoys being in its own sign. Saturn in Capricorn makes one a serious individual and highly ambitious driven to seek status. Because Saturn is where we feel some burden, limitation or insecurity, that Cordray is driven by his Saturn suggests his political ambitions stem from the need to prove himself through worldly success.

The earth trine in Cordray’s chart is between sun, Saturn and Pluto, all planets that rule dominion, authority and power.

The moon in Pisces, on the other hand, makes for a dreamy, imaginative individual. I suspect he once stared out windows and doodled in his notebook rather than paying attention to the teacher. Neptune opposite the sun adds to the effect of sometimes being in another, imaginative, world. Sometimes Cordray just isn’t “here.”

While Cordray’s chart is strong in earth and water, that Uranus in Leo squares his Taurus sun. I bet he sometimes takes unexpected risks, usually to prove himself in some way (Leo).

What does Cordray’s year look like?

Jupiter is transiting Taurus and will be right on top of Cordray’s natal sun by the fall. Jupiter “expands what it finds” as astrologer Jan Snodgrass says. For Cordray, it will expand financial security. He will feel good about his money and property and himself. Maybe like Ohio Governor John Kasich, who is also a Taurus, Cordray will spontaneously give away money.

Cordray may also make some wild financial speculations as Jupiter will be squaring that natal Uranus in Leo. That square also makes me wonder if Cordray will be starting his own business.

While the feeling of financial security is growing, Pluto is transiting Cordray’s natal Saturn. This is a very powerful aspect. It suggests intense power struggles. But the aspect is trine the natal sun/Pluto so Cordray will probably handle these struggles well.

The Pluto/Saturn conjunction will be like dealing with radioactive energy. The energy is intense, must be handled skillfully and can burn you into a black hole if you’re not careful.

While Cordray has a strong earth trine with powerful planets involved, he also has that Pisces moon and Mars in Cancer which make for a sensitive individual. Regardless of how well he externally handles this radioactive political environment, internally he will be affected.

Someone like Cordray has to watch his health at times like this. Sensitive people pick up on energies and if he has to hide those feelings, the feelings could manifest as illness. The illness would probably be a strange, difficult to diagnose illness.

If that wasn’t enough, transiting Neptune is in Pisces moving in the next ten years onto his natal moon. I suspect his time in national politics will be colored with this Neptunian energy.  Neptune is spiritual, emotional, creative and sacrificing.

Part of politics is Saturn – rules, laws. Part of politics is Pluto – power. And part of politics is Neptune – the zeitgeist.

Cordray will feel part of the times and the movements that occur while he’s in office. What he won’t like are any personal attacks that come as a result of his actions or decisions.

Cordray’s chart is a balanced chart. He has planets in all the elements and modes. He has two trines which offset the squares that exist. But he is more sensitive than he appears so he really should take care to protect himself from negative energy that emerges in politics.


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