The Most Intelligent Sign of the Zodiac is . . .

When I was young and someone appeared to be “the opposite of smart,” my mother and grandmother would say, “S/he wasn’t in line when God handed out the brains.”

Brains, then, were a quantifiable commodity, like sugar.

Human senses/traits we quantify:

  • Intelligence
  • Eyesight
  • Hearing
  • Taste (I think)

Human senses/traits we don’t quantify:

  • Smell
  • Touch
  • All other personality traits such as courage, honor, weakness, etc.

So when did we decide that intelligence was quantifiable and courage was not?

When I first participated in a role-playing game, I was surprised to learn that “role playing” wasn’t like acting but was actually about quantifiable traits. In the role playing game I was exposed to, you rolled the dice and gained “quantities” of anything from intelligence to courage.

The Myers-Briggs Personality Assessment attempts to quantify personality traits such as support, conformity, recognition, independence, benevolence and leadership.

No trait appears as quantifiable in tests as intelligence.

Like beauty or stubbornness, I see intelligence as a personality trait. Intelligence, like any other trait, provides us defense, comfort and safety. Or it doesn’t and we choose the opposite of intelligence for that same reason – defense, comfort and safety.

To me, intelligence has two forms:

  • Analytical intelligence – this is the one measured by the IQ test and relates to cognitive ability
  • Perception – this is recognizing and understanding the emotional and physical world as it is

Sheldon Cooper, one of the main characters on The Big Bang Theory, has high doses of analytical intelligence (something like an IQ of 185, if I recall). Yet he can’t tell if someone around him is angry and that the anger relates to a nasty comment that he made.

Sheldon Cooper is analytical but not perceptive. His intelligence is a defense against the emotional world around him. His intelligence is so strong that it forms a shield. Yet he sees himself as working toward helping that mankind, the very mankind he wants nothing to do with.

The signs I see most intelligent in terms of analytical and perceptive intelligence are:

Analytical – Aquarius

Perception – Scorpio

Scorpio, to me, is the most difficult sign to fool. They see your every motivation regardless of what you say, what degrees you have and what others say.

With that said, every sign is intelligent is some way, to me.

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) have intuitive intelligence. They see the possibilities and take the risks. Have you seen some product or service that’s made a bazillion dollars and think, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Maybe you did even think of that. It’s the fire signs or the fire in your chart that drives you to make the bazillion dollars, to convince others it can make a bazillion dollars.

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) have practical intelligence, from balancing the checkbook to solving problems in the workplace. The Sheldon Coopers of the world don’t do well in the workplace because you have to solve a problem now that isn’t perfect or ideal, but makes money.

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) have idealistic, analytical intelligence. These signs live in the world of ideas and are associated with socializing. These signs prefer ideas to emotions and love any kind of categorization. Socializing provides stimulation of ideas.

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) have perceptive intelligence. They are the ones who understand your motivation and understand how you feel. In Chinese astrology, water is associated with intelligence. Water signs are connected to others and what is the world but others? The word “genius” in the West brings up images of Albert Einstein who was a Pisces.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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  1. Christine says:

    Very nIce….

  2. Vendox says:

    I loooooove ma zodiac Virgo!

  3. Catherine Jonas says:

    I like my Zodiac Sign vvvvvvvvvv much,Aries u r d best! 🙂

  4. Catherine Jonas says:

    I love u Rk We r really compatible in dis sense Libra n Aries match rocks!!!!!

  5. cristian mejos says:


  6. whitenigger says:

    Virgos are the SMARTEST, but also the MEANEST.

    Tauruses are the DUMBEST, but also the NICEST.

    Capricorn is somewhere in the MIDDLE.

    • John D. says:

      Your ass is the “dumbest,” and so is your disgusting screenname.

      Any time you want to go head to head in an I.Q. test, let me know, child.

    • Claire says:

      I’m sorry but your all wrong, lol. Capricorns are considered to be the most intelligent. And I’m not a Capricorn by the way so this is not a biased opinion.
      Scorpios are very emotional and impulsive. This has been researched and proven in astrological theory. Don’t believe me? Read and do your research.

      • Send a link to the research if you have it. Would love to see it.

      • John D. says:

        I’d like to see this “research,” too. Please provide links or references. Thank you.

      • Ash says:

        I’m pretty sure the emotional traits of the sign don’t necessarily detract from their IQ. With that aside, what?

      • Ryan says:

        I’d like to see this as well. In corporate settings they’re fair, quick to help out, and have the rooted way of not backing down. They have clarity of vision (Two of my former IT directors were Cappy’s) , so I do not disagree with their intelligence in this regard.

        It depends on what you’re quantifying as “The Smartest”, in which Cappy’s are not. Aquarius, Sag, Gemini’s fall into most-likely to be the smartest….in my opinion.


        That said, the most brilliant sign I know is a Scorpio. She can dominate a room, rebut any conversation and intimidate anyone and everyone, Not only that, but she’s eas to get along with, and a super sweetheart.

        She truly has it all.

        She runs a HR firm, and absolutely does not take NO for an anwer.

        So, to me, Aquarius and Scorpio run the table on even Leo, Sag, and especially Aries. I;ve known her over 30 years, and if we weren’t so close……I’d fear her…….HARDCORE.

        Plus, she’s beyond beautiful. That might play a role as well.

        Wan’t to see your data on Cappy’s Site link?

        (My Opinions)

        All the best….

        Disclaimer: Pisces

      • Enrique says:

        LOL Caps are doers not thinkers.

      • Enya C. says:

        That is Very Correct. Ive met A lot Of Capricorns And they are all Smart.

      • Adam says:

        im not a Scorpio myself but I have to disagree with you saying they are impulsive they actually overthink everything before they do something
        which makes them far from impulsive

      • Jordan says:

        Are scorpio’s impulsive? No there not, I’m a libra and everything I read about is how much the scopio’s think and how they know your next move before you do.

      • Abee says:

        I agree with Claire. I m a Sagittarius and I really admire leonid blyum, a Capricorn born who formed advanced bio mechanical rehabilitation for cerebral palsy kids . Sometimes I think how can he think of this method to upbringing or to improve the cp kids growth. I really admire his brain. All those cp kids parents would be grateful . Really a brainy and humble Capricorn. Solute him.

      • Rexie says:

        I’M CAPRICORN😍

    • Take My Like
      Yes Virgo Are The Smartest But Also Meanest And Virgos Want To Live In The Place That’s Quiet,Peace He’s Like To Be Alone If He PLan Something They Will Be A Fake Friends From Everyone

    • Ash says:

      This is like a year old post but I just have to add this: Taurus is dumb? Where’d you get your info? Last I checked Leonardo daVinci was a Taurus. So is my science teacher. I suppose there’s Meyer but my guess is she’s just writing dumb books to sell, she’s not dumb herself.

      Myself am Virgo.

    • Adam says:

      Lol, Taurus here, far from dumb. I suck with advanced mathematics and things of a social nature, but for the most part I’ve always been in the upper echelon of my classes. Teachers pet material, then again I have a lot of air and water in my chart. No fire.

    • Alyssa says:

      You must be a Taurus.

    • CremaFudgeo says:

      Taurus are not dumb, they are in fact very clever and sneaky enough so you don’t notice how big of a fool they made you. They are the foxes of the zodiac, being able to get away with the worst of crimes through their charm. The “dumbness” is just an act, don’t be fooled lol.

    • Sigrid94 says:

      Lmao Taurus the dumbest he said haha. I can’t even. But they do say;the ones that talk shit are the indeed the dumbest. Search for famous physicist you might get surprised. Like Max Karl, Julius Robert Oppenheimer, Wolfgang Ernst Pauli, Pierre Curie, Guglielmo Marconi etc etc you can go on ohh and who would forget the father of Psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud?

  7. Ty says:

    Interesting, I myself am an Aquarius Mercury and Sun, with a Scorpio Moon. With all egotism aside, most people I come across tell me I am one of the most intelligent people they have ever met.

    • What do you do for a living?

      • Ty says:

        I am only eighteen at the moment and work at Dairy Queen, haha. I strive to be in a successful heavy metal band with melodic and classical influences.

      • Well good luck. I’m sure you’ll put that intelligence to use. Are u in school? I bet you’re rebellious. It’s good to remind the rebellious of the Trojan Horse. To change something you might need to go inside.

    • derren says:

      they tell you you’re one of the intelligent people they have ever met.

      ok sure but what people are you surrounded by that tell you this?
      people from work @dairy queen?
      retarded people at school with average IQ’s to be confused with shoe sizes?

      Hang out at any university and tell us if people still think you’re 1 of the most intelligent people they have met.

