Gift Shopping with Astrology

It’s that time again – the holidays. And in America, holidays means gift shopping. If we didn’t have holidays in this country, we might have no economy at all.

This year, surprise and stun you loved one by finding a gift that resonates with his/her true self. Astrology can help you choose a gift that will provide deep joy.

Print and save this guide. It does not tell you specifically what to buy, but provides the underlying essence of the gift that will hit the spot with your loved one.

Ohio Astrology assumes no responsibility if the gift you choose does not impress and delight. If your added effort to bring joy to your loved ones is not successful, remember that it is truly the thought that counts when giving gifts.

The guide is based on signs of the zodiac. Remember, we have ten “planets” in our charts. The sun and moon are most important. Ohio Astrology, as a gift to the reader, is willing to look up moon signs to help in the gift-selection process.


ARIES is a cardinal fire sign known by the key phrase, “I am.” Aries is an early-adopter, a sign that wants new and improved products. The gift must create excitement. If your Aries likes to cook, buy the newest gizmo that both slices cheese and blends soup. Does your Aries like to bike? Buy the newest in biking clothes with fancy pockets for keys and camel back water containers. Whatever the interest of your Aries, make sure the gift is improved upon what they already have.

TAURUS is a fixed earth sign known by the key phrase “I have.” Like all earth signs, practical items are acceptable. As Taurus likes to accumulate, additions to an existing collection are a hit. If your Taurus doesn’t have a collection, you might consider purchasing the first part of a collection; this will save you effort for many, many years. Taurus is a solid sign and likes solid, well-made products. Choose a well-made product over a cheap replica.

GEMINI is a mutable air sign known by the key phrase “I think.” Gemini is the most inquisitive of the signs, the quintessential journalist. Your gift must inspire thinking and wonder. Think Rubik Cube. If your Gemini is interested in reading, a book on a new or controversial subject will work well. Is your Gemini into technology? Pick something that involves solving a puzzle or problem or that has all kinds of adjustments. Make the gift mentally stimulating.

CANCER is a cardinal water sign known by the key phrase “I feel.” The person who said about gifts that “it’s the thought that counts” was definitely a water sign and probably a Cancer. You’d better listen to your Cancer’s needs before buying a gift. If must involve 1) something you heard he/she needed and 2) a response to that need. Practical or fluff doesn’t matter. If your Cancer says her feet hurt, go buy a foot massager and peppermint oil. Did your Cancer say he feels you abandon him for work? Buy a romantic movie package that includes tickets, popcorn and two drinks.

LEO is a fixed fire sign known by the key phrase “I will.” Your Leo loves to be the center of attention. Buy him/her something that makes him/her look good. If there are three sizes to choose from, buy the biggest. If you have a chance for a gift wrap, take it and make sure it looks good. Make sure the gift is highly expressive, bright and shiny. This is the sign that would most love to receive a singing telegram on Valentine’s Day. Nothing is too embarrassing for this sign, so think big.

VIRGO is a mutable earth sign known by the key phrase “I analyze.” This is the pickiest recipient you can have. Good luck to you. As with Cancer, you must listen carefully to the ramblings of your chit-chatty Virgo. Buy exactly the thing you hear your Virgo talk about and get a gift receipt. Virgos do like health and work-related items. Just make sure that if your Virgo says she takes calcium citrate, do not buy her calcium carbonate. Don’t be dismayed if your Virgo analyzes your gift – that means there is interest. Do be dismayed if the Virgo does not use it.

LIBRA is a cardinal air sign known by the key phrase “I balance.” Libras are a gift givers joy. Libras like gifts in their purest form – beautiful, non-practical, unique items that provide pleasure. Once you know your Libra’s interests, just find something within it that provides pleasure. Do not buy a practical gift. If your gift happens to provide pleasure to both your Libra and yourself, he/she will probably share it with you. Lucky you.

SCORPIO is a fixed water sign known by the key phrase “I create.” As with the other water signs, you’d better pay attention what your Scorpio is saying. He/she is absolutely dropping you hints about what he/she wants. If you don’t think so, then you are not listening. Scorpio is intense, so a gift that expresses the sentiments of your personal relationship is best. This is a sign that would like a memento of your relationship. Make sure the gift is both sincere and elegant.

SAGITTARIUS is a mutable fire sign known by the key phrase “I perceive.” Sagittarius likes to wander, both physically and mentally, so something that aids traveling in the body or mind is recommended. Travel books or actual trips are the biggest hit. Sagittarians have lots of interests so find something that piques those interests from books to actual activities, such as an annual pass to a science museum or zoo.

CAPRICORN is a cardinal earth sign known by the key phrase “I use.” This is a sign that can accept a practical item or an item that enhances status. If you buy your Capricorn this practical item, make sure it is a name brand and not generic. No fakes Rolodexes. Either buy the real thing or buy something cheaper that is still a recognized, solid brand. Gifts that aid your Capricorn in his/her career are also a hit, such as a monogrammed business card case.

AQUARIUS is a fixed air sign known by the key phrase “I know.” Aquarius is the zaniest sign of the zodiac, so be creative with the gift. There is only one criterion to meet – the gift must be unique. It could be anything from a hand-made locally crafted candle to a personally built time machine made of old photographs from your Aquarius’ life. This sign, more than others, can accept something outside of the idea of a “gift.”

PISCES is a mutable water sign known by the key phrase “I believe.” Pisces is a challenge because your watery recipient is very subtle about what he/she wants. As with the other water signs, your gift to Pisces must show care and concern. If all year your Pisces has been saying that she’d love to see the Nutcracker this Christmas and you buy tickets to Nascar (or vice versa), you will not provide joy. As long as your gift shows care, the physical value of the item is of no concern. Your gift must express a spiritual/mystical/emotional sentiment. Pisces wants to feel what you felt in selecting the gift.


Ohio Astrology hopes this guide provides as much joy in choosing a gift as the loved one will feel when receiving it.

Note: Key phrases are from Isabel Hickey’s “Astrology: A Cosmic Science.”


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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