Sarkozy and Merkel – the Astrology Behind the Relationship

Nicolas Sarkozy, President of France, and Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, have been spending a lot of time together recently, tête-à-tête.

It’s an astrological match made in heaven. I do not know how traditional matchmakers (in countries that use horoscopes) decide compatibility. There’s what you want and what you need. Matchmakers, I assume, support the gender roles that society strives to maintain.

For example, if you are a fire sign, maybe you want another passionate drama-king/queen for a partner. But is that good? Will too much fire explode like Mentos in Pepsi?

Sarkozy and Merkel have very different personalities but lots of nice aspects. They are born six months apart which means the outer planets are in similar positions. Astrologically that means they share the same “times” and do not have generation gaps.

In general, Sarkozy is an extroverted show off type, who exhibits but essentially remains detached. Merkel is a more emotional, comforting and caring individual who is able to restrain her sentimentality.

Energizing Relationship

Sarkozy, according to Astrotheme, has moon in Aries. His sun is in Aquarius. Merkel is a Cancer sun with moon in Aquarius. In a traditional view of a traditional marriage, the woman’s moon on the man’s sun is a good sign of compatibility.

Merkel’s Mars in Sagittarius conjuncts Sarkozy’s Venus in Sagittarius. She finds him attractive, fun and approachable. He finds her energizing, maybe because of her feelings toward him.

Sarkozy’s Jupiter is conjunct Merkel’s sun. Merkel find Sarkozy accepting of her emotional nature and comforting toward her emotions.

Sarkozy and Merkel simply are comfortable with each other and enjoy each other’s company. After the public life of each is over, they will probably meet on holidays for a drink in the sun.

Emotional Differences

Merkle is much more emotional than Sarkozy, having Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus and the sun in Cancer. However, this nature is offset by her moon in the rational air sign of Aquarius. Merkel has emotional reactions galore, but is able to react with detachment and composure (quite a feat).

Sarkozy has a rational demeanor (sun in Aquarius) but has aggressive, angry reactive nature from the moon in Aries. He’s one to blow off the handle if, say, the door handle doesn’t turn properly.

Sarkozy’s aggressive Aries moon is distasteful to a Cancer personality as Cancer wants everyone to get along. Cancer is like a border collie nosing the group into a unit. Sarkozy is independent and Merkle is a collaborator.

Communication Style Differences

Merkel with Mercury in Cancer is an emotional, relating communicator. Sarkozy has Mercury in Aquarius opposite Pluto in Leo square Saturn in Scorpio which means that he can be both unusual in his communication style and by turns combative and controlling in speech.

Sarkozy should let Merkel do the talking.

Obama Visit

Barack Obama is visiting Europe this week for the Group of 20 Summit in Cannes and will be spending some time with both Sarkozy and Merkel.

Obama’s sun is opposite Sarkozy’s sun while Obama’s Saturn opposite Merkle’s sun. Obama’s moon in Gemini makes little aspect to either Sarkozy’s or Merkel’s charts.

These oppositions suggest that both Sarkozy and Merkel will find Obama difficult to deal with. He will be on the other side of the fence in terms of personality, if not politics.

Obama’s Jupiter in Aquarius is a wide aspect to both Sarkozy’s sun and Merkel’s moon. Obama may talk to both leaders in the idealistic, abstract terms that they both admire. However, in action, Obama will feel like an opposite and external challenge to both leaders.

Obama’s Pluto is conjunct Merkel’s Venus (in Virgo). Obama’s Mars is in Virgo as well. Obama will be quite aggressive with Merkel, especially in terms of the details. My mental image is of two people working on a crossword together. She’s having fun, but for him it becomes a compulsion. He’s got to figure out every last word without peeking at the answers.


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