Silvio Berlusconi is Italy

Silvio Berlusconi, Prime Minister of Italy, is receiving pressure to step down. Berlusconi has been in power for 18 years and, according to the Wikipedia entry, has dealt with allegations of false testimony, bribery, Mafia connections, media control, economic conflicts of interest and sex with minors.

Sounds like a pope.

Italy is romanticized in so many movies you sometimes forget it’s the land of the Roman Empire, a religion that has been involved in politics for centuries and extensive organized crime. The history of Italy and its warring city-states is anything but romantic.

Berlusconi is Italy

Berlusconi, however, is a romantic. He has sun in Libra and moon in Pisces. This is not a person I would have put at the top of the political food chain. I’d have assumed, if I’d looked at the horoscope without knowing him, that he would be an artist or some other profession that lived on ideals and poetry and the couches of friends.

He’s not tough. Berlusconi’s ability to navigate the rough land of Italy is based on his ability to do Libra things (charm, avoid, rationalize, party with) and Pisces things (avoid, manipulate, charm, mesmerize, soothe, empathize with, have psychic insight into).

Pisces is an extremely emotional sign that picks up the vibes in any environment. Neither Pisces nor Libra has strong boundaries. This combination of Libra/Pisces suggests that Berlusconi is mirroring and absorbing what’s around him. If he’s bad, the environment is bad. If he is good, the environment is good.

Saturn conjunct moon in Pisces suggests that Berlusconi had a mother who did not provide Berlusconi the emotional support he needed and/or cut Berlusconi off from his own emotions in some way. Neptune opposing the Saturn/moon conjunction suggests Berlusconi suffers, at times, sadness and depression.


Saturn has finished passing over Berlusconi’s sun. You’d think the contraction of his relationships would have culminated by now.

Saturn will move onto his Venus in Scorpio next summer. If he wants to enjoy the girls, he’d better do it soon. This doesn’t bode well for the sex life.

Neptune is in Pisces but will not transit Berlusconi’s moon for about six more years. He’d been 81 at that time. Maybe in his 80s he will transmute that Piscean skill at manipulation (of the political environment) into Piscean spirituality.

Pluto transiting Capricorn is squaring Berlusconi’s Libra sun. Authority and rules are causing friction in his life, harming his Libra ability to enjoy himself.

Pluto trines Berlusconi’s natal Mars in Virgo, so maybe he will weather this storm. He can use his Virgo love of details to crush all the arguments of his opponents.

Mars in Virgo is interested in work and health. With that Pisces energy in his chart, I’m guessing he’s a hypochondriac, always worried about germs and dirt.

Why don’t politicians ever want to retire?

When I look at aging politicians, I always wonder why they can’t retire. Most of us want to and those that can, don’t. Crazy world.

While there is a different reason for every politician, I would guess Berlusconi stays in power for the Piscean need for love and attention and the Venus in Scorpio need for good sex. His chart suggests one who loves sensual pleasures, socializing and parties.

I don’t see why Berlusconi can’t get these things without being Prime Minister.

Italy will be the same without him.


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