Get Your Saturn Off My Sun! (Romney in Illinois)

You have a horoscope. Others have a horoscope. Planets in their horoscopes can be compared to planets in your horoscope. The planets in their horoscopes, if they were placed on top of your horoscope like a stencil on top of paper, would create aspects in your horoscope.

In life it feels like this: You meet someone and instantly feel attracted. Conversation flows, you say your witty things, the other laughs. The other says interesting things, you ask questions. You never stop to think “What should I say next?” There is no awkward silence.

You and this person have some nice aspects. Maybe it’s a love attraction and his Mars is on your Venus. Or maybe it’s an intellectual attraction and her Uranus is sparking your Mercury. Or maybe it’s just affable friendliness and your moon is conjunct her sun in a sunny, extroverted sign.

You’ve also sat next to someone at dinner or an event where you asked a question and received a conversation ending answer like “yes” or “no.” You try again and get another short response. Every question is a tortuous attempt to create a natural flow that never happens.

Maybe that person’s Mars is squaring your Mars meaning you just don’t flow the same direction. Or maybe that person’s Venus is opposite your Venus and you relate differently. Or maybe that person’s Saturn is conjunct your Mercury and he just doesn’t want to talk.

Or maybe it’s the dreaded Saturn conjunct your sun.


Saturn is about responsibility, control and discipline. That’s nice stuff to have if you are responsible for something, in control of a nuclear reactor or planning to run a marathon.

At a dinner party, Saturn isn’t as much fun.

The sun is our conscious self, the self we try to project.

Their Saturn on your sun means there is a parental, controlling feel when in the presence of that person. If you like that sort of thing, it can create a partnership of shared responsibility. If you don’t like that sort of thing, it feels like that person is a drag, a wet blanket. Often the person is older and feels like a parent figure.

For the Saturn person, the sun person feels irresponsible or out of control in some way. The sun’s behavior embarrasses the Saturn person.

Mitt Romney in Illinois

Speaking of Saturn on one’s sun, Illinois, the state of next week’s primary, has Saturn and Pluto in Pisces. Neither is in the exact degree, but they are in the sign of Mitt Romney’s sun.

This kind of aspect doesn’t tell me whether Romney will win Illinois or not, but it definitely says that Illinois will be very heavy on Romney’s shoulder.

The feeling I get is of a school kid walking home trying to avoid bullies. Illinois is the street Romney must walk to pass the bullies, the street between “school” and “home.” Saturn and Pluto ganging up on a person is a mafia-like energy.

Next Tuesday’s primary is like running the gauntlet for Romney.

Illinois is a Sagittarian state with Mars, sun, Uranus, Mercury and Neptune all in fiery Sagittarius. Sagittarius squares Pisces.

Back to the dinner party, Romney sitting next to Illinois. Illinois says, “How about them Bulls?” And Romney says, “The Bulls, basketball, yeah, I love basketball.”

Illinois, the Sagittarian gambler, then says, “How much you betting on the Bulls?”

Romney, the spiritual Pisces says, “Aw, I don’t really bet on sports. I only make bets with anxiety-ridden political opponents during debates. Sports are fun to watch, but it doesn’t really matter who wins.”

Illinois wants some hard-talking, spirited, opinionated Sagittarian banter and won’t like Romney’s Piscean “let me get along with everyone” talk.

To Romney, Illinois will feel like an irresponsible, freewheeling gangsta state.

Romney just needs to remember that we’ve all run past bullies at some time in our lives.

Run, Romney, run!


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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