      Have a nice 1

      • westmeinstenheimersmannelsteins says:

        westmeinstenheimersmannelsteins says “Thee university is a place of luxury where one is not required to think for themselves, and anything they did not create or discover themselves is a different type of systematic intelligence subject to bias, interpretation, odds, and “enough people agreeing it is fact”.

        “You can read what others have written and layed out for you and turn homework in.”
        You can influence your teachers to give you passing grades
        Enough people (95% at lower IQ’s) agree these answers are correct.

        So let me ask you. If 95% of the population is under 130 IQ as ones who agree answers are only 1 thing, versus possessing multiplicity (being many things at once), why would your answers be correct? Because in a classroom of 30, 29 others agree with you? If you were the highest IQ’d individual who had a different answer, nobody else in the classroom would see it would they? Odd’s the teacher is 130+?

        IQ is a very minimal portion of intelligence. It merely shows “how your brain functions”, which processes are ideal, speeds, loads under speed, etc. I for instance, have a horrible short term memory. I also am not interested in recalling information, thus systematic recall. I lose interest, and prefer to go forward.

      • westmeinstenheimersmannelsteins says:

        Also, apologies as I do not wish to distract the focal attention from this AMAZING thread. I believe it, and now I know. I am a Earth sign, and I possess practical knowledge. It makes sense to me. Practical would be application. Or doing something. It must also be synonymous with “Street Smarts”, common sense (I saw that somewhere), and the actual usage of insights.
        How you use information. For example, I enjoy how I can use knowing how I can use this information to gain advantages in situations of business (success) or what I can apply it to.
        Just like you, I came across it. What “you do with” the proof is up to you. You can choose to “know it”, talk about it in colleges, persuade in arguments, or you can make better hiring decisions. Or you can learn to hide it in hiring decisions right?
        China has used blood types to determine optimum workers, and I don’t fully agree with how some cultures choose workers. How does one cheat their blood tests though?
        Hollywood make-up and vein coverup? Hmm. Fake skin with a obvious vein and your real veins covered up, with that tube going to a bloodbag in your armpit?

        Big money jobs!!!!!!! Call for secret agent operations! Practical intelligence. See, with learning that, perhaps a export of a secret blood kit for $350 usd equivalent could be a wise business idea? Ya never know. Worth it? Joke? You tell me.

        So, I believe this information to be true.

  8. Ty says:

    Another important thing to consider is that the element air in Astrology represents intellect. The three signs ruled by air are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. The planet Mercury rules intellect and Uranus rules intellect at a higher octave. The natural rulers of Mercury being Gemini and Virgo. The natural ruler of Uranus being Aquarius. Memory is an important part of knowledge and intelligence as well in my opinion. The Moon rules your memory and emotions. The natural ruler of the Moon being Cancer. The element water represents emotion. The water signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. From what I have witnessed, the most intelligent people are those of air Sun placements, air Mercury placements, and water Moon placements combined. I personally have all three considering i’m an Aquarius Sun/ Mercury with Moon in Scorpio.

    • I find water has an instinctive knowledge that air signs can miss. I’d argue the world is not a rational place & water understands that. Air knows idea but water knows motivation. Scorpio is the detective where Aquarius is the scientist.

      Combined it’s powerful. I wonder how sun scorpio moon Aquarius would be different. Then you’d be asking the moon to be rational which isn’t as comfortable. Moon likes Scorpio – it’d be like a feeding ground.

      So your conscious sun is rational and your reactive moon is emotional which has a balance.

      In Chinese astrology, water rules intelligence. They also have the element of metal and wood, but no air.

      Interesting to compare one’s western elements with eastern.

      • Ty says:

        Fascinating. I have actually never looked into Chinese Astrology, but will do so sometime. I am actually joining something called Job Corps to become an Electrical Lineman rather than finishing school so I can fund my dreams. I have considered college, but it would consume alot of time during my youth, which i’d rather spend focusing on my real dreams. I am already partly through the process of attaining my GED. I am also currently working on my own Philosophy book that I write many of my contemplations into and hope to publish within a year or two. Some may think my dreams and methods foolish, but I carefully contemplate all important decisions and make up the details as I go. Some other placements in my chart include Taurus Ascendant, Sagittarius Venus, and Leo/ Virgo cusp in Mars. I understand that a Taurus Ascendant gives you steady hands and a good voice, which may explain why i’ve picked up guitar and singing so fast. I am also completely self taught in music and Astrology.

  9. christian pittman says:

    I feel that the smartest zodiac signs comes down to the outside of the box thinkers “flexible” there are four and they’re all connected gemini is polar oppisite “positive negative” to virgo but geminis oppiste is sagitarius and sagitarius polar oppisite is pisces and pisces is oppisite “none polar oppisite” is virgo so gemini,virgo,sagitarius,pisces

    • christian pittman says:

      Oh yea i’m a gemini my planet mercury and that Is as deep as i get about the planets ” hail mother mercury” the language planet and “what is the main thing about geminis?” is their words and what is the main thing about virgos idk but I’m positive words is not on the basics of a virgo

      • I agree but also think there are different types of intelligence. Einstein was a Pisces who thought about time, something the average person doesn’t even consider. But if you asked him to lead an army and defeat a foe, that type of strategic intelligence may (or may not) have been difficult for him.

  10. christian pittman says:

    True but wasn’t Einstein a savant some parts of his brain were at a different level

  11. christian pittman says:

    Oh and really I’m only a 17 year old drop out who got a GED but i wasn’t stupid i quit bc of laziness i wouldn’t do anything bc i thought i knew it all and i do know a little bit about alot of things being a gemini but what I’m saying is i could have done better but one thing about geminis is they are supposed to be good at language but i never paid attention to the rules but I’m good at vocabulary something i should have noticed but if came down to a research paper or making up a story i would choose making a story but my best class was math but could have done way better in language arts but i still have my words and my natural none gemini math skills

  12. Aqualoira says:

    Interesting, I am an Aquarius and I always feel that smartest zodiac in my life.

    • Can you explain why?

    • Ryan says:

      Well, I am not certain that English is your first language, but you certainly did not learn what a run-on sentence is, nor did you learn punctuation. That said, I knew (he passed away) a guy that was borderline illiterate and his math skills were unparalleled. He lived in a rural town here in TX and was not placed into school, somehow. He was a Gemini as well.

  13. irokat says:

    I actually believe gemini is the smartest. I am a gemini virgo rising pisces moon. I also like scorpios and virgos.

  14. Shakira’s IQ is140. And she is Aquarius. It makes a sense.

  15. Christina says:

    IQ isn’t even a real measure of intelligence. Throughout all of the replies I have not seen anyone agree with each other, I just think that everyone is not looking logically but more based on their self esteem and how much they want THEIR zodiac sign to be the most smartest. Everyone will say their zodiac sign and I guess this is normal for humans to do that but personally I think Pisces is the smartest zodiac sign, it’s just their nature. They are gifted in a wide variety of areas and also very intuitive and as Pisces is the last of the zodiacs it has a little experience from all of the signs which makes them who they are. It’s pointless arguing with that!

    • Inmate47 says:

      You’re arguing the lack of logical implementation by others in this topic.
      But with all kindness I have to mention, the structure of your own conclusions are profoundly impaired by the standards of logic.

      Have a nice one

    • If I were to write this today, I’d probably say there are different types of intelligence. But there is one that is measured (analytical represented by air) and I think a few signs do well there. But there is also water intelligence which sees through people’s motives. There are geniuses who can’t balance a checkbook (earth intelligence) and then there is intuition (fire intelligence).

      But lots will disagree with this. In a way, it’s like saying all religions have the same god, which also creates strong negative reaction in some.

      • mark95427 says:

        By modern, cultural standards (e.g. The Education System), Aquarian energy performs optimally.

        We’re soon heading into an Aquarian paradigm in which, by circular reasoning, prefers the achievements of this zodiac’s energy.

      • What do you mean by we’re heading into the Aquarian paradigm?

    • Tuindi says:

      Actually, Aquarius is the last zodiac sign. I’m an Aquarius and I possess every form of intelligence . I have a strong hold on , common, book, and street sense . I also posses a sixth sense , I can easily read a person’s energy and have them down to a science ! I’m extremely witty, and an outside thinker .I believe I was created for many special and diverse purposes ,as I do many diverse and meaningful things .I have a huge heart , but I’m nobody’s fool lol .

    • westmeinstenheimersmannelsteins says:

      Yes. Primarily searching for reasons to boost ego. Nobody praising me, I must seek elsewhere, it’s nature! Okay, fine, ready for narcism at it’s finest?
      Fine. According to the author, I possess practical intelligence, and will respond 5 years afterwards with narcistic interpretations simply for my narcicistic pleasures.

      I am not the only one mad that every not every genious, famous person is my birth sign. They are all covered up and changed name change to birth certificate switches and counterfeiting, all to protect this one birth sign. Shhhh. I’m not telling you which one. Google’s on the payroll anyways, don’t worry about it. Wiki, google, they all on the payroll to hide this one zodiac sign reigning supreme and that’s that. Luckily, it’s my birth sign, nah nah!

