Presidential Mentors Astrological Style

If the four republican presidential candidates were freshmen in college, the college might assign them big-brother mentors who would help them in that critical first semester when homesickness reigns and parent-free delights tempt.

Ohio Astrology sought past presidents with the same sun/moon placement that could serve as guides for the current republican candidates in their quest for the oval office.

Two candidates have a perfect sun/moon match, two others, not so much.

Astrological Presidential Mentor

Mitt Romney – I accept you are the front-runner and will list you first. Also, there is a perfect astrological match to serve as your mentor – James Madison. Madison also had sun in Pisces and moon in Scorpio.

I don’t have time to read a biography of James Madison so had to refer to Wikipedia. Madison was “hailed a Father of the Constitution” and “Father of the Bill of Rights,” was co-author of the “Federalist Papers” and protested the “Alien and Sedition Act.”

Madison, according to Wikipedia, vacillated between supporting strong federal government versus strong state government. By the same source, he did ultimately support a stronger national government, army and national bank due to struggles with resources during the War of 1812.

Sound familiar?

Times have changed since 1817. Madison sounds like an intellectual, which in today’s United States is frowned upon.

What has happened to our nation?

Madison might ask Romney if he truly wants the role of bully in a bully pulpit spewing 30-second sound bites or if he wants, perhaps, a more intellectual or spiritual endeavor for the remains of his wealthy life. We are in the 19th century no longer.

Ron Paul – I list you second because I have also found a perfect astrological mentor for you – Bill Clinton. Clinton also has sun in Leo and moon in Taurus.

Clinton is recent history and we know about his sensual needs. I always say you can fool everyone but your astrologer. Paul may not have a Monica Lewinsky in his past (and may not smoke cigars), but he probably is a touchy-feeling guy in some way. Moon in Taurus loves touch; you might say it’s the favorite of the five senses for this sign. Maybe that’s why Paul is a doctor, so he can have the physical sensation of touching others.

We also know that Clinton tried to reform health care, instituted NAFTA, sent troops into Somalia and bombed Libya. He also left office with a budget surplus. Paul, the penny pincher, would surely do that as well.

As a Leo, Clinton was intelligent and expressive. To my observation, Leo is a storyteller but not truly a liar. Leo lies, to me, only 95%. There’s that 5% of the time the truth slips out in between stories. That’s why you know that Leo “lies” or, at least, exaggerates.

Paul as Leo must be telling some Leo stories or at least exaggerating a little. Because Paul is not taken seriously, he is not scrutinized like the other candidates. If he stays in the race, as he claims he will do, we may see his Leo/Taurus energy attacked.

Attacking Leo energy is challenging grandiose stories. Attacking Taurus energy is attacking accumulated wealth and property. If there is no woman in the closet, attacks on Paul may be about his finances. Women first, money second in political attack strategy.

If these issues arise, as they did for Clinton, Paul can certainly give Bill a ring to discuss.

Rick Santorum – I didn’t find a Taurus sun/Aquarius moon combination. But I did find the reverse – Aquarius sun and Taurus moon from Ronald Reagan. This is good news for you! As Newt Gingrich gets grated into slivers and tossed on Romney’s Caesar Salad, you might want to steal his “I’m the new Reagan” image.

Reagan was called, amongst your Republican people, the Great Communicator. Steal this and do it fast because you do communicate well. While I don’t personally agree with your politics, you appear consistent in your beliefs.

One little problem I see from the other side of the fence is that I’m not sure your party really wants an independent, strong thinker. Sorry, Rick, but they very well may be looking for someone to push around. Let’s just say that while Reagan was charismatic, I’m not sure he’d do his own taxes. You know what I mean?

But it’s the party you chose so I’m thinking from Reagan’s success that you have to take your detailed and well-thought out ideas and make them, well, simple.

Maybe you can visit Reagan’s grave and breathe in the spirit of his charismatic personality and learn how to talk in pie charts.

Newt Gingrich – This is very tricky, as you know. OHA has said over and over (and over) again that the US rarely picks Gemini sun as president. We’ve had only two – John F. Kennedy and George H. W. Bush. Between the two, they’ve averaged 3.5 years as president.

After searching for your Gemini sun/Sagittarius moon combination, I looked for Sagittarius sun/Gemini moon. Still no luck. Mutable signs just don’t fare well in La Casa Blanca.

One president did stick out as possibly having a similar energy pattern – Martin Van Buren. He had both Sagittarius sun/moon.

Did you know Van Buren was called “The Little Magician” or “Red Fox of Kinderhook” because of his finesse at political machinations? [from “The Life of Andrew Jackson” by Robert V. Remini]

That sounds a little like you, a magician pulling verbal and political tricks out of a hat.

Like your Gemini mentors, Van Buren was in office only one term. Behind the scenes machinations and the role of figurehead and leader are very, very different.

Sorry, Mr. Gingrich, but OHA can’t find you a suitable mentor. You might want to read up on Kennedy, Bush Sr. and Van Buren to see if there is any wisdom you can glean from their average 3.7 years in office.

You could also chat up John Edwards a Gemini sun and Gemini moon and ask how much effort it really does take for a Gemini to appear consistent. Maybe he can provide some useful advice.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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