Republican Veep Fight Club: Paul Ryan

Today’s astrological veep vetting focuses on Paul Ryan.

In case you’re not a regular OHA reader, OHA not only studies political figures, but offers practical, useful advice whenever possible.

Call it “OhioCare.”

Astrological insight can help Mitt Romney, the inevitable Republican Presidential Candidate, save lots of time (and money) in choosing a running mate. Slogging through resumes and digging through manila files stored in locked cabinets takes critical time away from promoting the campaign message.

What is Romney’s campaign message, by the way?

Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan, Wisconsin representative, is in news stories today as a potential veep for Romney.

Ryan has sun in Aquarius and moon either in Libra or Scorpio. Scorpio usually has an intense stare. From my Google image search, I think Scorpio moon might be accurate.

Sun and Venus are conjunct in Aquarius. Aquarius is the fixed air sign and my vote for most stubborn sign of the zodiac.

All fixed signs are stubborn. Taurus is stubborn in the earth realm (habit), Leo in the fire realm (attention), Scorpio in the emotional realm (obsession) and Aquarius in the air realm (ideals).

Aquarius has its own set of habits, but unique habits. The way to get an Aquarius (and Leo) to do the opposite of what you want is to say, “Do this my way.”

Venus conjunct Aquarius brings beauty. Ryan is probably charismatic and attractive to both men and women as Aquarius is quite androgynous.

If the moon is in Scorpio, there is a nice T-square in the chart between moon and Jupiter (in Scorpio), sun and Venus (in Aquarius) and Saturn (in Taurus).

A T-square is stubborn times three and the most difficult sign for Ryan is Leo. Leo creates agitation in the T-square by adding the fourth and final fixed sign thereby creating a grand cross of willful opposition.

Speaking of Leo, Romney has Saturn and Pluto in Leo, representing Romney’s lack of confidence and energetic vigor. Sayings like “It’s been a tough road” are realistic and humble; Leo would have turned that same thought into, “I knocked seven suckers out of my way.”

Romney’s Saturn/Pluto in Leo would create tension for Ryan. I’m guessing that because of the planets involved, attention would be pulled away from Ryan (and his obsessive ideas) and drawn to the negative aspects of Romney’s personality.

Ryan’s Aquarius and Scorpio combination describes an individual who is at times aloof and at times obsessive. Aquarius/Scorpio is probably obsessive all the time but would use every bit of energy in the system to appear unconcerned.

Ryan is probably the type you meet at a political function who shakes your hand and gives you his “every day” look of acknowledgment. But as you comb the party eating hors d’oeuvres and wondering if anyone saw you drop brie on your shirt, you look up and notice that Ryan is watching you.

Later as you drink one too many glasses of free booze and look around to see if anyone noticed and you see that Ryan is watching you again.

He’s always watching.

Ryan does have Mars in Aries, a very nice placement as Mars rules Aries, which would bring some fire to the ticket. Ryan is openly aggressive (unless moon is in Libra).

Ohio Astrology Assessment

OHA gives Ryan 8 stars out of 10.

Romney’s and Ryan’s chart are not incompatible at all. They would probably do well together, keeping fights to themselves and looking mighty fine standing next to each other.

I like the fixed signs in Ryan’s chart as the US loves its fixed-sign presidents. Fixed signs show a fierce tenacity that is needed to survive the Executive branch.

I’m really tossing around 9 points but I’m just not sure where the moon is placed. If the moon is in Libra, there’s some indecisiveness that will not be useful to Romney.

Also Romney’s Saturn/Pluto in Leo will bring energy into Ryan’s life that he will definitely not enjoy.

And lastly, Ryan has Saturn in Taurus. Ryan is born only a year before Marco Rubio who has several planets in Taurus, including Saturn.

As with Rubio, Saturn in Taurus represents a feeling of material lack. As with Rubio, I wonder if Ryan would become Romney’s running mate because he was excited about Romney or because with money like Romney’s, he would even go to Massachusetts and marry him.


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2 Responses to Republican Veep Fight Club: Paul Ryan

  1. Nancy Maxwell says:

    Romney is going to ask Condoleeza Rice to be VP.Ryan is the whipping boy for theDems as evidenced by the hateful commercials showing him pushing an old lady of a cliff.This partisan Dem astrologer just wants Ryan so they can demonize him even more.

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