  16. Inmate47 says:

    I am a Gemini and have never encountered an individual capable of mimicking the speed and depth of my analytical skills both on the field of logic and social interpretation

    My brain has wired to learn by default.
    Without effort I learn and adapt with such high speed that it leaves people in total awe.

    A specific skill acquired by an individual should not be represented as a symbolic conversion of intelligence.

    Rather than measuring the knowledge and productions of people to determine high intelligence, the time taken for this consolidation is of higher value in estimating intelligence.

    A normal test person would need a considerable time to notice usable information, a genius would take only a fraction of that time.

    But only a true genius is able to convert this adaptability and accelerated learning ratio into universal fields.
    Logic, instruments, creativity, social skills or any platform requiring the brain to adapt, the true genius will excell in all.

    I am a Gemini but my brain capacity is not necessarily dependant of astrological influence.
    I do continuously read articles about the Gemini being quick witted and specifically noted as very intelligent unlike other zodiac signs.

    In my environment the smartest people I’ve known were always Gemini’s.
    Fast, reckless and logical thinkers.

    Anyone has the right to disagree with my perspective but experience has convinced me, if you’re arguing zodiac signs concerning the intelligence department
    Think twice before putting any other sign before Gemini on that field
    Because that department happens to be our homebase

    Have a nice day

    • John D. says:

      Fascinating. So you consider yourself a genius? And you believe your subjective experience qualifies your opinions as valid?

      You’re already in trouble. But you sound pretty young, so there’s time for improvement.

      • derren says:

        It’s more evident than ever how you’re trying to keep up with my level with use of redundant language.

        Your first sentence is completely deprived of any possible function regarding to objective value.
        It is by far the most pointless sentence I have encountered in decades.

        Have a nice 1

      • Ryan says:

        John, I agree.

        I am not sure what young “Derren” is trying to communicate. I certainly and thoroughly am convinced he likes the sound of his own voice.

        You used no redundancy, as I am sure you know in your response to this apparent Troll.

        Also, how is trying to convey that your response has no objective value. Hmm. How exactly are you going to be able to convey objective facts in your response?

        Derren, you have not given enough “proof” as to your IQ.

        Yes, yes. Everyone here is unlikely to be able to prove their IQ in any fashion, other than the way they communicate; their vernacular, vocabulary and wit combined for example.

        However, this is itself is not provable definitive proof of anything.

        I challenge Derren to elaborate on as to why he thinks he is above us.

        :Popcorn: is ready…

    • Olufela says:

      Yeah, I totally agree with you.. I’m also a Gemini and every time I read about Gemini, Intelligence is always mentioned as our predominant trait… Also, I have noticed in myself that I learn with little effort compared to my friends and when I talk, they all pause to listen.

    • westmeinstenheimersmannelsteins says:

      I am in awe of people who can do as you say. Much is focus. Full engagement. Full engagement also means that you accept leadership well.
      Full engagement.
      -You accept who gives you information.
      -You have less barriers when you trust where you got information.
      -You can focus in the “present time”, and not be distracted by past and future during your engagement.
      -In a sense, you have given up power or control by trusting, believing and allowing information to come to you as fact.

      This is useful to know. Not everyone can be fully engaged. Introverts have more paths for information processing. Extroverts are a straight path seemingly.

      The speed portion may be due to being extrovert. (by natural brain processing, not measures of communication)

      What types of people consider the past, the present, the future more rapidly?
      What does introvert or extroversion have to do with processing of new information (stimulus)?
      Which form do you learn the fastest?

  17. Matthew says:

    I would have to believe that Aquarius are the most intelligent.

  18. walto says:

    scorpios are most intelligent, hands down.. we also have the craziest, the richest, the funniest, and most attractive people. and then there is Taurus.

    • Love it. Scorpios must rule the world then.

    • Ryan says:

      Ironic that Taurus is the opposite sign to Scorpio then huh? Yeah, you guys are highly attractive & funniest(Anne Hathaway), richest(Bill Gates), but William Shakespeare was a Taurus….yet so were Lenin and Hitler. All three of those Taureans were POWERFUL and I’d say pretty friggin’ smart. Hitler may have been cusp, but his charisma is arguably never to be matched again.

  19. Andy says:

    im a taurus and my gf is my oppisite sign scorpio, are birthdays are april 30th and october 30. we are equal. and god i love her so much. what i see. she feels. what i think. she understands. i love her so much.

  20. Andy says:

    wow some of you people are pretentious, thats sad 😦

  21. Andy says:

    i think the smartest sign must be cancer. cuz i dont see any on here being pretentious on a web page about zodiac signs lol. for real, wanna be smart? get with your opposing sign. you will fill one another. just when you think your smart, you understand something new..its honestly wonderful i strongly recommend it 🙂

  22. Andy says:

    any good, smart, loveing person will make there sign shine anyways. You control your sign, not the other way around. Like im a man, im not defined by what the world tells me a man is. I am a man, and i define what a man is.

  23. Ty says:

    I may have met my intellectual match. I’ve been in a relationship with a girl for the past year and she is very intelligent. She had the highest test scores in her high school. Her placements are Aries Rising, Leo Sun, Taurus Moon, and Virgo Mercury. My placements are Taurus Rising, Aquarius Sun, Scorpio Moon, and Aquarius Mercury. Interesting that her Rising and Moon are the sgins of Mars and Venus, whereas mine are Venus and Mars. As well as the opposite Sun and Moon signs, with intellectual Mercury placements in both of our charts. She is very intelligent, but constantly talks about how she is average or medicore. I tell her I think she’s smarter than me, but she laughs and puts herself down. I have an IQ of 139, but I believe hers is higher.

  24. srdjan says:

    I am a scorpio and i have iq=150

    • So what do you do for work?

    • Ryan says:

      The smartest person I know is high 140’s and a Scorpio. Mix IQ with feminine wiles and, watch out! I’ve never taken a formal IQ test, but I have some very smart friends and I keep up very well. I do Information Technology for a living.

      • Yagadan says:

        I feel as if you never notice true intellect until it just appears in great amounts. Never underestimate the “underlings” in the 120-150 range. They produce the world. The persons in IQ ranges lower do similar work, but not as much typically in quantity or quality or don’t care, and we in the higher are usually lazy or have too highbrow interests to have much pragmatic effect. SCORPIOS RULE.

      • Ryan says:

        I agree. My father is a Scorpio. He probably is in the high 130’s, possibly 140’s. I get my engineering/technology comprehension from what he taught me. He’s INTP in MBTI and little escapes him.

  25. AquAriAn says:

    Most people think being smart and intelligent is all the same, which is thankfully NOT the case. If everyone was smart there would be no solutions to a lot of problems prevailing in this earth -scientifically, politically and socially.

    That being said, Aquarians, I believe are some of the most creative, intelligent and “out of the box” thinkers who are mostly lost within their mind. Aquarians interact with people to stimulate their minds even more and rarely indulge in small talks, which smart people kinda love doing or atleast attentively listen to just to show off their little pride and to hide their egos.

    A true Aquarian would not care two hoots, whether the person is smart or not. What really matters to him is his freedom and independence to socialize, yes you heard that right, and if he/she is able to connect with someone on an idea, he knows that’s a lot more interesting thing to talk about rather than seeing the gadget the smart guy is trying to show off.

    This may sound as a ramble, but having organized events, filed patents and worked on path breaking technology, I can certainly say that Aquarians are either Genius or lost in their own world. Either way they are aware of what happens around them, even though they might not tell and also lead the pack of rest of the Zodiacs by a couple of years of ahead.

    Aquarian traits – Futuristic, Intelligent, Psychically Intuitive, Unpredictable, Knowledgeable, Hardworking(that’s why they are not smart!), Connect with nature, Patient, Independent, a perfect global citizen and always tries to learn wherever the source, Mindtalker (It maybe good or bad, but that’s only for finding the truth).

    • I sometimes think the absentminded professor is an Aquarian sort. They can come up with technologies way beyond the present but forget to turn the car off when leaving it in the parking garage (true Aquarian story).

  26. Luci says:

    I am not an Aquarius myself but I am somehow surrounded by them and I have to say they are probably the most intelligent people I know. I found it odd that most of them were Aquarius and that’s why I decided to google if there was a relation. These all are people with great analytical and creative skills. They all seem to be really perceptive and rational and one thing I’ve noticed is that they really like to learn (by any means not just reading a book but by talking to people etc)

  27. nvjnv says:

    I do believe that your opinions are quite true though as a Scorpio………….What should I say? Pretentious, I hope not to be, but Aquarius does seem to be quite the virtuoso in may arts. In succession from there, I believe there would be the Virgos and Scorpio, which, in my subjective opinion(watch the redundancy), are the most intuitive. Intelligence is a fickle thing decided from frame of reference, that is to say, society decides for us the standards of genius, or any intellect at all. I, myself, possess a reasonable iq of 144, but that is a number, just a number really. True intellect is subjective. There is no difference between good and bad, crazy and genius, you or me really, but perception and that’s all there is to it. Good day, ohioastrology and ty, thank you for being consistent, God bless!

