Ann Romney, Queen Bee not Aunt Bee

This morning I read about the home-spun authenticity of Ann Romney, wife of Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Of course, checking out the horoscope behind the authenticity was a must.

First let me say I LOVE THIS. Watching politicians’ attempts to project images takes me back to watching plays in elementary school. You’re taught by elementary school not to laugh (openly) at others but still don’t have the maturity to restrain your giggles watching your friends trying to portray characters in a play. Their acting is terrible, it’s funny and you laugh.

According to the AP story, Ann and Mitt Romney were flipping pancakes recently at a political fundraiser. Mrs. Romney is quoted in the article as saying that she served pancakes nearly every morning before her children went to school.

I don’t question the authenticity of Mrs. Romney’s love of making pancakes nearly every morning for her sons. I’m sure she did. And I’m sure she enjoyed it. I believe her.

What I’m giggling about, with her chart in hand, is the IMAGE being projected of a women who loves to stay home and serve her family.

Mrs. Romney has sun, Venus and Mars in fiery Aries, moon in fiery Sagittarius and Pluto and Saturn in fiery Leo. Yes, this is a grand fire trine.

Mrs. Romney almost has a grand air trine as well with Uranus in Gemini, Neptune in Libra and Jupiter in Aquarius. Jupiter is a little off the mark for making this a full-fledged grand trine.

Mercury in Taurus provides the one earth sign in the chart. She communicates in an earthy, grounded way, but she is far from grounded.

You’ve probably realized by now that there is an element lacking – water. Water is about emotions, empathy and spiritual connectedness. The home-iest of the signs is Cancer, which rules motherhood, family and belonging.

Back to the pancakes. My first question to a woman with a chart full of fire and air who tries to project an image of traditional Colonial femininity is – after cooking the pancakes did you do the dishes? Or did you have, say, domestic help?

Fire signs are about confidence, enthusiasm, energy and passion. Mrs. Romney has energy in abundance. She can certainly do dishes, but fire signs would rather do something else, like go out and play with friends. Add an air trine to the mix and this is someone who definitely does not like to stay home. This is the chart of a social extrovert.

Mr. Romney, who from the Ohio Astrology assessment is not very confident, appears to have married what he lacks. Just like the poor, handsome lad of a French novel, Mitt Romney appears to have married into “confidence” the way a novel’s protagonist would have married into wealth.

Fire is also very expressive. I’m guessing that if the men in her family didn’t comply with her wishes, Mrs. Romney, an impulsive Aries, would have thrown a flapjack at their heads.

Mrs. Romney, with her abundance of fire, would have made a terrific athlete. Sports are a fine outlet for aggressive and warlike energy.

Moon in Sagittarius makes Mrs. Romney a wandering risk taker. If she hasn’t been to Las Vegas, she needs to put it on her bucket list because the sparkling glamour of the opulent hotels will appeal to her fiery nature and the gambling will appeal to Sagittarius, that gambler of the zodiac.

With little earth in her chart, Mrs. Romney is not much of a penny pincher. This is someone who likes nice things both for herself and for her family. “Waste not want not,” are the words of her husband, which she probably ignores.

Mrs. Romney is strong. She will fight, especially for people she loves and causes she cares about. Will she help you clean the vomit off the kitchen chair? Maybe not, but she will make sure it gets cleaned. She’s in charge.

I feel better about Mitt Romney as a candidate knowing that he does have the confidence and strength of Hercules, just not in his own personality. He complemented himself by marrying a woman with an abundance of confidence and strength.

And what does Mrs. Romney receive in return from her husband? She receives emotional sensitivity from his abundance of water (sun and several planets in Pisces, moon and Jupiter in Scorpio). He is the emotional antenna, she is the action.  

The Romneys for President! Together, they have it all.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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2 Responses to Ann Romney, Queen Bee not Aunt Bee

  1. Reblogged this on Ohio Astrology and commented:

    Blog re-post from September 25, 2011. Miss Ann is back in the news!

  2. Mike Wirth says:

    In a recent NBC interview Ann Romney stated that she had a minor flare up of her MS in March and had to leave the campaign to recover.

    There’s no birth time for her yet but based on this March event there were various transits and progressions that indicate this health issue emerging.

    Some of these progressions and transits are still in play (ie transit Saturn opposite stellium planets) and reaching culmination so possibility/probability of another health event?

    She looked quite stressed out during the interview especially when addressing Mitt’s refusal to release more income tax information.

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