Republican Fight Club: Cain and Perry

The first rule of the Republican Fight Club is “Find Something to Fight About.” One of the great challenges in American politics is finding something that is truly different between you and that guy standing over at the other podium who looks just like you and feeds from the same lobbyists.

Herman Cain and Rick Perry don’t look alike. No wonder their fight is about just that – race.

Politically this fight seems better for Cain who is saying, “Look, I’m not the same as those others guys (and gals).”

Astrologically, Cain and Perry are quite different.

Cain has sun in Sagittarius and moon probably in Aries and Mars in Leo. Those are the three fire signs forming what’s called a grand trine. Cain fights with Greek fire. He fights fire with fire and will flame you with the lash of his tongue. And if you get him truly angry, there may even be some fisticuffs.

Cain is a strong and confident fighter. In fact, with so much fire, Cain is a fighter even if there is no battle to be fought. That’s a little problem Aries has and why it harangues those around it. Aries is a warrior and if you don’t fight with your Aries loved one, they will find you a big bore.

Fire likes to incite, so if you do not rise to the antagonisms of your fire friends, they will just try harder next time. Fire is no quitter.

Perry has a watery Pisces sun, earthy Virgo moon and a total of five other planets in air. Only Pluto is in fire (Leo). Perry does not fight fire with fire. Perry fights fire with water and air.

If Perry goes into his air qualities, he will be feeding fire as air feeds fire. Air is about socializing and communicating. I’ve got news for Perry – creating a dialogue with Cain will just feed his fire. From an astrological perspective, to win this fight with Cain, Perry will have to stop talking.

Now water, that’s something that puts out fire. If Perry strategically uses his water qualities to fight the Fiery Cain, he may win.

How to fight with water?

Pisces (and Virgo to some extent) have the defense of being the victim and martyr. Cain is saying (accurately, I believe) that his race is being treated unfairly. If Perry mirrors that back to Cain and usurps the role of victim, he could win.

The best water strategy of all is to cry.

If Perry does that, Cain would be advised to simply be content with having taken a stand publicly. I’m not suggesting Cain’s motives are purely political, but if Perry gets people weepy, this could be a good solution.

If this were a physical fight, like something held in Las Vegas and available on paid television, all of my money would be wagered on Cain. I would bet extra, even, that Perry would be a no-show.

Politics is really not so simple as physical fighting. Cain may be stronger, but Perry may be craftier.

Now, what time does the fight start? What channel?


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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