    • I wrote this blog at the beginning of my blogship. Even though I still enjoy writing “what’s the most . . .” for fun, if I wrote it today I would describe how each sign or element has its own intelligence. In writing about lying, for example, I noticed how Taurus lies, a sign I hadn’t associated with lying. They simply lie best in their element – money and assets. The great money swindlers have Taurus. Taurus intelligence, then, relates to assets.

      For me Scorpio is the most intelligent because of my own bias that true intelligence comes from emotional understanding. I don’t believe that people are rational and Scorpio, looking to motivation, accepts what’s truly occurring and is able to respond most intelligently.

      I’m always highly impressed with Scorpio intelligence from my own intelligence vantage point.

  28. Unknown says:

    Very accurate . I’m a Scorpio. 😉

  29. Cynical Saint says:

    in my personal opinion, i believe a genius is a person who doesn’t waste any time stressing and focuses on living a long life. Zodiacs that fit this description are negative signs because they cope with negative environments very well unlike positive signs who cant stand negativity. Also, most old folks who have reached 100+ years are Cancers(Live in excellent memories) , Virgos(Nutrition Nutjobs) , and Capricons(Ambition & Adaptation drive these wicked goats to live long.)

  30. jufrrk says:

    I take it as such, working as theoretical physicist and software engineer, intelligence is equal to common sense and effort. IQ is nothing without those things and take that from someone with a IQ of 178.

  31. jmm124567 says:

    I thought Virgos were the most analytical?

    • I’d agree that Virgo is analytical. If I could re-write this blog again, I’d note how each sign is intelligent in its own way. Virgo, like the earth signs, focuses its intelligence in material form. Aquarius tends to focus on society and maybe that’s why its intelligence is applied to to ideas that move groups forward. Scorpio is more like a detective and uncovers.

  32. nvjnv says:

    Really, though, for all practical intents and purposes, intelligence is subjective as well as truth. To put it in layman’s terms(with my meager iq of 157 here), our knowledge of everything is instinctual or human-based. That is to say, either it’s a survival instinct or human pioneers have done research and discovered such things they need to prevail. You see, this is all perception of the one who sees the world. It’s slightly different for us all. Really, however, we base our “knowledge and facts” on others’ opinionated discoveries that have a chance of being wrong. Even statistics are wrong, or at least their chances of such, when you factor this in. If you think of it, religion can’t disprove science, or vice versa. At any rate, Ty, I’ll want to see your marvelous iq. I don’t believe 139, perhaps higher, I suppose. The Flynn effect has taken action. Fluid vs. crystallized intelligence. Overall, the world is subjective and our fact is societal opinion, with our intelligence being worth absolutely nothing in the long run.

  33. Anna says:

    Actually, this is not accurate according to a study done by the Japanese.テスト・ザ・ネイション

    105 双子座 蟹座 獅子座 射手座
    104 牡羊座 牡牛座 乙女座 天秤座 蠍座 山羊座 水瓶座 魚座

    Average IQ for those tested are as follows:
    105 Gemini Cancer Leo Sagittarius
    104 Aries Taurus Virgo Libra Scorpio Capricorn Aquarius Pisces


    • Ash says:

      Wow, they actually did that? That’s pretty cool…but it looks like they all have around the same intelligence so there’s no smartest sign LOL (Can’t believe Aquarius is one notch below Gemini though)

    • Ash says:

      But then I think about it and realized none of the geniuses are in the higher notch @_@

      Einstein – Pisces

      Newton – Capricorn

      Mozart, Beethoven, Darwin – Aquarius

      Leonardo daVinci – Taurus

      But hey, Dante Aligheri and John Milton are Gemini and Sagittarius…also my favourite writers! Yay!

      Then there’s Rick Riordan who is a Gemini <.<

      • I wrote this blog early in the blog based on my own perceptions. If I were to write it today, I think I would write how each sign has its own intelligence just as each sign “lies,” etc. But it’s interesting to see the discussion it generates from the way it was written.

        While there are popular geniuses, I think genius is broader and like you think it covers more than just analytical intelligence. How many detectives or investigators get on the genius list? How many artists? How many computer programmers?

        Thomas Edison (Aquarius) is credited with inventing the telephone but many say Nikola Tesla (Cancer) was the true genius and Edison got the credit. I’m not disagreeing with genius ratings, just saying that genius is more prevalent and those on the list are the top of the top.

        I don’t know who made the comment on Taurus. When I was exploring lying, I thought Taurus liars would be difficult to find. But I found that Taurus lies within its domain – finances and assets. Ponzi (of the Ponzi scheme) had a Taurus moon. Bernard Maddoff is a Taurus. As with lying, Taurus might “genius” within that same domain of finances. DaVinci was certainly looking at the Taurus world of objects and trying to figure out how those objects worked. Einstein seems to have transcended the world of objects into the Pisces world of time and space.

        As with Gemini, I think it’s simply more difficult to get them to put their genius into concrete form so their genius might not stick around for posterity. Our Taurus daVinci left us Taurus notebooks.

      • Ryan says:

        daVinci was an Aries. Non-quantifiable intelligence. Tesla (Cancer) is in my mind right there with daVinci in IQ. Over 200 in my opinion.

      • Actually, I think daVinci was a Taurus. It’s due to the precession of the equinoxes that his April birthday was Taurus sun. Astrotheme has his moon in Pisces.

        While I find Aries exceptionally innovative, it’s difficult to get this sign to focus on one thing long enough to develop it or get credit for the idea. It’s a frustrating sign that way – so many ideas, so few come to fruition. Aries needs a grounding element in the chart to make ideas real.

      • Sigrid94 says:

        Don’t forget about Julius Robert Oppenheimer, Wolfgang Ernst Pauli, Pierre Curie, Guglielmo Marconi etc etc you can go on ohh and who would forget the father of Psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud? they were also Taurus.

    • Ash says:

      Wait is this result only in Japan or globally? I think using just Japanese results may not correspond to Western people?

  34. we the best says:

    fuck all of yall cancer is the best

  35. Brendan says:

    That game where you, “rolled the dice”…
    Was maplestory wasn’t it?

  36. mark95427 says:

    Hello, earlier I mentioned something about an “Aquarian Paradigm”. By this I meant that in the Aquarian Age the type of accomplishments loved by the Aquarius will become emphasized by society. (This includes education, science, reform, progress, philanthropy, etc.). Thus we see industrialism and globalization in the works, and furthermore the rapid development of technology and science. It’s just that the Aquarius fits in better so we can call them smart now. Maybe because we’re in the Aquarian Age society idealizes intelligence.

    • 12ih says:

      No. Gemini is the sign of intelligence, gathering information and ideas, and making sense out of them.

      Aquarius is all about taking it a step further. It has nothing to do with that.

      Really, the Aquarian Age is all about taking it a step or two further from the intelligence gathered from the past that was founded in Gemini Age.

      (I hope this isn’t offensive).

      • Ryan says:

        I agree with you. Gemmy’s often suffer from the somewhat common Aries way of never finishing what they start. Genius incarnate though, and can conjure brilliant ideas. Mix them with an Aquarius and they could possibly invent a way to charge for Oxygen, like President Scroob in Spaceballs.

        Too many A.D.D-like traits.

        Aquarius is like Virgo as far as seeing it to fruition. So you and I are in agreement when it comes to Aquarians going one step further.

        A great team for a team(5) of entrepreneurs is Aquarius, Gemini, Virgo, Aries, and Scorpio. In the team I could assemble out of my friends, the Scorpio would have the most to offer; and she’s the only female in this aforementioned group.

        She’s the most dominant of them all as well.

  37. 12ih says:

    How about we just accept the fact that all signs have their own strengths and weaknesses that make them better in some ways than other signs and make them pale in comparison to other signs? No single sign in the zodiac is the best at everything. We are all great in our own way and that’s what counts. So can we please stop fighting?

  38. Ryan says:

    Zodiac :
    Mars : Aquarius
    Venus : Aries
    Mercury : Aquarius
    Moon : Gemini
    Sun : Pisces/Aquarius cusp
    Ascendant(Rising) : Aries
    Chinese Zodiac : Snake

    I’d say I am diametrically opposed to the semi blanketed notion the Pisceans are dumb. A very good girl friend of mine has little-to-no Mercury in her chart and she’s Piscean and she’s brilliant. She runs a HR firm and has IQ and EQ in spades. That said I’ve seen more (in my exp) lesser intellectual Capricorns and Taureans than any other sign. That said, I know none of their charts and cannot quantify any data on as to why they are as they are.

