Republican Fight Club: True Grit Versus Cheesy Grits

Ya’ll may have missed the Alabama and Mississippi primary results this week. Rick Santorum took both states although Mitt Romney is still way ahead in delegates.

I can’t help it – I like it when Rick Santorum wins.

Don’t tell my friends.

Articles are using the word I planned to use to describe Santorum – grit. Santorum has that fixed-sign perseverance called grit. Romney seems to want to buy the election so every time Santorum steals some ground, I feel excited.

It’s an underdog story that usually does well on the other side of the fence (Democrat) in politics.

Grit versus Grits

The word “grit” is not to be confused with “grits” which is (courtesy of “coarsely ground hominy, boiled and sometimes then fried, eaten as a breakfast dish or as a side dish with meats.”

Ya’ll may have missed the news that Romney, in an effort to relate to the folks down yonder, mentioned at a rally how he’d eaten “cheesy grits” for breakfast.

Maybe Romney had humble pie for supper.

Cheesy Grit

Why did Romney’s comment about cheesy grits come across as cheesy and Santorum’s win down south come across as personal grit?

It keeps going back to the same thing for me – Santorum is being himself and Romney is not.

This is an astrology blog so you knew this was coming – What is different about their charts that Santorum is comfortable being himself and Romney is not?

Earth and Water

Santorum is a fixed earth sign (Taurus) and Romney is a mutable water sign (Pisces). I can’t confirm either man’s time of birth although I’ve seen a chart for Romney which gives him a (believable) Gemini rising.


Earth signs are practical and take care of the everyday matters of life that some of the other elements find difficult such as:

  • Paying bills
  • Paying bills on time
  • Cleaning the dirty mess in the corner
  • Organizing the shoe closet
  • Making a plan and sticking with it
  • Eating the same meal at the same time for a long, long time
  • Having the same views for a long, long time

Being earth myself, I understand how Santorum thinks. He looks at politics in practical terms as when he says things like, “It’s a great idea, but you’ll never get it through Congress.”


Santorum describes how he voted yes on bills that included things he didn’t like because if you’re a Republican and other Republicans support it, you say yes.


For Taurus, this is all very easy, really. The world is Boolean for a Taurus so making decisions is easy – there are two choices, right and wrong. Just choose the right one.

To a Gemini or Libra, this makes no sense.

It’s practical.


Water signs are emotional and notice the undercurrents in the room that other elements, such as earth and air, do not notice.

Here are some things that water signs notice that you completely missed:

  • When you said you liked the casserole, your left eye twitched a little indicating that you were lying
  • At the loud bustling party where you can’t hear yourself think, there is a person standing in the corner feeling sad
  • Your mother wants you to call
  • Your girlfriend doesn’t really love you
  • Everyone at work would like you better if you wore some deodorant
  • No one really liked the punch

Water notices and FEELS everything. For Pisces (and Scorpio moon) Romney, standing in front of a crowd trying to act like one of the fellas must be extremely, and I mean EXTREMELY, difficult for such a sensitive fella.

Imagine if you could feel the emotions of each person in a crowded room. For a sensitive Pisces, it’s a circuit-breaking experience.

In a colossal Piscean effort to relate, Romney seems to try to change his persona for the people in the room. The irony is that he probably relates more than any other candidate but appears to relate less than any other candidate.

Romney comes across as cheesy because he’s trying to be a Political Candidate rather than himself which could simply be Sensitive Political Candidate.

American men, in general, don’t wear sensitivity well.

True grit or cheesy grits?

While the math suggests Santorum can’t win the Republican nomination, he is a practical man who has some strategy. If he’s continuing in the race, there must be some way he’s worked out that he can win (such as being nominated at the convention).

I’ll sit back and enjoy the movie, I mean electoral process, and see if True Grit can overcome Cheesy Grits.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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