Talking to Your Cat (or Child) About Fidelity

Presidential primary and election time is a great time to bring up that most delicate of subjects with your cat (or child) – fidelity.

Fidelity comes up a lot during elections. The cynical part of me thinks it’s because politicians are driven by hard moon-Pluto aspects which translate into English (and psychology) as a compulsive and emotional need to control the environment. Hard moon-Pluto aspects also indicate a psychic invasion, usually by the mother. That psychic invasion leads to a compulsive need to control to avoid future invasion. Ironically, running for politics is a sure way to be psychically, emotionally and mentally attacked.

Fidelity issues in politics arise, I speculate, because of a sense of power and a desire to betray so that emotionally one can feel like the top dog. And, probably, the simple fact that the temptations are greater and more accessible.

The Mr. Smith of “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” image does not hold up when looking at the charts of candidates. Detached and idealistic persons “serving” their country are not what come up in the charts of those that make it to the top of the US executive branch.

Talking to Your Cat (or Child) About Fidelity

Once again, my tuxedo cat Lacy lured me into a conversation about politics. Sly devil, she leads me to the trap so easily. This time it was about fidelity and the Republican presidential candidates. I want to share my own way of explaining this delicate issue of fidelity in case it helps others.

If you don’t care for astrology, just remove the astrological talk with another noun or adjective that reflects more accurately your beliefs.

The Conversation

The other day Lacy asked, “Is Newt Gingrich really going to pledge personal fidelity to his spouse?”

“Yes,” I replied. “Clearly the marriage vows didn’t cover it.”

“Why is this necessary?” she asked.

“For a man with so many planets in Gemini [or insert your own noun/adjective here], it is difficult to remain consistent. As I said before, in America everyone gets married. Maybe Gingrich (and Herman Cain) should have just been playboys, like the French dandies you read about in Balzac novels.”

“Do you think that Gingrich, who is married for the third time, will honor his agreement?”

All pet owners and parents fear these kinds of tough questions because we must talk about the bad side of human nature.

“No one can know for sure,” Lacy, “but Gemini and Sagittarius (where Gingrich’s moon is placed) both have trouble with consistency. Ralph Waldo Emerson, a Gemini sun, is famous for the quote ‘A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.’ Maybe Gingrich is a reincarnation of Emerson.”

“What about the other candidates? Do you think they mean it?”

“Rick Perry probably does,” I replied. “With that Pisces sun and Virgo moon, he is probably too shy to philander.”

“Then there is Michele Bachmann,” I continued. “She has Venus in Gemini, so likes variety, but with that moon in Aquarius, would probably be attracted to some nerdy scientist with little connection to his body. Rick Santorum also has moon in Aquarius so maybe he’s the type she would like.”

“So do you think she’s honoring fidelity in her marriage?” Lacy asked.

“We talk about this all the time. Astrology doesn’t say what will happen but merely explains the motivation if it does happen. Astrology can function as fortunetelling only if people are unaware of their own motivations and live more unconsciously than consciously.”

“What about Mitt Romney,” Lacy probed, “with that Scorpio moon? Aren’t Scorpios known to be highly sexed?”

“Yes, that is true,” I responded, blushing at the phrase “highly sexed” coming from my innocent little feline.

“Romney is also an authority in his church, another place where Scorpio moon finds comfort. If you can’t have intense physical connection with others, why not place yourself in authority and penetrate others’ secrets as a religious leader? Maybe Romney is happy to connect in this way rather than sexually.”

Lacy stared at me, her yellow eyes clearly confused. Scorpio energy is another of those delicate subjects in life.

I went on. “Scorpio likes to penetrate in any area of life. All connection for Scorpio must be intense and sexual encounters rate at the top of the intensity scale. Religious and political encounters are intense as well.”

I moved on, in rushed embarrassment.

“Ron Paul has sun in Leo and moon in Taurus. He enjoys physical pleasures. Taurus, though, is slow to move so probably if he had the chance for an affair, he’d think about it too long and miss the opportunity.”

“Isn’t Taurus one of the most loyal signs?” my feline asked.

“It is,” I replied. “Taurus is okay with having the same meal every day, which is how some view marriage.”

“That leaves Jon Huntsman,” Lacy meowed. “Why wasn’t he at the last debate where fidelity was discussed? Was he deliberately avoiding the subject?

“I doubt that,” Lacy. “I don’t know if Huntsman has had an affair, but if he did, it would be to punish his partner. With that Capricorn Saturn square Aries sun and moon, there is some meanness to the personality.”

“So when people cheat on their spouses, it’s not always for the same reason?”

“Yes,” I replied enthusiastically. I gave Lacy a Whiskas treat as positive reinforcement for learning her astrology so well and understanding that astrology provides the motivation but can’t really tell you if someone will do something specific.

Chewing her treat, Lacy gazed at me with love. “I will never leave you for another owner,” she said lovingly.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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1 Response to Talking to Your Cat (or Child) About Fidelity

  1. Marsha says:

    Wow! You are good! You got Gingrich spot on!! I liked your “most sentimental sign” too. I am a Cap sun, Virgo moon, with Cancer rising. Yes, the nostalgic past is everything! I just put your blog on my Favorites. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job with your background–Marsha

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