    I have to say the most powerful sign overall is Scorpio, and they’d make one hell of a spy. I’ve seen a powerful Gemini woman use her sexuality in a mode of power that was unreal.

    • I wrote this blog when I first began blogging. Today I’d probably write about the intelligence of each sign. However, I still find Scorpio one of the most brilliant signs. In Chinese astrology, water is the sign of intelligence. It makes sense to me because water sees beyond the surface and combines both analytical intelligence and intuition. I think Aquarius does this as well, but stays a bit more on the mental plane. Aquarian intuition is futuristic.

      I’m not aware of Pisces having a reputation for being dumb. Wasn’t Einstein a Pisces?

      Back to everyone being intelligent in their own way, I agree Gemini and its opposite Sagittarius are quite intelligent. Both signs, being mutable, however, seem to get in the way of themselves. I think I read once about one of these two signs trying to outsmart itself. I think that’s where the the fixed signs rise above the other two modes (cardinal and mutable). The more I look into charts, the more I’m impressed with fixed sign energy. Maybe that’s why Scorpio and Aquarius stood out more to me – they are fixed and able to convert their intelligence into something visible or understandable.

      • Ryan says:

        Excellent assessment.

        Pisceans, by the perception of the masses is dumb. I (biased) disagree. Einstein was brilliant. 160+ IQ. George Washington was one too, and we know he was NOT dumb.

        Drawing a semi blank on other notably famous Pisceans, but the world should not underestimate us; which the do far to often.

        Mutable signs to me anyway, potentially can do more in every facet that any Fixed sign. They can wiggle their way into any subject, and similar to Air signs can develop a rapport with others that allow for them to maximize their potential given they way social connections can be formed.

      • bobaloo says:

        About fixed sign energy… Aquarius is a fixed sign just as Taurus is, and Aquarius is the first time a fixed sign has rolled around since the age of Taurus, when according to the biblical account of things, the heavens and earth were created. The inference here is that something lasting will be created in the age of Aquarius.

  39. derren says:

    Once the gemini has learned to control and beam their inner focus with strong discipline, it virtually becomes unmatched on every field it enters.

    Gemini has the fastest most creative and intelligent mind.
    The sole problem is that they get bored fast and shift focus but beware, when it has learned discipline they will go undefeated.

    • Ryan says:

      Gemini with just the right amount of Virgo and Taurus in their charts is this exactly. Being born year of the Ox might assist, too.


      I 100% concur with your assessment of their vibrant, quick-witted light-speed minds. The one I know was born in the year of the Rooster, with FAR too much Mercury, and was a veritable wrecking-ball IQ-wise; yet she lacked EQ, maturity or vision.

      That said, some of my best friends are Gemmy’s, and I love them.

      Disclaimer: Pisces

  40. Thanks for that exposition. I’m a scorpio and I have always topped my class (with the second person also being a scorpio) but there are three other scorpios in my class that just excel in some subjects and do away with the others.

  41. uranus11 says:

    The most intelligent person is…

    Someone who can excel in a company like Lockheed Martin.
    Someone who thinks like the alleged Illuminati without being a member of a secret society.
    Someone who can construct a framework for the understanding of paranormal phenomena and an engineerable theory on antigravity.
    Someone who can achieve passive income, meet the best people and live the lifestyle of their dreams.

    No sign comes closer to being able to achieve any of the above accomplishments than Gemini. Just my humble opinion.

  42. I’m a proud scorpio. No bragging but we (scorpios) are the most intelligent of the water signs. Cancer and Pisces, I mean no harm, insult or foul; you run closely after us when it comes to perception.

    • Ryan says:

      My father is a Scorpio. He’s VERY similar to how you describe yourself. Very, very perceptive, and sneakily deceptive about it too. He seems at times like a person that has tunnel vision, which my perception is merely a colossal ability to concentrate. Me being raised by him, and being Piscean, I can say I possess an ability one step below his in perception and intelligence. To be honest, I possess a greater overall intellect than him(LOTS of Mercury in my chart) and am the only person in his life that can talk on his level or disarm him when his Scorpio vengeance borders on FIRE conjuring. I’ll echo your sentiment that the majority of the Scorpio’s I know have a more “pure” level of intellect. That said, a LOT of them are perceived as inferior in this regard due to the fact Scorpio’s are guarded and no not reveal themselves to hardly anyone. Spend time with one that trusts you and possess an ability to draw out their minds and emotions and one might be surprised at their capabilities. This is why a Scorpio has not equal or match in the realm of being a successful Spook or Spy; as long as they can remain unemotional to their experiences and surroundings. I place Scorpio at 1A abd Pisces(Bias?) at 1B. That said, I’ve know a TON of all three water signs and Cancer is far and away the one that I’ve seen to be the lowest IQ-wise. However, Cancer has the most variance of talents/abilities and potential for greatness. I’ve NEVER met a stupid Pisces. Ever.

  43. Apurva says:

    Well, most of you are wrong! Scorpio I agree can be the most powerful and attractive sign but please don’t try to mix that with intelligence. Astrologically, it’s proved that Gemini and Virgo tops when it cones to knowledge, wisdom. They’re the most intelligent sign. Virgo is very analytical as well. They are detailed and they have are gifted with a very sharp memory. Geminis are excellent conversationalists, speakers. They think logically and they almost have an idea about everything that you even have not heard of it. So shut up and be impartial and speak up only when you know that what you’re saying is absolutely correct or not!

    • If it’s proved, can you please provide a link to the research?

      • Olufela says:

        He’s right, so maybe you(ohioastrology) should learn more about the two signs and stop causing a fuss

    • Tuindi says:

      Actually , astrology proves that Aqarius and Gemini are equals and match perfectly .They are almost exactly alike..Both master socialist , witty , extremely intellectual , driven , leaders , etcetera . And neither is overly emotional and needy . If you research both signs , you’ll find that they are one in the same . Air Signs are the thinkers of the Zodiac .But no person is exactly alike period , because we all have different genetics . Besides. Beyonce is a Virgo..there’s noway she’s a brain , she has very limited vocabulary and lacks intellectual word play .My husband is a Virgo , he’s not nearly as smart as I am , and he’s not a deep thinker nor master communicator . He’s street smart and has good common sense .However , our kids are both Virgos and they’re very Sharp .They take after me in the book smart department .It all comes down to genetics , period . # Aquarius # Happy Holidays

  44. Sukriti says:

    This is the correct order from most to least intelligent zodiac signs :-

    1. Gemini
    2. Virgo
    3. Aquarius
    4. Pisces
    5. Scorpio
    6. Libra
    7. Leo
    8. Capricorn
    9. Saggitarius
    10. Cancer
    11. Aries
    12. Taurus

    • Where is the research on this?

    • Tuindi says:

      That’s your opinion I see..Aqarius and Gemini are of the Same Air Sign group . We should both be number one if you’re gonna make a list..Air Signs are the Thinkers of the Zodiac. However, it is your opinion in which you have a right to .

    • Sigrid94 says:

      Well according to you Taurus it’s on the bottom you’re such of fool. If we are indeed on the bottom explain to me why famous physicists like; Julius Robert Oppenheimer, Wolfgang Ernst Pauli, Pierre Curie, Guglielmo Marconi etc etc you can go on ohh and who would forget the father of Psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud? Why is it that a sign so dumb can be this smart? Or even the so hated Hitler, to me it’s funny seeing all these people here fighting on who’s smarter. I’m not even gonna say what I do because I’m gonna be the smart and gown up to just say nothing.

  45. shahaab says:

    Human abilities are spread throught the 12 no single one is perfect. some are good and skilled in specific abilities while others master in completely different ones.
    the prob.arises when some people tend to make a few of them better than the other.
    This is a blunder and not just mistake.
    A president of a corporation and even a country is not president bcz he is the most perfect of all.

  46. shahaab says:

    Human abilities are spread throught the 12 no single one is perfect. some are good and skilled in specific abilities while others master in completely different ones.
    the prob.arises when some people tend to make a few of them better than the other.
    This is a blunder and not just mistake.
    A president of a corporation and even a country is not president bcz he is the most perfect human being of all…
    No!!! He is president because he is good at being in charge of the matters.He can only be a superhuman if he can do everything without anyones advice and help.
    Another thing is that if a person from a particular zodiac is mastering some skill then another person of the same zodiac is seen dumb even in knowing the basics of that very skill !!!.
    Dont we see such example around us ???.
    i don’t point out any of the zodiacs bcz it occurs in all.
    this is called humanitarian attitude.
    by the way i am a cancer.

