Republican Debate Prep Sheet-February 22

When my tuxedo cat Lacy was planning our schedule this week, she asked what we were going to do besides look out the front window at birds, look out the back window at squirrels and sleep.

“On Wednesday,” I answered, “there’s another Republican debate.”

Lacy looked at me and yawned. I knew she had something difficult to say.

“What could they possibly have to talk about after the first 300 (or however many it was) debates?”

“There is a lot to talk about Lacy,” I replied, exasperated. “It would be really interesting, for example, to talk about the separation of church and state and whether the candidates will base their political actions on religious convictions.”

Lacy’s yellow eyes looked at me like I was crazy.

“You know that they’re not going to talk about that,” she said. “They are going to say the same things they always say.”

“Ron Paul and Rick Santorum will,” I corrected her, “because they are fixed signs and truly believe in what they are saying. But you never know what Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney, the mutable men, will say.”

“Doesn’t that make them untrustworthy?” Lacy asked.

“Of course,” I said. “But it also makes it fun. Anyway, nothing they say will be remembered until the next election cycle when the new candidates will look for inconsistencies.”

“You’d rather do this than play string?”

String is a game that involves dangling string in front of Lacy so she can paw at it.

“Yes, watching a debate is more fun than pawing at string.”

Debate Prep Sheet by Candidate

Wednesday’s debate will be in Arizona which means the questions will be concerns of the desert southwest. On Wednesday, Neptune, the sun, Mercury and the moon will all be in Pisces. The dry state may see some precipitation. It’s a wet day for the dry state.

Newt Gingrich – Gingrich still won’t catch a break from a nasty grand square being activated in his horoscope. Gingrich has sun in Gemini opposing moon in Sagittarius with Neptune in T-square in Virgo. Mars transiting Virgo and Neptune/sun/moon/Mercury transiting Pisces create an environment much like being caught in a tsunami during a lightning storm. Only one word of advice from OHA – good luck.

Ron Paul – OHA doesn’t ignore Paul like the real press does and sees he’s doing pretty well in this race. Unfortunately, the Pisces energy is the worst for Paul, with Saturn in Pisces, because it’s self-pitying and he is both positive (Leo) and practical (Taurus). A wave of Piscean energy is rolling onto shore, so Paul needs to either 1) get off the beach or 2) take off his shoes and wade in the water. If he continues as is, his shoes will get very wet. Chances are the penny-pinching Paul doesn’t want to buy a new pair.

Mitt Romney – The wave of Piscean energy for this man with Mars, Mercury and sun in Pisces with moon in Scorpio feels like a nice warm shower after a long day of physical labor. The water is relaxing, refreshing and comforting. Romney is clearly trying to connect and as Neptune goes into Pisces, the people may start to feel like Romney rather than Romney feeling like the people. Maybe Romney is inevitable after all.

Rick Santorum – The Piscean energy is good for Santorum, but not as much as for Romney. Santorum has Mars in Pisces and wants to weep with the people. But after a good bout of group tears and hugs, Taurus Santorum wants to go off and do something practical and productive. This Pisces group weep may last a little too long for Santorum’s comfort. Uranus is still doing a happy dance on Santorum’s Venus (in Aries) so those people who are not male may continue to throw flaming darts at Santorum’s head. “Hell hath no fury. . .” Maybe Gingrich can offer some advice on this type of situation.


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3 Responses to Republican Debate Prep Sheet-February 22

  1. Andy Nathan says:

    New to your posts. Very well written!
    Great article on the debate. I wonder how any of the nominee’s being suggested for a brokered convention, Mitch Daniels, Jeb Bush, Chris Chirstie, or Paul Ryan would fare in the general election, or in such a debate?

    • I’ve written about Chris Christie I’ll have to take a look at the others. I can’t imagine the GOP would select someone else in a brokered convention at such a late date in the process not knowing how (or she) would perform under scrutiny. Sometimes I wonder if Romney is just being tested.

      • anguitar says:

        The Christie post is quite interesting. Did not realize his configuration. If Romney is being tested, it seems to be as much with the electorate as with him personally. The brokered convention is an idea being floated more than I would expect at this stage of the nomination. It is certainly unlikely to occur, though possible. Thank you again for your thoughtful posts on this topic.

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