Nine Career Options for Herman Cain

Herman Cain, Republican Presidential Candidate contender, is leading in the polls. Unfortunately, a story has surfaced about Cain settling some sort of sexual harassment suit 12 years ago.

Interesting timing.

This is the first time in many years I’ve had the time to keep up with the details of a political campaign. It’s easy to see why politicians complain of conspiracy and smear tactics.

It’s All About Romney

After the October 11 debate, The New York Times headlined their story “Romney Looks Past Rivals as Debate Focuses on Economy.” The Washington Post story was titled “Mitt Romney solidifies his front-runner status in Republican debate.”

News coverage pointed toward Mitt Romney. The polls, however, pointed toward Herman Cain.

At that time and now, I feel that the powers that be in the Republican Party want Mitt Romney. Watching the debates, my guess is that they want Mitt Romney as President and Michele Bachmann as Vice President. Bachmann has been awful nice to Romney in the last two debates.

Although he’s currently winning in this thing we call a primary, Cain is clearly not meant to win by whomever or whatever really determines the candidates.

If this primary were truly a mano a mano competition (instead of a dinero a dinero competition), Cain, with a grand fire trine in his horoscope, could boil the watery Romney in barbeque sauce, shred him like pork and eat him between a sesame seed bun. The mutable sign-filled Rick Perry could easily be shredded into cole slaw and put on top.

Unfortunately, one man full of fire can’t burn through an entire foundation of politics. I suspect Cain will go down fighting. But I suspect he will go down.

Nine Career Options for Herman Cain

When Cain gracefully or not so gracefully accepts that Romney is the chosen one, here are nine careers that might suit his personality as he moves on.

  1. Author. Banking on his 9-9-9 tax plan, Cain could publish a series of books with the magical number “9” such as “9 Traits of a Successful CEO” or “9 Tips for
    Running for President.”
  2. Motivational speaker. Cain is a fiery orator. He’s got the energy and passion of a motivational speaker, including of the religious sort.
  3. Boxer. Cain may be too old to start on this career path, but fire likes to fight.
  4. Traveling minstrel. Cain’s Sagittarian sun, Mercury and Venus likes to move around. Mars in Leo loves to tell stories.
  5. Adventure tour guide. Fire is adventuresome. Taking responsibility for others’ welfare in dangerous settings will appeal to this man.
  6. Firefighter. Hey, with so much fire, why not go to the fire?
  7. Head of a nation other than the US. Maybe the US can still take down Cuba and elect a governor of the island.
  8. Sports team owner. Fire loves sports and owning a team fits with Cain’s executive abilities.
  9. Military commander. It may be too late for this career, but fire and executive
    ability make fine officers (and gentlemen).

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4 Responses to Nine Career Options for Herman Cain

  1. Kerrie says:

    It’ll be interesting to see what develops now that Mercury & Venus have moved into Sagittarius. More women have stepped forward. I wonder what prompted him to think he might like to govern a country. It doesn’t seem anything like running a company. For one thing, you can’t fire Congress or control public opinion, and negotiation doesn’t seem his strong suit. This may be the beginning of the end…

    • Ross Perot brought up the idea that a country should be run like a business. How many people like their employers these days? How many people want to pay the entire costs of their health care?

      Venus transiting Cain’s sun might actually help him this month. I think it’s Mars moving out of Leo and into Virgo that will take the air out of his sails. Mars in Virgo will square his sun/Uranus opposition. Cain likes energy, not details. He will probably die by the details. Maybe a health issue (Virgo) will arise.

      • Kerrie says:

        Excellent point about Mars into Virgo and Venus into Sag. I thought the same about Venus. I like your 9 alternatives, as well. The sports team owner and motivational speaker seem a perfect match for Cain.

        It’s interesting how each of the Republican candidates has had something come up to really knock them off. I still don’t believe that any of them are rightful seekers of that title, and a Romney/Bachmann ticket, holy cow. I just think the generation is wrong. The Occupy movement has fired up so spectacularly, and these candidates just don’t get it. They’re too much of the old school, traditional framework.

      • None of the candidates feel right to me, either. Cain does seem to be his own person more than Romney or Perry. I actually feel bad for him rising through his own efforts only to be shot down as he makes it to the top.

        Now that I watch the primaries closer, I really do feel there is bias. I rarely vote Republican so have no attachment to these candidates. I feel like Romney is favored and Perry is in for the show, maybe to create the image of a true challenger.

        To run against Obama, I think the GOP will pick a female running mate as they did in 2008. Or maybe a Latino or something non-WASP to pick up the vote on people who we now know are willing to vote for a non-WASP male.

        Or maybe Cain will prevail. I can’t imagine him going down without a fight, so it will definitely be an interesting time. Mars will be in Virgo through next July as it goes retrograde. That’s a rough transit for Cain.

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