    • I wrote this a long time ago. Today I would write how each sign has its own type of intelligence. From researching for this blog, I do see that leadership is strongest with fixed signs. I say that because you mentioned the president. In the US, I don’t see intelligence as being a criteria for presidency. We seem to want charismatic leadership only.

      • shahaab says:

        I myself have read alot about the traits of all the zodiacs and i observed them alot in my life.
        i firmly believe that there is no single in particular which can be the perfect one or which inherently possess traits to be better than the other in totality.
        It could only be the charisma of some that possess many people whereby they mistakenly conclude the persons better profile due to his/her zodiac

      • shahaab says:

        there is no single and strict definition of being intelligent and genious,neither it can guarrentee success in life.even being successful cannot be a Hallmark of a better human being.Also because many of the successful ones had lied,cheated and used the ‘by hook or crook’ method in their way of acheiving success.

        In life,Only a wise person has some edge over the others.And again it doesn’t belong to any or some particular zodiac.
        No matter to which one you belong,you can be a wise one if you’re willing to strive for Truth in life and for more appropiate solutions to the hurdles in life.

      • Tuindi says:

        That’s subjective also.. Gemini is a mutable Air Sign , Aquarius is a fixed Air Sign..I find most Gemini to be equally intellectual as my fixed Aquarian sign .Tupac Shakur is one of the most brilliant men I ever studied, he’s a Gemini . The Aquarius Oprah, is extremely brilliant also , so is Bill Gates.. Once again , it comes down to our individual genetic make-ups .

    • Tuindi says:

      Once again , your point is valid .I’m an Aquarius , my intelligence is superb . However , I do not believe that every other Aquarian has my genetic make-up..In fact , I know they don’t because we have different biological sources .

  47. Shirin says:

    Funny how ‘ohioastrology’ replies “Where’s your research?” when others here lists signs that are not Scorpio or water signs. But what do you expect? A Scorpio wrote this blog so of course he’s going to list his sign as the smartest.

    • I ask for research when people say that a sign “is proven” to be the smartest. I don’t think there’s much astrological scientific study.

    • Tuindi says:

      Even though I believe it comes down to our individual genetics..Air Signs are always refered to as the thinkers of the zodiac , that clearly indicates intellectual magnitude and intelligence .I’m an Aquarius , this certainly applies to myself .#Happy Holidays

  48. Shirin says:

    Just found out this person is a Capricorn. Still, it’s hilarious to see how this person is going around responding “Where’s your research? Where’s your research?!” when this blogger doesn’t even have any research or sources in any of these blog posts.

    • shahaab says:

      I have encountered many capricorns in life and what i found is that there’s hardly any intelligence in them.
      If you say they are not thinkers they’re doers,then my friend such is the sign of a stupid…no matter how we interpret,such person will remain the same as said.
      They are practicle;a hallmark of an earthy their other earthy fellows,they learn from their huge mistakes.
      They are not compassionate,they only want to see their thought prevailing,they yearn for power yet in a quite and a diplomatic way.
      Being a hypocryte i’ve seen them lying so much and constantly without any regret and shame …
      They are complainers,they hide their mistakes from others and put blame on others even for their own mistakes.

      Yet there is much to a personality than just his/her Sun sign.
      there are many planets involved in making up of a personality.
      One must know which house his sun is ,then moon then venus and then mercury and Mars.
      The problem with sun sign astrology is that it enforces all of mankind into 12 zodiacs with strict principles and measure which is not the case in reality.
      thats why in reality,we see alot of contradictions in personalities of people with reference to their zodiacs.

      • Tuindi says:

        You have a valid point..that is exactly why I said that it truly comes down to your genetic make- up . However , as an Aquarius , my zodiac describes me well . I’m extremely intelligent . Hello My fellow Zodiacs ! # Happy Holidays !

  49. Tu Nguyen says:

    My sign is Sagittarius and my IQ is 142 ~ doesn’t matter anyway :)))

  50. hugens says:

    as far as i seen gemini is the smarest one and i am libra

    • Tuindi says:

      Gemini and Aquarius are equally intelligent , they are the best match for each other also . They match intellectually , their work ethics match, their wit is equal , their social skills are equal , neither is a needy clinger, they matched sexual , as both are into any and everything with each other ..And we both prefer mind stimulation over any other type of stimulation .We completely separate sex and love , so we’ll both switch moods when it’s over lolz . We are the most misunderstood , but understand each other perfectly .It’s hard to get and keep us because we bore easily .However , if you keep our minds stimulated , we’ll be be loyal and love you wholeheartedly .We are the ultimate challenges of the Zodiacs . All Air signs match well , but Libra isn’t as well balanced for each Air Sign as they are for each other .

  51. Zequiyox says:

    I’m 14 yrs. Old, Scorpio and male

    Uses dat dit dit (Morse code), : (braille) and 100010 ( binary/ASCII) for cheating.. I have melancholia, I manipulate people through reverse psychology and can see right through lies I read peoples behavior I excel in academics and people always say since I’m 12 yrs.old I’m advanced compared to my age.(disclaimer: this statement doesn’t serve to boast out what I am)

    I speak 6 languages fluent in three

    This article serves to point out raw intelligence
    By raw I mean that intelligence that hasn’t been influenced by its environment, say Problems.. Because you can’t just point out a Scorpio is perceptually intelligent it depends on its environment and how it adapts to a new one

  52. Winny Gathoni says:

    am piscean and genius

  53. Navjot says:

    I love my zodiac sign… Sagittarius is the best

  54. Ace says:

    So what would you say about a combination of Sun is Gemini, Moon in Aquarius and Ascendant(rising) in Scorpio?

    • I always say that if I were to write this blog today I’d change it to be about the intelligence of each sign. I do think the combination of air and water creates both analytical intelligence and emotional, intuitive intelligence. It’s a strategic combination. Gemini is flexible where Scorpio is not. Gemini can respond to the quick changes in environment while Scorpio reads the underlying signals. Moon in Aquarius is a bit stubborn though when the situation isn’t ideal. Moon in Aquarius will try to make every situation perfect but can also see what the situation is trying to be. I think of Aquarius like sacred geometry – the 3-D printer behind reality.

      • miyara says:


        I am 17 I am the topper of science space university n unbeatable in maths Olimpia…

        well Taurus know how to react practically so well they r not dumb!!

      • Min htut or Minny says:

        Ok I’m libra and is it compitable with aquarius

      • Tuindi says:

        As an Aquarius , I truly believe that we are the most unique .We’re the last and you always save the best for last . Air Signs are the thinkers . Therefore, we possess a high magnitude of intelligence and intellect . Btw , I’m intelligent in both ways you used for Aquarians and Scorpios . To me , it comes down to the science of our individual genetics . # Happy Holidays

  55. Min htut or Minny says:

    Taurus 😒😒😒 I’m a libra charming 💖💖💖and nice👼🏼👼🏼👼🏼but sassy😠😠😠

  56. Min htut or Minny says:

    Oh please I’m not bossy 😡😡😡

  57. Min htut or Minny says:

    Venus which was named after the goodness of love♥️♥️♥️

  58. Oscar says:

    So many wonderful answers And I also noticed that a couple honorable mentions were given to Scorpio. Here’s the real breakdown though between Gemini’s intelligence vs. Scorpio. We may agree that the two uses different types, Gemini (uses analytical ability) but for the Scorpio he doesn’t care about that (Remember Scorpio is a detective trying to see the unseen. He really isn’t bother by what is above the surface). Because Gemini can be completely above the surface at times he will get distracted. Moreover Scorpio’s are extremely ambitious and seek out exactly what it is their looking for no matter how long it takes them to find. That is the power of Scorpio and his intelligence. I think Chinese Zodiac compares him to an Ox that plows straight. Slow and steadily.

    Sun: Scorpio. Rising Sign: Capricorn. Moon: Gemini

    Mastery 11/11/1992 and A Wounded Healer.

  59. Sirjec says:

    I’m Sagittarius and I don’t know where my smartness comes from. Sometimes I feel it’s too much. Solving problems, creative thinking, anything just name it. Sometimes I feel it will be unfair if I don’t write books for generations to learn from me. I have one Leo friend that cannot comprehend my superior reasoning and the only thing he has I’d arrogance while on the other hand my Scorpio wife wants to choke me with attitude. Sagittarius is simply exceptional

    • Aska says:

      Sagittarius really are smart in terms of intuition they match up with Scorpio and that making them pretty intelligent. Sagittarius are good on their feet and then they’re heads follow. Crazy but I had a friend who was that way, technically he was a scorpion born right on the cusp. Read up on your signs ruler Jupiter and who believes Aquarius is the most intelligent, I just don’t think so because Aquarius has no real substance to their personality, no offense to any one but Aquarius is more likely to get something by accident than on purpose usually luck is on their side whereas Scorpios lead fate filled lives. That isn’t too say they aren’t intelligent maybe they feel like know it all.

