Taiwan’s Fireless Presidential Candidates

There are just four planets in fire signs in all of the three charts of the candidates running for president of Taiwan. Water and earth are the dominant elements in these candidates.

Water and earth are quite fitting for the leader of a mountainous island surrounded by water. Natural disasters affecting this political entity are typhoons (aka hurricanes) and earthquakes.

The Most

James Soong is the most stubborn and determined candidate with the sun, Mercury, Saturn and Uranus in Taurus. Taurus is a fixed earth sign and this man probably holds lots of property and tangible assets. This is one New-Taiwan-Dollar pincher. Soong is like the mountain that doesn’t move. He only moves by earthquake.

Ma Ying Jeou is the most moody and unpredictable candidate. With sun in Cancer and moon probably in Gemini but possibly in Cancer, you might find him easy to talk to (好说话) one moment an unpleasant the next. With only one planet in a fixed sign (Pluto in Leo), Ma is not very reliable. Ma is also the most socially adept with Mars conjunct Neptune in Libra which makes one very charismatic. Ma is like a typhoon with lots of wind and water.

Tsai Ying Wen is the most studious and diligent. With sun in Virgo and moon either in Gemini or Cancer, this woman remembers everything down to the character stroke. She’s detail oriented to the point where she misses the forest for the trees. She has two of the four fire signs in the candidates’ charts, but those planets are Pluto and Uranus in Leo. She feels the fire of the people, but lacks fire within. Tsai is like the school exam system with details and processes.

Transits from Mars to Pluto

Mars in Virgo. This is good for Soong who has Neptune in Virgo which trines his Taurus planets. This transit makes him more charismatic than he normally appears. This transit is good for Tsai as it energizes her sun and Jupiter. This transit is not good for Ma because it conjuncts his Saturn making him insecure, anxious and verbally mean.

Jupiter in Taurus. This transit is excellent for Soong because it expands his Taurus nature giving him more possessions. For him, the presidency is seen as another “possession.” For Tsai, this transit is also good because it gives her earth/water more stability, although I don’t know her time of birth to know in which house it is transiting. For Ma, this transit is mildly good but doesn’t help or hurt him.

Saturn in Libra. For Soong, this is a bad transit causing problems with women and the population. Relationships may fail under this transit. For Tsai, this transit also challenges relationships but brings romance. The challenge comes from family. For Ma, this transit is bad because it puts a damper on his natural charisma.

Uranus in Aries. This transit is difficult for all the candidates because it is sudden, jolting fire energy into charts that have little fire. They all try to suppress uprisings or aggressive behavior.

Neptune in Aquarius (almost Pisces). Soong has the most difficulty with this energy because the people are forcing ideals into their lives. Soong is about stability and tradition, not radical change. Tsai can handle this energy better because she manages details and processes, but resists the extreme ideas. Ma handles this best because of his ability to change and lack of true commitment to his own beliefs.

Pluto in Capricorn. Soong can handle this aspect which reflects changes to societal structures because he’s so involved in them with the Taurus energy. He has enough material security to handle these types of changes. Tsai will have some problems with this energy because she will react emotionally to it as it opposes her Venus. Ma has the most difficulty with this transit because it opposes all of his Cancer energy – it disrupts his comforts and family life.


Ma seems the most charismatic, but with Saturn transiting Libra his charisma is being cut off in some way. With Pluto opposite his sun, he is receiving strong opposition which will change him. Soong is definitely the strongest, but with Saturn on his moon the people just might not like him enough. He will definitely gain materially. Tsai may be too nervous and jittery for the job, but Mars in Virgo energizes her.

They all have challenges. Astrology doesn’t tell me who will win but I’m guessing that Tsai may win.

By the time this is posted, they may have already decided.


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