Rush Limbaugh, Medium

Rush Limbaugh, radio political commentator, is currently making headlines for comments he made regarding a college student who believes that contraception should be covered in her student health insurance. Limbaugh doesn’t agree. This man in his fourth marriage (according to Wikipedia) referred to the girl as a slut.

How did the national conversation suddenly turn to contraception?

My belief is that issues such as abortion and contraception arise during election cycles because they both divide the populace (“divide and conquer”) and divert from more important issues, such as the ones Ron Paul is trying to bring into the national debate including the role of the Federal Reserve and whether or not the US should be fighting wars around the globe.

Even more important to me than college students with condoms is this question:

Is Rush Limbaugh truly deaf?

If so, then we can hear him and he can’t hear us.

If Wikipedia is accurate, Limbaugh lost his hearing in the late 1990s due to an autoimmune disease and a measure of his hearing was restored in 2001 using a cochlear implant.

It seems grossly unfair that Limbaugh gets to rant but doesn’t have to listen to us rant, as loudly at least, in return.

Limbaugh is a one-way street.

If Limbaugh were a character in a novel, the loss of hearing might represent his inability to listen.

Rush Limbaugh Horoscope

Limbaugh has sun in Capricorn and moon in Pisces. He shares these two placements with another person who speaks on the news – Katie Couric.

Capricorn desires respect and Pisces desires a spiritual merging with others. Although the earth Capricorn and water Pisces are astrologically compatible (being in sextile aspect), Capricorn is about control and Pisces is about dissolving boundaries.

Controlling and judgmental Capricorn meeting accepting and loving Pisces makes for an individual who is at times open and at times closed.

Moon in Pisces is extraordinarily receptive the emotional tone of the environment. It’s so open, it needs protection. If one has Capricorn sun that sun can be the armor on the Piscean thin skin, protecting against both positive and negative emotional input arriving like piercing arrows.

What’s different about Limbaugh and Couric?

Couric has fire-sign Mars in Aries an aggressive sign that squares her ambitious Capricorn sun. Couric also has three other planets in fire (Saturn and Venus in Sagittarius and Uranus in Leo).

Limbaugh has only one planet in fire – Pluto in Leo which is the marker of the “Me Generation.”

Fire represents confidence and positive outward energy. Lack of fire (see “Romney Needs to Believe in Himself”) represents a core lack of confidence in oneself.

Couric has more natural confidence than does Limbaugh. Couric, unlike Limbaugh, seems able to be the authority yet keep her emotional responses under control and relate through shared experiences, such as undergoing a colonoscopy on air.

Couric is sharing her vulnerabilities, not hiding them, which takes guts.

Like Couric, Limbaugh has earned respect in his field. You might disagree, but if Limbaugh can make a comment and become national news, that’s respect.

Why Does Limbaugh Make the News?

On a road trip recently during the time when Newt Gingrich was attacking Mitt Romney for being rich, I turned on talk radio and listened to Limbaugh for an hour or so.

Surprisingly, I didn’t find him so vulgar and offensive as he appears when he does make the news. I found him interesting. I’m guessing he makes the news exactly when he is vulgar and offensive, as anyone would.

Limbaugh projects his Capricorn air of authority as his trademark. Capricorn authority alone is enough to turn folks off.

Rather than his Capricorn authoritarianism creating attention for Limbaugh, I think it’s the Pisces moon and other water in his chart.

Pisces moon picks up the vibes in the environment like a sponge picks up water. Limbaugh also has Jupiter in Pisces (could be conjunct moon, would need time of birth to know) and Uranus in Cancer.

The sun is currently in the sign of Pisces. Last week it would have been conjunct Limbaugh’s Jupiter. On the day of Limbaugh’s apology, Saturday, the moon was in Cancer.

Lacking boundaries, Pisces can function as a medium or channel. The Capricorn sun Limbaugh may actually be a Piscean moon pawn in a bigger political game. Limbaugh probably makes national news because he is channeling the sentiments of behind-closed-doors conservative views.

Limbaugh called, jokingly or seriously, a woman a slut. Is it possible that all this contraceptive talk is really a belief that women who engage in non-marital sex are sluts?

Limbaugh may simply be the mouthpiece for the negative (or shadow side) views held by some conservatives. Limbaugh, then, isn’t speaking from authority but is like a child who heard mommy and daddy call the mayor a crook and has told the mayor this during the mayor’s visit to the kindergarten classroom.

What Limbaugh may be doing is soaking up the vibes around him and discharging them like water from a twisted sponge.

Limbaugh may be hearing, but he may not be listening.

Limbaugh may be hearing the contraceptive discourse and hearing the hidden “slut” behind the comments. Like a political medium, he opens his mouth and “slut” comes out.

The opposite of Pisces is Virgo, where Mars is currently moving for six long months. Virgo is the discriminating mind.

Pisces, as a channel, hears the vibes and mouths the word “slut.” Virgo would listen and analyze the information and, possibly, come to another conclusion such as “there is conversation around contraceptives so that Republicans can differentiate themselves as the true conservatives. No one is getting rid of contraceptives anytime soon. ”

The Limbaugh that called a woman a slut isn’t the Capricorn authority but the emotional Pisces that wants to be loved and speaks the words that an admired group suggests but does not openly say.

Limbaugh is telling mommy’s and daddy’s secrets.

Outer Planet Transits

Pluto is transiting Capricorn, Uranus Aries and Neptune just entered Pisces. All of these transits affect Limbaugh with direct hits.

Uranus transiting Aries is squaring Limbaugh’s Mercury in Capricorn and Uranus in Cancer while transiting Pluto is right on top of that Mercury. While Limbaugh struggles with hearing, these transiting aspects may find him also struggling with talking.

Limbaugh’s time of talking may be coming to an end.

Neptune in Pisces will conjunct Limbaugh’s Jupiter in Pisces and, later, moon in Pisces (I’d need time of birth to know when this conjunction will occur).

Limbaugh may show his sensitive Pisces side sometime soon. Maybe the Capricorn armor will come off willingly. If not, Pluto will eventually crack it into pieces.

Limbaugh will be undergoing intense transformations. Making the news for his slutty talk is probably just a tip of the iceberg. Something underneath the water is cracking.

Until Limbaugh transforms under the heavy anvil weight of Pluto, I expect he will continue to be the channel for conservative views – both open and secret. When Pluto comes a knocking, Limbaugh may speak from a different place – from his own center.


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  1. splat says:

    Astrodienst says Rush was born at 7:50 a.m. in Cape Girardeau, Mo, Jan. 12 1951, with a AA accuracy rating.:,_Rush

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