      • Tuindi says:

        Wdh?? Listen , your preception of Aquarians isn’t reality period .I’m full of substance and get nothing on accident , especially not in the context in which you used..I’m extremely passionate , very precise , idealistic , innovative , extremely intelligent , intellectual , articulate , a humanitarian , prolific, hardworking , a leader , an activist , very successful , straight forward, witty etcetera . And please don’t pull the “no offense” card , when you single-handedly intended to insult an entire zodiac sign and chose to praise yours .Smh.. You do know that Air Signs are the thinkers of the zodiac right? That alone indicates intellect.. You must unlearn what you have learned , and never stereotype any zodiacs as a whole .# Happy Holidays

      • Tuindi says:

        Btw , I know many Scorpios…not all lead “fate filled” lives…it comes down to your scientific genetics .#Facts #Take care.

    • Tuindi says:

      Hi. Honestly , I’m an Aquarius , I have an extremely brilliant mind and no certain form of sense do I lack period . I’m an anti conformist and divergent , if you will . I know many brilliant Aquarians , Oprah , Bill Gates , J Cole , etcetera . However ; not all Aquarians are intellectual nor intelligent , I know that personally.. What it honestly comes down to is our genetics , all genetics vary depending on the sources .

      • shannon says:

        Humbleness could also be a sign of intellect, so those saying how smart they are, aren’t smart enough to realize how dumb they might be. If you think your human logic is pretty clever then know that you’re lying to yourself and that isn’t smart. You were just given enough to think yourself to be clever, but not enough to realize your lost and don’t know much that matters

  60. Lilu says:

    Scorpions are the most stupid by the way and the meanest too. Thay are alao very jelous.

  61. Henrie says:

    I am Gemini. I know everything. Everything is vanity. I seek the God, He isn’t Ev-ery-thing.

  62. Henrie II says:

    I am Gemini. I know everything, everything is vanity. I seek God, he isn’t Ev-ery-thing.

  63. Dennis says:

    I suppose that simply is an article to create controversy deliberately …

    First : Every person on planet earth is their day and their time of birth (and thus their natal chart, their aspects, etc). Not their sun sign. This is the A-B-C of astrology : The most basic and elemental concept in astrology

    Second : All I’m reading (including most comments) has nothing to do with astrology. It has to do with something much more mundane that astrology (and less cosmic) as are the egos, vanity, prejudice and even ignorance

    Say that a sign is smarter, dumber, funny, charm, clueless, violent, ugly or handsome than another is not serious. And has nothing to do with the true astrology. Things are not so simple. They are far more complex

    Third : True smart people do not refer to themselves as such. They have no need to go explaining or make it of public knowledge. For true smart people with have aware of their intelligence is more than enough

  64. Oscar says:

    Go to this blog to get your answer on who is the most intelligent.

  65. Reo says:

    It’s nice to read through all the comments and observe what each sign presume their strength the most.

    Sun signs don’t represent the entirety of the personality. Even more, there are many variations, childhood experience, demographics, so on and so forth. Since it’s the most convenient way to pick up some traits from knowing someone’s birthday by looking at their Sun signs.

    Here’s my observation from interaction with several Sun signs.

    It’s a hit or miss. I’ve come across pretty smart Aries and pretty dumb Aries. When I said “smart” and “dumb”, I don’t mean smart Aries are doing well, and dumb Aries are begging on the street. Smart Aries stand tall among the crowd. I’ve seen them and they really enjoy the center of the crowd. Rightly so, they possess some kind of aura that attracts people. The other dumb Aries can follow what the instructions say. I found that they’re living their mundane lives. They might be a medical Dr. working in a hospital, dealing with patients. But once you interact with them, you sense that they don’t exude confidence, spark, whatever you name it. They’re just like minions working in their schedule. One of my close friends is Aries and he’s a doctor. You’ll be surprised.

    Gemini and Virgo
    Most of the people I’ve come across with those Sun signs, even if their levels of intelligence are different, you observe that they are somehow smart in their own way.

    The way gemini smart is totally different from Virgo.
    Gemini are smart by perceiving people around them, and talking with them. Gemini, Air sign by nature, are pretty smart but they are more perceptive on people feeling and their motive. Gemini can sell you a used car whereas Virgo can’t. The way Gemini accumulate their wealth of knowledge is through filtering their circle of friends. The more smart people Gemini talk to, the easier it becomes Gemini to connect all the dots and make a bigger picture for themselves. So Gemini need smart people around them. In short, Gemini works like a sponge. You can talk about anything with Gemini, and they will relate and intelligently converse with you like they’ve studied the topic before. That’s how fast Gemini can connect dots on the spot and make a conversation with you.

    Virgo on the other hand is almost similar to another Air Sign, Aquarius. They both enjoy alone time and accumulate their wealth of knowledge and information through self-study. The only difference is Virgos are too stable whereas Aquarius are too airy. Virgo are more systematic and methodical in their approach to a problem. I’ll give you an example. Imagine you work in a local store. Your boss (store owner) have a list of things to do. He’ll give you the instructions to get those done. You as a Virgo will follow the instructions (stocking up goods, arranging the time the delivery happens, logistics), and your boss will find you as a very reliable employee. You even improve the list on your own. In short, Virgos make the best out of the situation given. This is how people around Virgos observe that Virgos are smart, i.e., smart in improving or doing things in systematic way. By doing that, they increase the productivity.

    Now let’s turn our head to Aquarius. If Aquarius are given the same job, you have two scenarios. Basically Aquarius will improve the list of things to do in their own way. They would even overturn the list if need be. For eg., Aquarius will tweak the instructions to meet their needs, and make the best out of the situation. Sometimes they can even come up with a great idea to enhance the productivity in the store. Now the first scenario is since Aquarius tend to be un-traditional in their own way, they can either come up with a very good idea that can revolutionize the way things are done around, or they can ruin the entire process by their eccentric idea. There’s the catch for Aquarius.

    I’ll stop here. I will write more if you’re reading.

    • I’ve noted in several replies that were I to write this blog today, I’d focus on the unique intelligence of each sign. But it’s still interesting to see the replies. Any true study would have to be multivariate & analyze the entire chart & compare to external data (iq is easy but other types of intelligence is not so easy to measure).

  66. Olufela says:

    After reading the comments, I believe every sign is intelligent in their own manner and no one can categorically say that a particular sign is the smartest (although there are signs that top the list of intelligence) Intelligence in my opinion is just a word like terrorism, It means different things to different people. Therefore, your intelligence (although boosted by your zodiac sign) is mainly determined by you reaction to situations and your environmental upbringing as an individual… I rest my case
    I have a question; what are the best jobs for a Gemini

    • I agree entirely. I wrote this blog early in blogging while developing topics. Today I’d write about the intelligence of each sign.

      Gemini needs learning, freedom to keep learning & ability to change. That covers a lot. A job that is singular & repetitive is going to be a challenge.

  67. Zahra says:

    Interesting, because I’m an Aquarius with an iq of 140 at age twelve, but I also see Sagittarius as intelligent. It depends on what type of intelligence we’re talking about because Aquarious are the scientists as far as I know, but Sagittarius are intelligent through emotion.

  68. John says:

    The one that seems most stupid is the smartest- Taurus

    Think of why the average richest are the taureans, they have practical intelligence, way more then virgos whom respect them alot, they are lazy because they are smart.

  69. Followyabliz says:

    I’m a Scorpio but I’m so grateful to be one.
    I totally agree with Ohio when he said that we are the most perceptive, you needs be a Scorpio to really grab the fact that Scorpio are very sensitive and intuitive when it comes to extracting emotional vibrations as well as understanding their environment, I have met a pretty good number of Scorpio and they are usually alike in all aspect, thought at this point I would not say that any zodiac sign is the most intelligent or the smartest but I would like to prove a point that Scorpios are really blessed and gifted people..

    I love Cancer girls though, they rock my world , if you are a Scorpio, try a cancer girl and you will be left in awe at the amazing compatibility.

    One live, one love

    • I wrote this long ago as I began blogging. I’ve replied to many others that I’d write it differently today – the specific intelligence of each sign. But I still find Scorpio extremely perceptive.

  70. Ace says:

    How would you describe an individual with this combination?
    Sun in: 10°34′ Gemini
    Moon in: 16°03′ Aquarius
    AS in: 1°12′ Scorpio
    MC in: 28°22′ Cancer

    • Reo says:


      You would be a person who is outgoing, vibrant, cheerful and can adapt to any situations that happen to you. You might not realize that you have an inner strength, but you do. Your inner strength lies in your action rather than your words. You need an occasional break from the society after going through their troubles, solving their problems. You need to re-energize your strength.

