Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore – The Astrology of Age Difference

When an older woman (Demi Moore) marries a younger man (Ashton Kutcher), it makes some news. The opposite, an older man marrying a younger woman, is more common and considered normal, possibly due to women’s declining fertility with age.

Regardless of gender, age differences do have an impact in a relationship and, of course, are represented symbolically in astrology.

Each planet has a cycle. The farther out a planet, the longer the cycle. The longer the cycle, the more that planet represents a generation.

Cycles – Jupiter and Beyond

We need to start at Jupiter for generational cycles. The cycles are the time it takes the planet to revolve around the sun.

Jupiter – 12 years (1 year in each sign)

Saturn – 29 years (2.5 years in each sign)

Uranus – 84 years (7 years in each sign)

Neptune – 164 years (14 years in each sign)

Pluto – 248 years (21 years in each sign)

Generation Gap

If you meet someone 12 years older or younger than you, Jupiter will be in the same sign. If you meet someone 6 years older, Jupiter’s sign will be opposite your Jupiter’s sign.

Uranus takes 7 years to go through a sign. Your partner has to be 40 years older or younger to have Uranus in the opposite sign. However, every 21 years, Uranus will square its position in your horoscope. Someone 21 years older or younger will agitate you, will have a different 7-year “itch.”

If you meet someone 29 years older or younger, they will have the same Saturn. You don’t often see this age gap in marriage, unless one of the partners is filthy rich.

You do see, however, half of 29 which is a 14-15 year age difference. In this case, the Saturn placements of the two people will be opposite.

Get it?

Kutcher and Moore

Kutcher and Moore, lo and behold, have a 16 year age difference. They have opposing Saturns and Jupiters in signs that square each other.


Saturn is about structure and boundary. In a chart, it is an area of weakness, an area of overcompensation and striving.

Kutcher’s Saturn is in Leo and Moore’s Saturn is in the opposite sign of Aquarius.

Leo is about creative self-expression. Aquarius is about group activities and ideals. Kutcher is an Aquarius sun indicating he loves groups and is constantly surrounded by friends. Kutcher is not as comfortable taking all the credit for himself in a creative endeavor.

Moore, on the other hand, probably avoids groups. In addition to Saturn in Aquarius, she has sun in private Scorpio and moon in homebody Taurus.

The Saturn conflict is self-expression versus group expression. Kutcher prefers groups, Moore prefers individual attainments. Since Moore’s Saturn in Aquarius is conjunct Kutcher’s Mercury and in the same sign as his sun, moon and Venus, it suggests that she tries to limit the time he spends in groups.


Kutcher’s Jupiter is in Gemini and Moore’s Jupiter is in Pisces. Both have Jupiter trine the sun.

Kutcher’s Jupiter in Gemini says – “talk and move on.” Moore’s says, “empathize and help.”

Moore will bring people into her inner sanctuary if she feels a close connection to them and believes she can help them heal. Kutcher, on the other hand, brings everybody into the environment at all times. His kitchen is like a sitcom kitchen where characters walk in and out daily.

Personal Differences

Age differences, then, have inherent generational conflicts. In addition to generational conflicts, Kutcher and Moore have different fundamental personalities.

Moore is has sun in fixed water (Scorpio) and moon in fixed earth (Taurus). She is an intense, stubborn and sensual individual.

Kutcher has sun and moon in fixed air (Aquarius). He is a zany, impersonal, aloof individual.

Need I say more?

The abundance of fixed signs can create some very intense encounters. However, for Moore intensity is both physical and emotional and for Kutcher the intensity is in the realm of thought. For her, he is too superficial and flaky. For him, she is too clingy and possessive.

Opposites attract

Kutcher and Moore are opposites in many ways. The age difference represents a different generational learning. The sun and moon differences indicate that regardless of age differences, they are motivated from fundamentally different energies.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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