Barbie and her Handler

The Astrological Essence of Barbie

Barbie, the blonde beauty doll, was (according to Wikipedia) debuted at the New York Toy Fair on March 9, 1959. I set her “birth time” at 8:00 am although I’m well aware that toy fair attendees who have a chance to party in New York City do not often get up early.

Barbie has both sun and moon in Pisces. Our plastic friend is both the best and worst of Pisces. In her blonde beauty, she is the essence of Piscean etherealness. In her role as a non-speaking, non-sentient projected representation of a mythic ideal, she is manipulating us with images.

Barbie’s ascendant is Aries which indicates her assertive nature. Neptune, the planet that rules Pisces, is in the 7th house of partnerships in the sign of Scorpio. Barbie is a dependent entity, whose “other” is in the throes of idealistic and sometimes deluded sexual attraction.

The 12th house is where Barbie’s sun and moon reside indicating that she hides her true self. In Pisces, she probably doesn’t really know her own self anyway. She’s so sensitive to the environment that she must hide inside a cocoon of plastic.

Barbie is now 52 years old with nary a wrinkle to show for it. She is Piscean otherworldly.

Ruth Handler

Barbie was created by a woman named Ruth Handler. Handler had sun in Scorpio and moon probably in Pisces.

Both Scorpio and Pisces are sensitive water signs. Scorpio is intense and passionate. With moon in Pisces, this is a person who can read every twitch of your eyelashes and divine your feelings. It’s a super-sensitive combination that must be treated like radioactive material lest you have to answer for every word, comment and twitch made in her presence.

Handler, no surprise, had Venus in Libra. Venus is the planet representing how we like our pleasures and Libra is ruled by Venus so delights in this placement. Handler probably loved beauty and luxury and most likely spent great amounts of money on beautiful items.

So far, Barbie is a delightful projection of a woman who felt deeply and enjoyed beauty.

While an emotional person, Handler also shows a rebellious streak in her horoscope. Uranus in Aquarius and Mars in Sagittarius examine the world, have unique ideas, and follow an inner call. Handler may have moon in Aquarius which would make her more eccentric and independent than an emotional, needy Pisces moon.

One aspect in Handler’s chart veers slightly from the essence of Barbie. Saturn and Neptune are conjunct in Leo suggesting that Handler’s self-esteem and self-confidence were challenged by authority while growing up. She may have had a stern parent who told her to keep her grandiose schemes for another lifetime. If that was the case, it’s good that Handler followed her Uranus/Mars sextile and followed a unique path.

Scorpio is an extremely determined sign, so even without the Uranus/Mars aspect, she probably would have told her foes and distractors what they could do with their opinions.

Barbie’s Neptune Transit

Barbie is an ethereal beauty that needs no justification or purpose. Barbie does not teach us to be wives or mothers. She is simply female.

Neptune, the planet that rules Pisces, is just entering the sign of Pisces for a nice 15 year transit. As Neptune transits Barbie’s sun and moon, her ethereal beauty will continue to resonate in a world experiencing the collapse and transformation of its structures.

Beauty will see us through.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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