      You see the imperfections in the world, you see the cracks in human ethics, you want to perfect those little blemishes as you walk on the earth. But they do sap your energy, yet you still come back with more energy. You’re always looking for opportunities to improve yourself. You are intelligent speaker. I mean it. You are INTELLIGENT speaker.

      Your don’t reveal your personal stuff too easily. You choose your friends carefully.

      So when anyone read this description, it seems like it applies to anyone. But when we break it down, it tells a whole another story.

      When “Inner strength” is taken into consideration, most Gemini (with strong moon trait: Aquarius) never talk about their misery to anyone, let alone their friends. You may seem Gemini happily mingling among friends, but they do have their own misery. But they never reveal it, now coupled with Aquarius trait, I venture to say you will never reveal your personal problems to anyone. Only when you find your close friend, you will divulge. That’s how makes it different from other, for eg, Pisces. Pisces in general make a pity party. They will reveal any problems they have with anyone.

      So when Pisces read this description, he/she will think they also have “inner strength”, but when you look around you, you see the clear difference between those Gemini and Pisces traits in terms of revealing their weakness.

      Intelligent: Everyone thinks they are intelligent. But the way one person is intelligent is different from other person. The way Gemini are intelligent is they can decouple themselves from society and look differently as an “Outsider” or may I say “Alien looking at the world”. So they have more objective view of the society. However the way Scorpio look at the society is, they tend to look at the society as it is, and follow the rules Society has set upon them and work intelligently or more “Diligently” through the societal rules.

      So when Zodiac signs says “Intelligent”, everyone reading the description will feel the same. They are intelligent. But as a matter of fact, if you dig deeper, there are layers and layers of difference, when it comes to actual intelligence.

      Taurus reading the “Intelligence” description will feel the same way too. They are intelligent. But Taurus in general are dumb in terms of looking at the world. They are intelligent only in financial department. Aquarius in general are reckless with money. So you’d see? different zodiac signs read the traits differently.

      • westmeinstenheimersmannelsteins says:

        Us crazy gypsies.

        To add. The name Ace, your name is possible to likely to be Anthony and having your preferred the nickname Ace over tony may indeed add a little to whom you are. Tony can be a name forgotten and likely people have confused your name a few times, hence reason for choosing to go by Ace. Choosing the name Ace for the personal branding of a person who displays confidence in traits of correctness, probability, right/justified, and clever tricks inside your bag. Also deriving from a communication at it’s essence “One cannot win, without a Ace”. Ace is name that communicates this (this is off the cuff, lay off me.) and now you know why you choose the name. To express that you are a team player, you are a valued member to the team or their team, as a hand or in a game you will need a Ace to win.
        It twas a good choice to go from Anthony (educated) to Tony (nuncification and clarity of audible tones limit it’s likelihood of hearing in some ears and thus memorability lessened by original stimulus exposure (first 5/introduction, errors in memory) down to Ace. Ace being 3 letters, shorter, and ending in “ssss” which is extended and the temporary memory can SOLVE the sound before CE and thus have a better understanding at the original time of exposure. Along with “why would he choose Ace?” as a thought, and a judgement, then correcting thought to be open minded and not accuse one of having a high ego.
        Now, those with high ego’s may compete with a Ace. Those on the dominant ends of human behavior (male, dominant’s, capricorn, names), or of course those who have obtained or had confidence to have more confident nicknames.

        Excuse me, I think I am just trying to be smart. Crack some jokes via root cause and effect psychology, little bit of crazy gyptsy, and so on. Will be reading crystal ball for living soon. Not too many peeps stacking crystal ball money these days!

  71. fighter pilot troy (___TROYTHESHARK___) says:

    Well I’m a Cancer, I can state that well I may have atleast met one Intelligent Aquarian… That being my Sister the other Aquarians I have met are simply put “Misinformed”. Being a Cancer my memory is pretty good, although I forget things every month, I do retain my Knowledge. Anyway, i have been obsessed with learning. In fact I love science, and reading…

    I don’t concider myself a genius, but I have noticed my intelligence usually I get A’s and B’s mostly in Math and Science… My sister which is an Aquarian is great at Literature and History. My Mother which is a Sagittarius is great with Science. My Father is also a Sagittarian he is great with Math, Literature, and History…

    A thing to take note of is that our Scientists have found 786+ Exo-Planets, that is just simply something you can just search up… Anyway the Zodiac signs every one of them had a Genius in them.
    I don’t recall their names but I know that Einstine is a Pieces, and Stephen Hawking is a Capricorn.
    Simply put you can search these simple things up.
    I myself have been wanting to become an Astronomer. Astronomy has interested me most of my life as far as I recall.

    Man I am bad at writing.

    • I like your comments a lot. You sound like you have a lively, fun & intelligent family. Nice for a Cancer!

      I wrote this blog early in my blogging days & would write it differently today. Each sign/element has its unique intelligence. In Asian astrology, intelligence is associated with water. I think because water is so perceptive of the surroundings.

      A lot of our technology is air intelligence-ideas to reality. Fire helps here with confidence to have the big thoughts.

      Earth intelligence is practical & sometimes overlooked until we have a financial change & someone makes out big. Earth is clever this way.

      It sounds like you incorporate astrology into lots of other disciplines. You’ll have to start your own blog & share.

  72. Smiley says:

    As a Pisces, i don’t consider myself that smart but when i do want to compete against others in terms of academics i always surpass them..Save for that one Scorpio

  73. Farwalala says:

    This is so accurate. No doubts that aquarius are intelligent on analytic basis. Althought im a scorpion

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  75. Dumb Aqua says:

    I’m an aquarius and I’m dumb as hell (Feb 03). My neighbors once beat me in public for being dumb and they don’t allow me to talk to their children. they think I will make them dumb as well. My teacher often call my parents and ask them to discontinue my studies because they don’t any future in me. I don’t know where I’m heading in my life. I’m depressed and don’t want to be dumb anymore. please help…

    • Kornelia Fuchs says:

      Dude, did nobody say anything when they beat you up? In my country society would hate them for this forever. Now I can’t really tell you what to do considering that I don’t know your personal situation, but I’ll give you some advise. In case you said something stupid, which might give them the Impression, I’d think twice before I say anything if I were you, so I can avoid that problem. If it has something to do with grades, I’d say you need to learn a lot. Really, even a really dumb person can achieve something as long as they learn. And I don’t think you are that stupid. But if you still doubt your intelligence, you can always test your IQ, it is a rational way to see if somebody is stupid. I also had to do it, because my teachers thought I was an idiot for being unable to talk to others, but apparently I am average.

      • Dumb Aqua says:

        Hi Kornelia, thank you for your kind inspirational note. I’m from India & I guess you are from Germany. I will keep your words in mind and I’m trying my best to become an average person.

        Lots of Love.

  76. Brock Williams says:

    Pisces, we are the final zodiacal sign. We complete you all. No need to cite fellow geniuses as they’re already known on a major platform. #HumbleUs

  77. Michael Williams says:

    I’m a Taurus, really, it doesn’t matter if you are dumb or smart, however that is measured. Maybe the Taurus in me says what is the point of proving anything that you or anyone else deems valuable if you cannot get your point over to someone, coercion is the greatest asset of all. get others to do for you or give to you or follow you based on what you believe is the truest application of intelligence. I believe Taurus’s excel above all the other signs in executing this intelligence. End results are what is measured.

  78. massi says:

    just two are smart,
    gemini and sag .

    i am a scorpio myself and altough i think i can read people at times ..

    i am way too slow to react on it.

    for me a smart man or woman is spmeone who can bring you new ideas,
    new insights in an instant..

    GOOD ones.

    not the one who must think it over for a week and still regret it or you.

    i have many gemini and sag friends and they are the most clear fast and sly thinkers from the zodiac. period.

    also because emotions not stand in their way while tuning up to a solution.

    i as a scorpio , unable to switch of my emotions .. therefore say we are not bright enough .

    we are just like the cancer zodiac only we are more silent.

    we are a watery feminine sign..
    way too emotional , way to dramatic and way to slow.

    black is our color , and we over analize like hell.

    we scorpions look tough because of our dangerous name..

    in real life we are hyper sensitive.

    for 10 years i hoped i had a gemini or sag ascendant , but no..

    double scorpio..

    knew it.

  79. Mystic67 says:

    Very interesting reading. I’m a Gemini, Virgo Moon, Pisces rising. I know I’m not stupid but not a genius by any means. I like to look at why things happen and why people act as they do. I like to learn things…a little bit of everything interests me. I wish I had a little more fire in my chart or some more cardinal energy to actually help me get up and go! The sign I seem to have the most difficulty with is Capricorn. The sign I seem to enjoy talking too the most is Sag. I think every and where it’s placed in your chart to be the most telling…and of course your environment.

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